Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network

Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network

Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network

The wireless signal passes through the walls of the house.

When using a Wi-Fi network in the home, we need to be aware that that wireless network can be accessed by other people, neighbors, or people who are nearby.

Better securing Wi-Fi

I have spoken on other occasions about security to router login, I also talked about how to break a Wi-Fi network with social engineering or using vulnerabilities in the logon protocol. Today we will talk about intrusion discovery.

Take the problem of illegal connection seriously!

This is not about connecting your neighbor and spending bandwidth, and that anyone connected to your network can scan your traffic, intercept your data, steal your sessions, as I have shown you in this tutorial.

How can you tell if someone connects illegally on your Wi-Fi?

With Wireless Network Watcher, which we let run in the background, we'll discover the devices that connect to our Wi-Fi network, IMPORTANT is that these devices stay on the list even if they have disconnected.

Link download:

Wireless Network Watcher


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    1. resumption said

      Super. Similar to what would be the alternative?

      • Hello, install 'Who's On My WiFi' from the App Store, I'm also using my phone application
        "TP-Link Tether" this if you have a TP-LINK router

    2. He's not doing his job! The Router tells me that I have 10 connected devices, the program finds only 5! I counted 9, but maybe something was missing me.

    3. Hello. It works on your PC, but your phone is not detected when connecting to a wifi

    4. It does not detect any device connected by wifi. Not even the laptop. Should Advanced Options Be Done?

    5. liviu florin said

      It's ok, but the frequency of wifi of 5GHz does not detect it. I connected to the wifi telephony on 5GHz and did not detect it. Only 2.4 GHz works.

    6. Hello, please do a Dashlane tutorial!

    7. Daniel Vlad said

      Hello Cristi! I have a prayer for you, can you do a tutorial how do I move the OEM license to another PC?
      I want to update another PC (change drive) but I do not want to lose the license on my old PC
      license is OEM win 7 ultimate. Thanks a lot!

    8. Does it look when someone tries to connect and does not succeed because they do not know the password? I mean, he wants to connect

    9. Vatasescu Lenuta said

      who is illegally contracing the social network of videotutorial.ro?

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