The best cheap phone 2015 - buying guide

What is the best phone in 2015 cheaper?
Hi friends; in this tutorial will be a buying guide, where we get the best of 2015 cheap phone.
When choosing a smartphone, you need to think more from the beginning, so you know you should have your phone before you buy it.
Essential facilities that should they have any good smartphone in 2015 !
1. 4G - it is very important to have speed on the mobile network
2. RAM at least 2 GB - modern applications need a lot of ram to run well.
3. Internal memory and fast as possible, because a SD card is 10 times slower.
4. Processor for development that exists (ROMs, kernels)
5. A stable operating system, preparation liability for operating system or put the phone in value buries.
Do not rely on reviews from online stores; those not reflect reality. In general the most popular mobile and cheapest receive high marks.
When you buy best cheap phone, do not pick the best known brands; proved as Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC do not really know how to make cheap phone; and when he tries them out many a meatball (Ace, Star, etc.).
If you want to buy best cheap phone, you can go with confidence in hand with Chinese brands: Oppo, Meizu, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei.
My recommendation to you is Asus ZenPhone 2, which is definitely the best phone in 2015 cheap.
Asus ZenPhone 2 found in two versions, a cheaper one with a smaller processor and 1280 × 720 screen and another with a more powerful processor and 1920 × 1080 screen.

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  1. Daniel11112121 said

    What do you think about LG G3?

    • In general, it is a good phone, except for the radio module, which is a bit "lost" with nature in areas with medium to good coverage. Where with Nexus 4 I had 2-3 lines, with G3 I lost the signal.
      I think the antenna, which is put down next usb; e problem. If you live in the city, with very strong signal, I do not think you have problems. Otherwise the phone is good.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        We have a video presentation of LG G3 dear Daniel11112121 (true nickname you)
        A find the search box top right of the new site.

    • Lg3g sits very badly to signal I was in mine to mine and I had no signal on both digi cards and cosmote in Schema I had to tel.allwiew E4lite maximum signal lg3g So in conclusion d858 Duola has problems in this sense.

  2. You can make and guide about buying a laptop accessible?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If gaming laptop now presented 2-3 days on our website at a price of 2000-2200 seems not accessible, then forgave me either. With less than you buy a laptop so not accessible but a headache that will tantalize.

      • George said

        What do you think of IdeaPad g50-45? Mention that I had a PC with AMD dual core athlom to 2500 mhz and a video card radeon hd3500 that we were mulţumit.pot to replace old lenovo pc with this? Thanks I highly gaming can mean some games ptr.copii to detail.

    • Find, depending on which brand you prefer, with no plaque dedicated to i3u 1500 14 or as lucky, so there's more accessible. Offering can only can find and dedicated video card but I + ssd is a very good choice, in my opinion. I do not know if I can find but Lenovo G50-70 i3-4030U 1.9GHz's very good choice.

      • George said

        I referred to the model of AMD APU 6-6310 Beem and dedicated video card radeon 4 r1500.este all around the lei.este better than an Intel i3 all dedicated plate? I understand the This model works both video cards in tasks I need excessive gaming, some games may occasionally ptr.copii.

  3. greeting. very good guide. Thanks
    I was looking at this phone:
    What do you think?
    says producer that guarantees security: interception, encrypted self-destructing messages and these are some security advantages. Now I do not know if it refers to the possibility of avoiding mobile providers recordings.
    I care the hardware. if it is worth buying.
    I have no great secrets to necessarily buy it for security but I thought you all take a smartphone still give 2000 2500 even be the best one and security package.

    • To encrypt a communication be possible, it must happen in both directions. In vain you encrypt, encrypt if the other does not.
      And eventually, I think this can stop interceptions. Organizations that intercepts hardware that we have never heard; and even if it can not decrypt the place, stores the captured data stream and decrypts it when technology will allow.

  4. Cristi what you think Allview x1 mini xtreme, I would buy one myself but I doubt that the manufacturer software support is pretty nonexistent.

  5. Very good recommendation!
    Congratulations to all videotutorialele and for the work.

    I have a question, namely: What about Intel Bay Trail that are on tablets?
    Or the Intel® Celeron® N2840 2.16GHz Bay Trail that is found on leptopurile newest cheapest?
    Thank you.

    • On a tablet or a mobile processor is ok, but the laptop is rather weak. From laptop we need productivity and speed compared to tablet which only ask in great multimedia and web.

  6. I recently came into possession of a little-known phone or (not at all), in Romania it is called jiayu s3 advances and I am amazed by its quality, it has a powerful hardware. I ordered it from outside at a price that beats more all tel. High-end… .200 $ + shipping feesDHL + VAT, specifications can be found on the net… I'm glad for purchase and I recommend to all those who do not belong to brands to buy as Cristi said tel. made in China… they have some phones in the queue. The only disadvantage is related to servicing, if something is bubbling in it, no spare parts can be found in them in Romania. will replace. In short the Chinese market is full of tel., which more than that and at prices incomparable to those in Romania

    • The changing times. Brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, etc., will be forced to reduce prices for mobile top if they want to remain competitive.
      A top phone jut cost of 150-200 euros to produce it. Samsung pays even less because they pretty much silicone factory in the house.
      Best phone is cheaper in 2015 2 Zenphone from Asus, a producer who until recently did not make phones.
      Times are changing…

  7. daniel said

    Cristi you can do a guide for video cards? They are pretty expensive and I want a lei 1000 board until I can use it in games. I do not want full HD resolutions in games because I know that I need expensive video card.

    • And I want this buying guide for video cards - desktop.

    • I see that there are online stores where you specify the year of publication video chip on the video card. and it is good to be an important milestone in choosing video card?
      gpu frequency and to be more than 1000 MHz?
      must guide procurement. I do not think is pointless to pay any 3000 lei on a video card. I think there are 10 15 million and plaque that can play decent, bn less full hd. or who knows, maybe those of 3000 go 4k
      guide waiting for your video card now is a period of reductions.
      thank you
      aaa and that if you have time to continue with the surveillance systems, ip cameras, nvr, poe switch…. 🙂 has the ip camera in the setup menu where to save the recordings and set the path to nvr? .... for analog ones it's simpler

  8. Adrian Joldis said

    Asus? When you've done well recommended Chinese phones, but I think you know and the Indian are super.
    Talk phones from Google program, ANDROID ONE.

    It is available to us now Karbonn Sparkle V for 400 Ron! THE BEST

  9. please tell when they were displayed emag discounts on tel. zenfone price of 2 759 roni

  10. What do you think about LG or Samsung Galaxy S4 G6 between the two which you refer? Thanks

  11. My opinion is that games do not go many apply these devices with processors from Intel. I had a ZTE with Intel Atom and I could not play castle clash install Mozilla Firefox could not just think it was intel and still do not have full support. Castle goes safe clash

  12. What about Huawei Huawei Ascend Acend G7 or P8Lite?


  14. Cristian said

    Hey, what do you think about Huawei Ascend P8 Lite?

  15. Ovidiu h said

    What do you think of htc 510?

  16. I bought an Original ZOPO ZP999 MTK6595M Octa Core 2.0GHz Android 4.4 3GRAM 14MP 5.5 ”Gorilla Glass 1080P FHD 4G FDD LTE WCDMA NFC OTG.
    Everything is ok ..more than he saw no GSM network
    I discovered as much the 300 meters I caught a signal antenna and talked by phone otherwise not connecting! What I ask the manufacturer? It can change my phone or change the ROM solve anything? I struggle to 5zile with him would not know about treubi to do. E hardware or software problem?
    Keep the good work up doing an excellent job !!

    • Try giving it a factory reset. That's exactly what I suffered with an iOcean m6752, and after that everything is perfect.

  17. One of the very good price-quality phones is Lumia 640
    Who knows think Windows Phone will agree with me, and who has not even reached one does not like to talk bad this goal.

    In 770 lei or even less, it is of note 20
    My sister recently got the Orange Free subscription based though some euro 10
    It is thanks to him

    For those who have money to something more Lumia 640XL 970 lei

    I can not wait to go out the final version of Windows 10

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I had some device's Lumia range, one was just wide peak.
      It moves flawlessly, very stable, excellent battery autonomy.
      However, I renounced to use a Windows Phone for the following reasons:
      - a very boring menu and a very boring interface
      - (the most "painful" for me) you do not have official Google applications such as: Play Kiosk, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Plus, Google Photos, Google Translate, Google Chrome. Applications that I use and that I need.

  18. Best smartphone 2015 for me ete; Samung Galaxy Xcover3.

  19. How about 4 Note that performance?

  20. Best smartphone in the same budget is in my opinion Motorola Moto G2 2014 version has a user 4g but unassuming cat is more than enough and goes very well but has only 1GB ram running stock Android version 5.0.2. I say it's about as good as that Asus ZenFone 2 you think about this phone?

  21. Cristian said

    Salut.O to think of Philips and 928.Multumesc.

  22. Catalin said

    You skipped lenovo p70, I think it was mentioned

  23. Valentin said

    Thanks for this excellent tutorial! Bravo!

  24. Hello,
    My wife purchased a Lenovo A5000 about a week, you can tell me if it's okay?
    Another thing, if you can, what services / applications can disable / uninstall without having to have problems?
    I watched the tutorial on Android and it was useful to me, I managed to set / deactivate / uninstall as you said, but in the "All" section there are a lot of services for which I did not find clear explanations, so I can "walk" on them without fear….

    The wife uses only the basic functions, that is: calling / receiving, photo / video and possibly email (yahoo), that's all! So, settings for saving… now you have 4 days of battery life, but maybe it can be even better! 🙂

    Thank you in advance!



    • Adrian Gudus said

      About how to save battery on Android, we already have a tutorial (if not two) I find using the search box top right.

      • I understand, you still go through the tutorial at once / tutorials, but you tell me if Lenovo A5000 is ok, what pluses / minuses has to know what I can expect!
        Thanks for the help!


  25. Hello,
    good tutorial, there were also other models that ought to introduce,
    how come the price rose so fast in the 759 899 Tel from? 40 euros in a few hours is something?
    or you did tutorialu 10 days ago and put lai now?
    or was it offer?
    zine that is secret

    Sincerely Mario !!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It was an offer. If you looked closely at the tutorial, you could clearly see it in the counter, which displayed the remaining 3 hours of the Price Revolution promotion. It is clear in the tutorial that when Cristi entered the product, the phone had the label / emblem "price revolution" so it was part of the offer.
      What happens to your attention to detail people? Why are you so shallow? Mention that you can put the tutorial so you can pause anytime closer look at what you may not get to see, you rewind, you all conditions!

      • Adrian Gudus said

        At the beginning of the tutorial, the counter on the top right displayed on the eMAG page shows in descending order “There are 4:02 left” and a little further down, in a star, also on the right side written “Last day”

      • Dear Adrian apologize that I disturbed by my question, 32: 56 minutes possible to escape something, or possibly look the person may have some vision problems,
        yes no good to argue.
        The problem is that I have seen all tutorialu head queue, 15% reduction we saw but I thought it beneath other items.

        Thank response !!

  26. Istvan said

    Cristi, what do you think about the iPhone? especially 4S

    • I have a good impression, but still prefer Android.
      IPad mini2 and I'm not touching him than on Thursday in pasta; It is used more than my face, which he uses only for games and drawing.
      I have no complaints, but that is not my taste.

  27. and I prefer Android. and stuff you said in this tutorial you've said countless times in various tutorials or parenthesis beside tutorial. anyway it's very good that you did tutorial that follows the world can not tota tutorials head or tail are not careful if you say no to show

  28. Regards, what would you choose between a S60 Lenovo and Huawei Honor a 4C (I saw that not only keeps the battery in standby 80h)? thank you in advance

  29. Out of curiosity, Cristi at the moment you choose / enter Oneplus One and Asus Zenfone 2 (more expensive variant)?

  30. Adrian Cristea or do not make a tutorial how can we log out of Facebook Messenger application. I can not find any buttons that. and it's frustrating sometimes if somebody come inside from the phone or tablet remain logged

    • If you go phone settings / your tablet / android your with, the application manager and select the Messenger app will then delete the data that applications next time you enter the app will bring up the login screen

      • ms what I did. give thought is something hidden button ,, ,, do not know why they have not implemented the log out button and fb chat or if you log out d epe application or ask you to log out and you want to mess fb times you log out simply

  31. adrian rod said

    I have a small problem with my phone, when I try to update the system I get the message "Unfortunately, the settings have stopped." And I give it ok message and that's it, do not let me enter the system update. be the problem and what would be the solution, or what other way is to update my system and android, to be the latest version of androi or the latest that I can install on my device, and when I give them 3-4 times on android version I don't think what android version I have. Thank you. I apologize as a postman but I try to post on contact and I don't think the window with the security code

    • It would help if you could tell us which phone you have exactly (example: Samsung Galaxy S6). You could try to go to settings, in the application manager and look for the software update application or something similar and delete its data. As for the problem with the android version. You don't have to click on those words. Simply under “Android version” of “5.0.1”, ”4.4.4 ″,“ 4.2.2 ”etc. depending on the version you have.

  32. adrian rod said

    A I be notified by mail when the first response to comment or need to go here to check?

  33. Smolka said

    I want to buy a refurbished phone samsung galaxy s5 is worth?

  34. MATRIX said

    Sorry for off topic
    Hi, I broke display with touchscreen u u with all my tablet (Nexus 7 2012).
    Now I want to buy touchscreen display with all but my problem she did not know if it works or not.

    ps: I connected the tablet pc and nothing

  35. mihai1307 said

    hi, i have tablet from Asus with the same CPU and unfortunately there is no recovery

  36. Adrian said

    First of all thank you very much for tutorials made!
    I ordered an Asus Zenfone ze2cl 500. I searched for tutorials on Zen Ui and I found .I found something official website. Does a short tutorial what is more important is that possible?
    Thank you !

  37. big guy said

    Hello Cristi,
    What do you think of this phone… Philips I908, Dual Sim, 16Gb, Black- I would like to buy it from rds.
    Thank you!

  38. What do you think about Lenovo vibe z2 pro? I think it's over Asus zf2.

  39. Andreea Gabriela said

    Hey! Fog N4 what do you think?

  40. Arcadius said

    Cristian Hello! Tell me please, what do you think about elephone p8000 deserve to be purchased? Thanks a lot, a good day!


  42. PLEASE TELL me some Lenovo A 5000 WORTH THE MONEY AND THAT RDS CONFIGURATIE.E OR NOT DESERVE SOMETHING FOR HIM TAKE THE ABONAMENT.TE BANI.IL PLEASE enlighten me WHAT YOU HAVE EI.NU else ROG.SAU SINT gamer, but it is more or less BUN.SA I do not pray to him, and the company.
    ROR TE DA CRISTIAN me an answer!


  44. Cristian Hello! The Lenovo a5000 its telling me something and I el.Preţ subscription RDS as much nu.Mersi deserved a good day!

  45. Hello Cristian!
    I provide only 600 lei and I want to get myself a good phone!
    Do you think deserves to get my Holly Huawei Honor from EMAG?

    Pretty please tell me your opinion!

  46. What to choose between ASUS and ASUS ZenFone ZE2CL ZenFone 500 2 Laser ZE500KL. Second MSM8916 running with Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon and the first with Intel Atom Dual Z2560.

    • Remus Ciuciu said

      Well I think you know that Snapdragon is more famous than Intel does not heat too honest aces repede.Eu goes ZE500KL that has Gorilla Glass 4.Si not think that gaming is a big difference.

  47. What to choose between ASUS ZenFone 2 version 4gb ram and Oneplus One variant 64 gb? prices close zenfone from the 1500 1600 and one; the room is similar (under their rivals more expensive) memory in zenfone may extend to one 64gb I are sufiecient, similar display; What confuses me is me processors: Intel is on 22nm and 64gb 4bit and works with dual channel RAM and Snapdragon on 28nm and 32gb 3bit and works with mono channel ram; we deduce that zenfone 2's agile and consume less power, less heat; However in normal use, even in games, oneplus's smooth, just in benchmarks zenfone2 is stronger (youtube). What do you recommend?

  48. Hello ! Can you tell me please what you think Lenovo Vibe Z2 pro? Worth purchased based on price quality? I specify that I want to buy a dual sim phone brands.

  49. Elephone recommend. Merge anointed to speak at a bargain price in general. The only flaw is that if you will not be protected gorilla voice and screen. Not to say that they will remove the 9000 10 October p core at a price still pretty (apox. 500 dollars) big girl p 7000 / 6000. But it will be equipped with voice gorilla. I own a ditch p6000 and thanked him. The phone comes with applications from banks root so I do not think they will go.

  50. Thanks for this very interesting tutorial. I watched with great interest!

  51. Dear Cristian! I want to buy me a UMI ZERO what you think el.La price USD 170 believe is unrivaled on the Romanian market. Multumesc1

  52. Cristi, thanks for the tutorial! We and given command of an Asus ZenPhone 2. I can not wait to receive it. This is my first smartphone. New technologies are like stupid, so I'd like to ask you to give me advice.
    I have an Asus i5 laptop that I use as a desktop. I spend many hours at the library and it is very difficult for me to carry my laptop with me, so I am thinking of buying a tablet to use instead of a laptop. I especially need word / text editing, big screen, internet connection, data transfer from tablet to laptop. I also need a kit: keyboard (as long as the laptop - approx. 35 cm) and wireless mouse, both external to the tablet and laptop, to protect the laptop keyboard and to be comfortable working with the tablet, but I don't know where to find something like that. Do you have a suggestion in this regard? What would be your suggestion for the tablet according to the needs listed? The budget would be about 1000 RON for the tablet. Thank you.

  53. Unfortunately not even find on Amazon Fusion Ringke housing for Asus model Zenfone ZE2CL 500. What other quality hard case and no market for this model? Meanwhile I could buy a sheet of tempered glass, but I suppose that is not enough. Thank you. I look forward to your responses.

  54. Viorel Gavrila said

    Salut.ce about Philips i908? Or what good phone until 1000ron my purchase? Thank you

  55. Hello Christ.
    I want to buy a phone, are for a week in a dilemma, actually do not know what to choose between Asus and Huawei p500 zenfone 8 CL lite.
    Give me some advice please, do not mention that I play on your phone. I want to keep the battery and move flawlessly even with 6-7 open applications.
    I really do not know what to choose, please give me some advice.
    Thank you !

  56. Maria Alina said

    I would like to buy a compact phone (up to 4.3 inches) that has a good processor (can run multiple applications simultaneously), has a range of at least 2-3 days average to intensive use and a RAM of at least 2 gb. Is there such a thing at the moment or should I wait? I got my hands on a samsung galaxy s4 mini and I was disappointed - low battery, the phone crashes if I force it a little. I'm not a big Iphone fan - they have a high price and I don't like iOS, although I felt the 4-inch display was very suitable for my small hands. I am also open to suggestions from lesser known brands and I would be very grateful for any advice. Thank you very much and Happy New Year! 🙂

    • AdrianGudus said

      I can warmly recommend OnePlus X or Sony Xperia Z2 or Z3 Compact.
      Unfortunately you want top specifications in a small enclosure which is not too stern. Device Specifications top sites starts at 5 inch up.
      The sub 5 inches producers are seen as the device's low end or entry. There will be good battery because it tricky to put a large battery capacity in a small enclosure. Compact X OnePlus and range from Sony are about the only ones that are exceptions to these rules / standards adopted by manufacturers

  57. Hello,
    I want to get my phone but do not know which is the better choice. The budget is around £ 1600 and I was stopped at Zenfine Asus and LG g flex ZE2KL 601 2.
    Which of the 2 you choose and why I recommend in this budget phone?

    Thank you very much and sorry mess

  58. What do you think: Huawei P8 Duos Lite

  59. Robert said

    Cristi Hello! Do you have any advice for 2016 acizitie? Or you can make a buying guide 2016?

  60. CONSTANTIN said

    Hello I am interested in a phone and do not know how good it can help me with advice or if you know a pretty good phone May ok
    Mobile Phone Elephone P8000, 4G, Octa-Core 64-bit, 3GB RAM, 16GB, 4165mAh .and is also from Samsung or who made it this phone factory .We thank you very much.

  61. Opinion, worth it? Samsung Galaxy J3 J320F (2016) and J5 J510FN (2016)

  62. Hello I 2 models we've seen behind your tutorial Xiomi MI4C and Asus Zenfone laser 2 ZE500KL who you think deserves?

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