What can you climb on youtube so you do not stay without a channel

What can you climb on youtube so you do not stay without a channel

What can you climb on youtube so you do not stay without a channel

What can you get on youtube so you do not stay without a channel, just as it was to stay.

Youtube has over one billion users, of which over 10 millions are Romanians. These users climb thousands of new videos daily, which are more different.

Media companies press YouTube and they push content creators

As a result of happenings on youtube, the conditions tightened. If at some point you've been able to upload anything on YouTube, in time some filters have been formed that have gone into cleaning the site with indecent, copied, harmful content, etc.

The "algorithm" does not always work properly.

In their desire to clean up the climbing videos, they have developed tools that sometimes make wrong judgments. The algorithm, as it is called, is like a kind of digital hunting dog that hunts videos that violate community rules.
This algorithm is a kind of artificial intelligence, which has to rummage through the videos and find the "nasty" ones, because people couldn't do that.

Why people do not analyze videos.

The answer is very simple - too many people should be hired because every 300 hour is coming up for hours.
This means that real-time viewing would require 18000 employees, just for the verification task.
Wouldn't you rather leave the algorithm? This one doesn't even ask for a salary…

What happened to us, to lose the YouTube channel?

In February I received a strike, which I called but was rejected. So we stayed with a warning that did not allow us to make live (not big baths)
In May we received a second strike, which I called, and which was approved after 3 days. Meanwhile, I could not get any video anymore.
If we were given a single warning, our channel was deleted. Because that's the rule, three strikes farewell.

What to do when you get a strike?

Take great care, if you have a channel or you are going to start one, it's a good idea to follow the rules of the community, which is between us, they have become more and more strict, and even affect the channels with clean content.
Steps to follow
1. In case you get a strike, you call (you have a button in your account)
2. Expect 2-3 days to answer
3. If the call was rejected, try contacting youtube support

How did I contact YouTube chatpers?

1. In your account, click on the account icon
2. Click on "Help"
3. Click on "Need more help"
4. Click on "Get creative support"
5. Choose the chat language "English"
6. At get creators support click on “Policy & Community Guidelines”
7. Tap “Request Chat”
Unfortunately to request chat sharing, you need minimum 25.000 subscribers.

At the end of the chat…

I changed what I changed in messages related to these warnings, and at the end I asked "john", what is the name of the guy on the chat, if not ROBOT ?. He replied that "he is not and that is why he wants to help me (in English)". Strange answer, but I accepted it.
I do not want to look paranoid, but I think you've seen it it.

What you can upload on youtube, so as not to run out of channel - video tutorial

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  1. Tocma6 you faced a robot…. In my opinion.

  2. Nikoll said

    hi there are niku and I have been watching for many years doing a tutorial on (I do not know how to say it) the transisia of personal data. I have received several sites if I only agree that I was obliged to accept if I did not delete my account

  3. George said

    10 milions still cut out of them

    • Adrian Gudus said

      What do you mean by 10 million?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You probably do not know how to use the internet.
      10 millions is a lot? We are 22-23 of millions of people, what amazes you so?
      Or let's take it another way. How do you explain that the song Florin Salam - Saint Tropez now has 63.554.170 million views?
      Have the Chinese, the American or the African been forgotten about that?

      • hahahahaha said

        Adrian then tells how to explain that Parizer has over 60 million viewers?
        What is your opinion of Cristian about such YouTube abnormalities?
        Is the parizer better than Elvis Presley? :)))
        Adriane my opinion is that Indians in India have looked 🙂
        India has 1,3 billion Indians brothers Parizer's brothers.

      • LucianGL said

        90 years were 22 million, with some 5 years ago there were some 16 millions, now maybe 12 millions. For this reason, the last census was not published and there will not be any more as soon as possible.

  4. Youtube has too tight and some stupid rules. But you have nothing to do. Better would create a rpin community that would tell them to modify certain rules to come up with this suggestion. The more people who will protest the more they come from and they will skew their policies.

  5. why is not the krack video available here on the site? just storing videos on youtube?

  6. Dorian Band said

    YouTube has become a big "trough" just like Facebook, content creators should migrate to another platform that allows adsense. Since YouTube became part of google, it has changed by adding new rules to the detriment of content creations. Twitch is an alternative.

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