What is DDoS attack and how to use - LIVE attacks

What is DDoS attack and how to use

What does DDoS?

Distributed Denial of Service DDoS means. Concerted attack to disable access to services.
DDoS attack is an action taken by one or more attackers against one site, server, online services, etc. The attack aims to cause as much damage. DDoS attack is a destructive action, which wants at any cost paralyze a server in every way. If you do not go to the web server, email server attack unless attacked itself network router, it does not matter; As long as the server / network / service is put on the ground, no method is not bypassed.

What resembles the DDoS?

Let's say you're with a group of friends and a guy next to you and make a noise; This is a kind of DDoS, because neither you nor prietenii tai can not understand because of noisy conversation. This is what is DDoS site.

Why use DDoS attacks?

Hackers use DDoS to make money, to settle accounts with other hackers to bring down websites and services that bother them.

How do I make money with DDoS hackers

There are several methods:
1. Blackmail - I don't turn off the DDoS on your server until you pay me
2. Freelancer - Attacks any server, for a fee, with his army of zombie computers
3. Protection fee - attacks certain servers / sites / services, after which it offers to defend them

How much worse can Dacian DDoS attacks?

Sometimes DDoS attacks can destroy even hardware (components), as was the case of a DDoS attack in the US, where the attackers started and stopped some parts of mains water until the station water supply of the area yielded and residents They were left without water.

Hackers are smart!

Now any 6 145.000 months the cameras were turned into mini PCs zombies, from which you launched the largest DDoS attack lately. The attack began on September 19 2016 wide band 1.1 Tbps (1100 Gbps) and arrived at 1.5 Tbps. During this attack they were attacked multiple servers, which probably were blacklisted hackers.

How was it possible diversion of 145.000 IP cameras?

A bug in the face of IP cameras made possible diversion chambers. Given the nature of surveillance cameras, the client could not realize that something was going to his room, unless it was some specific settings that reported logins from other IPs.

No videotutorial.ro not get rid of DDoS!

I went through the greater and more attacks 4 tiny that went unnoticed. Last attack removed my white hairs to me and to the data center. There were a few nights when I could not sleep. Then It costs me mitigation of 50 euros per day, for several days; although I had an anti DDoS subscription. Eventually I hooked up with CloudFlare (also with money) and got less wrinkled. Now let's see what the future holds…

Sites with DDoS maps

1. digitalattackmap.com
2. map.norsecorp.com
3. cybermap.kaspersky.com

Last night what had videotutorial.ro was DDoS?

… .No, last night 07.04.2017 between 3 and 5 p.m. They have changed SSDs the web server.

Wallpaper tutorial symbol anonymous

Wallpaper anonymous tutorial

anonymous wallpaper

What is DDoS ATTACK and what is it for - video tutorial

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