The fastest USB stick hand assembled 3

All we want as fast storage devices, not to waste time file transfer. SSDs are very fast, but can not be connected fast data transfer. USB drives are highly portable and easy to use for transfer between computers.

The fastest USB stick 3

In the draft today a married / married an SSD with USB port 3.0 using a special rack built to work with SSD M.2. In context, if you want to make an external hard drive from an old hard disk, please follow tutorial assembling an external HDD with an old hard drive or a tutorial 2.5 SSD in an external rack.
Although we have a tutorial with an SSD in an external rack, here on the site, I thought like a rack of 2.5 is too big; In conclusion I turned to a rack to M.2 SATA SSDs.
In a tutorial to see how easy it is to make ourselves a super fast SSD Stick. Sure its speed is not as big as the laptop when the SSD is plugged directly M.2; Even so, with typical overhead of USB, which is kind of gossip between controllers, we managed to reach 450 MB / s read si 270 MB / s write.
On the market are external SSDs, but are more expensive and larger than the set of my tutorial.
What can we do with such a 3.0 USB SSD?
1. Windows To Go (Windows in your pocket)
2. Using a live Linux distributions with persistence cache
3. Various activities that require speed USB
Why do we need!
1. Chef meştereală
3. A rack M.2 to USB 3.0
Another idea: Maybe you want to attach a hard disk instead of the laptop optical drive
Kingston 120 GB SATA Solid State Drive Industrial
ZTC Thunder SSD to USB Enclosure M.2 NGFF 3.0 - Gold Aluminum Shell Size 5 Board - 6GB / s
Both products can be delivered in Romania

Video Tutorial - The fastest USB stick 3

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  1. Hi Cristi, you can make a tutorial about how we can block ads directly from ASUS routers?

  2. Bravo guys are the strongest in this area, I am glad that there is such a site where we can learn what we do not know my good luck felictarile.

  3. beautiful and more tutorials! spor

  4. Greetings and growth in all! You convinced me so I did order (645 lei) and I assemble it ... What about the situation in which we share, and install Android + Linux + Windows so that I can boot on any desktop, laptop, tablet? It would be interesting a Videotutorial on this topic ...
    Again thanks pt.tutoriale (I noticed addressing new technologies highly commendable thing !!!).
    Will follow from the beginning and I love the evolution of the site! [Boby not part of the team?]

  5. Howdy
    Have you ever asked the question about the future Where was, where and direction? I think it would be appropriate to enter something new, perhaps less diversification, you could be wrong though. Tracking site and so much like starting any tutorial "hello friends" group that think they belong, as between friends, and I inquire.

    • Marius Howdy!
      We continuously try to provide useful content without fall into the trap superficial.
      Sure day today everything evolves very quickly and all the sites began to show everything very fast, superficial and standardized.
      We got to see a review of 2 minutes, in which we find may share technical but personal opinions.
      All items are only copy of the first article published about a subject.
      On you have an opportunity to understand how it goes, technology, service, server, etc; Not only how and what it's called.
      On the market place for everyone. We do not want to change; Instead we want to continuously improve.
      We try not to doubt column when running with the traffic.
      Our idea:
      Doing something with pleasure and share information with everyone. I learn to learn. I feel like doing something intimate; I'm like talking to a friend, to whom I tell you what I have discovered that my ideas came. Are you friend!
      We go with tutorials in several directions, not just sit on mainstream; For mainstream gets boring very quickly. have been made after a recipe eye on statistics and data search engine; How they are made almost all websites today.
      Recipes for success today (turnkey):
      Unboxing website (open boxes)
      Advertising site (user generated)
      Site with SEO (who 10 single day)
      Site optimized facebook (packets likes)
      Site News (stewed any words to be)
      Websites tech goods (translated)
      Sites all (does not matter to gather all visitors)
      Anyone can make a website from above; You just need some bucks from the beginning and feel like writing.
      All publishers in Romania like to find a useful information, a guide well done, a good explanation on anything. Unfortunately there are not many places that host useful information, and I see that none wants to partitcipe.
      We like to read Wikipedia, to see a good documentary, we read a detailed review ... Who makes them?

  6. ThLegend said

    Beautiful and very useful tutorial and interests and as usual beautiful and intelligibly explained myself and the others of course! But ... God help me and I feresească for everything bad in this world .... that hard urâţel is Windows 10, so as an operating system out of whack even I have seen in my life is super mega ugly, hard urâţel longer, loud loud everything and urâţel so depresses me when I look at he!

  7. Remus Dite said

    I bought the same model as Yours and I stand by the blue light on but do not open the SSD as stokare unit must be formatted in any specific format? I 8.1.multumesc windows!

    • Any new disk needs initialization.
      Login Disk Management and follow the wizard; And if you do not open the wizard initiates it manually: right click on the drive unallocated, black in color, and make them initialization, create a partition, assign them a letter and formareaz it.

  8. Remus Dite said

    I managed, it's OK, I want you miltumesc this occasion is very good SSD test gave me pretty good 480 480 tested with a laptop with SSD. Earlier I was promised by your colleague in a last tutorial, as do a tutorial based on how we create a backup with Wizzard restore factory after we installed new all I wanted. That to us from resettlement Friendly Windows programs .... It says the producer identical least know that they differ from vendor to vendor Dell, Toshiba. Toshiba I am interested not only a program that can not only fsce that only a certain brand that is uitila and others. Again, thank you, greet you with respect!

  9. Regards, useful tutorial.

  10. Thomas said

    Hello. Searching for a while as the port to remove sata usb3. All I found is usb3 to sata (trict Laptop). I own an Acer Aspire 5738pg has no usb 3. If you find something please let me know.

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