The best laptops in 2017 performance ratio - price

The best laptops in 2017 performance ratio - price
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How to choose the best laptops in 2017, report performance - price?

What does the best laptop?

Perfect laptop for each of us looks different. For some a thin laptop with great autonomy laptop is perfect. For others the best gaming laptop is one with a top video card.

The paradox perfect laptop?

As inject more into a laptop with both a louder unbalance him. For example, a very good processor will consume our battery very fast, has a super powerful graphics chip will force the fan to maximum.

Contradictions perfect laptop!

A powerful processor will consume the battery quickly
IPS or OLED screen excessive price will rise
A slim design will lead to poor cooling
A powerful graphics will make your laptop too noisy (cooling)
A good keyboard can not come up with a thin laptop

How to choose the best laptop?

The easiest way is to focus on the tasks we use that laptop; So choose the best laptop for us and not think about anything else.
Children and students We can buy a ChromebookThat is easy to use and very affordable.
For office will purchase an affordable laptop, but with the processor and SSD to decent move.
1. Laptop for children and students
2. Office and general use laptop
3. Light gaming laptop (for gamers with very low budget)
4. General use and light gaming laptop
5. Well-balanced laptop, office, gaming, multimedia.
6. Gaming, video editing, powerful processor, SSD and IPS
7. Gaming, video editing, IPS screen, powerful processor, graphics brands.

8. Dell Gaming balanced at quite affordable price i5 Intel HQ, GTX 960M sshd IPS.

(At your request) ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop GL552VX-CN059D with Intel® Core ™ i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz, Skylake ™, 15.6 "Full HD 8GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, nVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 4GB

My advice:
Some of the laptops do not have SSD, but the SSD can be installed with great ease, either slot M.2 or in place of the optical drive. Below you see the tutorials how to make an SSD upgrade.
1. Install SSD in a laptop M.2
2. SSD or HDD installation in second place DVD laptop
At your request ...wallpaper!

Video Tutorial - Best Laptops in 2017


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  1. You would have to add to the category of Asus ROG gaming laptop and GL552VX. In my opinion.

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  2. Hello Cristi,
    As you said in a tutorial older optical drive for change is support hrad hdd caddy.
    And see that thing's not throw the glass optical drive and the need to use anymore are some products that intregreza china cabinet optical drive and use it from time to plan the post Furniture usb!
    Know that you expect from a tutorial when you have time and that rugaminte a top or best firewall!

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  3. That is better than Asus Lenovo, which has 96 temperatures and degrees ... but no integrated optical drive, but external but comes with M2 port for SSD and over NVMe

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  4. Cristi you can help me I installed Windows 7, but unfortunately my board does not have drivers for Windows based 7, drivers using them integrated in Windows, but I have a problem with sound comes with interruption when using skype-ul.Cum can solve this problem!

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    • It is the driver ... skpe going downhill slowly ... there are many uilizatori of that sounds so ... uses wowapp and sounds better I am than they use ...

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    • I encountered some problems with the sound in Skype. It sounded very slowly. Even if the volume was at maximum. In the remaining applications there was no problem. However the issue is resolved by updating the audio driver. I went to sound in Control Panel, right click on the speaker and driver updates.

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    • @Alex Become Skype's or your netul. drivrele has no connection. there is usually no need drivers for base plates. only for video cards. Skype uses else replace. good luck

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  5. e good idea that you presented these laptopuril but in my opinion. if you PCU is based gaming. as laptops and 50 million will still not yield a PC IIa 34 36 million on pieces you make a super gaming PC for anything you want. i processor and Nvidia I7 4700 740. only board is not too weak to give me the PC game's vb

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  6. luciangl said:

    Now a concrete opinion from someone who really has a gaming laptop.
    As owner of Asus ROG gaming laptop G750JY more than 1 year (June 2 2017 years) I can say that is worth a long-term investment. There are multiple advantages and disadvantages can easily remove. I traveled by plane 4 times with this laptop backpack and there were no problems. Everything moves quickly and satisfaction offered removes any disadvantages. I have not encountered before problems having to do something and I could not do. With high-performance gaming laptop owner, it will not tempt products like "thinner" "more light", "cheaper" etc. Also think about a PC (computer) desktop will be much changed for a laptop. To make a comparison, like comparing a Samsung S7 Edge with Nokia N95 once you touch Samsung will look virtually Nokia. Now the comparison is fictional, each may choose different models, but the basic idea remains.
    To make an addition, one of the The Best Laptop for me now as video card 1080 without SLI but VR i7 last generation, cooling water, usb 3.1, blue-ray rw as many slots for SSD 2.5 minimum HDD slot 3TB thicker version of HDD, wireless AC, HDMI, as high battery autonomy.

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  7. A good laptop is one that has at least i3 of art, and wifi-bgnac.Restul ssd's can-can.

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  8. CCristi Hello, can you tell me what you choose between Acer Aspire E5-575G-7826 with Intel® Core ™ i7-7500U 2.70 GHz Kabyle Lake ™, 15.6 "Full and X550VX-XX016D ASUS Laptop with Intel® Core ™ i7-GHz 6700HQ 2.60, 15.6 "4GB, 1TB, DVD-RW,

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  9. Cristi I have a question to answer me pretty please.

    Involving up for Google Adsense?
    If I win for LEI began 50100 aceswti month must declare the money to them ANAF form 201? NAFA. What to do. I asked a man who has been through this and knows very well.
    I do not have company, I want to do a site to treat certain aspects of machines or PCs appeared new components.
    Also. If I do not have credit card can withdraw money from the CEC directly from the employee or Western Union? (Not money sent from my account)
    I created my blog 5 100% original contintu days I have not plagiarized anyone yet to gain entry tells me not corespudne AdSense criteria. I think if you send the application for AdSense will reject me.

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  10. @Fanibu - You're right that a good laptop should have at least 3, and I would complement the processor to be nervous ,, ,,, a RAM of at least 3 GB, etc.

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  11. Sebastian said:

    Lenovo IdeaPad 4k content 100-15IBD? I think you are joking.

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    • Adrian Gudus said:

      No, not at all joking! If you know what's Quick Sync technology that has processor, and new technology explained in a tutorial video here on the site, you wonder not so.
      Write up in the search box at the top right "cheapest tablet with Windows 8.1 full" Press Enter and you'll find the tutorial has been talked about Quick Sync

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  12. Cristi I can help me I wanted to install my windows 10 but we got to this popap not know what to give Not now or Use Cortana.

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  13. Adrian, hello!
    Can you help me with this problem?

    I created my blog I contintu days 6 100% and 18 original articles, I plagiarized anyone yet to gain entry tells me not corespudne AdSense criteria. Will not let me do I sign nicum. What to do in practice? What would be the reasons? E blog tehnologiee phones and other gadgets. Illegal content as I write AdSense Policy

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    • Adrian Gudus said:

      You hurry and Google sees and knows it. I should have waited at least 2 months to when to apply for Adsense account. Pune and writes further, come and take your job and apply for Adsense after about 2 months

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  14. Hi Adrian, you choose between:
    Intel® Core ™ i7 7500U Kabyle Lake 2700 2 MHz cores and Intel® Core ™ i5 6300HQ Skylake 2300 4 MHz cores. The rest of the specifications are almost identical CPU alone differs.
    Thanks a lot

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  15. cozma_racoare said:

    I have patience for that over coming months about 2 -3 new generation of laptops Kabyle Lake and GTX1050Ti / GTX1060 at some prices of about 5000-6000 lei. I saw and I liked TUBE (a type of Thailand presented an Acer Aspire VX5 who dasfacut laptop lid is concrete underneath and inside). I would smile a laptop from Clevo but are rather expensive.

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  16. Acer Aspire E5-575G-51BN of recommendations will confirm that it has 256 GB SSD SATA III interface and occurs M.2 free HDD 2.5 ". No need to remove the DVD-RW. You can install HDD 2.5 "or SSD 2.5" but already has one M.2 and go very well. Worth all the money I have this model and I recommend it, it's a best buy.

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