The best electronic cigarette, Kayfun V4

Hi friends, today we will discuss the best electronic cigarette the moment. It is Kayfun V4 a tank atomizer Servis aka RTA designs in Russia and executed at the highest level in Germany. Of course do not forget the small Chinese two-stroke three movements have cloned engineering, to us a new sell for less.
Some time ago We presented several models of electronic cigarettes. There have explained how these cigarettes and what are the main technologies. From then until now it has changed a lot and models have advanced.
Kayfun V4 is a modern and highly complex model. This course gives and incredible performance level. With Kayfun V4 is a real Titanic when you start vapezi. Of course Kayfun V4 to sustain his performance must give him great group emerge. For the supply of Kayfun V4 use an electronic (battery) and Wataj Eleaf iStick 50W with adjustable voltage.
Latest models of atomizers that I used gave me not even 20% level of performance that it offers Kayfun V4.
To be fair, this atomizer is not "original", it is a very well made clone. The original Kayfun V4 is extremely expensive (150 euros), while the clone is 100-150 lei in Romania.
My opinion about Kayfun V4
Every time I see an exceptional engineering achievement I take my hat off, whatever comes deomeniu. Kayfun V4 is a product designed and perfect. To give you an idea mivel precision engineering, give the image below.
Kayfun scheme unfolded V4
Production of steam
Mannn, and the Titanic. In addition, the iStick mode also offers an "accelerator pedal" in the form of Adjustable Voting and Wattage. You are not satisfied with the volume of vapors produced, you simply increase the wattage and thank you for how much your body supports. I and others around me cough up every smoke (liquid 6mg nicotine) if we exceed 20W, and don't forget, it can go up to 50W.
About Kayfun V4 I could speak and to show tens of minutes, and that if I hurry. Today I just did a quick introduction to see how you are interested in the subject. If you want to go in depth, please let me know in the comment field.
If you smoke, do not start smoking! It is a vice that will not bring anything extra. Do not get smarter, you are not the coolest. It is a bad habit that will impoverish and ill will.
This tutorial is more for the victims of this vice (smokers) who want to find a way out, or even to repair least basil.
Electronic cigarettes do not get rid of cigarettes, they only offer you a healthier and more accessible alternative. Nicotine addiction will persist.
Liquids have different nicotine concentrations are liquids that have no nicotine and may help smokers get rid of nicotine, while keeping ritual (coffee, after meals, etc.)

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  1. For me an interesting one, I really didn't think of other models than the ones you presented last round, although I don't smoke much even with the old one I saved a lot of money and it was a good time when I was satisfied with it (1,5, 2-XNUMX years) after which I gave up and went back to the traditional ones but on this occasion you aroused my interest and I have to see how I turn into someone like this. I don't know if there is anything more interesting to present, but I'm curious about the charge of the liquid and I suspect that the battery lasts a long time. That really seems and shows the "performance".
    He wondered how the smoke out at the touch of a button and the old had to give the jaws heavy))) go out so much smoke. Bafta further.

    • After three puffs could not see almost nothing through 18mp room. My wife came and opened the windows. That is really not exaggerating. I was 20W a 1.3-1.4 ohms resistance.
      To better understand, you can finish a 30ml bottle of liquid in 2-3 days if you are "serious" about the job.

      • Cristi hard mister, I must say that I searched and I found myself one of 30 w (eleaf) was more expensive but supeeeeerrr 230 lei hard as you said you do not need to use the .eu both 9-10 w and e belea.cred and hope to make their every penny and I have 3 months warranty is tested for no joke. )) I wanted to thank you for tutorial and suggestion.

  2. FaqyaK said

    We better leave all smoking so we do not need any of that classic electronic cigarette!

    If you really want to quit smoking you need 3 things: character, ambition and pride.

    • True. Claptrap.
      Unfortunately, when it comes to smoking, I have no ambition. Can I put almost anything in mind, but not this.
      The truth is that I love to bullshit morning coffee. Coffee kettle hard not to filter crap. It's my time, and I do not want to walk him.
      I have no other vices, only cigarettes and coffee si .and technology… .a, and you!

      • laurentiu said

        Cristi thinks it would be better like this …… "you, technology, coffee and you should wipe the cigarette". Ima esteem.

      • Dumitru G. said

        Hello Cristian. I appreciate your work, do a good job for everybody! You're right here, Kayfun 4 is a job well done. Even if it is a clone of 90 lei, it works very well. After years of tobacco 36 increasingly toy I like that. Health and much more tutorials !!!!!!!!

        Respectfully, Dumitru G.

    • Motivation, emotional intelligence, general awakening!

  3. Daniel said

    You must have ambition to quit smoking! I managed to quit for two years, and there is pocket and smoking 25 years sanatate.Am bad we did !! E .. waves of youth! ))

  4. I don't think this video tutorial makes any sense! It should be deleted! Encourage children… My opinion. Sorry

    • I do not think that encourages children.
      We can not put things under the rug and pretend it does not exist.
      Young people who want to smoke, do not I see on the internet, but because they want to be more clever than others, to be shrewd as others seem more mature than they are.
      Measures banning cigarette advertisements or their price rises have failed, except higher budget receipts can. The same images on packets, giving the impression that something is super dangerous in the package, and how are young: adrenaline, danger, adventure, forbidden stuff. These measures did nothing to increase consumption.
      Better put on textbooks and schools shocking images on the walls, throw all young people studying for the sake of danger, and felt like little gangsters. They were taboo extreme.
      It is better to be the world informed, to know what it is. That way the dangers transform mundane stuff, everyday, that will not attract young Astat hard.
      The stuff about not knowing much things seem exotic and interesting.
      The forbidden fruit attracts people like a magnet.
      The Amsterdam experiment proved how the human brain works vis-à-vis vices. As the "light ones" were legalized, the consumption among the locals decreased, after which came the tourists who broke the doors to the respective cafes, attracted by the stopped fruit.

  5. Alexandru said

    I greet you Christian and I want to thank you in this way, thanks to you I discovered the electronic cigarette and I remained faithful to this style of "smoking" rather steamy, at the beginning 3 years ago I had a putty with 2 batteries and two cartomizers, no I was happy with them and I couldn't quit smoking but I didn't want to give up seeing that it was much cheaper. Then I took a clearomizer that 5 + hmm was interesting but I had that hot steam due to the resistance up, after which I found evod and here I stayed super cold steam flavor everything you want, now I'm passionate about everything that came out new but honest if you arrive to pop a bottle of 30 ml of liquid in a few days then it is no longer called saving, I am of the opinion that we should work on this chapter more
    If you get liquid to give 300 when many will return to analogue

  6. adrian said

    I 47 years and I quit cigarettes for about 15 years!
    now, you can give jaws to me without any temptation!… even cigars, which at first glance is cool.
    I smoked since I was 16… I tried everything on the market: from the communist filter cigarettes (Bega, Timisoara, Bucharest, Cismigiu,…), the non-communist ones (Bucegi, Nationale, Carpati,…), then the whole series of imported cigarettes (Camel, BT, Golden Dear, Alberia, Marlboro, Kent-old wing, Assos, Lexington, Chesterfield, Greedy Blonde, Dunhill,… and long list!)
    I left suddenly after a super drunk with excessive consumption of cigarettes!
    a2a day simtidu me wrong, I threw instinctively all cigarettes in the house, and since that day I have never smoked!
    I too will want to have this ambition and to get over the temptation to smoke in the future!

  7. Dan Burtea said

    Hello. I am interested in this Kaifun cigarette, how can I find it? I smoke more than 30 years and last year I took electronics, but I cam going mad and sometimes I want something better. Waiting for details by email. Thankyou!

  8. Valentin said

    I wish very much a tutorial on DSLR with movie, settings, features, etc. You made one extremely interesting, some time ago about Nikon D5100 and not hurt one another about current DSLR and about the objectives, of course. Thanks in advance!

  9. Dear Christian, I want to try this type of cigarette, therefore, I wish to make a full tutorail as loading, where luamconsumabile IF ONLY must change or atomizer to be cleaned? Thanks in advance !!!

    • Kayfun V4 is an atomizer resistances helpful and they do it alone. I'll show you a tutorial, it's very simple. Do not simply Nichrome wire Kantal or a special cotton wick. These buy them once and you have months to several years.
      Depending on how many turns you strength, endurance complex thereof will be lower or higher.

  10. “Http://” I found this, LOCOMOTIVE, nothing else !!! 🙂

  11. bogdan said

    30 ml about how many cigarettes mean?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      They say 2-3 20 ml would be equivalent to cigarettes. Now do you count how many cigarettes a means 30 ml

    • There is no exact equivalence.
      I'll tell you who is my consumption.
      Before I smoke a pack a day.
      Now 30-60 ml consumption per month.
      The calculation is relative because different brands of e liquid is consumed differently.
      There are many factors in play. The most important ingredient influencing consumption of liquid nicotine. The higher the nicotine concentration is higher, the vapezi less.
      Matter and aroma but also the proportion of VG and PG (glycol). In VG is more viscous fluid flows harder and consume more difficult. PG software will run better and faster use.
      A pleasant aroma will make you smoke more often, a more neutral one…
      It would be much to say, stuff you learn in years of e-smoking. Maybe I'll do a tutorial in which you said about my experiences helm with electronic cigarette. There were good, and some less good.

      • bogdan said

        I used the electronic cigarette and I, and I arrived 10 ml for about 3-4 days, and only use it as a night Unfortunately acasa.Din closed shop, and the only one in the area is no longer worth buying elsewhere , it was too departe.Un thing I noticed, that cough disappeared as dry in the morning as I used cigarette liquid concentration 18mg electronica.Foloseam nicotina.Nu call it a bad idea! My guess is that you have to buy a quality electronic cigarette, first, the problem is primarily used to order bateria.Am tine.Momentan bought tobacco use, and I make my own electronic tigarile.Tigara is a solution! Disappears smell of smoke in the house and get me cheaper .and it says you do less rau.Bine now currently split

  12. bogdan said

    it's good if you're 30 10 ml days, calculated at a pack a day

  13. daniel baptism said

    The fact that I quit smoking for 3 years after 14 years of smoking brought me 40 kg more… the first month was absolutely criminal (I wanted to take a cigarette and actually eat it) but I succeeded! all the urge to smoke turned into an appetite …… I started smoking again but the kg remained ……. I reached from 80kg to 120 kg during the time I stopped smoking. I don't know what to say, now I'm not glad I left then… ..

    • bogdan said

      so myself! you do not want to smoke, I can bag a twist incredibila.Cum coffee and smoke, I do trece.Asa that one day yes, one day no)))

  14. Beautiful articol.poate make a tutorial and about achieving resistance, setup and liquids with or without flavors.

  15. Paid tobacco and injected into the tubes out to a third or half the price of tobacco tigarilor.Depinde you want.
    In my experience with electronics can tell you that: when vapezi than a day from 3ml up head began to hurt after eating (when marge well a cigarette) from vapat you burn your mouth, your throat dry and liquid drink Trbuse , continuous shoot out of it (smoking a cigarette and reading, over time, two other)
    there are no studies of the long-term effects of vaping, they just say "they are less harmful"
    I know someone who Vapa and have diabetes and the doctor told him that rather than electronic smokes
    Now the good: if you can vapat you can not smoke.
    and now I'm back on cigarettes, tobacco and tubes inject paid out to a third of the price of cigarettes.

  16. Electronic cigarettes are more harmful as regular cigarettes. and I for one am smoker. but I do not smoke regularly. I can always leave. everything depends on the will of everyone, that often times lead you leave a cigarette you drive on it. and if someone says it's not me Gant harmful May of each electronic cigarette is made that liquid nonsense.

    • Alexandru said

      Calin but "normal cigarette" how much harmful nonsense does you have, did you study and saw that it is very harmful?
      I have 3 years of vaping and I can say that I don't get tired, I don't cough anymore and I feel much better, so since I see that I'm much better, I consider that I'm much better ok.

    • Everyone started electronics will tell you that it feels better than before.
      Now I can not bag hand in fire that are 100% safe, but may put his hand on volcano I feel much better than with tobacco.
      We have to be realistic, nothing is 100% healthy. I heard that if you drink too much water you can turn a corner. Who would have thought…
      How to stay out of trouble with electronics?
      1. You have to use liquids with low concentration of nicotine, or no nicotine.
      2. Avoid consumption of flavored liquids, flavorings are problems.
      3. Beware of silica cord atomizers.
      4. Do not sit all day with her snout.
      5. Do not make it a routine (than coffee and ready).

      • George said

        Văleuuu but what is wrong with silica string? I vapez so ceva.cred that pass kayfun, tutorial with necessary details.

        • Perhaps, if the string of silica is done right, no problem.
          The problem occurred at the mine when the market appeared silica cord reservations made on but it knows where. They were very different from the original.
          Neck irritation felt quite strange, nothing felt before. In addition, I was used to the taste of the liquid, was very different.
          I understand that these strings of silica, while beginning to disintegrate and behave oddly.
          Now since the Kayfun I am the master of my own supplies. No one can shoot me in the chest.
          I know I always use the same quality, fuse of a cellulose fiber super Hi-tech and Ni-chrome wire for resistance.
          I'll tell you more in the next tutorial. Some information will be extremely valuable for those interested.

          • George said

            Patti and I am so with low resistance silica solved the problem by buying good and I create one thread that Kant goes kayfun resistors ce5cc.aş but I find it hard to pilotat.poate spaceship next tutorial will (details, details , details) .eu think one way 30w enough ptr. kayfyn, right? abur.părerea to 50w is my steamer.

      • Electronic Cigarettes are also equally dangerous. That's not technology !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. silica, silicosis is a long way
    VATA new fashion.
    wool has different taste (best)
    the truth is that cotton absosrbe, keep (it has a different texture).
    to silica you can give it "dry burn", to cotton wool you change it.

  18. Marian said

    As vaper, I lit up when I saw such an article on the website maintained by some people for whom I have only respect and esteem. They belong to the category of the most advanced in "vaping", currently holding a 150w Sigel Vertias that RDA is a freakshow rDNA 40 with mini set to TC.
    I left a year ago and analogous around 4 months I convinced my old, holding a v4 Kayfun from a iStick tobecco v30 2W and one from ehpro on istick 20W. We both put a lot of money in it, but in addition all out if we take into account how much money I gave monthly on cigarettes. All this without taking into account how nice smell some delicious liquid and how are the fact that, logically, major eliminate the risk of diseases caused by smoking.
    Maybe in the future present a totrial about DIY probably are more interested. Continued success!

    • I would like to present in more detail. It would be much to say about these new instruments vaporized. Unfortunately there are also visitors who were of the opinion that promote smoking.

      I see you there a whole arsenal of sophisticated tools and especially expensive. I think the vice've turned into passion.

      • George said

        I take it there will be no tutorial about setting kayfun and its supplies? Sin.

      • HELP ME !!! - I smoke 1 and a half packs a day, I can't quit, that's why I want to switch to electronics. I watched the presentation and so as not to give money for all kinds of nonsense, I thought of buying this model, but I don't know how to walk, I saw the tutorial in English that I posted above, but I didn't really Understood, why did he keep turning those "nuts" (right at the beginning of the tutorial) ??? That's why PLEASE do the tutorial below. Those who do not like it, do not open this page, anyway it is a beginning and I am aware that the 2000 substances in the classic cigarette are harmful. Please give us this possibility, or post it on your Youtube or Google + channel. PS- There will always be some circus performers who will have something to comment on, because if you do a tutorial about an apple (fruit), they will say that in the tail there are harmful substances to splash, that it has E's, etc. Thanks in advance (I think on behalf of the PRO tutorial) !!!

  19. for proper sptzy
    don't throw yourself at expensive "tools" if you've never steamed.
    Get a chit from the beginning to see if you like.
    Cristi showing you here is a Servis set it alone, that she do one ohm resistance 1,2, 1,5 2ohm ,,,,, ,,,, as you give you steam.

  20. Cosmin said

    I have a question, I see that you are very knowledgeable in this field for all types of electronic cigarettes are not passionate smoker and I do not but want to make such a gift to someone who cigarette smoke at least one pack of cigarettes per day, I need to do to help him leave just in terms of material! The person has 60 years and smokes for a long time. In terms of fluid you need to purchase it would be more cost effective for a smoker? Or what recommendation you in this case? Not picky smokes cigarette after cigarette only if they have a toy that would only stay in her mouth, and I wonder what the cost?

  21. prs of money out much, much more ieftin.Un putty started. look like I did: give your money in a month on cigarettes you buy grout and Musa vapezi one month (as of cigarettes only money you) .After a month faci.lichide began to see what you find in market (big berceni, dragon ,,,, ,,). head (evaporator) Servis if you like (bibileala) .mod (battery) if you're the vapat.

  22. I have a serviceable squape "head" (clone) it seems very simple to serve and is the best chicken in it 5ml and vamo mode (first generation).

  23. Hello . First of all, Respect for this site. I would like you to tell me if possible, the combination between "Istick tc 40w and aspire nautilius" is equal to or close to what you recommend
    .Thank you.
    A good day

  24. And I quit smoking I 3 weeks ago and chose vapatul as a transition to left entirely. Not too happy with what he recommended the boy give the shop site of vaping, I wanted something like that you presented yourself here but he did not want to let me take, I recommend starting with some neservisabile something like you have shown you (Aspire) believe. And I tend to go to something more professional but you have to study the issue.
    For me it's useful that you presented. Good luck!

  25. Mariana Preda said

    Hey! Where can order this cigarette and spare parts for it?

  26. Eusebius said

    I bought e-liquid with a nicotine concentration too high for me… what can I do to lower its concentration?… Is it ok to add distilled water?

  27. Eusebius said

    Ok, thanks for. Answer.

  28. What thickness has thread for proper proof I ordered and I like yours but do not know what to take for proof reading about Kanthal but do not know the thickness Waiting for your answer and if you make a tutorial about loading and changing the resistance would be ok, are like that on youtube but I do not tell anyone that TARE .is pleased.

  29. ionut said

    I really like the tutorial and everything you do here on you are great, you have all the respect from us who have where to learn when we need, how good you are. I am at the beginning of the road in terms of electronic cigarettes, I started with "eroll c" I really liked the design of it and I could not resist not buying it without studying the field and everything that means an electronic cigarette, in terms of I am disappointed with this model due to the fact that the liquid flows from it when I pull + and the fact that I charge it 3-4 times a day, for the design it has 10 from me, the rest leaves much to be desired. My request and I assume that many of those who watched your tutorial is to guide us where we can confidently purchase this electric tiara and how to change its resistance or charge, something more detailed in this model. Thanks!!!

  30. Aurelian said

    Hello, does anyone have any idea if:
    1. Batteries with PCBs (Protected Circuit Board) longer with 3 millimeters fit in current modes?
    2. There is a liquid on the Romanian market without PG (propylene glycol)
    Please leave me links
    Thank you!

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