The best protective cover for your phone, Spigen Neo Hybrid

The best protective cover for your phone

From my point of view, Spigen Neo Hybrid is the best cover for your phone, that provides a good balance between appearance and protection.

What to look for in a pouch for the phone?

It depends on the user, depending on the priorities of each. For some, appearance is more important, and for others, protection is more important. I also saw many "protections" for the phone, which are actually tights, which do not offer any impact protection, but just a change of look.

Beware of transparent covers!

It's like I don't know how many times, when I take the sting with the transparent covers. They turn yellow and look extremely ugly after about 1-2 months of use. No matter what the manufacturer says (as it wouldn't turn yellow) don't believe it. If you really want transparency, choose a case with a hint of gray or another color, which will mask the yellowing. You say you dropped the phone in the toilet bowl…

The Neo Hybrid Spigen.

Spigen has to offer several types of covers. The tutorial is presented by me in Neo Hybrid and consists of two parts. The first part is a cover of TPU (semi flexible material), which comes applied over a rigid frame. Finally pouch will stay very close to your phone and it will provide very good protection and looks great.

What phone models factory Spigen?

Generally you do not Spigen covers any phone on the planet. Spigen'll find covers for popular brands (Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, etc.) and some popular models. OnePlus brand for example, are just covers for OnePlus 3.

The price on the website is pretty steep Spigen

Do not buy on the official website, where the price is higher in marketing considerations. Amazon covers are much cheaper. I have paid all transportation 14 euros (link is below), file the official website Spigen Neo Hybrid model is 35 dollars.
Price Spigen Neo Hybrid and other models for any phone

The best protective cover for your phone

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  1. Very cool cover and from what I see of clit, there were those at Tudia but are quite rude towards Spigen.

  2. Looks ok but still a pouch bag I would not change what I ordered it with the OnePlus phone, I took the plastic cover that sandstone and feels very nice in hand.
    Thanks for. Recommendation
    I could use a tutorial with an update to build Comunity not go how I look on OnePlus site.
    CyanogenMod currently used in AnTuTu score 13 156000 has quickly moves

  3. I do not know what to say but I have used one once housing 1 calls. Namely the Samsung S2 when he was at the time. And then the phones come with many improvements either to the display housing, etc. And then use their phones without foil covers or housings etc. I know one if you phone to take care of you more than enough years. The phone is light and it breathes better and convenience for me. I do not know how each decision fits. But in my opinion these carcasses as the rest is just marketing. I'm not saying that there are good shows and disadvantages but whatever the case is as I said. The phones today are necessities offering resistance sufienta if you have little care of them. No need to knock nails or walking to delete them. That was and remains my opinion. And by the way was not until now no phone display to have broken that fell out of your pocket or etc. And I had cases. 3-4 any glitches. As I said resist phones display and casing is not as if you have an egg or bulb in your pocket. One prefar be your light in me to breathe too. NOT worth investing in good people housings

  4. Sandu al-III said

    I think putting the phone pouch, heat accumulated in it after a certain time of operation no longer dissipate or made very difficult because of the back casing that covers exactly which warms the telefonului.Eu never had the phone casing and nor will am.Pentru as pocket when I phone, I never keys, coins seem sympathetic etc..Totusi the card type.

  5. better make a frame and tutorials for cheaper phones Allview kind lenovo etc. tota not everyone has money or money on mobile Top

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Spigen major manufacturers that do not make housings for the devices than the top.

      • I do not mean big manufacturers or fix this firm. but other. I said that to be done for cheap phones and or less known. such as me I would need my telu foil for glass case and not really know where. and safe and others looking for cheap phones at least enclosures. I said in malice or grudge. as I wish I had taken expensive phone but no money in their bag

        • Adrian Gudus said

          The problem is that these products are not producing such accessories. Precisely because they are not very popular. Search tempered glass on

        • Cris Adrian recomandami phone until 900 maximum lei. I want a pro Xiaomi note or notes 3 4 can have a better recommendation

          • I own a redmi notes 3 32 pro gb, and are very pleased with unlocking bootloader el.singurul drawback is that you should ask permission from the Xiaomi, and you're not interested asteptat.daca to unlock bootloader, the phone is super , moves very well, fingerprint sensor responds well

          • to ask? ie I know that you can unlock without pb. you can not unlock them remotely

          • Xiaomi unlock the bootloader with an application that connects to the server lor.daca they do not give you permission, it can not debloca.bineinteles that there's another more informal way, but from what I saw on the forums is at risk

        • calin, at Auchan at the exit of Media Galaxy it's a "stall" and the seller puts you what foil you get for free, I put on a j1 2016, it also has covers, ask if you don't see it on display

          • I know I put myself rares I ordered a glass film protection 0.3 mm Super Redmire Stone for Xiaomi Note 3 pro that eventually I ordered 3 pro Xiaomi note. and Costi for any application and is at risk from them.

  6. Trollhammeren said

    And that matters when it becomes yellow, to take another 13ron or how long one. Not worth hundreds of lei to give a shit bag.

  7. Cristi..I have a question: Did you try to be dystronic? I had OPO and I have OP3… It's the same material..I give you a link from the authorized distributor for Poland.I took it from there… They are serious guys.

  8. Cristi, please do a tutorial about the 2 or even 3 types of ETHERNET> LAN from INTEL - KILLER - REALTEK. Of course it would be a tailor-made tutorial because many of us are interested in which motherboard to buy and with which LAN CHIPSET to be better for GAMING or etc.
    I am interested in these new models from I218v 219v from intel and Killer 2200 - 2205 and Realtek.
    Waiting tutorial and there are many who want to see the difference between these types of LAN 3. Which is better to download the gaming buffer etc.
    Thank you

  9. Florin MILO said

    Hello Cristi,
    I have my phone a S5 protection from SPIGEN pouch verification code of 2 years and not even know. I dropped about 7 or phone, concrete and had nothing, it was worth every penny. It's expensive but worth the money.

  10. And the cover of Spigen is ugly after some months of use, I bought one last year for a S6 Edge, but meanwhile we gave it up. Now use a leather pouch with pockets for card-type card. Practice, even if no phone comes out with it.

  11. valentin fritz said

    Since almost only make tutorials about mobile I have not looked here.

  12. From what I see Cristi, do not use any protective tempered glass or foil phone. Can you recommend a tempered glass foil? Pixy.

  13. Greuceanu said

    I do not understand why we should complicate the Amazon or the official website Spigen when this type of enclosures exist on at about the same prices.
    For example I took notes 5 just Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon Gun Metal to fix 85 lei (a small reduction), that is exactly Euro..Acum somewhere under 20 99.99 lei, approximately 23 Euro.
    Amazon, the same model as the tutorial link is 26,50 euros, ie more expensive than
    I pull conclusions!

    • The conclusion should be drawn to you. It looks like you did not use an original pouch to see the difference ...
      And you're wondering why you're pulling up. If you do not even ask yourself a question, then when?
      And if I do not mislead have free shipping 🙂 Clean bargain.

  14. Android pay works in Romania?

  15. I don't like the covers on the phones, although I prefer to keep them 'like us' so I chose a skin from dbrand, I'm happy with the quality and how it protects, clearly not at falls in the attic… I had it on ip, on samsung and now on cost me around 15 €, with transport included (spain) .. I recommend

  16. Hello Cristi. And I try to order from Amazon and I say that you can not deliver in Romania. You can tell me how you managed to do that in order for other sites cost almost double. Thank you.

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