The most inexpensive, small, quiet, economical and flexible computer, Raspberry PI 3

The most inexpensive, small, quiet, economical and flexible computer

What is Raspberry PI?

Raspberry PI 3 is the smallest PC that can do different projects, because it is super cheap and does not consume too much electricity.

What is a SBC?

This type of computer is called SBC (single board computer) that an entire computer on a single PCB.
The emergence of these SBCs processing power was not impressive, because a miss SBC was used in the design of other gadgets such as drones, robots, automation, alarm systems, warning systems, etc.
Now, with the advent of ARM processors increasingly more efficient, Raspberry PI 3 can run on different operating systems, the functionality of a desktop in a proportion of 99%.

What you can use a Raspberry Pi?

To everything you can think of. Can you make him your fire and water down the toilet after you get up. Can you do it you know when the smell of gas around the house. Can you build around a robot, if you add motors, wheels etc.

What I want to use it?

1. VPN Server
2. Radius server
3. personal Cloud
4. Retro game console
5. Alarm system

Raspberry PI advantages:

1. It's super cheap, just 200 lei
2. Consume very little power, between 2w and 6W (measured)
3. Is strong flexible GPIO pins, WI-Fi and Bluetooth, camera and monitor port

Why do I need besides Raspberry PI board?

1. Feeder (minimum 5v and 2)
2. Mouse and keyboard
3. Micro SD Card
4. HDMI to HDMI Cable

Price Raspberry PI board 3

Price feeder Raspberry PI
Price micro SD card Raspberry PI
If you are interested in Android Mini PC

Video Tutorial - The cheapest, small, quiet, economical and flexible computer

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  1. Expect more tutorials on Raspberry PI 3!
    Merge kali installed Ubuntu or Linux Mint times and how to install any OS?

  2. From a tutorial of yours from 2009 or 2010 I installed firewall outpost pro from agnitum and since then I use it… I was and am satisfied with it… but the ones from agnitum were bought and still offer support until January 9, 2017 So I have a request, can you make a tutorial with the best firewalls 2016 or 2017?

  3. How can I make a VPN server or RADIUS server with Raspberry PI 3 ???

  4. You can attach TP-Link TL-WN722N?

  5. I have not seen any buttons for donations, because these sites must be supported and promoted, especially among young people and children who may be accustomed to smart technologies in place to engage in different activities.

  6. Lucian Moraru said

    Hello, thing can download games or buy from somewhere?

    • I'll tell you a tutorial that will show you how to do console; It is a matter of semi piracy. ROMs (games) are all over the net, organized into packages even hundreds or thousands of games. Companies do not agree with that, but I agree with emulators, which can be loaded games you already have in house.
      In short, games are.
      I have a slightly different view, more logical than legal. Unless influence the sales do not think it's piracy, because these games are no longer found in stores.

  7. Make please a tutorial about Bluetooth headsets and choosing the right model for sports / car audio depending on the quality and autonomy. Thank you!

  8. I knew that this mini PC. I actually thought about getting one in the near viitoru as ef especially useful if nai place much luggage for a laptop. to nacighezi to play etc is perfect. I wonder how resist the battery 10 20 thousand?

  9. Very cool site that, although is a secular matter, find out more super useful stuff aici.Multumesc more. A question: this type of computer is good for archiving documents? In any program would have they written? And where is the link for distribution site on G +?

  10. hello Cristi. if you want to help me with a problem…. I have an android mini pc imito mx2. I keep it connected non-stop to the tv. I use the ipwebcam application. with a canyon webcam. the image, I can no longer go to the mini pc, I have to unplug it and put it back to restart. how could I find out why it crashes? is there any application or any way to show me the error? ms in advance

  11. Hi there!

    I find it very nice this mini PC.
    My question was whether bear to use it for watching movies?
    The current TV - a JVC LT 32V450, I use it with a USB stick.
    TV read quite a few video formats to audio but unfortunately not what I read in the test than audio formats AAC, AC3 and MP3, which means that another extension movies with audio are muted.

    I want to run movies directly from Windows to not have any problems with this version of miniPCI format and would be very accessible. Raspberry PI 3 If you can not stand another version accessible can you recommend?

    Thank you!

    • There are other variants of mini PCs or SBCs as they were named above, some are stronger than raspberry, others are cheaper, but the raspberry stands out for the large number of users, support and accessories and I mean to an entire platform developed around it. Like other SBCs remember: Orange Pi (stronger as raspberry but with support less, but runs ambrian and ubuntu, and supports 4K) Late Panda (more expensive and stronger and if I'm not mistaken Intel) banana Pi (again a strong sbc that it distinguishes him gigabit ethernet port) and others that can not remember now

  12. Where do I get that little aluminum radiator.

  13. Hello,
    When we see these?
    What I want to use it?
    1. VPN Server
    2. Radius server
    3. personal Cloud
    5. Alarm system
    I am very interested in them.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. So and stuff, I do not know exactly, can install FreeNAS on these boards? I know that is not really suited to raspberry because the free nose rule would ram the 1 1gb terrabyte storage (or something please correct me if I'm wrong), but there are other more powerful boards like Orange Pi who 1gb ddr3

  15. I found a site with a lot of tutorials about it. The site address is tutorials…[email protected]… Com.there are many tutorials and you can interact with

  16. I have a hp leptop g62 when you start to hear the startup sound for Windows starts 7 yes screen is negru.Ce can not have? I can help you please answer my rog.Va i

    • dul a troubleshooting center, which also possible chip cut out from HP and Asus happen very often in the best case it's bios

  17. Remus Dite said

    Hello! I recently purchased this Raspberry PI 3, I would be interested in using it for:
    1. VPN Server
    2. Radius server
    I would be grateful if you could do both a tutorial explicit in their creation. I watched anxiously Rdius for Windows Server tutorial but it interests me 3 Raspberry PI, will install linux and supporting procedures.
    I want to thank you for everything you do.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a new year with many accomplishments!

  18. I use it for a while as media player. Kodi is installed on it, and you have access to thousands of movies, series, cartoons, etc., all in full HD quality !!!
    It's the coolest "investment" I've made and I warmly recommend it to everyone…
    From now on, watching TV movies is in the realm of history… 😉

  19. Hi I have a raspberry pi 3 and I want to install android phone as simple to operate and you can play store.Plus CONNECT display and the phone I vaut something on the net but in English and I do not understand especially as a pre now talk of pre android and linux versions are newer than the tutorials on net and other settings and gives me kindly erroare.TE car soon.

  20. Tutorial VPN while the Raspberry Pi?

  21. Hi, I "read" something but I didn't find out too much. You, who are in the field and like to teach us many "wonders", do you think we could put an OS remix on raspberry pi 3? Thanks in advance. Respect!

  22. Silviu Valentin Salamalichi said

    Please do a tutorial with the installation of a linux linux 17.3 I would like to have pi piers and if I could run an 1.6 server on it and how. Thank you.

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