What to do if a USB stick no longer boots - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about USB sticks, ie we'll see what we can do with a USB stick if it gets nebootabil. Over time, due to misuse, improper formatting or a strange format, in the process of making bootable operating systems with different exotic it may lose property has boot.
If we know that in the past was booting and now it does not boot no matter what operating system or what tools we put on it, there is a solution to make the stick to boot again.
We'll have to use an Ubuntu Linux distribution to bring it back to life, or you can even use a bootable ISO Gparted Live CD image that you can download as well. Burn a CD.
Basically we use GParted to restore the property's stick to boot, GParted is a soft handle complex editing, formatting, deleting, creating partitions.
May be cases in which the fault is not the computer but the USB stick. Some older computers have the ability to boot from USB sticks. If you followed the steps in the tutorial and it still does not boot stick, most likely you do not have appropriate settings in BIOS for it to boot or not your computer has the ability to boot.
My colleague Cristi did a tutorial in the past about Some brief explanations about the BIOS settings where he explains among other things as set in the BIOS as the PC can boot from a USB stick or a bootable CD. If you do not have those settings in BIOS I'm talking about my colleague means that your PC is unable to boot from a USB stick and then you can use something different. I have done in the past a tutorial on How to boot from a USB stick on computers that do not have this option or VirtualBox in which I presented a solution and this situation. That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly what we can do if the USB stick does not boot properly although we did when we made bootable with Windows, Ubuntu, Sardu and so on.

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  2. very useful tutorial even a friend had this problem and did not know how to solve it iam given link with tutorial and got it but I have a proposal to do a tutorial tutorial about the new yahoo mail interface if poade

  3. Hi Adrian!
    Link to download GParted Live CD does not work.

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    very useful tutorial even a friend had this problem and did not know how to solve it iam given link with tutorial and got it but I have a proposal to do a tutorial tutorial about the new yahoo mail interface if poade

    The new interface is not exactly new, is adopted for a long time, maybe you did just now switching to the new interface ...

  5. Adrian Gudus said

    Hi Adrian!
    Link to download GParted Live CD does not work.

    If it works, it is not our fault. We do not have that site and the server that hosts the official website.
    No I did not work at least mainainte now I see that it works.
    An alternative link you here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gparted/files/gparted-live-stable/0.14.0-1/gparted-live-0.14.0-1.iso/download?use_mirror=heanet

  6. Dorin:
    Hi Adrian!
    Link to download GParted Live CD does not work.

    gparted, link download: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/download.php

  7. Hello guys! can anyone help me too? I also have a 2 GB stick from Kingston quite old and I can't make it bootable. I tried the version in the tutorial but I saw that at manage flags "boot" was checked… when I test it with certain programs or I try to make it bootable with XBOOT it gives me an error. I guess it has some "bad sectors" poate can something be done in this case? thank you. pixy

  8. When I broke a 8gb kingston usb stick I poked him a linux or EXT4 EXT3 was partitioned and what about Adrian that she had gone I gave just barely fat32 format and has not died has windows error and when I removed and inserted lam pa dead Iara not see him at all see it as a devices that require drivers and where I bag his second drivers kingston impossible.

  9. Adrian Gudus: The new interface is not exactly new, is adopted for a long time, maybe you did just now switching to the new interface ...

    I do not do anything iam morning when I opened the mail I saw that look different

  10. I did not flag LBA deaia wrong?

  11. Adrian can help me with a problem? id: sukar_boy_97 and skype: alex_kiiler2010

  12. Hi folks I 8 gb stick and you can not format in any way! I tried all methods, I say it is write-protected 7.23 GO RAW.As remain deeply grateful if you help me with some advice. Thanks in advance.

  13. Adrian Gudus said

    Hi folks I 8 gb stick and you can not format in any way! I tried all methods, I say it is protected SCRIERE7.23 GO RAW.As remain deeply grateful if you help me with a sfat.Multumesc anticipated.

    Try to format a Linux or Ubuntu with Gparted Live CD (download link of the GParted Live CD text above in this tutorial)
    Before doing this, make sure he is not there any little buton. That buton (if any) has two positions in the active protection and comutandu opposite him deactivate.

    • Thanks for the tip, I'll do exactly as you indrumat.Referitor the stick has absolutely no buton.Respect your work and all the staff of this site.

  14. GParted application is the live CD UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD)

  15. Useful tutorial, thanks

  16. Corleone said

    I ask you to please help me with 32 GB USB stick from Kingston: http://www.emag.ro/memorie-usb-kingston-datatraveler-111-32gb-usb-3-0-negru-dt111-32gb/pd/EGKTKBBBM/?ref=list_p1_l6 . I did not mention that Windows sees it in my computer, just in disk management: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=212bs5i&s=6 and in the command prompt: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=3497zaf&s=6 . What can I make my windows to see it in my computer?

  17. Welcome. I have a problem but I do not think it's stick to blame. More recently I no longer boots stick in the laptop PC while booting. In my operating system detects it with no problems .. I can copy files to it. The problem is that when I give way PC boot on the stick, just sits and thinks, bocat screen remains black guy. Please believe it!

  18. sal I did exactly what you say in the tutorial you a stik of 8 gb problem is that it is bootable checked but will not boot up some time ago lam used I installed Windows with him now I no longer go to booteza though I put win him right if I will do what I could to them that please help me thank you very much because I learned a lot vouo

    • I have exactly the same problem. Until recently I installed any kind of windows on it. I didn't do anything special to him other than the fact that I put windows on it several times. It hasn't booted for a while… and I did exactly what you said in the tutorial but I booted Ubuntu from the CD (without installation). The Boot flag was already checked, but I couldn't give it an Ubuntu or Gparted format, Windows works. I mention that in Bios I have Quiet Boot: Disabled and First Device Boot: USB FDD. What to do??? This is a 16 GB (14,9 GB) Verbatim

  19. Who can help me and me with a solution to the problem and me down.

    … ..Apart from that capture you did not provide any information that could lead to the arrest of the aggressor….
    Be more specific!

  20. Hello,
    I have a problem and I hope someone answer me.
    I have a laptop without DVDRW is not endowed with that. But the problem is I can not update Windows cuttings or by USB. In bios specific as it can, but has the option to usb, when you need to boot the not recognize, do not come within Windows to boot from HDD but nothing on the stick. What can I do?
    thank you!

  21. Simon Adrian said

    I received from a colleague a usb stik DT310 256 Kingston GB, I shoved in tracing win 7 and I started to do a test by copying some files from stepping on it to see the speed, but gave an error and after I cried, tracing it looks but I can not open it.
    Can you help me with some advice on my problem?
    Thank you,

  22. Ciprian said

    I have a problem with a stick. I did everything exactly as the tutorial I stick with cmd), I tried and rufus and the same problem will not boot. Press to boot the F11 give the stick and I appear
    Remove the device and press any key to restart /
    What to do?

  23. We managed to bag ISO on the USB stick with the help of Rufus, all good up here but when you boot it give me no boots, stick lights then goes out and nothing happens, I mention that the problem is I have an eMachines netbook from Acer that a few weeks I no longer run Windows (have Windows Home preinstalled, so I bought it in the store) and it gives me error tells me that a file was corrupt WINDOWS / SYSTEM32 / WINDOWS Repair and tells me to give the CD with Windows, I inserted the USB stick correctly I entered the BIOS and I set the Primary Device USB but again, not my boots on it, illuminates after I get all that black screen with the error that asks me to give Repair, Repair how to figure if I can not run Windows ??? Please answer me to me as I struggled for a week and already feel like going to give him !!! Thank wall !!!!

  24. Hello . Adrian !!! I have a 16 gb stick that doesn't boot anymore, I did as in the tutorial and where you checked 'boot', you also checked 'lba' ,,,,,, I don't 'lba' and I can only check ' boot '. then I tried to see if it works and it doesn't boot, is it that I don't have that 'lba' ?????? can you give me an answer please. THANK YOU & RESPECT

  25. I installed gparted but I have two USB sticks and does not detect them at all what to do

  26. tompa pavel said

    Hello. I have a problem with my PC. my graphics book broke, I put another book but it asks me to boot disk what I don't have. I tried on the net to do as described there but I failed. I'm not a big fan of computers and I don't know much about it, just broadly speaking. can anyone guide me how to make my pc work? Thanks in advance

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