The fastest disk in the world, faster than 10 SSDs in raid 0 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will show you two drives, the first is the fastest drive in the world and the second is that Hitachi 7K3000 of 2TB, hard disk performance and very affordable in this period.
Hitachi is a Japanese company that has been producing hard drives for a long time, among many other products. Hitachi is known in the IT&C world especially for its very durable enterprise hard drives. Data centers around the world use Hitachi's professional hard drives and are confident that the data stored on the servers will be secure, this is the most important thing in the enterprise environment, the data security ensured by the reliability of the storage medium.
Hitachi desktop has an interesting range of products is probably the best performance for the price paid, receive bonus and proven reliability over the years.
7K3000 is fast for a hard disk buffer 64MB provides crashes between RAM and disk speed we shorten waiting times. The tutorial shown that early transfer buffer provides a boost to 700-800 MB per second after the speed stabilizes at 150-170 MBps, this course if you are limited by the interface.
If we're to interface limitations must tell you that this tutorial we turned to a drive extremely fast, that to limit the bandwidth bottlenecks persons eventually.
Question to test your knowledge:
What drives you think you have used, as it is called, how much, etc.?
In the past I did a tutorial on this subject.
Waiting for your opinions and responses on the comments box
Hard disk tutorial tested (not drive super fast)
Hitachi Deskstar HDD 7K3000 2TB, 7200rpm, 64MB, SATA3 (160 MBps transfer rate)

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
Learn as you learn!


  1. Cristi, well you drive super fast 4.3gb are you? How did you do? Yes I see you got 2TB Hitachi and Hitachi but I 1TB and so is quiet as you say and has only one disk that 1 write 1TB, yours all one has to 2TB? Mine has 18ms for access and not nibble the WD Caviar Black for 640GB very good and now it's a very good range and fast 11ms, but the temp. stand-40 45 degrees in standby although it has coooler of 12 all heats and Hitachi is at 35 degrees in full load. But when I copied some games on the Hitachi WD had speed 116MB / s after fell to 22MB / s why it? I 2x640gb WD and flies that are identical to each 130MB / s copy. And I gave the Hitachi £ 380 500Ron not how you gave. But it's OK I like Hitachi shame that dropped the sheet aluminum engine (. Know you said you do not know what yours sounds Seagate iam well and I gave someone a good HDD and 320gb Quick test 270gb hd tune at start and do little bit like the PICC as needle flu like SMART disk read ala the show horses OK everything.

    • nicolae said

      I think the RAM (or maybe you 6 8 g) have assigned a 4 g ram drive, it was ramdirvele floapele that ran on DOS to buarem can then format and install on that system.
      I think it's somewhere in kingston and cost £ 120.

  2. Poxipol said

    I think that's made with ramdisk drive SUPER_FAST: .

  3. Hello I think you used something from Corsair or Kingston USB 3 or a partition made of RAM

  4. E Ram Drive. Part of memory allocated by software

  5. Correct answers yet keep them later and post them to see that there are visitors who know first what drives it.

  6. Too bad the memory is volatile, I would put 32GB altmiteri ram of which 28GB for Ram Drive!

    • Unfortunately this software does not allow you to use more than 4 GB, regardless of how much memory you have. There are other software on the market that allow you to use more ram, unfortunately cost a lot of money.

  7. Bogdan C. said

    You used so something?

  8. Marius said

    Ram Drive somehow?

  9. ionutzuck said

    Considering that only has usb 4 GB and not how to be, I think it is a partition in RAM.

  10. cosmin said

    Waiting tutorial that show me how to put to work on 1600 MHz memory, even if the processor supports up 1333

  11. On the question of text tutorial, I think that is the program RAM Drive or did you get a PCI-Express SSD but 4,3gb I would wonder: -? Or see what else is on a laptop HDD Seagate's SSD 4gb I do not think that guy has so many MB / s

  12. I think it's a PCI-E SSD.

  13. Additional ion said

    it is clear that you bought ram, now you have more and you had where to "cut" 4GB and OS fb to work. there is also a tutorial on this site also made by you regarding the creation of a partition in ram. all the best

  14. Hi guys,
    Dear Cristi HDD bought from:–pHSHDS723020BLA642 or you made a partition of the ram RAM drive!
    Cristi And please tell me how to thaw partition C: \ for a Hecher I came and installed Windows (XP) and now when I want to reinstall Windows does not let me, I deleted all programs after reappeared reboot, I deleted the add or remove programs after restart just what to do I have to buy another HDD? And windows has a color monitor look a minute miss you eyes!
    Contacteza me at:[email protected]
    [email protected]
    Or write to Comment and I'll read it
    Pretty please help me!

    • Please sooner

    • Gabino said

      Watch this Happy browsing luck

    • Surely you installed Deep Freeze so you can not make any changes to your PC.
      He used this system to rooms net.
      The problem is that if the protection with password authority can not do anything, not even reinstalling from a CD to boot does not work.
      I unlocked the pc of a friend who had the same and had forgotten the password only that you have to download a program from the net "deep freeze unlocker". After that the pc accepts any change.

  15. zome2012 said

    100% ramdisk
    0% SSD
    You do the sata 3
    Just bought HHD-HDD Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 2TB, 7200rpm, 64MB, SATA3
    thanks for tutorial

  16. mihai1307 said

    Cristi sure you use ramdisk.
    1. How much: about Ron 100
    2 name: Kingmax PC10600
    3 pleasant one ram device dd3

  17. Costelina said

    hello guys the other day I was talking to cousin my fault if I can say so in Windows 7 namely when I was giving right click a file and then copy paste instead of copying it I saw him take however and fisieru disappear, I happened mp3 thing with some sites that no longer first I thought it be a bug or something from operating syst but watching your tutorials I started to understand, much matter what kind of hard drive of the computer as you said 7 Windows uses new technology for the system to move faster to make reading faster writing (AHCI), I have a hard on jack s vechi.multumesc thread is that I understand I have done
    thank you for what you are doing just fine

  18. daniel said

    ramdisk is given that:
    the corsair gt forge is partition C:
    Hitachi is the partition D:
    SDD is a partition E: and F:
    Seagate is the partition G:, H: and I
    and partition J: not the one hdd
    PS: I think HDDs will interpolate well SSDs

  19. mihai1307:
    Cristi sure you use ramdisk.
    1. How much: about 100Ron
    2 name: Kingmax PC10600
    3device pleasant one ram dd3

    Come on, you were great….
    You gave the most accurate response with little caterinca. Just not Kingmax memory that matter.
    Bravo, I liked it.

  20. Costelina said

    ionut u trying to install Windows restart the PC bios.dai quickly press del key or delete puppies to boot first from the CD and not the hard drive after formatting the C partition and see what happens. you tried it?



    HARD DRIVE TYPE: 3.5 "SATA, low noise, low power consumption

    INTERFACE: USB 3.0, can 2.0 Also be connected to USB port *

    DATA TRANSFER SPEED: up to 5000Mbit / s (USB 3.0 Theoretical maximum speed)

    POWER REQUIREMENTS: AC adapter 12V / min. 1.5

    MTBF: 50000 POH

    DIMENSIONS: 18.2 x 11.4 x 3.1 cm

    WEIGHT: 860g

    You Save: $ 104.25

  22. FaraVirusi said

    I have some suspicions that it would be sata 3 and in terms of price I do not think it would be in 1000 lei.
    If the drive is made by Intel?

  23. Bogdan said

    You used somehow mSATA SSD?

  24. CHRISTIAN said

    Hitachi Deskstar HDD 7K3000 2TB, 7200rpm, 64MB, SATA3 539 lei

  25. Michael Stefano said

    It is a hybrid drive. This drive has 4GB (4096 MB of flash very fast). Do not imagine that he has flash storage 2TB such a price. I think this is the right answer.

  26. It is a hybrid drive has 4GB flash rapidly. That's the whole trick. Do not think that has 2TB flash storage.

  27. Bravo guys and girls (if we and girls)
    I liked that you are smart, we like to know that we have for who create content.
    It seems that Romania is not just a country of…., We also have smart people and eager to continue learning.
    Honestly I did not expect to be very tuned but it seems that I was wrong.
    Once again, I'm glad I who sit "talking".

  28. It is placed on PCI DSS, but there it can reach speeds without being limitat.Cred it's an OCZ.
    But it's not the fastest in the world: P
    To my knowledge this is the fastest at the moment:
    Sincerely and respectfully made crystal tutorial :)

  29. Hi I'm new on the site I have a question can help me CNV.
    I have a corsair force of 3 60 gb I 3 connected to a SATA port on a motherboard asus p6x58d and I'm always restarts often no buteaza only after you have to stick it on my sata 2 work ssd.Am normally read many forums as 9128 Marvell controller's fault that I have on the motherboard? I did update the firmware on ssd ssd now reached version is on AHCI 5.02 CNV knows what can I do to work on k and not sata sata 3 2? Thanks

  30. I have a question ce what can you use this driver for…. considering that it has space of only 4 gb? operating systems need at least 20 gb… I don't think it's worth it to invest the money in it to take to the neighbor to bring 1 movie… that he may not even have anything to write about at this speed… I think it's just fit… in this period ????
    Am I right?

    • Can be used for tests to run certain applications that require high bandwidth. There are many uses but I'll use it for testing.
      How do you test an SSD man?
      I mean real world usage tests, you don't have a faster source than the ssd, or… I test an ssd that writes with 550 MB / s, using a hard drive that reads with 150 MB / s.
      In this world there is nothing except: download, download, download.
      How long would load a game level on this drive?

      • now seriously… i mean amateur user… in which i buy an ssd once every 3 years or 10..depends on how i use pc. I bet that the driver costs around 1000 RON… am I an amateur… I mean I don't deal with cofigurations Systems… I don't own any site with IT products, in which to prove that even that ssd goes to 600mb / sec etc..for I just need a test with HDD tuner or other applications… I am not a gamer .. maybe when I buy another ssd, that is the next one, it will have a speed that exceeds this driver,
        so suppose that now I buy an ssd… I also buy this lock with 1000 RON + ssd 800… I put windows 7 or 8 on ssd it doesn't matter anymore si. I do it with him… that people just don't come to me with ssd to test daily…
        and to use it for download, I don't have such a big net band, and the speed reaches any ssd…
        I think I'm understood what I meant when I said-m foodie?
        that is to be economic,,,,

  31. Yes… It's RamDisk, of course…. Not even the latest SSD on PC from Intel reaches these speeds.

  32. Andrew said

    It's probably a PCI SSD

  33. polferis said

    Ram Disk… has nothing else to do at this speed. I'm really curious what verdict you're going to give.

  34. George said

    and response when we receive? I'm really curious what you tell us especially as we keep in suspense

  35. It is connected via PCI Express driver or 3.0 2.0

  36. TE ROR you tell us that kind of speed and New HOW TO 5000MB that uses RAMDISK OR SOMETHING DIFFERENT


    Momentus XT hybrid drive 7.200 an rpm (2,5 inch), which also has a 4 GB NAND flash module is used you in tutorial and cost $ 89.99 (

  38. Caesar said

    Many of you above lower Think of when you imagine that someone would have created a company on the ground of 4 GB harddisk to do what?? with him and who sells it? at this size so small? How about a USB styc no way that would have limited the transfer USB slot. It's a no-brainer as Ramdisk. It bothers me harder than not presented in the tutorial on transferring the new hardware on the same hard to see what speed we had read while writing because we all know what we need in daily operations day, and the same Tues be interested to know many of you and SSD ala mean the distinction between the two HDDs. let everybody know what the future will mean to have an SSD versus a HDD platters.

  39. I'm RUSZ I 30 years and nustiu that his cartoons help me unload my daughter Bianca nice terog

  40. annabella said


  41. fanica said

    What will be 2T storage? I find too more.A to 120 GB SSD is more than suficient.Mai vadeti still worth buying if uri.Acum HDD, the question is where we store personal files (media, etc). Did you think where will store personal files in the future? I think the best solution for the current stage are Bluray sites. Good evening all.

  42. Hello friends!

    The "super fast" drive used in the tutorial is Ram Disk for which we have already made a tutorial
    This drive is very fast because it is virtually RAM may be faster if you use memory more frequently.
    Soon I will do a tutorial on using this ramdisk to speed up some applications that require high bandwidth.
    Even if ramdisk is done based on RAM, which is volatile memory (lose all data when not powered), it can save the data that you stored in ramdisk, I tested a few days this function and it works.
    We'll see you again with this "super fast drive", it really deserves more attention.

    Thank you for the answers, many of you knew what it was about, it means that our visitors are smart, which means that we have to raise the bar more, we only have for whom, you can jump above…

  43. Catalin.81-Rm.S said

    What will be 2T storage? I find too more.A to 120 GB SSD is more than suficient.Mai vadeti still worth buying if uri.Acum HDD, the question is where we store personal files (media, etc). Did you think where will store personal files in the future? I think the best solution for the current stage are Bluray sites. Good evening all.

    What will be 2T storage? I find too more.A to 120 GB SSD is more than suficient.Mai vadeti still worth buying if uri.Acum HDD, the question is where we store personal files (media, etc). Did you think where will store personal files in the future? I think the best solution for the current stage are Bluray sites. Good evening all.

    Ooo .... you are far friends with your bluerays! We are in the times when the storage capacity for the home environment amounts to hundreds, thousands of Gb and you say that 40 Gb disks are the solution? Pfff who's left to spin records? I'm awkward man! Blueray is currently ideal as a support for HD movie sales. Here the transfer speeds are much higher than what a blueray reader offers. You're probably the type who makes a "movie collection" on DVD and now you think you've discovered hot water with blueray…;)) take a look! 😉

  44. annabella said

    Thank you for feedback! I was sure it ramdisk!

  45. Lucian said

    Obviously, a partition on a 4 Gb RAM.

  46. Bai brothers will not bother nothing is a micro SSD is mounted directly on the motherboard but do not know the price of a good day you want

  47. daniel said

    Bai brothers will not bother MICRO SSDcare nothing is mounted directly on the motherboard but do not know the price of a good day you want

    is ramdisk
    Where have you seen the 4.3 gb ssd?

  48. I also have a problem with a megabook. it does not want to open exactly when it appears at the beginning. remains so without sami give the possibility to boot on something else to reinstall windows. help k is not my laptop and it broke.

  49. Bill Gates said

    Hi guys… .I have a problem, and I would be very grateful if you could help me. A few months ago I installed windows 7 on a friend's laptop. The laptop was new so I played 2 or 3 games and I put the OS. The friend went to Spain… .and now he tells me that he wants to reinstall his windows but he can't, please not him personally but some guys from there… and the problem is that they can't reinstall windows because of me that I didn't install it correctly and the thing is related to the formatting and partitioning of the hdd (that is, I made it so that an OS can never be installed on that laptop again)
    Now I'm very curious, is such a thing really possible ?! Anyway if yes..of course it was unintentional.But as far as I know it is not the first windows installed so far, a hard drive can be completely reformatted (even at the cost of losing all the data on it), no matter how many parties you make or how you format it or in which partition you put the windows as it is primary or secondary I think, anytime you can start from 0 with the respective hard drive. Thanks in advance 🙂

  50. Bill Gates said

    I apologize for grammatical mistakes.

  51. polferis said

    It means that the guys from Spain "know" very well in IT!?! How the hell can't you format, reinstall an OS? Even if you encrypted partition C, it's still possible. Maybe he wants to put an XP and does not know how to set in the BIOS to be on the IDE. Or a Mac OS, which is installed only on Apple products… In any case it can be seen that they “know how” !!!

    • Bill Gates said

      Thanks a lot brother for the answer… And it's not Mac either cva HP was installed normally..there was nothing encrypted… .and yes, he probably doesn't know how to go in the BIOS. I was really scared that I did something awful 🙂 Ms… Have a nice night / day.

  52. Virtual Disk:
    Primo Ramdisk Ultimate
    VSuite Ramdisk
    SuperSpeed ​​ramdisk
    Ramdisk Plus
    GiliSoft RAMDisk
    Qsoft RAMDrive Enterprise

  53. That is what conecteza SSD on PCI-x 2.0

  54. zack:
    That is what conecteza SSD on PCI-x 2.0

    That is what must first login interface SSD PCI-x 2.0 (25 gb / s), or pci-x [email protected] (Enough for the 4-5 GB / s of the SSD.

  55. Answered questions from the tutorial!
    HDD Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 MB buffer 32TB price, £ 250

  56. Florin:
    Answered questions from the tutorial!
    HDD Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 MB buffer 32TB price, £ 250

    Wrong, not how to be HDD Samsung F3 1TB 32mb buffer is impossible to reach that speed. Not if you put HDD in RAID 10 not reach that speed.

  57. If I'm not mistaken it's a RAM DRIVE + A SOFWARE, not a conventional hdd…

  58. Costelus said

    In the title it is a disk drive Cristi says is I think is a Hard Disk.
    After all, what is it? It is a storage medium.

  59. Costelus:
    In the title it is a disk drive Cristi says is I think is a Hard Disk.
    After all, what is it? It is a storage medium.

    Ramdisk is a virtual drive based on a portion of RAM.

  60. I would like if you can configure a PC without hdd or ssd or to work only in RAM.
    you can make a tutorial type configuration: motherboard that supports 1600Mhz speed ram, processor 8 installment note from Microsoft, a compatible video card chipset, speed over 400Mhz, some speed anyway, something to replace the HDD or ssd. can talk nonsense, but it can???

  61. OCZ RevoDrive PCI Express 3 X2 Series 480GB x4 price £ 3.322,96

  62. What program do you use to show you copy the chart?

  63. Cristian said

    Hello, please tell nice and new what program you use, as well as graphics to read or write, I love it, I looked a lot like that but can not find ..
    Thank you..

  64. jonny0808 said

    is a disk ram 🙂 uses the ram the price varies by which ram plates are bought size etc….

  65. The best and quality hard drives are: Western Digital, no other bits and nonsense such as Hitachi, Toshiba, Verbatim, HP, and so on, those two Hard Disks listed above are the best no other brands or brands poor quality, this is only true for hdd storage units, and is not valid for anything else, as the manufacturer can do something else besides storage units.


  1. […] I quickly set up a RAM Disk, this mini partition can offer a speed of up to 10.000 MB / s, even higher if we use DDR3 memory with very high frequency. Honestly, I […]

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