Best cheap gaming laptops


Guide to buying the best cheap gaming laptops.
Gaming laptops are a niche product, and like all niche products are expensive. They are expensive not because they component "special", but because they are in limited series.
A gaming laptop (for games) must have enough capacity processor, enough memory and graphics system, and not least generous storage for games (roomy hard drive).
Apart from power, a gaming laptop should not be limited in any way, or have fewer limitations. For most of the time limitations are of heat, where processors have low frequency to operate at temperatures as low all the time. Therefore I do not recommend Ultra Low Power processors in a gaming laptop.
Gaming laptops components are the same that we find in normal laptop. The difference do accents of color, shapes and extra stuff (backlit keyboard).
Why does he need a laptop to be good for gaming?
1. A powerful dedicated video card
2. A multicore processor with frequency as high.
3. RAM sufficient
4. Gigabit LAN card (gaming network)
Yet we find on laptop = s normal, nor will cost us so much.
A gaming laptop on the 4000 lei pleaze up. We will choose less expensive laptops that will do the job as good.
Do not get me misplaced, not saying gaming laptop is not good, but that's too expensive and gamer does not have much money, unless your name Ion-Ion-T1r1ac.
To achieve our goal of buying a gaming laptop with little money, you must click a few buttons.
1. Choose a laptop with the lower resolution screen, to have fewer pixels pushed for the video card. So we choose a cheaper video card.
2. Choose a laptop without SSD, they are expensive and gaming is not mandatory. Anyway It can be mounted afterwards an SSD using a caddy like I did instead of optical drive.
3. Choose a laptop with a good processor, trailed at a frequency as high. Games like Gigahertzii.
After applying magic formulas, we have three winners. Two are very accessible and the third is slightly more expensive, the budget recommended enough.
Best cheap laptops for Gaming.
Acer Aspire E5-572G-38HC with Intel® Core ™ i3-4000M 2.40GHz, Haswell ™, 4GB, 1TB, nVidia GeForce 840M 2GB, Linux, Black (cheap laptop for gaming)
X550JK-XX115D Asus Laptop with Intel® Core ™ i5-4200H 2.80GHz, Haswell ™, 4GB, 1TB, nVidia GTX 850 2GB, FreeDOS, Dark Gray ( recommendation gaming laptop)
Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y50-70 with Intel® Core ™ i5-4210H 2.90GHz, Haswell ™, 15.6 "Full HD 8GB, 1TB + 8GB sshd, nVidia GeForce GTX 860M 4GB, FreeDOS, Black (average budget laptop for gaming)

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  1. stefan said:

    Well yes . "Particle" Video those ending in M ​​(Mobile) video images are actually stuck to the base plate to be used by the laptop's RAM ddr3 - 1600 MHz.
    GT video cards with termination, GX .... that be are video slot boards (MXM PCI-E) with its own memory type GDDR (graphics-g) with frequencies of up to 4000 MHz. This gives advantage in games.
    and in fact the final price of the laptop is high on the dedicated video card that slot.
    In my opinion anyway: you want games to the fullest, take your desktop capable.
    how about memory on the motherboard stuck consider a golaneala from suppliers. a memory chip fails only take my BSOD sites without can do something. we all know how often fall memoirs; Hynix and those on professional video cards fall.

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    • Thanks for completions. The topic!

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    • big0ne said:

      stefan, What do you do when you have a video card GTX 860M? E slot or stuck on board memory or dedicated e share? M stands for mobile and refers to low power consumption, GT, GS, GTX refers to performance. Not necessarily excluded. GTX has 860GB 4M is stuck and is dedicated GDDR.
      I took the first version to offer with 1650 lei and absolutely reasonable. 840M with 2GB dedicated DDR3 2000MHz as telling specification successfully cope with entry-level gaming and beyond. Monitor is not the best but you get used to. At this money + 600 lei SSD 4GB RAM and is the best caddy. I could take the same configuration with the 5GHZ i2 (approx. The same perf. With i3 4000M) but it was 400 extra lei.
      For those who want information see link processors will not automatically throw expensive processor versions that do not justify the price

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      • big0ne said:

        Another link for video cards
        Last 840M's homepage at high-end video cards. It's among the last, but still ...

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        • marius said:

          I know that gaming laptops have some different characteristics of this office / multimedia; such as better cooling with no 2, 3 fans in them, radiator and chipset, video card slot. Now if you her laptop video card "dedicated" stuck video chipset on the motherboard ... you have no chance to go to a game you back to a good resolution and an acceptable fps.
          and problems that can occur if you ask for more: peel off the graphics chip on the motherboard because of excessive heat.
          I only take my laptop with video chip on the motherboard soldering better gpu I buy a laptop with the processor. not even that it far longer.

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    • daydr3am3r said:

      Not so. Intel motherboards are those who shared memory. AMD and nVidia motherboards have dedicated memory and is always specified. For example 960M nVidia has 4Gb Video Ram, separate from RAM. And that's not a gaming specific laptops. Any laptop with nVidia or AMD (with a few exceptions here) has 2 video cards from home - which has integrated the shared memory that is used for the OS (Aero, video players you etc.- In general any power saving) and the which is dedicated to gaming.

      @big0ne - E dedcata. nVidia has integrated video cards that do not processors. AMD has just SoC (System On A Chip) But here specify if it is shared or dedicated.

      Returning to the topic - gaming laptops big problem is that if you do not regularly clean the crack. The heat generated in the limited space offered by the laptop casing end any time component, the hard drive is the first to go. Pay attention to this, especially if you intend to stay with it in bed, blanket / sheet, to collect lint.

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  2. Daniel said:

    The cheapest laptop for gaming it is:
    The rest are posed laptops pins.

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  3. Manasseh said:

    But a laptop with AMD processor type A8 / A10 and a plaque dedicated giga 2 should be ok?

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    • "Video card Giga 2" is a kind of "car with 4 wheels".
      Architecture (generation)
      RAM type, DDR and GDDR
      Bus Bandwidth
      Frequency Memory
      You have a video card with "Giga 2" for each 2000 200 lei lei.
      A cheap video card with large RAM is like a trunk Matiz with the truck. In vain have large trunk that can carry merchandise not too much, because it has too little engine.
      Manufacturers put a lot of memory on weak video cards that give the impression of being strong product. RAM is cheap, a few cents per chip. The graphics processor is more complicated.
      Over time I have explained many times I had the opportunity this stuff. Who saw them, had he learn.

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      • Manasseh said:

        Thanks for lamurire.Scuze I zisgeneralizat "2 plate giga" promise to be more careful data.Prea another strong analogy with "Matiz" :)))) I do have one and I have a lot of fun :)))

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  4. Hi, I leptop it. I bought them last year in October and go all the games on it for example to realize performance Crysis 3 on full hd played on average go perfect or ultra details to the low resolution like 1024X768 and is a i7 two physical cores and tremperatura logic in two games vary between 70- 75 degrees in games

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  5. Anderson said:

    Ghent in thought, I really wanted to change my old laptop chipset 8 years PM965 with newer gaming and did not know what to choose or HD FullHD. I had my eye on an Acer with 840M and CPU with U, but I said no keep looking. 940M had found one with all Acer park but perhaps decrease prices for a better gtx850M or there. The Black Friday something maybe, who knows ...
    I saw the end in a tutorial laptop with good quality JBL speakers, a laptop deoarce say I old all go on it first version of XP without SP and has JBL and bestial sounds for a laptop (Compaq).

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    • On the laptop's hard to have a very good sound. Indeed manufacturers are making efforts to improve the sound. I had a Toshiba speakers plus a subwoofer 4 and everything seems sound was poor.
      My advice would be to take a normal laptop and besides he put a bluetooth speaker that goes on the wire. A Bose Soundlink Mini for example. A speaker that can be used on TV and telephone.
      In recent years we have improved the image screens, internet connection speed, video quality. Unfortunately I forgot audio. All phones, temevizoarele, laptops and tablets hear exactly like hell.

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      • What about professional studio monitors? Good tutorial games while not give you a lot to learn.

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        • Professional studio monitors are some professional studio reference speakers.
          They're good for:
          For those who want to tune their music and sound. For those who edit video. For those who monitors the sound of a production booth. Even for Intelligence, FBI, CIA.
          These speakers are not listening to music, in the sense of fun.
          If you want powerful bass or high, you'll have them. The monitors have a balanced sound and boring for most.
          Most people want speakers to demolish the house, his neighbors and crack plaster finish. I do not think anyone is loyalty Involvement and balanced sound.
          I use Sennheiser headphones to monitor sound some time as doing a tutorial. These headphones are perfect but terrible music monitoring.

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          • I prefer studio monitors, I did not even 2 weeks but I want to see how it works. All right, I'm not talking to you, if you listen to music and what you said is pointless

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  6. Marian said:

    What do you recommend for editing graphics (Ps and ii) ?? Thanks!

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  7. Cristi, I bought the laptop: HP ProBook Laptop 455 G1 Quad-Core AMD processor-10M A5750 2.5GHz, 8GB, 500GB, AMD Radeon HD 8750M 2GB, FreeDOS. You think it's good enough for. games? I know no intel, but I go games on it now. What do you think about him?

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  8. Marius L. said:

    It seems to me an exaggeration to say about Acer laptop you mentioned it would be for gaming, since video card that comes with 64 has bandwidth of bits. With such video card, some games do not think they will start. I do not want to offend anything, but I think you want to experience a mediocre laptop as "gaming" the idea that the incompetent many will think: "Look gaming laptop cheap! Let's take it. " I have nothing against you to win the profitshare, indeed it seems perfectly normal, but be objective and not misinformed!

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    • I understand and I'm not one though who's games or claims to be informed and I think that what he needs for his games. As a paranteaza, as there are games, I do not even mention them "best laptops for multimedia, office, video editing ... .. 'understand :). I do not think sia proposed to address those who know exactly what they need but for beginners, for having a base

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  9. laurentiu said:

    Hello Cristi. I think instead it better to enter acer Laptop LENOVO G710, Intel® Core ™ i3-4000M 2.4GHz, 17.3 "4GB, 1TB, nVIDIA GeForce GT 820M 2GB DDR3, Free Dos in Flanco and 5 lei per month for insurance 4 years of any component. Slightly more expensive than acer but I think worth it. My opinion as a laptop between 2000 and 2500 lei is kinda ok for anything, but ... .Each pick after his budget. I went on lenovo (version above) on your recommendation and are very multumit.Felicitări for everything you do. I am glad that we will now revisit zi.Şi day with more vechii.Stimă tutorials.

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  10. You can not do a tutorial and PC gaming?

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  11. Victor said:

    Hi, I'm passionate about IT and I want to progress in the field AEST.
    My question is, what could I start, BASIC programming, what language etc.
    I know you are very busy, but I'd be grateful if you suggest me something.
    Thank you!

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    • The quickest way of learning is "sinking" in the middle of the problem.
      The first time it is best to start with HTML, CSS and Javascript. From here you wear a veil in several directions, and learn without you realize.
      Method "as the school" does not work, because there's nothing to tie theory.
      Create a site first.
      Even if you start with Java, say, you hit all the HTML. So better start with HTML, which is a markup language, easy to assimilate at first.

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    • daydr3am3r said:

      You start with theory and algorithmic and C ++ for beginners to your way of thinking form. Then continue with HTML / CSS / JS / PHP, this is typical of the lightest web. Preferably in parallel. Then you decide what you like most, C ++ or Web.

      Note that you need and database (MySQL for starters) used both for web and mobile

      Then you need Java because it is also used in enterprise and web and mobile (Android). There is no limit to languages ​​unfortunately because the market is evolving and it varies greatly from one segment to another.

      If you want Web, in addition to what I said above you and ASPX (enough to use, but you need Windows for him).

      If you need Mobile Web (to some extent) + Java (Android). For WP you need NET (MS tech - C #, C ++ .NET), HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS / XML / XAML (you can do this only on Windows) and iOS (Mac only) Swift (new language Apple) and ObjectiveC ( Apple ancient language still used but useful if vreisa understand examples on the net).

      In closing, I suggest you go on for web and databases.

      A, and the risk of being cursed, do not write anywhere that a gamer has no money. Also, you have to work and pay gamer and you can afford, you should not be giving money ready gamer.

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  12. Victor said:

    ms much, you are the best!

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  13. I have a question: What would be the minimum frequency of the processor Intel (i3, i5, i7) to live without problems a virtual machine (either Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or different Share both linux)?

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  14. LucianGL said:

    Cristi what do you have and if you think you have a better recommendation as quality / price like?

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  15. LucianGL said:

    to my calculations, if you take where they are now, it's almost 500 expensive euro

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  16. mosu67 said:

    Cristi are a novice, and so, please tell me me what is the difference between an SSD and SSHD.iar the Lenovo IdeaPad laptop Y50 de1TB + 8GB sshd not have a hard de1TB iteleg and 8GB sshd representing? This is hard can partition? what program? Many thanks,

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  17. mosu67 said:

    Cristi - you should choose between leptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y50-70 and Asus N551JK-CN102D have similar characteristics and I want to buy one of these for .black-friday,

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  18. George said:

    But what has AMD APU? S not that good? I văzutca you just filtered iînţelege processors.

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  19. Hi Cristi, I inspired you choices but we tried something with a processor HQ i7 pcgarage affordable price you can tell me which is the best of the century 2 laptop you recommended and I found it
    Thank you in advance !

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  20. Ottavio said:

    folks ... I have a ASUS and NVIDIA i550 f3cc with 720m that I only paid 400 euro and even use the games ... and if I Drak to be disappointed with anything yet! and believe me I Tried everything and even went! I'm really surprised at how much how well it moves ... and all computer parts for about 20 years ....

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  21. A useful tip: when we want to buy a gaming laptop, CPU cores and be with 4 2 not cores.
    We can also choose AMD Quad Core. Video card have at least 2 GB. Even if we or sshd HDD, a SSD can change. The memory of that little 4 be DDR3 GB. We can add another 4 8 GB or GB or GB kit dual 16. No need removing the optical drive DVD, we can get a rack and use as external to HDD.
    Neceasar not a Full HD screen. A HD Ready is satisfactory.

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  22. No computer specialist, far, so I have a question: what could I buy leptop performance speak for online games? What do you recommend .Specific: No matter BUGETUL.Va thanks.

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  23. An opinion about this laptop and how handle games?
    Laptops / Notebooks Acer 15.6 "Aspire E5-551G, HD, AMD Quad Core FX-7500 2.1GHz Kaveri, 4GB, 500GB, Radeon R7 M265 2GB, Linux, Black, no ODD

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