The best PC in 2015

How looks the best performing PC in 2015?
First, is not cheap, the Second sums up the latest and hottest components and technologies that will make shelter for some years to come.
With this powerful system you can play absolutely any game now and over 3-5 years.
The best set of new PC has an Intel until now i7 4790K the processor with a frequency of 4 and 4.4 ghz native GHz Turbo Boost. I have chosen because it is much better than the new Intel Broadwell, who only 6 MB cache (compared to 8 mb) and much less frequent. Confort architecture is equivalent Broadwell processor is somewhat weaker than we choose.
I chose the Asus motherboard, based on chipset Z97 because her 3.1 have USB support for NVMe SSDs.
Super fast SSD
Intel SSD solid state drive 750 is a new generation that connects PCIe x4 and gives an incredible performance. When the actual performance SSDs barely touching MBps 550, 750 Intel can read data at a speed of 2200 MBps; And for comparison Hard Disk can achieve a good days 150 MBps. But more importantly how are operations per second speed that Intel SSD can achieve. At 4k random read IOPS have 440.000.
Video card
I walk hand Nvidia and did not at all wrong. Anandtech review 980Ti GTX (detailed) is the latest and coolest video card on the market. Nvidia GTX 980Ti can run in Crysis at 4K (4 x full hd) on high settings at 40 fps and low at 70 fps; I repeat, at 4K resolution, ie 3840 × 2160 pixels.
Many quickly overlook the source; They say "Why sir, great spells source" Remember that the source is the one that supplies the whole PC and the components are fed with direct current which must be extremely stable.
I felt X750 from Seasonic is good enough for this system. In addition it is highly effective source with 92% efficiency at loads between 20-50%. In addition Seasonic X750 fan will not start unless charging override 50%; so we have a silent source.
I have to admit that this case is worth 1800 lei, but what else matters, with our money…
However Corsair Obsidian is probably one of the most versatile enclosures today. Cable management with a dream and countless component mounting options, this case is a good fit for our system.

Guide cheap PC configurations.

Intel® Core ™ i7-4790K, 4.0GHz, Haswell, 8MB, Socket 1150, Box
Asus motherboard Z97-A / USB3.1, Socket 1150
Solid State Drive (SSD) Series Intel 750, 400 GB PCIe x 3.0 4
Corsair kit 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3, 1600MHz, radiator
Asus GeForce GTX video card TI 980, 6144 MB, GDDR5, 384 bit
Source Seasonic X-750 modular SS 750KM3, 750W, ATX 2.3, Active PFC
Corsair Obsidian 900D housing, Middletower without power, Black
Toshiba HDD MD03ACA400V 4TB, 7200rpm, 64MB, SATA 3

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  1. Michael Stefano said

    It seems that this system is a little unbalanced. It's strictly my opinion.

  2. Forgot cooler for the processor.

    • The processor has boxed cooler. If not enough, you can purchase an after market cooler. I'll do another tutorial in which you talk about systems of heat dissipation from the housing / components.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        You already did! You talked about coolers, heat pipes… It can be found with the search box on the top right

  3. It really is an ultra mega high-performance system, but for real now, what the hell can you do with something like that? I have a system bought for about 15 million (unit + monitor asus 1600 × 900 19,5 inches + keyboard and gaming mouse) and I run any game without problems. The unit is a core 2 quad q9400, 8gb ram, gtx 650 oc 1gb 128 bit video card, 1TB hard drive and a njoy 550 W source. It's not who knows what but any game works for me and that's what matters. It is true on smaller details but it matters that it works 😉

  4. Cristi, using Windows 10 as a principal or virtual box?

    • 10 installed as a Windows based system. It is very stable, we had no problems at all in recent months because it is close to the final version.

      • George said

        Cristi I installed Windows 10, and I do not recognize the video card, install the CD drive but after giving me an error restart no instal video card can do it?

  5. To mention in future tutorial and about fans / coolers Noctua.

  6. and monitor 4k? :)) What to do with that video 1080p board? nor 50% no go. the truth is that .. nor am wallet full board I would buy that video. I heard it is used in medicine for monitors 4k in labotaroare not know what tomograph (or do not know how exactly is called) on very high resolutions.
    I think I would guide and the processor without K at how strong he is I would need overclock and I would save some money. Without K variant should be a few hundred cheaper.
    Now it would be interesting tutorial about efits for cooling systems so powerful processor.
    I would not know what to choose; those with a fan seem too heavy and those with (water I think it is)… I would be afraid of somehow cracking a hose in that se I really do not know.
    and about the modular source I knew that it would be good to have fixed 20 + 4 and 4/8 cpu. on those would be very high consumption and in time there would be some defects (imperfect contacts) between the wires and the source. especially at a maximum consumption of 62 amps on 12 v….
    Cristi means you gyp the video card you need so powerful source.

    • Problems with modular connectors to sources occur when producers are saving materials and metal coating.
      Seasonic is not a manufacturer to make savings in critical areas.
      About coolers will make a tutorial that will explain the advantages and disadvantages of cooling systems.

  7. Daniel said

    A video tutorial made for April 1, 2016! A lot of mischief with these prices. I work for a year for this amount. I don't know what to believe; either they gave you something from e-mag to advertise them on that SSD, or people don't buy expensive components or even PCs or they don't go to the expensive department, or you wanted to close them the mouths of those who asked for something other than how to increase the sound on phones. Too bad for this video. I knew you more seriously !!! How many of those who watch this video tutorial will run to the store to get this "tank" to play 4-5 games a year. You did not specify how much current such a hardughie consumes. Painful !!!

    • If you follow this guide carefully and mostly calm, you will learn many new things: 3.1 USB, SATA Express, AHCI, NVMe, Intel manufacturing cycle (ticking) and more.
      Who has the budget can buy this PC, who is not, can use the other available systems procurement guidelines.
      You know that in this world there are people who use computers intensively and need computing power. Firm example can buy this PC, then drop him in the accounts.
      Those who do software development, graphic simulations, design 3D, media editing, etc., need powerful workstations. Computers are not just for games and facebook.
      Estimated consumption:
      This PC consumes around 100w-150w in idle and load 300w-400w in on gaming. Source will operate in silent mode 90% of the time.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The information you can gather is important! We don't make anyone buy anything. I "like" the thinking of some who think that if they do not have money or can not afford, everyone must stop for them, to stop evolving that look, gigel can not afford.
      What as much trade sir? Get ready, no longer has anything to anyone, not grow, not innovate because, look, people have money.

  8. Cristi can choose a motherboard and DDR socket 2011 4, are powerful processors
    15MB cache, 20MB this socket.

  9. I need an opinion about this desktop (Not advertisers) I think it's the same configuration as in the tutorial except that it has USB and SSD and has 3.0 video card. Cristi any feedback? (No gamer or something)

    • Minuses!
      1. Certainly the cheapest motherboard.
      2. Without moving SSD as dead sick.
      3. Video card 100 times weaker. What gaming on GT740?
      4. Definitely a bad source.
      5. Housing cheap, thin metal but look good in the picture.

      That system was put good processor and other components are the lowest quality and performance.
      Think about it, only the processor is 1500 lei… so the rest of the components cost….

      • Yes since they are not gamer. I said such a view that has a friend and for making etc and we played some pretty good games to desktop and go. and I thought to myself that I do not take the game. I for one am reserved about SSD that modu's writing as a full stik by flash. data on the SSD may disappear without delete them or something. HARDI's moves did not feel like hard or something. and the case does not interest me too much. and the processor and internal temeperatura not exceed 34 38 degrees even when it's hot outside and inside. or what you suggest picking up in 3000 lei? I repeat not for gaming

        • SSD USB stick is not, it is a huge difference. It's not about speed, the sticks are pretty fast, but about IOPS; The controller's ability to access multiple addresses nand the same time (parallel), error correction, data security, cleaning flea (trim) and many other essential functions that sticks do not have. In other news, flash sticks are much slower and do not withstand repeated writings over time.
          If you are interested in gaming less, you can breathe in configurations they've done over time, this year.
          However, do not forget it SSD, you'll thank me.

        • The GT 740 is comparable to the GTS 450, with a few extra technologies. Intel HD 4600 integrated in the processor offers the same satisfaction in games, at a lower resolution, as the GT 740 card which costs about 400 lei, in your case 500 lei because it has GDDR5, for 100 lei more you can have GTX 750 ti with 1Gb GDDR5 with another 80 lei with 2 Gb dedicated memory and you can play almost anything (if you are not a gamer you can give up the dedicated video card, so less with 500 lei). For such a processor, with a lot of Intel technologies embedded in it, to have a motherboard that does not have the H97 chipset, or Z97, is almost a sacrilege, where you can say that it has only 2 memory slots! The motherboard that the system has does not cost more than 270 lei, for an additional 100 lei you have an H97 chipset, even Z97 promotions. At what video card they slammed into the system, I'm sure they put a source hose to get rid of it; for an upgrade to the video card you will have to buy a new source. Don't have two 4 Gb ram memories to benefit from dual chanel?!… For 100 ~ 130 lei! If that's the Zalman case, I eat it without using the battery… it's Cooltek X2 at 130 lei and with a 500 W source it doesn't make more than 200 lei. The price for what the friend took the system is correct, but for an amount of 650 more you would have had the same processor a source of 500 W certified 80+ bronze “Two lei”), 150 Gb ram with cl 8 and dual chanel, motherboard with H9 97 memory slots and the possibility to use from Intel technologies incorporated in the processor, a GTX 4 ti video card with 750 Gb GDDR2 with which to cover almost the whole range of new games, the same case and DVD rw x5. If you chose an i24 instead of an i7, you can get a price similar to the one you showed, but with quality components and you would not lose anything in the games. In pre-assembled systems you always lose because they are unbalanced and with cheap components that sell the product at any price. And don't forget the SSD, on the H5, H87, Z97, Z87 chipset you can use Intel® Smart Response Technology using an SSD partition as an HDD cache that will help you open your favorite applications very quickly. There is a lot to say, it would not be bad to take the time to look at the older tutorials with PC configurations on this site, they are interesting and instructive.

    • Calin .. I tell you and I am just the desktop and are very pleased with it!
      Instead .. Cristian .. run and hide video card GT740 of 2 gb ee GDDR5 but instead Pc recognize me as the 3752 Mb. It runs GTA V with all settings on Very High without I drop my frame and without jerky at all !! And runs and Crysis at maximum detail 3 very bne! ! In connection Rami believes the sun .. you .. and I'll return after the guarantee period you remain pleasant with 2 8 2800 Gb on frequency or 3200 and shall add a SSD. But if you did not get that PC does not have to say things that are not true

      • GTA 5 with very high settings on the video card 740 Gt ??? What the resolution of ecran2x4 pixels ??
        It's impossible what you say there gta 5… very high settings on gt 740 Made me laugh….

  10. GEORGE BARTHA said

    I'm curious! All components listed and mounted as cost? Perhaps I suddenly angry and buy a miracle that, you know?

  11. When I saw the title I was expecting a DDR4, as for who says it's too much… to know it's not. Depending on what you use it for, I have a friend who took 4GB of DDR32 this week, it's not for games 🙂

  12. Robert Cans said

    Cristi, I saw that some believe that the USB stick is like a SSD.
    I want to tell everyone that I have a SSD cheap, not expensive approx. a month and I can not return to hard.
    You become addicted to it.
    All moves instant. When you open your computer, internet any !! Like I have another computer, but it's actually just took an SSD under 300 lei.

  13. cojocariu said

    Want a Logitech webcam software for c170, linux-ubuntu go with 14.10. Thank you in advance

  14. Hi Cristi, it is true what they say about the following integrated video boards in the intel processor that will be able to go along with a dedicated video Palca?

  15. alex567 said

    About Mac OS is heard anything? It was a period (2-3 years ago) when you start a series of tutorials on Hackintosh. There are likely to continue on this topic?

    • There are some problems with audio drivers. As soon as you do will solve the problem tutorial. Everything's good to go smoothly, especially as each of us has different hardware.

  16. Cosmin Radu said

    Cristi tell me I could run FIFA 15 the following configuration: Intel Core i3 4170, B85M bulk ASRock motherboard, Kingston HyperX memory Fury DDR3 8GB source 450W Corsair, Western Digital HDD VS Series and 320 GB SATA II.Apreciez work that a deposit

  17. Cristi seems like a bad joke to recommend a video card 3800 lei in Romania who see that in 2 years if you can not play that does not support direct x 13 or whatever and you appear on a gig SSD 400 2100 only has ron do not know what that speed anyway SF of what use it. Hard not to mention Toshiba
    Sant totally agree with what Daniel wrote above

  18. View Product said

    It's more a PC at a conceptual level, purely theoretically, a tutorial sprinkled with some more general cultural information. In principle, if you look a lot more money and you do not have them, buy this configuration. It's ideal PC. Ideal, everybody wants but nobody can buy;)).

    "The money you can buy a car, but who cares when you can play NFS drive or game machines." I must admit that humor is Mr. Cristi.

  19. Hey .. can someone help me?
    Look, some time ago I put linux on my laptop… and I want to put windows in again, but I can't !! I put windows on the stick. I modified from the bios to boot from the stick for the first time, but it doesn't boot, it enters my linux directly, I have ubuntu linux now on it. And if I try to put windows on UEFI boot mode it doesn't detect it and my laptop has no CD-ROM! WHAT SHOULD I DO>? ? HELP !

  20. And why not make a topic for. questions help more than you asked .. Comments

  21. Cristi, you've done in parts and you proved?
    or only from "words"?
    Thank you

  22. And ssdul has a limit, if you hardiscuri high capacity and are full ssdul not respond instantly, remains that boots quickly WinXP else is lazy.

  23. Roland said
    • The difference in performance between the GTX 980Ti and TitanX is very small, even insignificant, and the price difference is huge.
      TitanX is part of an older generation.

  24. May Cristi, please do not manage anymore to do my OnePlus One URL / 64 Gb with root privileges, tried and seen all your tutorials about, I saw and others. It Lolipop v5.0.2, be a problem? I just wanted to change the volume on my speakers / headphones after you made with ROOT tutorial BROWSER can not change any value there, unless we as root.
    What do you recommend me to watch, what tutorial, what did I not do well? … Don't despair !!!!
    Thanks for a possible answer!

  25. It's way too overkill. You have nothing to do with such a rocket, possibly graphics programming. I have on my screen a intel i5 4460, 2 hyperx fury of 4gb, asrock hi18ms motherboard (I'm not sure here) and gigabyte geforce gtx 750 ti. True, I should get an ssd, but otherwise in games and everything you want goes razor sharp. It's stupid to take something like that + as 100% consume your marshmallow. In my opinion.

  26. cosmin said

    "Thanks" for the answer Cristi, I also found the solution, if anyone is interested, follow and do EXACTLY like here and then (they do not know why the error / Bugg this site) watch And solve the problem!
    Only good ~!

  27. alberto said

    Cristi but he's put it wished to have a monitor pc monitor so powerful you are curious Recommended

  28. x99 is much better on that TSI x79 can install the SSD, OCZ RevoDrive 3 now have a x2 my esteem

  29. Lesan Constantin said

    Cristi, please tell me pa slot M.2 SSDs are bootable.Mersi cool.

  30. You could choose a processor from the Xeon hanswel e3-1200 range for example e3 1276v3 in games and the performance beats the processor of your choice (without 4790k being OverKlocked) the source is really "Jmechera"
    rami's better to be a pleasant 4 16 gb gb Chanell dual slot memory rami are more practical than 24, 32,64. basically you made this video just for ssd? The last gneratie

  31. And you didn't write anything about RAM…. ?

  32. George Circiumaru said

    yes I P8Z77-V motherboard can put its processor and its i7 of parts and hardware lati ssdcare presented with a tutorial series intel pci express gender 750gb 400 3 x4

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