What's New in Windows Update 1 8.1

Hello friends, today's tutorial we will talk about news that brings OS Update 1 8.1 Windws
As you probably know by April 8 was released for Windows Update 1 8.1, update that has bring a more pleasant user experience. Microsoft has probably realized that many users have not migrated yet to touch screens or touch to tablets and then have said little to improve the user experience of the operating system. Even when you sit triumphed in front of a computer, if it has a monitor with touch support, touch monitor touch to work with applications, operating system, are unnatural in such a case. We are all accustomed to use the mouse and keyboard you give us more security in using the system and in some cases helps us to be even faster than we do monitor touch gestures.
As a result Microsoft has decided to bring Windows Update 1 8.1 the following improvements:
- we can add Metro UI applications (or applications from the Start screen) to the Taskbar in the Desktop interface or we can remove them
- in the Apps section we can filter the applications by name, installation date, most used, by categories
- The taskbar in the Desktop interface can now also be displayed in the Start interface. Unfortunately this is automatically hidden if it is not used when you are in the Start interface and in order to make it visible you will have to place the mouse arrow (mouse cursor) at the bottom of the screen.
- applications from the Start interface (those downloaded from the Store) can also be launched from the Desktop interface if they have been added to the Taskbar
- in the upper right part for the applications from the Start interface, the close and minimize buttons have been added. When you minimize an application from the Start interface, it will be minimized in the Taskbar and can be brought back to the forefront by clicking on its icon in the Taskbar.
- in the Desktop interface, in the top right next to the username, the Sleep, Shut down, Restart button has been added
Tied performance after installing Windows Update 8.1 1 can tell you that RAM usage dropped 10%. I can not guarantee this because I used Windows 8.1 Update 1 in a virtual environment but I noticed that before Update 1 mode incactiv system used 50% di 1 GB RAM and after I installed Update 1 system used 40% of 1 GB RAM
You can do Update 1 through Windows Update and it's free, its official name is "Windows 8.1 Update (KB2919355)". Its installation took 30 minutes during which it was downloaded and then installed requesting a restart to the user

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  1. Anderson said

    Pros: - Fast,
    - Stable,
    - My update had around 886 MB I don't know why, I have 8 on my laptop and there it had 400 or so MB,
    - From now on, start directly in Desktop mode, without having to go through Metro UI

    Cons: - I can't play a game on Win 8, I have to have 7 on another partition to play.

    • Adrian Marinescu said

      ba go, razor
      my list of games that run on 8.1Ş
      Space -Dead 3
      LL -Metro
      Infinite -Bioshock
      -Ass. Creed IV
      -Prototype 2
      -Mass Effect 3 …… .continuous?

  2. Adrian tutorial beautiful as always! Success in what you do! Good day, Emi!

  3. Why can not I upgrade to 8.1 from 8?
    I installed Windows 8. I entered and emerged there STORE update to Windows 8.1. I clicked and I said you have to install updates. I installed updates gave restart and now it appears upgrading to Windows 8.1 in store. what is the cause.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      8 from Windows Release Preview, Consumer Preview, Enterprise, you can not update to Windows 8.1
      You can make updates to Windows if you installed Windows 8.1 8 8 Pro or Windows RT

      • Well I pro 8 windows.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Check in history updates (we have shown in this tutorial how you do that) if you have installed updates and KB KB 2871389 2917499. Without these two updates it will not be offered to the watered-8.1
          After you install you should find the update in the Store.
          If you still have two updates installed when the following steps:
          - go to the Desktop interface
          - Press the Windows + R keys
          - in the Run box type "wsreset.exe" (without the quotes) and click OK
          - the Store will open instantly but do not look for the update yet
          - restart the computer and when you come back open the Store and look for the update again
          It is possible that Store Your not show the newest content and the above command in Run reset date Store website, you give a refresh

        • Lucian Radu said

          Loud, have you learned that these guys give you all the Walls in gura..dati made a search on google first:

          If you do not see KB 2919355 in the list of available updates, you Might Be missing one or more required updates. Follow the previous steps to check for updates, install all important updates, particularly 2919442 KB, restart your PC, and the then check again for KB 2919355.

  4. Hello Cristi do a tutorial about getting a guide gigabit router for optimal running at gigabit internet rds, but to talk about the power of wireless and a nice evening router.O

    • PalAlexander said

      And I want the power of a wireless router!

      • Adrian Gudus said

        In vain you have a Gigabit router if your network controller from the PC / laptop is 10 / 100 10 no Mbps and / 100 / 1000 as has Mbps Gigabit router.
        To get the maximum Gigabit be like other wireless devices connected to the router always be Gigabit.

  5. Adrian, please tell me how will behave Win 8.1 the following configuration:
    - AMD Athlon (tm) 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+ 1,91 GHz processor
    - RAM 1 GB
    - Video board: ATI Radeon X1050
    OS is 32 bit.
    PS: Now run 7 Win Home Premium.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We already have a tutorial on hardware verification that you have to find out if you can install Windows 8 / 8.1 on your PC. Up to know how it will behave you first need to find out if you have drivers available for your components.
      Search with the search box on the top right our tutorial on "How to find out if the software and computer are compatible with Windows 8.1"

      • If I sit for a while and think… running now Win 7 will run just as well as Win 8 / 8.1 (correct me if I'm wrong).

  6. Constantin said

    Hi Adrian, if you can and have knowledge of what zovoneste, I would like to tell us nine or do a tutorial on that update that Microsoft says will bring home something like that in windows 7 occur when a Windows Update .

    • Adrian Gudus said

      That update will come a little later poate or maybe not. Rumors are rumors, you can't believe them 100%

  7. Hi!
    My question after I viewed this tutorial is how you have made Tollbar your windows transparent as to 7? because I miss this one too transparent honest! Thanks so much for an eventual answer, but for all other tutorials that you make. London will follow!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I have not done anything. Windws site's default, as it was after installation, without modification or software customization / modification aspect

  8. TibySchmal said

    Hi Adi !, I also have a problem, when I try to update to win 8, when I try to update 8.1 he tries to put it in, restarts, he does his job, but he can't finish it, and after, gives restore to windows 8 simple… can you give me a suggestion, what could I do? I saw it on some forums, to update the video card, to remove everything I put on USB and I don't use them, I did all this, in vain, what else could I do?
    this is the error: Sorry, we couldn't complete the update to Windows 8.1. We've restored your previous version of Windows to this PC.

    0xC1900101 - 0x40017

  9. Hello Adrian Sami can respond to me dc on windows8.1 not go all the games I like windows8.1 but do not go all the games it happen?

  10. Adrian hello and congratulations for video.

    I write with a question. Currently I installed Windows 8. Every attempt to install Windows 8.1 finally gives me error and can not boot. I long after he tries I noticed that this is because the WiFi card. If we stop BIOS is installed perfectly, no problems. I have a Dell Studio XPS 1640. WiFi card in question is Dell Wireless Qualcomm Atheros 1515-Communication.
    Have I any idea what I could do in his 8.1 can run Win? Win 8.1 think you can install the new update without problems

    Thank you in advance,

  11. Hi Adrian,
    `Taskbar phase in applications Start`, works without any problem!

  12. When I want to enter videotutorial.ro first I get the following message “Warning: session_start (): The session id is too long or contains illegal characters, valid characters are az, AZ, 0-9 and '-,' in / home /videotutorial/public_html/wp-content/plugins/si-captcha-for-wordpress/si-captcha.php on line 913 ”.
    After several refreshuri revine.De what it may be?

  13. Adi Condrache said

    Very loud .. If I was still a fan of windows I really used it :)) .. but it seemed to me that with the new 8.1 everything was slower… So I switched to Linux Mint 16 Mate which seems much faster than Windows, especially on the net… However, I disabled almost all the services on Windows 8.1 and all the visual effects, I made a classic theme from the one with high white contrast and I keep it for video games .. I don't really think I'm going to I'm moving back to Windows 😐
    Thanks anyway .. Information

  14. Hello I have a vodafone smart 3 and I want to root it nice you could please do a tutorial on this topic? Thanks in advance!

  15. Howdy,

    I've installed the windows update 8.1 1 and I had no problem with it when I installed various software (drivers etc) and in games has grown less FPS, eg Dayz Standalone 40 had something fps and now I 50 something.
    The only thing that represents an "impediment" for me is the fact that in utorrent when I download another one a strange buzzing sound is heard from the source (not the fan speed etc.) ) and as nothing is downloaded anymore or as I exit utorrent the base stops instantly (if I watch movies or even if I play something 4-5 hours continuously nothing is based) but more strange is the fact that in windows 7 ultimate when download through utorrent no buzz is heard but only in windows 8 versions.
    Source is practically new, acquired acu` two months, and still is certified 80 + (corsair builder series cx500 v2) and did not think I'd work something out with the guarantee since solely in uTorrent and only in Windows versions 8 ..
    Thank you.

  16. I've installed the latest update from 8.1 and have the following problems:
    When I give shutdown stops and the LED remains lit on headphones but what bothers me most is that I press any key PC starts. All this is happening after I installed this update.

  17. Ubuntu LTS launched 14.04, Adriane, a tutorial presentation wait for him

  18. I did this update, it works ok, but I have only one problem. When I give a refresh on the desktop it gives me C: \ User \ Ovi \ Desktop is not accessible, and I can't do any "shortcut on the desktop. I'm wrong. I am waiting for an answer. Thanks!

  19. Lecter said

    How to Perform a Clean Install of Windows 8.1 8 With the Windows Key.
    First, visit the Windows Upgrade page with only a product key. Click the install button to begin downloading Windows 8 8 Windows installation media. Run the downloaded tool and enter your product key. After the download begins, close the setup tool.
    Here : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/upgrade-product-key-only
    ================================================== ==================
    Next, visit the Windows Upgrade page with only a product key. Click the Install button and run the Windows 8.1 downloaded tool. The Windows setup tool 8.1 Will not prompt you for a key, but Will download Windows Normally 8.1. Select the Install by Creating Media option after it COMPLETES and created either USB installation media ISO file or year. We'll assume you're Creating USB installation media for this process, as it's the easiest way to do this.
    With pleasure

  20. ion grecu said

    Salut.Am 2 problems with this windows. 1-Cumpot narrator finally get rid of that. 2, whenever I click anywhere on the page I see a blue box. How to get rid of it. Thanks for all the tutorials that you make are very useful for us beginners.

  21. Michael Petculescu said

    I'm honestly not a big fan of Windows 8.1. I recently found out that Windows 9 Preview launches on September 30 - October 1. Will you do a series of tutorials just like in Windows 8 - 8.1? I personally use Windows 7 and I think that only Windows 9 can attract me to upgrade.

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