The fastest way to download drivers

Hi friends, in this tutorial we will see how fast drivers can be downloaded directly from the BIOS of motherboards Asrock.
Is a function of downloading drivers for any operating system, implemented directly from the UEFI which is called Easy Driver Installer. An endowment that all manufacturers of motherboards should adopt.
The drivers are the most annoying part after installation of operating systems, not always find suitable drivers, or even if you find you download takes a long time on servers in Asia or the USA, rarely find servers in Europe.
The drivers make the difference between a fast one that barely moves.
To download the Easy Driver Installer should not have an operating system installed, you only need to connect a stick (formatted fat32) to a USB port, to enter the UEFI and choose the operating system that we want to download, our basic course plate must have something in UEFI. The only condition is to have net wire connected to the motherboard, which must come connection to a modem / router, direct connection from the provider will not work in all cases.
After download dirverele stick, remove it from the USB port, install the operating system, enter the place stick with the drivers on a USB port and run the exe's on the stick, depending on the processor and RAM you have available It will take more or less until the exe will mount an image with the drivers. In the end it will open a window like the one on CDs with drivers, from there you will be able to install all the drivers once or one at a time.
If you do not have this equipment on your motherboard, You can download video tutorial about driversThere you will see how to find drivers for unknown device or unrecognized device.
Motherboard this tutorial is the same board that I recommended a tutorial Haswell system configuration, ssd, usb3, fast boot to 1000 lei.
As you can see, even if it is a cheap motherboard has a lot of features that ease user's life.
Come on, we are slowly starting to find a lot of functions in UEFI, which were unimaginable on the bios, maybe soon we will have integrated operating systems…. We are waiting!

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  1. nicolae said

    sal I have a rugaminte you have a motherboard asus pro z87 I installed Windows 7 and 8
    and I want you antreb if you can help me in this matter did not port the device meneger com
    I want to ge the bag telefonu not seen as the only device port and how can I do see that port sal
    I Tried with virtual ports but nothing I can do mss expect a lot if you can answer your

  2. Driver Genius is much faster!

  3. Original cable from your phone and install the drive but not the port sees as just as portable devices
    ZTE is Oring reyo telefonu everything is installed but not seen as the port but as portable devices
    and programu SigmaKey that I need sal see that the home port decode mss

  4. Adrian said

    Unfortunately, not all Asrock motherboards have this, I own an H61 chipset and it doesn't have the "Tool" section in the BIOS.

    • Maybe if you update the firmware you receive function does not know exactly what to tell you.
      See you at the changelog.

    • Marian said

      I also have a Z77 and I don't have the option. When I got it it had BIOS version 1.0. Now I made the last 1.8 update and received some new options, including internet update, but the sections remained the same, so "Tool" does not appear. The design remained the same, probably only those of the newer generation (those of the corresponding Haswell generation have a new UEFI design)

  5. View Product said

    It would be good for all motherboard manufacturers to adopt it… what can I say. But let's be serious, me and many others are not so comfortable, we have lived even harder times 🙂. It's not the first time we go to the manufacturer's website to download drivers, it's not the first time we have to install applications like everest or aida64 to figure out what components a laptop has in it when a friend comes to us to he asks us for help. It is not the first time we download drivers and the manufacturer gives them mixed… for example drivers for multiple network chips for a single laptop model, or multiple video cards for a single laptop model, etc. It's not the first time we open device manager and look for hardware id to google. Maybe not too much convenience is good :))

    • You probably looked for an "unknown device" and found Everest. I doubt.
      What do you do when you can not find any Windows driver and did not find the described and do not even know what it is.
      But perhaps you like to choose the hard way, it's your choice.
      Still I do not understand why anyone would choose the hard way. Sure you do not have that tool and you have no choice, it is natural to choose the classical method, but if there are shortcuts you do not use them.

  6. Marius said

    This excellent tutorial, maybe in the future if time and feel like a tutorial about how to use the dehumidifier on ASRock motherboards. Regards.

  7. nustiu what to do this basic board is asus z87 pro after installing windows and watch meneger device port NMU have no pious year mam and looked to see if there's something I did all USB enabled
    but we is no setting com port so when I connect either a knowing or tablet or phone can not be seen as a port and just as portable devices I Tried to make a virtual port but not of them nor ala times as mss much and tino so on with everything that you do

  8. Very interesting tutorial! But if you have a computer service or you are simply lazy, I recommend using the Driver Pack Solution. The DPS 13 variant has almost 4gb and the DPS 14 (the latest version on the market) has almost 8gb… both versions can be burned on a DVD or put directly on the stick.

    • E drivers packages good idea, it's a thing plugged in Windows.
      It would be even better idea if it were a pack of drivers that can be updated, not all, just what is updated.
      I think the perfect solution would look like this:
      All drivers organized manufacturers and devices. Many drivers would repeat through links, so it would not take much space.

  9. Lucian said

    I tried the method.
    basically he gave me to download the drivers from the CD motherboard and some not updated.
    It arrived just in the CD menu.

  10. marius said

    Hello Cristi in my attempt to make my own I got to step sait in joomla install ess all good until this step after the show now joomla interface can say that the installation starts with takeovers from what is shown in your tutorialu to me I think this step is blocked ..
    Backing up old database tables —- ok
    Creating database tables ————- in this step it shows me that it is loading but practically no results are seen after a few hours
    Installing sample data —————-?
    Creating configuration File ———-?
    I do not know what can not be ok /? Thank you very much, all respectful!

  11. Florian said

    -Howdy. I also had a comment… why didn't he approach? Did he say something wrong, wrong? At least I know I'm not interested anymore.

    • Do not delete comments unless they contain suspicious links or if unrelated to the topic or theme of any technique.
      You can be sure I have not deleted any comments elsewhere, why would we do that?
      Please post him once, maybe there was a network problem and not posted.

  12. danut8120 said

    ADRIAN I have a request, I bought a Toshiba Satellite-A-55HC C1 8.1 ARE WIND AND I WANT change. Problem is that MI BUTEAZA CD or USB AFTER COVER IS SOMETHING I CAN NOT figure it out

  13. JULLIANO said

    Do not question these laws, you're crazy understands (George Cosbuc)

  14. HELLO where to copy the program ASROCK UEFI SETUP UTILITY?

  15. Hello, I installed a new Windows XP on a Sony PCG-FR215H leptop and I have no sunet.Ajuta me if you can, you rog.Multumesc.

    • Wait how do you sound? Give more details. Install audio driver from the CD with drivers received bundled with the laptop or audio card manufacturer's website? If you do not know how to download drivers see that there are many tutorials on the subject. How descarrca drivers for lenovo laptop, toshiba or dell or different utilities. Tutorials you find using the search box top right. Write driver and you will find tutorials.

  16. Hello,
    You can also try on the following site: "", requires the installation of a plugin.

    You still steps that must follow them:
    1. Access ""
    2. Choose the "Mes Drivers" menu
    3. Click on the "Lancer to detection" button
    4. You are required to install a plugin that detects your PC hardware. Click on the “Installation du plugin” button
    5. Open and install “MaConfig_win.exe”
    6. After you have installed the plugin, click on "Lancer la detection" on the site
    Automatically detects your operating system and your hardware configuration displays
    To display list that contains your system components. For each component part are displayed drivers installed / drivers available, including their release date.
    I do not recommend installing beta drivers.

    A good day,

  17. Hi I have a problem with a baseplate P5VD2-MX Asus, when I install the video driver from your video card gives me crash on restart and do not enter the win. I mention a video card gt9600 gddr3 thanks a lot,
    PS Wait for the answer please

  18. Give more details. What windows you exactly? And what is the connection between the motherboard and the video? Ie what is the motherboard problem if your problem occurs when you install video card driver? And if you do not enter into windows what happens? Remains blocked, reboots? A message appears on your monitor? If so, what message?

  19. ii greet someone?

  20. who knows how ptr motherboard drivers take MCP61M-M3 site to find how this board ptr install drivers can someone help me please

  21. wait your offer by email [email protected] Please help me to know

  22. This tutorial is "very cool".
    Have you seen Cristi's "explanations" with the "hands"?


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