What is and how to make an HI5 account - HD video tutorial

What is hi5?

Well hi5 is a social network (social network) where having an account, you can upload pictures, accept friends, comment on your photos and your friends.

You can write your thoughts in the "diary" category, you can even dedicate songs to your hi5 friends, all in a virtual environment, making an account in just a few minutes (maximum 2 minutes) to set it and customize it will take a little longer depending on your preferences but let's watch this tutorial !!

While I wrote these lines already have an account hi5 doing!

Adrian Burlugeanu

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  1. good tutorial

  2. Adrian..Bv first tutorial made man

  3. @Irinel: but only the first right to be and more !!! Thank you!

  4. @Irinel: And I liked thousand, focused and well explained some issues.
    Adrian super job.

  5. @Cristi-admin: Thank you very much uncle Admin: ”>:”> I blushed :))

  6. well adrian

  7. @AdrianBravo man, I liked the tutorial, you were very relaxed, neither was your first tutorial.Sper felt it was doing and so, here I for example I propose two themes: about the Google Chrome browser and a tutorial about a soft chosen by you, that worked, mix tracks, upgrade them, etc.

  8. @bl: It was noted and I took note !!! I will do them !!! Yes, I have to argue with Cristi that he also wanted to do about Google Chrome and now let's see who has the "task" =))

  9. seagulls said

    nice videotutorial bravo very relaxed being honest ffbine hope as many videotutoriale from now I honestly thought that only Christ and boby can be understood but see work as appeared the third well I know ffbine hi5 I do and only profiles but if not I knew this was oki videotutorial further success.

  10. seagulls said

    videotutorial way can a search engine on safari I asked you once but received no response ms and once again congratulations.

  11. Adrian and nice tutorial explains very well, good luck to as mutli tutorials.

  12. Laurels said

    How acidic you are sometimes in writing you have a pleasant and calm voice. It's good that you synchronize your voice well with what you actually do and you don't skimp on the explanations even in seemingly trivial details. I like that in general at videotutorial.ro there are people and not "robotic people" as I see on some video tutorials made by foreigners and even Romanians of ours.

  13. @seagulls:
    A video tutorial about doing safari browser that is increasingly stronger and we can not ignore a powerful on videotutorial.ro.
    Thanks for your proposal.

  14. Bravo May Adriane keep up the good work! : -bd. And the thing is very good chat for he will not have to wait to get answers to questions.

  15. seagulls said

    mersii than all cristii

  16. dumitru32 said

    In our country, another social network site is more popular in Moldova: Odnoklassniki.ru, of course it is good for those who know Russian…

  17. @dumitru32: I agree with you, I know the site, I also entered. I only don't understand anything because it's in Russian, I only know that in translation the site would mean looking for my colleagues or colleagues… something in the genre… also you still have faces .md which I also have an account, but it also supports the Romanian language!

  18. respect the boss

  19. I agree with you all, the tutorial is great. 😀 ..but I didn't understand… how could I do in my hi5..that when a person enters… the song starts to sing on its own..you don't have a vb about it.in your tutorial, but I ask you if it could be done.

  20. @miky: It can't be, or I don't know, I haven't played much in hi5, it's not my passion, I'm attracted to others more important than a common hi5 !! I know that before it was possible, now I don't know if it is possible or what needs to be done…

  21. bordas marcel said

    mersii than all cristii

  22. valoasa_val23 said

    ff bun; ';'

  23. ie that give name utilizatolui

  24. Ask an admin to debanneze next class IPs: 91.206.194.XXX

    I entered someone in your computer using a program (not to mention codenamed) while I was in the toilet, cursed the mess and went online on several sites, and the second and when I come on videotutorial. ro told me I was banned.
    I had to go to my cousin so I could write to you….

    • bannatul: I ask an admin to debanneze next class IPs: 91.206.194.XXX someone I entered into the computer using a program (not to mention codenamed) while I was in the toilet, cursed the mess and went online on more many sites, and the second and when I come on videotutorial.ro told me that I was bannat.A had to go to my cousin that I can write to you ....  

      Please stop by submitting comments, do not we lift the ban, if you keep messages and we will have to ban ip of that now send comments.
      Who does not respect some rules of common sense will be banned in general are forgiving, but when the man: mocks site and / or consume bandwidth by downloading tutorials and / or is indecent language and / or send the same messages etc. repeatedly, we have no choice, we must take action.

  25. jb fan said

    I do not upload the video !!
    plizz say me how to do my account hi5 !!!
    will rogggg more

  26. Good tutorial!

  27. QM can put videos hi5 q pictures?

  28. explained good but I am a beginner and do not understand why I had to write to defend formularu registration write www and forth as you say but I do not know how to scrie.ms

    • oana: Best explained but I am a beginner and do not understand why I had to write to defend formularu registration write www and forth as you say but I do not know how to scrie.ms  

      Well I say from the mouth but if you look at the tutorial and I write not seen?
      write hi5.com
      It is pronounced hifive, five meaning 5 in English. if faiv is pronounced, so the final pronunciation "haifaiv"

  29. KASSANDRA said


  30. Thanks so much pt.film I was helpful!

  31. thanks adimin

  32. frumusikandreea said


  33. I Sall show me otherwise I'm tired Canad hi5 account please tell me dc

  34. no one knows how to make a page on hi5? out of hi5.com/start.com

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