Chromecast 2, put you super smart TV

Chromecast is a device that connects to the TV via HDMI and it transforms the latter into a super smart TV that can do even more than a smart TV.
Some time ago I presented a Android Mini PC that turns ordinary TV into a smart TV; E Chromecast is much harder.
2 Chromecast review

Chromecast 2, put you super smart TV

Chromecast last year was the most purchased device ranging from media players / small PCs, and that abroad, like us, Chromecast success was not so great.
For those unaware, Google Chromecast is done and comes with unique capabilities; Can play online multimedia content independently, the phone is only a kind of remote control. Also Chromecast you can connect your phone to your TV as if you connect via HDMI, but Wireless.
The idea best Chromecast is that you do not consume the battery on the phone, while view YouTube content on the TV, the phone is only used to select content, then Chromecast plays videos directly from YouTube's servers, not on phone.
Chromecast prices (all versions)
Chromecast 2 can be used for gaming, if you want to see Android games on television.
Chromecast we can connect with your laptop or desktop running Windows, through Chrome or some third-party applications.
In the video you will see some demos and tests to get an idea; More'll see in a future episode, where we pry more in this Chromecast 2 version.
For starters, I can say I'm impressed, not expecting to go so well.

Chromecast 2, put you super smart TV

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  1. caisindonici said

    Cristi, why didn't the announcement come to me by e-mail that you posted a new tutorial? success ...

  2. VLC wait to remove the cast function built version, so speaking. Then Chromceast rent is useful.

  3. I am very curious if it's compatible with iPhone and how far! Thank you

  4. Thanks for the tutorial… The Chromecast is really good. I also bought it a month ago and I use it frequently…. I use it both for Youtube and with a NAS from Synology from which I can watch movies directly on TV (there are dedicated applications on the iPhone)… .. I have 'only' two complaints: 1. I can not mirror the full screen iPhone 🙂 and
    2. I would like to put movies on TV even when I am NOT in my Wifi network… I thought that if I log in via VPN it works but I still can't see my Chromecast…. This helped me to selectively select certain cartoons for the children when I was not at home 🙂
    If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful…

  5. Hello. I'm interested to see movies on desktop HDD cable connected to the router.
    I router needle. gigabit network cable. expect the next tutorial. I made several streaming server on Windows. I find them on TV but I do not take the subtitles.
    so let it go to movie with vlc or other player compatible with chromecast 2 and stream on tv…

  6. Adrian Cofariu said

    I want to run the TV media content on a tablet Galaxy TAB S but want to do wireless. What to use:
    All Share Cast dongle or a Chromecast 2? Thank you.

  7. digitalmind said

    I want to continue the series of dedicated Chromecast's videotutoriale! You've even convinced me to buy one myself and thank you (I was looking for a mini PC but, as you said, it seems stronger and if I have all Nexus devices, why not be complete range :)) ).

  8. Hello
    I would like to see how you can view TV channels from the application of exp cooltv
    If you have an older phone and not have the option to phone Miracast can see Full screen?

    • I can not do this, that and my guys jump from television to the head.
      I can assure you it works. Everything you see on the screen, and the TV will go. If you want you can use television to the post of speaker when talking on the phone.

  9. for me this is a big mess gender. money thrown. I got smart tv but do not put crap tote appearing on the market. for that money thrown. if I want to play me or something on TV I get a console. or a projector. than crap like that. In my opinion. I give money give something good

  10. Thanks for response
    Iphonu I connect my TV to Smart TV with the application installed on tel cast on TV and video content can run even m3u8

  11. Dear Cristian,
    In my opinion as a non-specialist, you do a great job, everyone on the team!… Even if I'm not interested in all the tutorials, but, the time lost, maybe money spent by you… all in all, do an excellent job! … I would ask everyone who does not agree with these tutorials, to take into account what I said above (time and money) and to leave their criticisms elsewhere!
    As a thank you for watching these tutorials, I would also come up with new information (even if it doesn't fit in the topic) that I tested, myself… NASA (their programs are easy to find here) together with a company The American company specializing in translating space programs for the general public has released an application, among many others, called GENIUS SLEEP, which is free in applications on Android phones… is an application used by American astronauts in space to correct their sleep…
    I also found a device for WiFi anywhere, called KarmaGo… .is a bit more expensive, but it works… are such devices found in Ro?
    Antreaga again thank the team and those who come with valuable information in comments, we help ourselves and those without much experience in IT.

  12. For those who want to watch HD movies on TV, I recommend a Raspberry with Kodi software installed… you will benefit from all your preferences… enjoy!

  13. Dear Cristi,
    Very interesting material about Chromecast 2, so my TV LCD "thanks" you for not having to "leave" our house. However, between the Chromecast 2 previously presented and Intel Compute Stick Atom, what do you advise me to choose? I need easy browsing on the net and watching live TV channels on the net at normal resolution and sometimes fullHD.
    Thank you !

  14. Cristi interesting hold a mini PC with a custom rom imito mx2, but honestly I would not give this device.cred as mini PC has several advantages (in my opinion)

  15. Daniel Radu said

    I would really like to post more episodes about Chromecast…

  16. Cristi I want to do either you or adrian a tutorial on how we can install multiple operating systems hard. The exeemplu on one side you can put on one ubuntu windows etc. I searched everywhere and nothing concrete. So hardu to install on the PC. External hardu not like that's simple / please more

  17. View Product said

    Hello Cristi.
    I don't know if you've noticed, but for a few days now the way the video (embed code on youtube) is rendered on lower resolution devices (eg android phones) is weird. That is, the right side of the clip is crop-cut. The clip does not resize properly… .cuts it out.
    Something like that would see the video on your phone:

    Something like that would see the clip on a desktop in a normal browser (firefox), but with the window minimized:

  18. Marian ROTARU said

    Cromecast 2

  19. everything is interesting! … .I eat on bread everything you teach us and thank you in my own name… .tell us everything we can do with this device… .and I don't know how… I would like not to be indebted… ms

  20. ionecu mihai said

    I want to continue the series of dedicated Chromecast's videotutoriale, ms

  21. Daniel puscasu said

    I would like Sami Cristi good buy Chromecast 2, but I want to know if I need high speed internet to advance and make a deal folosi.Multumesc Minuit.

  22. First I want to welcome great team of craftsmen dealing with this site that tries (and very successful) to our minds, and fans and not the students of this site. Despite age (58ani), I can say that are in step with new and managed to be my perfect guide along with other sites. With regard Chromecast site can tell you that the first version I have almost 1 year and we purchased it with 200 lei from EMAG and the second version released on September 29. I 2015 2 a week and I got it in America through a friend who had just returned home from 35 + = 3 38 150 $ ie lei. I am very pleased with both versions, obviously, as I said Cristi master, Chromchest 2 being a superrealizare those from Google. Home care after connecting the TV to the device is to install chromcastinstaler setting. Among the applications that run on Chromcast besides those presented for desktop enthusiasts can mention for proper films (admit I'm not among them) with popcorn and last stremio and foreign TV channels. . The web shop we installed applications videostream for Google Chromecast and local cast which can play music or movies from your desktop (laptop) even blu-ray in excellent conditions, with the possibility of adding subtitles (only extensions broweser site from Google). . Unfortunately only premium version lets you create a playlist for videostream. Android TV channels, movies, etc. It can track and Romanian application seenow which recently introduced support for Chromecast. (seenow has many TV channels free). Snap Plex Media but Spotify's recommendations and what you find on Videotutorial, en installation as well Romania.Foarte going to go in and Popcorn and streams m3u go with cast tv. Soon I was present and applications compatible with Chromecast site. Mention that submitted applications are free, so you do not need a license, but their folsirea is at your own risk so as not to violate the law. I will return with other applications you've checked.

  23. Excellent work, guys! Continue as we are all eyes and ears !!! \ M /

  24. It can be watched on sites like filmeonline… .etc. streaming, ie is the content fluent in case of an affirmative answer? Has anyone tried?

  25. From any site with online content. If I were passionate about movies, I would prefer yify * tv, even if in the evening the servers are crowded and you have to pause for a few minutes at the beginning so that it doesn't interrupt. You can also add the subtitle that you can modify as you wish. If it does not exist, it can be downloaded from a profile site and can be added, obviously it must be chosen to synchronize with the "movie" video. More can be explained by the guys in the video tutorial, superspecies in the field. Unfortunately, I don't have time for movies, my passion being music since the late '70s and until now. I'm interested in everything related to music. Between 81-86, when I was a student, he ran the famous 92KTU disco in Timisoara, which also included the late director of music shows from RR Actualitati, Victor Spirache, so it explains why the movies don't take place anymore. However, I also like to explore the IT field, and these wonderful guys through their video tutorials made me save a lot of time in understanding the operation of some programs. Moreover orice on any occasion I make this site known to my friends to make them learn and not to pray for others I will come back and with some information related to carre programs I can't miss, all free.

  26. go only with nexus?

  27. In my opinion, is the best site profile. Congratulations! convinced Chromecast 2, I'll buy.

    • antiadsense said

      With what did Romeo convince you? With the fact that he made a description of the Chromecast? If it was a complete review I would say, but so… You like to kiss in… something more serious looking for something else!

  28. I really hope to continue the series of tutorials. I'm curious how they would see a game on pc tv streamuit with chromecast on. I'm curious if it remains far behind or if it is acceptable. Ps of 5 years will follow with great interest.

  29. Daniel Radu said

    Even you talked, I did order them eMAG!

  30. Super tutorial! We also want the continuation, updates, programs ……… ..

  31. Hello !
    It is possible to design windows 10 on Chromecast (video player, for example)?
    Thank you in advance !

  32. New application that supports Chromecast. "" has undergone several updates lately, becoming more and more stable…. we ask Cristi to present in a future video tutorial step by step how to download the media content from the XBMC application on Chromecast.
    Is there any possibility to be able to access the media content from the cloud from the Russian "", as it is possible from the dropbox, obviously with the chromecast? And of course it would be in the public interest to be able to watch on Chromecast the TV channels on "", considering that the application works only on IE and not on Google Chrome.

  33. Innocent miclea said

    I just achizitiont this dispozitivsi I would like to make tutorials on el.M would be interested to know how they can connect the PC to the dispozitiv.Multumesc

  34. I did not phone Screen Cast. Chromecast can be used without this function?

  35. Thanks for the tutorial! I had on hand a first draft and not working Chromecast sound if you introduce a projector acer, only the image viewing on youtube. Any suggestions? 2 would go with Chromecast?

  36. greenhouses said

    Congratulations Cristi and the team !!!!! You have many fans (although I think most of them "inspired" the praises of the first one) Keep it up and you will get far !!!!!!! Good luck in the future!!!!! 🙂 :))

  37. I understand that goes Netflix run on non-smart laptop Seen TV (with HDMI and USB ports) with a device so?

  38. Pointless if you have a Smart TV does not help anything, Netfix, HBOGO, Youtube etc we have on smartv besides that you do not need Chromecast to broadcast the image on mobile TV, you can use programs free like TV Cast and so on Besides it does not go from PC to TV cast only browser so you can play better TV picture buy an HDMI cable and play the entire desktop on the TV.

  39. Petru Marius… affirmative answer. I have had smart tv since 2012… but since I bought the Chromcast I don't use the IPTV application as much ( ) on the smart… Chromcast allows you to make a playlist on Youtube extremely quickly after which you can turn off the tablet, tel. or the laptop without having to press the button after each video… the one that doesn't work very well on Smart…. Those who want to stay on the cable can do it… I used MAIAK tape recorders in the disco in Timisoara… that was the technology of the '80s… now I use equipment adapted to the technology of the moment, although sometimes, demonstratively, I still take out the tape recorders and the playback equipment of the long gone times to feel that I really work when I make a music program…. you don't even know what a pleasant feeling it is to look in time for the next song without search

  40. Cristi between Chromecast 2 and Nexus player aleg.Nu advises me that I was linked to any of them, I want a simple device configured to send him whom streaming and shut definitive source (phone, PC) and watch still on TV what I sent.
    Thank you.

  41. Cristi, please (excuse me if I'm insistent) tell me if on Chromecast 2 after sending from the "source" (PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.) video streaming or other content, after starting to play that content on TV that "source" can be stopped, the streaming continues. By stopping the source means disconnecting, closing the browser, etc. I am very interested in this because I want to watch a live television, but not to run the same content on the "source" device in parallel in order to maintain the "communication path".
    Thank you very much.

  42. Rugaminte: you can see the TV pictures and videos taken with the smartphone (Samsung S 3)?
    I have another problem: I can't mirror - screen design on TV! Does another application need to be installed?

  43. Marius Nechifor said

    Today 19 February came in at emag offer at the price of 199 lei. I ordered one. I hope to be a good purchase

  44. I and I need guidance. I have a chromecast 2 2 and a phone with Android Acer Liquid 4.2.2.Nu manage to connect my phone to chromecast in any way, I do not see your Chromecast. I have an Asus dual band router, and chromecast the phone and are connected on the same wifi network. And all merge.Ce not doing wrong?
    Congratulations to videotutoriale!

    • Look at the settings in the router, do not have "ap isolation" enabled; or rather, reset the router.
      Very important it is not to wifi networks connected to guest, which isolates all the devices they Unable to communicate.

  45. Another application that introduced support for Chromecast is AUDIALS and can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android and for the desktop from the official website "". Over 70.000 radio stations are waiting for you…. Tunes can be recorded… etc,…. maybe more will tell the filmmakers Audials about.

  46. pop par said

    Hi, I have an Asus router Ac56u that have a HDD attached to the USB port on hdd 2.Pot run by chromecast movies or other content?
    Thank you

  47. Thank you for what you teach us in your video tutorials, they are useful and we learn a lot. I bought a Chromecast and I am very satisfied, but I have only one problem. From the Asus MX 173 tablet (android 4.2.2) I can't see the tablet screen on the smart TV. How should I proceed? "No device detected" appears on the Wireless enabled screen
    Thank you.

  48. Even I was thinking about a thing like that I take, but we were not sure how well it works. With this tutorial you've cleared. Go super. Thanks professor.

  49. I bought CHROMECAST 2 and I care what application can play back clips filmed me with telefonul.Va Thank you!

  50. misuion said

    Hello, I bought a chromcasr 2 and Voyo not know how to put on a Samsung TV pa s4. Cable works perfectly.

  51. chromecast can install Skype on the smart tv ?? Please send your play.

    • You can not install Skype than on supported operating systems and devices. Smart TV supports Skype, if the manufacturer has implemented this software on your television, or if you offer the possibility of retrofitting.
      On chromecast can not install Skype.

  52. Cristi Hello! I follow with interest your videotutorialele, I have long use.
    I bought a chromecast 2 but I can only connect to the TV through it in situations that I can't explain. Although I followed all the steps in the "help" I can't connect when I want to.
    I wish you a good day !!!

    • Possible causes.

      1. Chromecast may be too far from the router.
      2. It is possible that the wireless settings is not compatible with Chromecast 100%.
      3. Maybe the Chromecast is connected to the router through a "guest" network, which does not give it access to the rest of the network.

  53. Streaming "aquestream" can be easily viewed via Chromecast after the Ace Stream application has been installed from the Play Store on Android devices. One of the sites has well organized links, and with a simple click on the link you can watch a TV channel. The problem is with the streams to be played from the desktop. Coincidentally, I found a site that manages to solve this problem, the "content" media content being easily watched on TV via Chromecast. Take a look here, If you replace the stream will go any TV channel. I took a test just randomly on stream and went. Those who possess advanced knowledge of IT can develop the subject.

  54. Mircea Radoi said

    Tips for everyone
    signs: a pensioner

  55. Archanghel said

    Hello, I got all I'm looking and looking and looking and made many ori.Ce not find is how / what / can be copied Stream TV address, ie ala shape sop: // or RTMP: or rpm: needles etc. , etc.Singurul program rpm and rsmp park, I found rtmpdump.Am an lED TV with IPTV insert option list, just made the list this data (on net, are not functional or works within seconds and stops, any channel) .ASA that I installed an application that brings everything that is sports europa.Mai stream remains to find addresses (those rpm / or sour rmsp May am) and do not know how to do this, nor what application. Maybe you can help me.

  56. Archanghel said

    and those who publish lists on the internet, IPTV lists somehow make it possible to find / copy these stream addresses, so there are, only I don't know. If they are of interest to you and you can help me, we can exchange information about. Here is my address mail. Good day

  57. Good Christ. I have a question on IPTV IPTV application smart if you know I care program list for IPTV Romanian. thank you . I found something on the net but functional ditch

  58. Mircea radoi said

    All very good going great but I can not see the games on TV telfon inch sony smart 42

  59. Sall! We can buy in the country Ultra CHROMECAST?

  60. I can not play on the tv tel. ACG's TV. Do not have internet on it.

  61. Tel ACG's Arch and tv's. I Tried with USB and goes. Help me?

  62. The holidays are approaching. And to ensure the fun, I present a way to make your evenings more enjoyable. After a good meal, a dance on newer or older songs, often the guests, when they get the mood and courage, after a few glasses, want to and display vocal talents. In these conditions we only need a TV with a screen diagonal as large as possible or a projector with the necessary ones, a CHROMECAST and the next web interface that must be purchased for a small fee. The interface is nothing but an audio mixer but also a video. All you have to do is type in the google chrome browser and you have all the elements to become a real DJ for your friends. After registering and purchasing the premium version ($ 4.9), go to settings (top right corner) and check “enable video external screen ". For projection on TV or projector right click on the new interface, select "design", select the name of your personal CHROMECAST and you will find that the image with the karaoke song will become available to all guests on TV (or screen in the case of the projector). All you have to do is select the songs you want to play using the "search on youtube" version, load the players left and right and mix. If you want to prepare the program in advance, look for the parts and put them in the "favorites". For an amplification system, use an audio output from the TV or projector. I am waiting for opinions and additions to those presented. I wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS WITH MAXIMUM FUN! … .And keep your vocal cords!

  63. Dear Cristi, watching with great interest videotutorialele presented.
    Please tell me if wierlles must be dualband router that can be seen cromecast.
    TP-LINK TL-roter have a WR1042ND.
    Much the.

  64. Hello Cristi want to ask if your TV is compatible with Philips 32pht4201 / 12 and phone Huawei Ascend y530 please thank .and much continued success of video sites do a up the good work.

  65. Hello, can I send something to stop climbing chromecast and display phone? Can play movies from your phone to chromecast?

  66. ovidiu oana said

    Hello. I have a Chromecast 2, I'm very happy with what it offers, but I got stuck using Windows 10 PC playback of pictures, not independently but in groups. I installed the Fullscreen Slideshow extension but I still don't know how to proceed and I didn't find any instructions to help me. In writing the answer, I ask for maximum indulgence in using the terms and detailing the steps, from the first to the last. At my age it was very difficult to start with XP and then try to stay in the "platoon" with so many new things that appear in the field of computers, phones, etc. Thank you and I wish you a "Happy Holidays". Ovidiu OANA

  67. A useful application that moves well for playing videos or movies on TV chromecast laptop (Windows-bit 32, 64-bit Windows, OS X (10.8 +) is called Airflow and is hosted by website . I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!… And the administrators of VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO a lot of hard work, as many interesting materials for fans and a sincere HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  68. dan farthing said

    Good evening and happy birthday, while this chromecast I 2, but knows how to do that is to start at the beginning:
    1) I do not know to design everything on your SmartTV
    2) I do not know to design the PC after SmartTV
    3) I do not know what program to install on Android to run well
    thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Under similar video Tutorials section under which you can find links (in red) exactly the tutorials that interest you.
      A single left click on one of those titles that and get to the tutorial!

  69. Hi Cristi! I have a great request for you regarding the chromecast…. for about a month or rather since googlecast changed to google home, I can't share anything, no movie (this interests me the most) on my phone .. I downloaded adblok… it doesn't see my device on the site anymore, in the movie server… Culme youtube goes and the screen… I tried other casting applications like videocast, etc. I gave the rest to the chromecast, return to settings… and configure it again .. everything man until I try to enter online movies for example and I try to share… I can't find my square for chaste anywhere .. When you made the tutorial for popcorn I also downloaded pocorn .. the fur was working now I can't share there either ..
    HELP ME .. I struggled for 5 months to buy it .. you know how sorry I am…
    Thousands of thanks!!!

  70. Stefan O. said

    Hi there!
    First, I want to send greetings ptr.toate reviews realizate.Sunt super OK!
    In the 2 century all come with a question: of all options for mobile devices running continuturillor (cordless) on TV, which is the best alternative?! For what I have, of course!
    I mention that unfortunately my Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo + phone does not have the "Screen Mirror" option!
    My TV is a LG43LH630V, which has included Mirracast.Am Mirracast tried to install the PS, but says that my phone is not compatible with this program!

    I want to watch more than pictures and music on my TV using special telefonul.In games on PS and movies online.

    Thank you in advance!

  71. IPTV to chromecast said
  72. Vintila said

    Mr. Cristi,
    I recently bought a Chromecast 2 can see him YouTube and other content, but I can not on my phone Screen Mirroring Samsung S4 mini I9195 Android 4.2.2. Screen mirroring option exists on your phone can activate, but can not find a device. How can I handle the situation?

  73. Popa Octavian said

    Chromecast 2 is compatible with Windows 10?
    Can I watch wireless movies from Kodi with Chromecast?
    Thank you.

  74. romica said

    Good Cristi. I did not really understand how to connect PC-TV-ROUTER-CHROMECAST. Could you please make a sketch or steps to follow after I connected Chromecast to TV? I'm also a beginner of age three. Thank you very much!

  75. A new version of AIRFLOW that moves amazingly well and is free on ! With this app, you can watch movies on your PC with Windows operating systems on 32 or 64 bit or Mac OS. If the movie does not have subtitles in most cases it finds the application in the language you want by calling the settings. You can choose subtitle color and font size.

  76. Hi Cristi. I use Chromecast 2 from 2016 for YouTube and HBO GO with the phone (android 4.2.2 followed by android 4.4.2.). HBO GO no longer works with android 5.1 or android 6.1… What should I do?
    Thanks for the tutorials, they are very useful.

  77. Does Chromecast only work with a smart phone that has Android 4.4.2 without a wireless router?

  78. A simple question: Does it go without a router? Can I connect to a TV, monitor without it being connected wirelessly to the router ?, Thanks

  79. Nelu Munteanu said

    For those interested, I inform you that the DIGI ONLINE application belonging to RCS-RDS, through the update from 29.01.2019, comes with news that we can only appreciate, more precisely, besides a new interface, it also has support for Chromecast. Now you can watch 56 TV programs (SD quality) directly on TVs through this device produced by Google. The application works perfectly on all 3 Chromecast models capable of playing HD images as well as on the 4K model. I specify that for the first 3 models the price is around 200 lei and the range of use is very wide… Digi Online can be installed on mobile phones or tablets using the android operating system or on a laptop by installing in a hard disk partition have around 30GB) REMIX OS, an android system that can run dually with Windows or Linux. And one more thing… if you do not have internet from RDS it is necessary to create an account on their platform, possibly calling a friend who agrees to create an account (username and password). Simultaneously 2 devices can work on one account. I don't know if it works from abroad .. I think it's more complicated here .. VPN..etc .. maybe someone brings clarifications….
    DIgi Online is an application that includes sports channels, news, themes, movies, lifestyle, music, children, general and foreign, as well as radio programs.

  80. Nelu Munteanu said

    How to stream movies from laptop (Windows operating system) to Chromecast ast
    These are the best Windows video players for Chromecast:
    -Soda Player
    -Videostream for Chromecast
    1.Air flow:
    The smoothest playback
    -Hardware-accelerated transcoding
    -Supports 4K
    - Automatic Subtitle from OpenSubtitles
    -5.1 surround sound surround
    Unfortunately, the best software for playing videos is a paid program. But AIRFLOW is worth every penny. What makes it superior to free applications? Try the free trial and you will find out.
    Performance is the main aspect because Airflow supports accelerated hardware transcoding. It also has 5.1 channel audio support for surround sound. Airflow includes complex subtitle control and remembers playlists and last positions.
    Airflow is a great application. It is one of the list that "really does its job."
    If you have a Chromecast Ultra for 4K videos, you can see the difference in performance on native Chromecast file formats, such as MKV. In fact, on Intel Skylake or later processors, Airflow has faster hardware transcoding.
    Free trial is a good way to find out if you want to pay for this application. With it, you can watch up to 20 minutes of video at a time. After you realize that this is the best, pay $ 19 and use it.
    I bought the Premium version but I can tell you that there are some problems with 1080p videos, I think because I use the Chromecast 2… version maybe with Chromecast Ultra 4k the situation changes.
    The application runs on Windows and MAC
    Official website: .
    2. Soda Player
    -Hardware-accelerated transcoding
    -Supports 4K
    - Automatic Subtitle from OpenSubtitles. Automatically get the right subtitles in your language
    -5.1 and 7.1 surround sound
    - Support for Ace Stream Lyncks
    - BT support almost instantaneously depending on the speed of NET
    - Support for all formats and codecs
    -Support for Chromecast but also for Apple TV
    It is an application that amazed me! . It also does its job very well on older laptops or PCs. If on an ACER 7736 ZG (8 years) using the AIRFLOW application the processor works between 60 and 80% in the case of the SODA PLAYER application the processor works below 20%, almost the same as an audio player !!!. The application does not have a proper playlist, but if you initially select the videos and drag them (drag & drop) on the player interface, a playlist will form from which you can select which material you want to watch otherwise they will run in a row. almost unattainable. The application has other options that I let you discover for yourself, I just let you know that the sopcast application runs perfectly after the appropriate setting of the latter and you can use it as a player on your laptop where the image appears instantly when you shoot videos of other players.
    It does NOT support audio formats (.mp3, .wav, .. etc.)
    The application runs on Win. and MAC.
    Official download site:
    3.VIDEOSTREM for Chromecast
    Free remote control application on Android and iOS…
    There are no playlists or "automatic playback of the next video" in the free version.
    VideoStream is the oldest application that has played videos successfully and easily. It is still pretty good and is the only one with a free remote control for mobile phones. The application can even sync a video folder on your computer, controlling everything from your phone. That being said, Google Assistant already acts as a remote control for basic playback: play / pause, backspace, and fast forward. For the mobile phone, install the app from the Play Store.
    VideoStream started as a Chrome application, but Google has stopped running the Windows application. Therefore, you will need to download the native program.
    You can play a clip without being able to make playlists. Many important features are in the paid version, including playlists, additional subtitle settings, night mode, and automatic playback of the next video. Premium VideoStream costs $ 1,49 per month, $ 14,99 per year or $ 34,99 for a lifetime license.
    It can play both video and audio formats. Personally I am NOT very excited about the application even though I purchased the Premium lifetime variant.
    Supports audio formats.
    The application runs on Win and Mac OS
    Official download site:
    An application that needs to be improved.
    It has no subtitle support.
    Supports audio formats.
    I'm waiting for comments
    Wish you all the best!

  81. Nelu Munteanu said

    Now the Chromecast can be set to operate independently of a local wireless network coming from a router. This is not stated in any video tutorial or in the reviews on the sites, but I discovered this by trying lately. I mention that I have done these tests in the past but with no result. The only idea that I did not have in mind was that, by making HOTSPOT with the tablet (mobile phone), we tried to make the Chromecast setting also with the tablet (mobile phone) and not with the PC (laptop). So what are the steps you need to take to make the Chromecast work directly from your phone? Mobile (tablet) and laptop.
    1. Tel. On mobile data ..
    2. HOTSPOT is made (with password or without password depending on the situation).
    3. Connect the laptop to the HOTSPOT of the phone (tablet).
    4. Enter on
    5. Click on "chromecast configuration" and configure.
    After configuration you can use the video or audio materials to be watched both on the phone. Mobile and on the laptop as long as the hotspot is connected to the phone. Mobile.
    NOTE: The laptop must be connected to the wifi on the HOTSPOT of the phone (tablet) when the configuration is made (Attention .. The Wifi phone (tablet). It has a name or if not, you can choose a name to your preference).
    Note: Sometimes the image quality on mobile data may be slightly lower in quality than when the Chromecast uses data from a router connected to a fixed internet network and this is due to the fact that the speed on mobile data is lower and there is also the risk of packet loss where the distance from the operator's terrestrial antenna is greater and the signal becomes unstable… And the smart device adapts to the conditions and in order not to block the image periodically prefers to play it at a lower quality. Where the signal is appropriate there are no problems.
    This way you can use the Chromecast wherever you go on vacation or delegates without depending on the local WIFI network of the hotel or location where you are. I come back with a new suggestion… Related to the first part of the review… If you want to keep your Chromecast settings without reconfiguring them every time you go on delegations or holidays I suggest you to set only your mobile phone (or tablet) hotspot keeping both the username and password of the router you use stably at home… so simple! … Guaranteed to work!

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