What Ping and Jitter mean - you see them all the time when you do speed tests

What is Ping and Jitter
What is Ping and Jitter

What is it about in the video tutorial What does Ping and Jitter mean?

What is Ping and Jitter?

In this video tutorial I will explain in a way that everyone can understand what Ping and Jitter mean.

What are Ping and Jitter?

These are two of many other parameters with which we can determine the response time and the quality of network connections between two points.

What is ping?

Ping is the response speed with a particular server or network node

More precisely, we send a message that must return. The time elapsed between sending the message and receiving the response is measured in milliseconds and is called Ping.

What is Jitter?

Data transfer between two points in the network is done through data packets.

These packets are sent one after the other.

There is a confirmation time between these packets

The difference between the confirmation times between packages is called Jitter.

For example, if the packets are transmitted quickly, and the time between the packets is small and constant, then the Jitter is small. If the times between the packets are long and the difference between the times is large, then the Jiiter is large.

How do Ping and Jitter affect us?

When you have low Ping and Jitter, the network response approaches "instantaneous", i.e. the speed of light.

When the Ping and Jiiter are high, then the lag appears. The higher the lag, the slower the network response and the worse the network experience

Which applications are negatively influenced by a high Ping and Jiiter?

Where response time is critical, the user experience becomes unpleasant.

Categories of applications affected by high Ping and Jitter

  1. Network gaming, especially shooters
  2. Video and audio streaming
  3. VoIP telephony
  4. Servers of different kinds

Categories that are not greatly affected by high Ping and Jitter

  1. Email is not too affected by a high Ping or Jitter
  2. The download in general
  3. Web browsing (up to a point)

What can we do to have Ping and Jitter as low as possible?

We can take some measures to ensure that Ping and Jitter are as low as possible.

First of all, we must take into account that here we are not only talking about the public Internet network. There is also your internal network, there are also the components in the PC, there is also the operating system and the applications that, in the background, can crowd the network.

Ping and Jitter can be reduced as follows:

  1. The PC or phone must be as efficient as possible
  2. No other applications should run in the background when we need small Ping and Jitter (in games for example).
  3. The network card of the PC must be a high-performance one
  4. The mouse and keyboard should preferably be wired
  5. The router must be sufficiently powerful
  6. Cable connections are preferable
  7. If you choose to connect via WiFi, use the 5 Ghz band and see if you are close to the router.
  8. The internet access subscription should be a decent one and preferably on fiber optic

When we can do no more…

No matter how well you do your job as a user, in the end, in the case of gamers for example, it also matters how far the gaming server is and how crowded it is. In this case you can try to change the server, and that's it.

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What is Ping and Jitter - video tutorial

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