The Best Free Backup Program - AOMEI

The Best Free Backup Program - AOMEI
The Best Free Backup Program - AOMEI
Backup is probably the most important activity for data security.
Unfortunately, not all of us are backing up as we should, and we lose our data, often without being able to recover it.

Why backup - The best free backup program - AOMEI

- To keep the data safe from damage to the hard drive
- To be safe in case our data is encrypted by a ransomware
- So we can get back to work quickly in case of software errors
- Protection against any software infection

The best security in case of ransomware infection - The best free backup program - AOMEI

Backup is the best protection weapon in case of a ransomware infection.
For those who do not know, a ramsomware is a type of mallware hidden in a worm, trojan or other virtual vehicle that encrypts infected computer files.
In the Wannacry tutorial, I have shown you how a ransomware infection occurs, and how we can fall very quickly into this trap.

Tutorials dedicated to Ransomware

Along with DDoS attacks, Ransomware is one of the greatest threats of the digital age. That is why it is important to understand the phenomenon.
Infection live with WANNA CRY Ransomware and methods of protection
How does a PC infected with crypto Trojan LOCKY
What is DDoS attack and how to use - LIVE attacks

The best free backup program - AOMEI tutorial

AOMEI is a backup program for Windows. This program has several versions, but in the free one it is very competent and that's why I wanted to introduce it to you.
The interface is very simple and extremely easy to understand. I could say he was very much like Acronis True Image, But a few versions back.

What you can do with AOMEI - The best free backup program

Even in the free version AOMEI offers us plenty of functions to do our job without restrictions.

Backup, Restore, and Cloning Functions
1. Backup System
2. Backup for an entire disk
3. Backup partitions
4. Backup for files
5. Sync for files or folders
6. System Restore
7. Universal restoration
8. Clonare Disk
9. System Cloning (pro version)
10 Partition Clone

Various functions and important settings

1. Checking backup images
2. Create disk or bootable usb stick for recovery
3. Exploring backup images
4. Backup backup images (Pro version)
5. Import / export configuration
6. AOMEI PXE Boot Tool (Pro version)
7. Backup compression settings
8. Backup splitting (splitting backups into smaller pieces)

Download AOMEI freeware

The best free backup program - AOMEI - video tutorial

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  1. No video goes

  2. I would love to see the continuation! How do you create your backup and then the recovery process if Windows stops flashing. It would be interesting!

  3. Are you installing on external jets?
    Thank you

  4. It would be interesting to see in a clip "Bootable media fog" and possibly how to get to recovery when windows no longer crashes. Thank you in advance.

  5. Vicentiu Laurentiu STAN said

    I would like to see more explanations about this program, especially how we make a bootable environment for windows when it stops.
    You're doing a good job! Thank you !.

  6. It takes time.

  7. And i expect the continuation. I would be interested in booting from an external hdd with hdd restore restore in laptop

  8. Alin campan said

    Hello Cristian, very good tutorial, Thank you !!
    I have some questions:
    1. Do we first back up on your PC and then transfer it to a Hard Disk Extern?
    2. How long will it take to add new changes to the system or the documents I backed up in the first backup? Without restarting all the backups from the beginning and taking over my memory. I mean I have to connect the external hdd and is there any update button? Or leave the backup on the PC and update it constantly (what I do not know how to do it) and then I save it from time to time on external HDD to be safe?
    Thanks Cristi!

    • daniel said

      I answer you as an old backup software user:
      1-2. The way to save the backup you give it when you want to back up.
      Once you've created your first backup, you can create new backups yourself at the intervals you've given. By default (not to use space on hdd useless, the following backups will only contain what's in addition to the first copy = incremental).

      The bootable environment (I created on cd) creates it after installing the backuper in the software menu.
      After that, you create your first backup and let him do it at regular intervals.
      Access to backups can be made from software (this involves going through your windows) or through the boot environment.
      How? Simple. When the system starts, you get into the bios and modify the way to load the system.
      In my case give the cd and start backups. I choose a backup and restore.

      It's a program that helped me many times when windows ran out.

  9. todo backup I think it's better… why? simply when windows starts it asks me if i want to go into todo backup or to start windows… .without cd and others…. my opinion…

    • Bogdan Mihai said

      I would like to see your opinion and when a ransomware encrypts your system and implicitly the local backup image. If the startup question is still useful.

  10. Interestingly, here's how to make your bootable environment, how to start your computer, and how to back up your computer. Thank you for this tutorial and we are waiting for you to continue.

  11. I use AOMEI Backupper Standard Free for a long time and it's really good. Restoring the system is very easy on the program or on the bootable cd if there is no windows going anywhere. Cd bootable is very easy, in other words, it's really a good program. For me it's enough for the free version.

  12. I would like to continue the tutorial series about bakup-aomel especially how do we make a stick to start win

  13. Ice Alinutza said

    I agree with you, but I have an “insignificant” request, maybe, mention in the title the “platform”, not the other way around, but I waste time opening applications dedicated to Windows and not to the Linux I use! Thank you very much for your understanding and continued success !!! 🙂

  14. Do not forget about Keriver which is still free but recovering from an image saved on another partition.
    Anyway, I'm curious about the continuation of this AOMEI.
    Thanks for every tutorial you offer!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I introduced Keriver, you can find the Keriver tutorial by searching in the top right-hand search box.

  15. Florin said

    Greetings. If you are kind enough, present as many Backup programs as possible: from Acronis True Image (from my point of view, versions: Acronis True Image Home 2011 14.0 and Acronis TIH 2013 16.0 are the best), Clonezilla, EaseUS Todo Backup, etc. Etc.) that each user compares and finally chooses what they think fit. Wait a second.

  16. Digging machine said

    Ice Alinutza, it is clear in the tutorial that Windows 10 is installed in the virtual machine and not the Linux you are using. So logical that it was for Windows and not for linux. I do not think it makes sense to put the title for what the platform is, if we follow carefully we understand how much.

  17. Thanks for the valuable tutorials you do. I asked you if you can show us one with Norton Ghost that many people do not know how to use or have not heard. I know that it is possible to restore the entire system even Linux on a live CD, or a good memory stick for those who do not have optical drive. We are looking forward to . Thank you

  18. Thanks for every tutorial you do!
    I look forward to continuing to present the secrets of AOMEI:
    -create disk or bootable usb stick for recovery
    -synchronization for files or folders

  19. It's ok ! Thanks for every tutorial!

  20. Daniel said

    I'm a little off topic, but let me tell you why: I have a pretty old computer and I suffered it with the motherboard - it burned. I previously backed up to partition C with Acronis. I mounted the hard drive on another computer of the same generation with a different motherboard but with the same specifications - socket, ram type, etc. The computer starts until it reaches the window where it asks you to choose how to continue: save mode, last known configuration, normal, etc. I choose a variant (I tried them all), restart and get to the same window after which the process resumes. He doesn't do anything anymore. By analogy on the other HDD, I restored the backup made before the motherboard gave up and after the restart it has the same behavior. I understand that the motherboard drivers are different and it's a possible cause (I was hoping to get into Windows, scream for drivers to install and fix them).
    Is there a solution without reinstalling Windows?

  21. Constantin said

    I have a 10 wuindow installed and i installed avast and I could not delete it but I solved it but I have viruses 38 viruses and I can not delete them I have installed malware and still does not delete me definitively it shows everything is ok and If I still do a scan or 2 all finds them and what they can do I do not want to install wuindow again can solve without installing wuindow because it is installed by a company and went what can save or what solution I have I did bacap but not now when I saw that I can not delete viruses and avast.

  22. it would be a good tutorial for backing up licensed applications and restoring them after reinstalling or recovering windows 10 from the recovery partition. are applications that can not be reinstalled like those from giveawayoftheday which can be reinstalled by the classic method.

  23. Welcome.
    I downloaded AOMEI version 5.2.0. But which does not have in the Menu, Utilities so I can not create one
    bootable dvd.
    Help !!!!!

  24. Sorry, I found it in Tools.

  25. Ionescu George said

    You've done so many tutorials about Acronis. How can you say Aomei is the best ???

  26. Ionescu George said

    Aomei PE Builder (by the way about Aomei) doesn't work. A tutorial done for nothing about Aomei PE Builder, when there are so many software that do what a bootable USB is like


  28. sorry load RBA: 0X1B

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