Best Android Tablets (quality and price)

Hi friends, today we see who are the best tablets on the market (quality-price), not to waste money.
I remember when I got my first tablet, Asus TF was 101 was early Android tablets. Honestly, I am not liked very much, instead my wife and daughter were gone insane basically beat her. You realize all internet was at their feet. Until then the most comfortable experience was a laptop that was difficult, inconvenient and over Very hot.
Now tablets are commonplace, anyone can buy a tablet and has all the information in the fingertip. What people are looking for on tablets and what they use is another question. Now Facebook internet = = internet and Facebook, if Facebook do not look beyond anyone sin, and yet we do not want to go further.
How have prices in 4 years?
If at first payment on a tablet around 1000 dollars, tablets and now find 50 dollars. Of course 50 dollars tablets are some jokes, which is why I can not recommend it. I can not recommend something that I would personally buy.
Tablets are several ways!
For those who are not familiar with the technology, they will say there are three major operating systems:
1. iOS (iPad, iPad mini)
2. Android (android tablets, 80% of the market)
3. Windows 8 and 8.1 (yet not very popular)
I do not recommend tablets sold under the brands "inexperienced". However, if you were attracted by the low price, you should expect to unstable software, hardware and software bugs, lack of support from the community.
Today my recommendations are based on honesty and experience, I would not recommend it for anything I do not like.
7 inch category
The best tablet value for money (my recommendation):
Asus Memo Pad 7 ME572C-1A003A with Intel® Quad-Core Z3560
8 inch category
Sony Xperia Z3 with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801
10 inch category
Sony Xperia Z2 with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801
Best extreme 12 inch tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro processor Cortex T900 A15
Category cheapest tablet good
Lenovo Quad-Core processor A3500 MTK 8121

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  1. A tutorial about Christmas gift ideas you can do? Now is the shopping spree and everyone runs after gifts would be something interesting for every age.

    • The thing with gifts is special. Each of us is unique, you can not do something that would fit for all, even for age.
      But a guide can make gifts to me I did, and I think any tech enthusiast would love.
      I've done my gift:
      1- A super LED flashlight (1800 lumens).
      2- A set of LED panels for lighting setup, these are the 95 CRI (color rendering index), and are more special than usual LEDs.
      3- A digital inverter generator (ig 2000 Johnston)
      4- A hot glue gun (with solid glue sticks)
      5- (below) An external hard drive to USB inch 2.5 3.0, 2 TB, and even now I am preparing a short review.
      These are great gifts for me, for others can be super boring. There are things that are useful for me and I wanted them.

  2. gherghisan.nelu said

    Almost everything I acizitionat over time considering I purchased your recommendations. Santa said he something of a tablet but ... where IT skills from Santa. Now you tell me exactly what to bring. Thank You.

    • I hope that the information you got from us were good.

      • gherghisan.nelu said

        Just great satisfaction Tabler button Asus recommended tutorial and purchased today. The information you have always been of value. was the place where I got over the years the vast majority of the information supplied and maintained my main hobby. Thank You.

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    I am desperate total
    Please help me get rid of this virus that can restart inebunesc.Si no windowsu, because there is warranty and have the recovery disk "" "" Thankyou from the heart "" ""

    • Tell us when you see this message?
      You plugins installed in the browser?
      Have you tried another browser?
      Restart the PC and describe what happens step by step.
      What do you mean "can not reinstall it in warranty" is in warranty or Windows PC (if it Pc).
      An indiscreet question! How old and what level of experience you think you have?

      • Adrian Gudus said

        I know the warranty does not include software problems, just the hardware. Of course there are special or additional safeguards covering and the software.
        As I mentioned in several tutorials all the time, most notebooks that come preinstalled with Windows have a hidden recovery partition from which you can restore laptop to factory state (as it was when you first started)
        About how to get to that partition and how to restore the operating system is said to use the laptop that came with your laptop or you are in .pdf format on the website of the manufacturer of your laptop. By bringing a device to factory condition does not violate warranty

  4. Cristi about your purchase with generatoru it ig 2000 Caterpillar, I want to ask why it is so expensive (since it is very small) ??? and what insemnca it's "Digital" ?? ....

    • Do not be fooled by the size, is a generator of 2000 W maximum power consumption is very low, it is silent and has a pure sine wave (good for electronics). Does Smart Throttle technology, it is a kind of acceleration on demand. When not in use greatly reduces engine speed and engine revs when you need to put power to consumers.
      Digital generators are very expensive because they are quite complex compared to the classics.
      I could go into detail but do not want to bore you.
      I've got it cheaper, was a period when I got discounts and opportunity. It normally costs about 2600, I I took the 1700. Price is very good.
      If you think it's expensive, see how much a Honda EU 2000

      • I would ask Cristi doing a tutorial on these acquisitions. I also want to know what you use, how much would cost a complete system, the consumer would have you return. To explain what specifications to look when buying a product. Me I would be interested for a minimal system. servicing of bulbs, washing machine and a small fridge. Eventually you always know that matters "detail", meaning that accessories are useful, etc.

  5. Hello I kindly Cristi how to receive an invitation because I want to buy your oneplusone and I understand that I need invitation to buy it thank you

    • Oneplus find one in stores now, is even on, and delivers n Romania.

      I had a call a while ago and I gave notice on the site, unfortunately no one has requested that invitation, which eventually expired.

  6. Tell me, which is ultimately the utility of a tablet? I do not care technical, performance or brand, its usefulness as practical interest me.
    Replace something captures a real need or just speculate the need to play with a toy inc, because we got tired of all the others?

    • Greuceanu said

      Excellent point! Bravooo! Sure you're not my subconscious ?! :))
      I absolutely concur, seem completely unnecessary as long as there smartphonne performance over 5 "car do the same thing or notebooks that do much better than tablets.
      The idea is that the tutorial is for those very many that exist on all roads and want a toy like this!

  7. I want to you that and tablets cheapest ones 500 600 ISP screen roni have seen from any angle. I am a Allview h 7 one life and go very ok for the price. I know it's not a company Allview ok not even produce phones or tablets. but still. no sound in voiitoarele tutorials as cheap tablets have good ISP screen. otherwise what to say tutorialu ef interesting information for

    • I do not mean that there are tablets "Romanian" screens good or decent hardware.
      The problem is that "the cheapest" are very poorly made and not worth attention.
      Romanian companies that bring tablets and sell them under its own brand do everything as it should. They brought 800 Snapdragon phones that moved like hell and after a few weeks it begins to disintegrate software level.
      The specification does not guarantee performance or pleasant experience. We should focus more on software development and correct implementation on hardware that you import.
      It would be much to talk on this subject but I do not want to seem like I'd enemy Romanian brands.
      Some time ago I refused diplomatic company like that who wanted to present them products. I refused for a review of their products would not benefit at all.

      • yes you are right and I know thatcristi. give through the budget is low (I do not reder to 200 300 lei) from the 500 up some are ok. I had the unpleasant experience with products "Romanian" but that is ok. exception as you specified and commented about missing tutorial software support. now depends on luck to speak. The conclusion is that if they make the OS more frequent updates and better support softaware and not put all donkeys programs of "factory" would be much better and could use better people. but software developers in Romania for tablets and telfoane are few and not so experienced. Now while and see how it will be for that are pretty much at the beginning developers to speak Romanian. I did not mention the names of firms for not understanding that I want to commend leg or company x.

  8. Hello! I post here as I sent you last night, 19dec. a message on the contact page, but did not respond nimeni.Incerc aici.Incerc here to watch,si does not work, says stream not found, followed by an address ip.Nu can watch any movie from you with that player jwplayer, other browsers merg.Am clean, mozilla, chrome, cache, cookies, etc.Am subscription 20 mega tested with speedtest, and laptop connected to a modem tp link.Vreun advice? Thanks

    • It happens sometimes due to poor internet connection. I did a test and tutorial goes smoothly. If you say you Caura cache and so do try a return to the default settings of the browser.

      • ms pt. sfat.Am incercat.Degeaba! I'm in Italia.Sa Is this a problem?
        do not know

        • You could never watch tutorials on youtube not loaded or that happens at a time? The fact that you are in Italy should not be a problem. There are visitors who access the site from abroad and did not report the problem. Try a vpn server and Freedom Okay. On site there is tutorial about this app but as videotutorial posted on the server and you can not see it you can look at the shorter version of the tutorial made by Adrian and put on youtube here:

          • Hello! I incercat.Degeaba.Mi jwplayer.Am happens only tried with Mozilla Hola with hotspot shield.Chiar now write the ip en. with Hola.Cel least that arata.E first time I want to watch a movie with jwplayerul.Am this player entered the forum and saw that the sites are more admins who question their response was asta.Un given siteului.Oricum code to change something in yourself happy ajutor.Sarbatori ms Andrew Cristi, Adrian, and of course his PS ......... Here's what I found. Adding .flv MIME type in IIS

            1) Select the site to configure in IIS, right click and select "Properties"
            2) Under HTTP Headers Tab, select "File Types" under the MIME Map section and select "New Type"
            3) Type ".flv" as the Associated extension and "video / x-flv" as the content type.
            4) Select "OK" and you're ready to fly! And the link I hope you do not mind me being stuck in vain and be wrong ceva.Am just wanted to help.

          • Constantin said

            You may not have Adobe Flash Player installed.

          • ms Constantin
            I uninstalled and installed again and now go filmuletele.Multumesc Flashplayer to toti.Craciun happy!

  9. Hello! Tell me please, what is the difference overall, to tell him so, between Quad-Core and Octa-Core?
    Thank you in advance!

    (By the way, do you bully as 10 note tutorials. Good luck still.)

  10. Hello. please do if it's possible to open videotutorialele In one panel greater good view

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Really? You have full scren button, just like YouTube! Left click on it and imagine will be full screen on your monitor! If you look better on video, it's even embed YouTube on our official channel. Magnification button is right next to the YouTube logo

  11. I would not recommend buying any form without 3G tablets.

  12. -Sal, Do a good job, keep up the good work.
    My request is to tutorials hardware are you setting up new systems based on the new processors, motherboards ... etc.
    Thank you.

  13. Hello,

    You can make a list and phone just as you did for tablets?
    I learned many things from you and watch for many years.
    Thank you.

    • Preservation instinct protect your savings.
      My advice is to go on Oneplus One is a cheap phone and very good, better than many top phones.
      Soon I will make a full review for this device.

  14. you're right all the precious things or brands are better than cars, but Logan who has?
    I personally have friends with handsets Sump none was rooted not know what it means, or did not want to lose your warranty. buy a tablet for children to play out of my hand maybe not better May 1 cheap?
    is very, very good that we present the latest news about technology and most of our population are .saracia its task push yourself to the cheap stuff.
    bored .we can I get mad at me.
    a better year to everyone.

  15. Hi Cristi. I have a question: How do you like the Samsung galaxy mini s4, what is your opinion about it?

    • We had several Samsung phones over the years and I got to bypass them.
      Just not for me.
      Variants "mini" "plus" "ultra" versions are much weaker than the original phone. Basically they want to bill mobile image top models to very weak sales growth. A marketing tactic with which I disagree.
      That is my opinion, you do not need to take into consideration. Choose what you think suits you best.

  16. Cristi, which recommend more: IPS or Super AMOLED?

  17. A comparison between Android, Windows and iOS is possible to do, especially now you can also iPad.
    It would be interesting to know what are your views as advertisements eam not cleared, the manufacturers leaps in glory ....

  18. Please review an updated tablet 2016

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