The most popular protective cover for smartphone

Hi friends, today I will present the most popular protective cover for smartphones, do not know if the new but not necessarily outside (the Is the protective cover purchased. It is Ringke Fusion, which is available for other smartphones, not only for nexus
What is the best cover?
First, it is well done, the back is made of a very thick polycarbonate perfectly transparent and extremely hard, this phone provides protection but does not diminish the personality. The back of the phone will still be visible.
The side is made of a paid medium-hard, it is pleasant to the touch and in the screen is glossy (edges) that allows sliding your finger on acran from one end to another without obstruction (see covers silicone).
All the cuts are made perfectly, for example the cuts for headphones and micro usb are made a little bigger, this is because some plugs are bigger than the standard plug and need space, maybe the man wants to use some headphones with a weirder plug…
The buttons are duplicated, their movement is firm, not feeling all that elastic feedback that you find in cheap silicon case covers.
I really like the fact that using this case I can easily put / take the phone in / out of my pocket, even if I have tights on me…
Protection cover is provided for all, even if you drop your phone screen will not charge nothing happens because the four corners Fusion Ringke cover has some bumps, like a foot. Same thing here but meets and back legs are clearly highlighted, that helps in efficient evacuation in case of sound to put phones on a table, on a countertop or any flat surface.
Unfortunately in Romania do not find in stores Ringke Fusion protective cover can only individuals, where we have chances to get a copy because these covers are highly pirated.
I purchased the bag Ringke Fusion
Peter those interested and will soon make a tutorial on how to buy on one another if you are interested to go shopping on eBay, I invite you to watch the tutorial: How to buy items on Ebay, information and advice

Where to buy?

Protective cover for Nexus Ringke Fusion 4 (Rearth original product from
Rearth original Protective covers for other smartphones

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial.'d Have a question about Nexus 4. Has just got mine and I noticed that there is no file manager pre-installed? Can you recommend one, or, if you think, to do a tutorial on this topic? Thanks in advance!

  2. Cristi when you buy from Amazon, you passed your address her in English or Romanian?

    • I do not understand exactly what you mean.
      Usually in Romanian the street is abbreviated "str", and in English "str" ​​is the abbreviation for street.
      In any case you should know that the address in Romania will be required of those in Romania. Amazon to the address on the package in Romanian language, that they may understand the post from Romanian. They (the people at Amazon) do nothing but hand out parcels Royal Mail and they give the package away from the Romanian Post your packet delivered to you.
      Importantly, zip code, do not just pass it on bullshit. Each street has a certain zip code.
      I often go in Romanian.

  3. I refer to the Amazon account settings.

  4. Specifically, as the cost of taxes?

  5. Hello !
    Please help me with a problem arising in the system shown in the tutorial ( I configured the system as it was presented, I just put a higher source 650 W. goes well, but sometimes hangs on the monitor and the PC does not respond to any command, the only solution to it is to unlock it forced stop. Please tell me what's wrong and how can I fix it? Thank you.

    • Mosulica, well if you leave the comments everywhere and don't come back to read them… ..
      Like plant landmines and you do not remember where you planted. See not to step on them.
      If you can't handle it, under the "Post comment" button there is a hole, if you click on it you will receive by email the answers to your comments, of course if you have passed your real email address.

  6. Hello Cristi! Recommend what brand screensavers (generally for smartphones and tablets)? Congratulations tutorials!

  7. Hi, I get this error when I want to buy from Amazon: We're sorry. This item cannot be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.

  8. Indeed this type of case is very good, it offers good protection and if you put a protective foil on the front of the phone you can say that you have arranged… for example I bought an original case from samsung similar to the one presented by you except transparent back for samsung galaxy note 2 and I can say without a doubt that I am extraordinarily satisfied… and when it slipped from my hand when I took it off the cabinet and fell on the tiles… and I saw that nothing happened I was really thrilled

  9. wear tights?? yak!!!!

  10. Iron Maiden said

    The price of the Nexus 4 reached in a few days from 1600 to 1400 lei…

  11. Christ, not you and a tutorial on how to buy this product from Amazon? I tried several times but fail to buy this bag! thanks

  12. FOR QUAD P6 ALLVIEW find something?

  13. Claudiu Molnar said

    Any debit card is valid for orders on Amazon?

  14. Crystals protective film using the nexus 4?
    If you can write me the name of that film producer

  15. What kind of tempered glass to protect the front part ??? ... ..

  16. Claudiu Gaitan said

    I searched for something like this for S2 plus and we're, you know where I can find out from

  17. Spatariu said

    hi cristi, for LG G2 is recommended, what kind of bag

  18. I have a question. Because the phone does not heat pouch louder? How is it airing?

    • I noticed heating problems. True or not a gamete hardcore, playing only occasionally on the phone.
      In the worst case, if heated, reduce the CPU frequency, and usually happens in games after tens of minutes.

  19. I understood that while not gaining remains transparent yellow shades. Is this true?

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