Cerberus, anti-theft application / location resistance reset

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present Cerberus, an Android app that provides superior protection burglar / location / gathering evidence for cases where your phone is lost or stolen, even if a factory reset of your phone or tablet. Bonus Cerberus application can function as a genuine Keylogger if you want it.
Cerberus app is very well designed and virtually impossible to get rid of it unless you flash another rom uiesti. The owner will have more time to locate stolen phone more tool to gather evidence against the thief and learn his route. Promises tough times for thieves, they must learn to flash ROMs uiasca if they want to stay in business.
Other similar applications can not provide such protection, were removed immediately cease to provide data. It is normal for a person to buy a stolen phone to reset it or change google account, so such applications are totally useless. Cerberus is different.
Cerberus location and anti-theft software can be found in the Google Play Store, but that version does not offer protection beyond the "Factory Default" reset. For total protection you must install the .zip version by recovery, a version that sticks to the space protected by the system and cannot be deleted even in case of a total reset.
Understood is that you must have rooted phone and a custom recovery.
Cerberus needs root to execute certain tasks remote, I mean remote wipe the phone memory and SD card.
With the web interface you can take pictures of the thief, you can record audio, you can shoot everything remotely via a simple web page.
How to install?
1. Make sure your phone is rooted and installed a custom recovery.
2. Enter the Google Play store and download / install Cerberus
3. Open Cerberus and set up an account
4. Enter the Cerberus and login with the account that you did
5. Make sure that your phone is visible in the web interface Cerberus site
6. Set your password dialer (the one that finds application)
7. Uninstall Cerberus
8. Go to the website and Cerberus zip download site suitable for your version of android.
9. Go into recovery and flash the zip look Cerberus
10. Turn on the phone and make sure that your phone is detected on site Cerberus
11. Check the "cerberus awakening" in the dialer
11. Wait for the thief….
Cerberus Official Site
Help Page Cerberus
Zip Cerberus sites (For flash in recovery) (resist reset)
Cerberus in play store (Not withstanding reset)
UPDATE August 30 2014
ART execution mode to tracking mobile net 2G / 3G or 4G, Cerberus works strange, instead it is the wifi works well. We recommend using only DALVIK for your peace. Probably will fix soon, probably with the first update. Until then it is best to keep DALVIK execution mode.

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  1. Hello. I want to add your submission is incomplete .. and please make a studied and still have not shown the true value of the program ..
    In the Configuration Settings SIM card (it is the most important thing the program) will go 3 phone numbers when the thief changes the SIM card (the first time anyone makes) Cerberus 3 send SMS to the numbers set you the new phone number of the SIM card inserted into the phone hot ..
    After finding out the phone number of the card entered by the thief, you can communicate with your phone via SMS without the need for an INTERNET connection (there is a list of SMS commands) and without the thief seeing that you are sending SMS to your phone and asking for it. to do some things .. EX: to turn on GPS, to turn on wifi or 3 g connection, etc (the one you do through the WEB page) .. SO THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT THE PHONE DOES NOT NEED AN INTERNET CONNECTION TO COMMUNICATE WITH HIM

  2. Very good tutorial!
    I use this app for a long time, I paid about £ 14 we licensed life and assure you it's worth all the money.
    If I may, I would complete the tutorial with some information:
    -of an account can be monitored a maximum 5 android devices (which may be atibuite account at the same time)
    -in the settings, the section "Configure SIM check" can be set up to 3 phone numbers that will receive alerts (in the form of an SMS) if the SIM card is changed (thus obtaining the new phone number of the "thief")
    - holding the phone number can be sent commands via SMS, through which, unlike (or rather in addition) to the commands in the web interface we can activate / deactivate WiFi, mobile data and even data roaming. and their meaning, can be found on the page cerberusapp.com-Help- "Which commands are available by text / SMS messages")
    At the moment all I wanted to say, even though the application offers many Options but they must be experienced by each of them during the trial.
    PS The application can be used on devices nerootate but some commands (screen capture, restart the device, etc) will not work, and commands sent by SMS, although most will run, they will get on the phone in the form of normal SMS (visible) desconspirand so aplicatia.In root devices, SMS commands are visible only executed discreetly without using the phone at noticing anything!

    • I will definitely buy the app myself, is one of the few apps worth paying more, especially as it time payment (no subscription).
      Thanks for compketari!

    • Costelina said

      Well yes that's the root of the problem with this
      glad you like the root Yorkers do better smart and beautiful gift! with this open Pandora's box

      • Costelina said

        I believe that "someone" really wants to know people's identities (intimacies)
        we give up, we give smartphone etc.

  3. Stefan're wrong or without root sms are not visible .. just as the application can be removed easily and has all the functional options

    • I used the first time on a mobile app without root (apk installed.) Then the same phone, at root (flash app looks in recovery) I noticed this difference when SMS commands.
      Course will be used on both sides that will clarify after testing the application.
      Even I ask those phones without root to rtimita SMS command (obviously from another phone) to see what happens, because it's a pretty important detail.

  4. Costelina said

    I think the only security solution if you can tell the future so it may be that self-destruct
    that is, the phone to make fingerprint recognition and if someone would like to access it "unauthorized"
    he immediately enters either the fast encryption of memory or a mode of "erase" self-destruction, so
    can not be used by anyone unless you root it was again.

    • Costelina said

      and of course before that to be done server synchronization, ie the owner to be able to recover
      data and possibly to close the account immediately as it happens with sim cards

      • Costelina said

        very good and Adrian's tutorial about Apple phones

      • costelini Well you do not keep your data in the cloud. ? Please do not talk nonsense here is not done back-up program is a security program .. But you're wrong place to post your comment

        • Costelina said

          android no security what so hard to understand?

          • Costelina said

            what do you mean by open source?
            open source open source get your name
            this one second hand and face and you like this site and will post to you if you say I was wrong

  5. Vinatoriu said

    Good evening.
    Mr. Cristi I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy smartphone namely a neo 3 notes and I want to say I can not make phone calls telling me. [Call complete or invalid mmi code] I must believe that the phone was stolen and the phone was stuck in a box when I bought lam euros paid 250 now I want to know they can do something to run after information on internet phone was blocked by imei you can do in this case. Thanks so much help advice dumneavoasta March

  6. So is the application can not be removed from the system through a factory reset, but you lost your account information, so that the application is clean as has just been installed, without which data can not be located through the web interface and of course no SMS commands not working. Follow all the steps in the tutorial to make sure you are installing correctly then give yourself a factory reset and try to locate.

    • I have tested this function just before the tutorial. Locating go even after resetting without sticking something.
      Of course you have to follow the installation steps in the tutorial text.

  7. I have been using the application for two years. I recovered my phone twice (lost). I don't understand how you can give large sums for a device and not protect it with… 3 euros, as if.

  8. Octavian said

    Cristi I noticed is standard version and Hidden zip archive version are some differences that?

    • I think it's pretty clear. Standard is a version that shows the apps drawer immediately after installation or when the reset phone, although it can be made invisible, as a possible reset of the phone it is visible in the application drawer.
      Stealth version is invisible after installation or reset, this version can be awakened format code in dialer or web interface site Cerberus.

  9. I would like a request because more and more applications require root to be more efficient, to do some tutorials on how to root a phone, namely in a tutorial to be for example samsung xyz models rotate with…. and so on, there should be more categories for low-budget phones like allview lenovo, etc. because they also sell well, especially the lenovo ones. even if you do several tutorials on this topic to include as many phones and tablets as possible. because for example I and more did not find anything to root for some models. maybe maybe you cristi or adrian having more experience find something. or if not when it appears for certain models to do tutorials for root. and it is useful not only for applications but also for deleting certain programs that come installed with the tablet or phone as it is known. please do tutorials like I'm sure not only I ask and others will

  10. Julian G. said


    I searched the site but did not find what I sought, my problem is this.

    I have internet from Romtelecom, also a router from them. From this router, I pulled a network cable and plugged it into another router (a Sweex), but here I run into the configuration problem, I don't know how to configure it, I read that I have to uncheck DTHC, I unchecked it, but it still doesn't want… Any HELP?

    • I'll make a tutorial with connections between two routers.
      There are some very important things that you need to follow depending on the connection type. There are several types of connections you'll explain in detail.

      • Julian G. said

        Great, look forward. In my somewhat conflicting LAN Static IP settings, will not let me put the same class C IPs. For example I 192.168.1.x Romtelecom and the Sweex router I 192.168.16.x, well, never mind, I look tutorial and hope to solve.

  11. Cristi I want to ask you something if you do not mind: often hear people say all kinds of phone when you buy it new it should be formatted 12 hours, others say it does not need to come from the factory formatted. So what is the truth?

    • You put the phone to charge until the battery is charged and ready. If you let it continue, however no longer load.
      The old batteries Ni-Mh type and Ni-Cd had formatting.
      However, any battery is a rule, do not have to download more than 80%. As download more battery, the charge-discharge cycles decrease.
      If you download a battery you have 80 1000% of cycles, if you will just download 100 500% of cycles, ie to halve life.

  12. Cristi, I own and I like you a NEXUS 4, I want to know if it has better performance and better range with CM 11? Waiting for your answer.

  13. good evening
    good tutorial
    I was aware of such software, for I need it
    I'll explain why and I need some additions from those who already use it intensely… .that is, be sure what they will say!
    1. understand a license is for life, and creating an account I can control 5 sims? 5 these sims can be mounted on 5 phones simultaneously?
    2. I want to buy a license only for monitoring 3 phone: mine, concubine and child!
    monitoring so! ie I want to see the route on the map, where the walk with time and date, I have access to photos / the videos in your phone, SMS, calls list and incoming data; please confirm me if this software can do anything!
    if so, it's a good deal, especially since this software usually costs from $ 30 and up….
    basically I will give them both a super smartphone "infected" with this software, and based on a single license, in front of the laptop, I can periodically make a summary of the history of these phones: who spoke, who called, sms content , route on the map, what pictures he took, what he filmed…
    then, if alarms can be set, like to be notified on a sim, when the other two, or one of them, is set in motion, or make a call, an sms… something like
    ms for effort!

  14. Adrian Gudus said

    I caught the free app Christmas last year, they offered free for a limited time

  15. Very good is the app store theft or play framework module for those with root. It can be hidden to not see the thief and can be controlled via SMS. It also can delete the phone can photo thief, etc. And plus it's FREE.

  16. Why would I give any command that control panel where im telephone map and displays the message: "Problem communicating with your device. Help '?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Watch the tutorial without rewind. Already mentioned in the tutorial you have to do in these situations

    • Enter their forum for details, I have not encountered this problem but perhaps others Cerberus forum and there were a finding and solving.
      We realize that we can not test the application on all devices and in all environments with thousands of variables.
      Therefore there are support forums, to solve everything at one place.
      I had a small problem for using ART execution environment (I did an update to tutprial), this is probably because the app is optimized for DALVIK. After I dropped the ART everything worked very well.

  17. I have a problem when flash figure says E: signature verification failed
    I followed all the steps correctly

  18. ActiveNews said

    An application note 10. The cost is very small compared with that you can provide if you lose telefonu. A must have.

  19. I have a question and has no connection with this section
    In 2008 got my PC and until 2-3 months ago I had no problem with the DVD purchased. Plateaus use their
    The problem is that my dvd locks them into the optical drive (only the new ones and the old ones I go all), my question is if you can tell what DVD RW sami sami take appeared again.
    Mine is DVD-RW asus 2014L1, p-ata, dl, light scribe 20x ret
    Thank you

    • It is possible that your optical drive may be damaged or dirty on the inside (on the laser lens).
      Also as well as DVDs can us to be written in a way that your unit can not understand it well.
      The best, if you think about an upgrade, is to buy a bluray drive. They can read many more formats.

  20. Thank Plateaus raspunsus given in this short time
    We chose this list http://www.emag.ro/unitati-optice-externe/c?ref=category_center-5_5-other
    I want to know if all those, goods and lettering have a I opt Plateaus one and if I have a problem when you boot from it if you need to change any settings that I want to keep older optical drive as fiinca longer works?

  21. Something else should be presented ... which you will certainly not be pleased with….
    After I bought the application..and I installed it via flash… every 2… 3 days I received the following message when logging into the account (website) which warns me that the following functionalities (detailed below) have been blocked… and will not could be unlocked… and if I'm not satisfied, I can get my money (15 lei back)… doesn't seem right to me… if you try a Google search for "cerberus features locked", you'll surely find more…

    Audio recording
    Call / SMS log
    Video capture
    Screenshot capture
    Your account has been blocked for violating the Terms & Conditions. It won't be unblocked, if you are not satisfied you can get a refund and find another app that better suits your needs. If you're interested send an e-mail to sup...@cerberusapp.com with your username and the Google order number / PayPal transaction ID of the purchase.

    • When you abuse, it is normal that you put some sort of limitation.
      This is an anti-theft application, not an application for tracking / spying / logging. Sure, you can and check from time to time but limit.
      Understands the developer, which in addition provides the user application and storage service. As is normal, each user has quota and the resources allocated are exhausted, move to limitations.
      It's probably hard to understand what is happening because you had to deal with cloud storage.
      Server resources are not unlimited, that's why limits are necessary.
      And google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, etc. have limits on their services, just as you have not reached before.
      And videotutorial.ro abused repeatedly, only that we solve the problem in another way. Unfortunately Cerberus engineers face different kind of problems.

      Read the terms and conditions before you take the plunge.

  22. Hello Cristi. I watched this videotutorial to the end and I installed two programs on my phone Samsung S3, but how can I hide the two applications and remain permanent after reset ?. My phone is routed. Thanks for understanding.

  23. Hello,
    I bought the license for. Cerberus and want to integrate it into the system.
    We CyanogenMod 4.4.4 a S3 (I9300). I did not understand what the tutorial download:
    Please help me.
    Regards, Marcel.

    • From what I understand both zips (.zip and disguised-4.4.zip) are for ROM integration only that disguised zip has the advantage of disguising itself in the "System Framework" in the application manager. This is a hidden version of the flashable application as written in the description on the cerberus site. So in conclusion both zips are good for flash-forget

  24. SAL I and this application and from what I see only the internet go to what? Ami if not steal telefonu and interethnic you how to locate?

  25. Hello! I also have a problem… I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I found that there is this application installed on it and someone is spying on me, having access to my text messages and calls. The question is how can I get rid of it ?!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It was mentioned in this tutorial, reinstall the official rom from roduce and you got rid of him (not to be confused with resetting the phone to factory default thing that can be done from the phone settings)
      It is difficult to elaborate your entire procedure to reinstall stock ROM on your device.
      I have your device and there are many details and important aspects that must be followed. It is best to go with him to a GSM service, to explain the situation and ask them specifically that you reinstall the stock ROM and not reset to factory settings, because you can do it too.

  26. Hello,
    you must have in common, mobile application you want to install?

  27. How can I see pictures taken with Cerberus on the web?

  28. Just think! said

    The application can be controlled from your pc_ul without their server! Think smart!

  29. Cosmin said

    And I want to know how this application payment in full version. Thanks

  30. cristina75 said

    how I can recover the audio recording that we did but were not heard at the time? Thanks

  31. I have a question that does not have connection with the application itself, namely: Is there any way gps, mini gps, something external however, small enough so as to be attached or inserted into the phone (maybe a cover / cap Integrated GPS) and if the phone is lost / stolen, it can be located via a web interface, the GPS 100% when Internet does not need to be located.

  32. Hello! I see that there have been changes in terms of Section help in downloading Cerberus rooted and CWM have a phone installed but how do you hide it because the site is not found Cerberus ZIP version. Thank you!

  33. I fail to root Sony Xperia z2. You can do a tutorial? Thank you!

  34. Hi, I spy my friend, I have another application that was famous in Brazil! Nuprea know what to do, but I have installed I ask Location Key exactly what he wants? I can not tell!

  35. Hello Cristi, you could make a tutorial with Titanium Backup if it looks quite important. I find it a very powerful tool, just with this application we managed to convert Cerberus in the application system.

  36. I didn't find the version for my phone that is 5.1.1 but the link "www.cerberusapp is changed they changed everything

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