Best offline navigation and maps (for holidays abroad)

The best OFFLINE navigation application and maps
The best OFFLINE navigation application and maps

What does Offline navigation mean?

Offline means no wifi or mobile data connection.
Usually, free navigation applications (Google Maps, Waze) use the Internet connection to download / update maps, configure or reconfigure the route.
For example, on Google Maps, even if you download your home maps, you will still have to have the net to configure the route, or net on the route if you want to reconfigure the route.

Are there any 100% Offline software?

Yes there are a lot of offline navigation software, but it costs. They are commercial software for which you have to pay in various forms. is free and uses OpenStreetMaps maps that are updated quite often. is also extremely useful for mountain bikers and hikers

Just a few days ago, I returned from a fast hike through the mountains, where I discovered how useful the application is.
I was in the valley of Ialomita, through a forest between two slopes, and there was no signal on the phone, no matter where I was going, and I was going with more people.
At one point, I was walking by 30 minutes through the woods, and we had no idea how long we had to go, whether we had to climb or descend, to make it night, and ... on the mountain it is not good to get you at night , Especially on the bears' land.
I opened the application and the great surprise I had when she showed me exactly where we were, the route, the way we went, how long we had, and especially when I got down / up.

Information is vital in the wild

When you are in an unknown area, you should have all the information, so you can make informed decisions. For example, before consulting the, I did not know how much I did from the route, how long I had and if I had time to come back in case I decided to go ahead.
At that time, with the information provided by, we decided that we should return because it is left in the evenings, and with the evening we leave the moisture on the stones and the roots of the trees on the trail, which makes it difficult for us to return.

Where works flawlessly, Google Maps has not helped me at all.

Google maps and Waze are great applications as long as you have the net and stay on the asphalt. These applications do not have much to look for. is like a Swiss knife!

Reconfigure the route on the road with Google Maps and Waze

How long you have the net with Google Maps and Waze is boier. If you do not have the net, these applications can not reconfigure the route.
Of course, everyone now has a mobile net, but there are situations where the net leaves you, such as a holiday in Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc. is the perfect navigation application for holidays outside the country

My advice.

Keep Google Maps and / or Waze installed, as you can find more points of interest, pizza, shops, gas stations, etc.
But I recommend you also install to be a backup, if ... apocalypse zombies, nuclear war, the net falls, you are out of range ... only needs GPS (goes to the forest, tested) Plus

1. 100% offline navigation
2. Reconfigure offline route
3. Street Numbers
4. Block numbers
5. Mountain trails
6. Level Chart Route Differences
7. Free
8. Simple and intuitive


1. Has no vocal guide in Romanian
2. Voice guidance in English is rushing

Application for location falsification (fictitious locations)

The best OFFLINE navigation and maps application - video tutorial

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  1. You are right, as long as you have the internet as a boy, and when you do not have Internet, these Waze browsers,, are useless.
    But the best free gps navigators in the Google Play store are two:
    - MapFactor
    - Magic Earth (free version)
    These navigators have the following advantages:
    - Romanian voice guidance
    - menu in Romanian
    - maps can be stored on the external memory card
    - these two programs work offline (without internet)
    - everything is free.

    • Has it not really been clear that (the application presented) DOES NOT require internet? ANY of the ones you mentioned (MapFactor, Magic Earth (free version)) also needs the internet until you install it and put the paper down. So do the ... Install it (with the internet) and drop the paper down - you want it - with the internet and then offline.

    • roflorin said does not require internet during use. Only when you download the map for the area you need. This has been made several times in the video. And it's free.
      Waze does not necessarily require internet while in use. But if you have a connection, it gives you information about the dangers you can encounter on the road (pits, police, animal corpses, ...) can reconfigure your route if traffic jams are on the way ... I say it's a great advantage of the program that it knows how to do that. And everything in the fact that a cannon using Waze will be part of a cohort that will provide traffic information ... And if you use the internet it will consume a few MB (1-2) at every 100 of Km.
      In conclusion, Waze is using it every day, and Maps is there because he knows how to find the waterfalls through the riverbeds ... and takes you like a pedestrian on his way up there.
      All the best!

  2. And Here WeGo works offline and additionally has a vocal guide in Romanian! On mountain trails I do not know if it is good.

    • Confirm what CRISTI said. I use HERE for at least 5 years. I have never been disappointed in the country or abroad (Europe). It is offline, reconfigures quickly and the most important "talk remains"!

    • Here Maps / Here WeGo, works flawlessly without internet / off-line. These are the old maps from Nokia or the old Simbyan Nokia Maps application
      You can download almost any map / country in the world. So are the languages ​​/ vocal guides. You want, for example. tipcat? , no problem !
      The problem is on mountain routes where it is just as "cool" as google, but also at POI which is much inferior to google / waze. But street numbers are very good, better than google or waze.

    • GRESIT Whybal !!! Now I have arrived from Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Macedonia and I relied on Here WeGo's off-line with which I was last year in Hungary and I praise him for his work. On the route this year I gave the rate and I had to go like in the years' 90 by map and signs. It was not funny. I met other people with this app who were disappointed. I could use the map just to look at what places to go. That's why I opened this tutorial to find another off-line application that even works. I'm having fun because everyone thinks we're taking our country. I'm really looking for an off-line to work.

    • Keeping in mind that it does not always work off line, this is the great minus here, while on the rest of the line it has the most exact numbers of houses, attention, not streets!

  3. Adrian Gudus said

    I do not know what some Romanians say but to me, the application menu is in Romanian. Only voice guidance is in English. Unnecessary to me, even if I had Romanian, I use it for "pedestrian traffic" to find out where X is, Y store or other buildings. I do not mind throwing an eye out from time to time to see when I turn right, left, etc. Voice guidance even irritates me, and the others who hear it look strangely.

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    I forgot to say, I use it on an Android 7.1.1 Nook, device OnePlus 3

  5. Maps me mi.a made belele in Denmark

  6. Coco Moll said

    iGo. The best. The rest is a cancan.

  7. Zebastian said

    Howdy. I go far enough and my favorite navigation application is Navigon. The best thing about this app besides going offline is that it tells you where the fixed rooms are (this is completely useless for Romania).

  8. Digging machine said

    Yes MapFactor and Magic Earth are good I do not know on a mountain track if it works. There are others that are good enough just to be tested and everybody chooses the best. How about Here WeGo I tested it and without internet you can not choose the destination. With Here WeGo if you activate the internet then you can choose the destination after which you can stop the net and go offline. All applications like this, even if they are free for the first time, need to use the internet to download the desired files and then use them offline. For map updates and even the application, and the Internet must be activated to look for new updates. In a word they are good, but my opinion of who wants a gps can be found on emag or another site or even in pretty good stores and with map updates for all life. However, everybody chooses what he wants, and the guys doing these tutorials about pc, phones, etc. Are very good because that's how we learn something

  9. I got myself, instigated by the articles read here, a oneplus 3t. I want to say that the gps goes shavings, without connections to the net, provided you load your area of ​​interest from google maps from time to time. I tested it in Romania and abroad in several places. From my point of view, it's something of a dream compared to what we have before ...

  10. I see you are getting more and more into ideas for tutorials. I give you one: For example, I was looking at a laptop with an integrated video card. There are many graphical options 500, 510, 520, etc. What is the difference between them? Advantages vs. disadvantages. A good day.

  11. Hello Cristi,
    I asked you to do a tutorial on the best firewall for the current year, many times, I understand that it's up to your time available, so my messages were in vain and unresponsive ... I would seem to be cunning and not Do you want to touch ...: ((
    Can you want to do a tutorial with external upgrade to the video card and ram to an older laptop?
    I would appreciate any answer of yours!
    Thank you.
    Sincerely Mihnea.

  12. Hello again,
    It seems like the great prelude is for the phone ... let's not forget where you left off ... no annoyance (and some comments from some ... I do not want to go into the polemic) ... my opinion of a simple anonymous that looks at you and enjoys the tutorial from 2010 ... I would say you do 50% phone tutorials and 50% for pc ... do what you think (without hearing critics for what I say) ...
    Mihnea Popa.

    • Hello. You're right when you say it started with your pc, but times have changed, people stay longer on the phone than on the pc and it's normal to have more phone tutorials. The problem would be if any iOS device user wants tutorials about iOS :). Peace

  13. Hello . Very useful videotutoriale.mulum

  14. I installed the program and I was surprised to find that Jvocea was in Romanian. Probably having TTS in iGO, the first android goes automatically on this navigation program without any settings.

  15. For offline maps I used osmand, it has also mountain routes for the map of Romania, also knows to route offline. It is based on openstreetmap maps. The free version lets you download a limited number of maps (maximum 10 hard), the maps are well updated.

  16. Ciprian B. said

    See what it is like to end your water reserves in the mountains, have two or three days of walking on the ridge to get off the trail and look at Maps.ME and show you two springs in your area. YES even shows the springs in the mountains, not all of them. Or to leave in the evening, to be in the woods and do not know where to sleep - Maps.ME shows you refugees, pillows, chalets, the distance to them, if you have to climb, if you have to go down ... I recommend Maps.ME from experience .

  17. For Ukraine and
    Offline maps recommend me?
    Thank you in advance

    • to see that the whole cabbage is the recommended placement for the Berca mai vb locality after you find her place is in the buzau on the brass road

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