Clean Master us clean unnecessary files from the operating system Android

Hello friends, today's tutorial we will talk about cleaning the Android operating system. Like any OS and Android needs cleaning from time to time to remove residual files and folders left behind using applications or uninstall them.
For a person atehnica it is difficult to easily recognize these residual files even if using a file manager. Well this reason no application Clean Master (Cleaner). This application is designed to help in the cleaning process and optimization of the Android operating system whether we speak about an Android phone or Android tablet.
What exactly Clean Master?
Clean Master application interface find 4 categories as follows:
Junk Files Files or waste: This section helps us to clean cache files applications and waste left after uninstalling applications.
Privacy and Confidentiality: This section allows us to delete personal information used by applications you have installed, we can clean sms, call logs, saved passwords from browsers or settings in the application.
Impulse memory or Memory Boost: help us automate processes off for different applications running in the background thus freeing up RAM and sparking device applications that are to use them.
App Manager or Manager applications: an advanced manager for uninstalling applications, applications that come preinstalled on your Android device (if you have root), you can remove the application in .apk format, to back up applications or move some applications on the SD memory card.
Clean Master has a 1 called Tap Boost Widget that can be placed on one of the main screen (home screen). At the touch of this widget, Master Clean will clean your RAM by stopping running processes in the background.
Clean Master app is a very useful if you want to free up space on your Android device but do not know where to start or do not know which files will occupy a lot of space in the internal memory / SD card.

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  1. PROBLEMS box not working?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Issues section was a dictionaries website that you can access directly from the address bar of your browser.

  2. Andi Turcu said

    Adrian, I have a Huawei Ascend Y210D but do not know how to close Recent applications nor to bag music in internal memory (up MicorSD I'll get a card) ... Can you help me, please!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      So you can add music need to install drivers for your phone. Most likely you will find the manufacturer's official website.
      To see recent applications running, you press and hold the Home button (the middle box shaped)

  3. Hold physical Home button

  4. You put the USB cable from phone to PC or PC to do music? if you can not help by remote control but little tarjiu

  5. Anderson said

    Only bag no doubt phone app, well what they spy on me that I have the phone with their applications for clean, leave it better without, not seen on TV that Android phones are watching everything we do in them, bag Master Clean to the toolbar to get past him to spy on them, the world is full of spying to see what they're doing. I plugged and does nothing to hinder the system and more Toolbar and all from one application and are not to give reset the phone due to a pointless app. No Clean Master and all Android's razor go without. Before stuffing all Advanced Task Killer programs, speed memory booster, etc.. and Android's going to hell. Android let's feel good as it is

    • Anderson overreacting and this is not the first time.

    • It is better to be careful to applications that install.
      Still do not get paranoid, people from tv shows you what can happen but do not tell you how many warnings and security layers must pass in order to take control of a phone.
      To be sure, install only play store.

    • You think someone has no other job than to spy on you? :))))))) You're not you any shady outlaw! Do you have any idea how much a minute of "espionage"?

  6. Cristian said

    Hello, interesting tutorial, I have a problem with Google Play that does not want to start any nohow all the time yes' forcing closure "although I wiped the cache and so do, please, if you have a solution or must resoftat phone? Thank you.

    • trying to remove google account (to remove e-mail) with which you are logged on the phone then enter it again

  7. I know I post offtopic, but I would ask you to make a tutorial about hosting your own PC. I have a "site" made in html (well actually I made a small interface that I use to put stuff to download for friends)

    • Adrian Gudus said

      There are already many tutorials on the subject. Use the search box at the top right. Search: "how to make a website from 1" there wearing 2, 3 and 6 to

  8. Hello, I have a major problem. I can not do updates to apps tells me that there is insufficient space on the device that is on the phone do not know why. AM 225 mb free in phone and 1.5 GB USB. How do I install updates to applications? What can I do? I tried this but in vain master clean, no results. I do not know what to do, I 10 applications that have to do updates.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Nothing you have free space on the SD card, internal memory to install applications. Some applications can be moved to the SD card, you have an option in the Settings menu> Applications. Touching each application in the list and see who supports moving to the SD card, you will have a button "Move to SD card" or "move to external storage"
      You can also use a named darktremor mood which we already have a tutorial that you will find the search box in the top right. This allows you to move all applications to the SD card even if they normally do not support this.

  9. Adrian Gudus said

    Clean Master used for some time and there I happened to get a pop-up advertisements to be changed my browser's home page or what not another inconvenience. Even in the application interface does not have advertisements. It is true that there are applications that do more harm than good, I even mentioned in the tutorial to avoid using any task killer! If you disable all automatic options Clean Master and use it manually once a month, they do the job and do not get involved with anything.

    • You have no idea where AdrianGudus a way to install applications directly from Android Market or Google Play SD card directly without them move it to automatically install there something there a setting in the phone.

  10. startup manager what do you think deserves installed?

  11. It's best option to move to SD card, no application 1 MB can not move it tells me there is no space on the SD card that is USB though the application has 1 MB and I 2.5 GB free. So what do I do? Does my android something?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I recommend to save all the folders on the card on the computer and then re-enter the card in the phone and format the card in Android.
      Why save all the folders on the pc card? Because after formatting will lose all files on SD card

      • Adrian Gudus What card? I have that phone memory + memory on USB storage on my Galaxy S II. I bought from the store or an SD card

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Well then where you want to move apicatiile if you have attached a SD card to the internal memory? "USB storage" refers to the SD card, if you have not attached a SD card then it sucks.
          There are solutions than May uninstall applications or phone to delete photos, videos, music.

  12. Hello, cleaning and optimization application exist? I've searched and nothing ...

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Well this is just about it in the tutorial above. Hello!
      Just these things make application presented in the tutorial video.
      Strange how some Romanians, even their native language is incomprehensible

      • Hello again, I wanted to write for the iphone, but probably not attentive to anything I wrote ... sorry ;) ... rephrase, for iphone there?

  13. Hi Adrian. What phone do you plan to buy?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Honestly I like very much both as HTC One hardware design as well as the second option would be Samsung Galaxy S4.
      Yet I will buy Nexus 4 because I want a perfect compatibility between software and hardware and devices Nexus range offers something.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        Currently I have a Samsung Galaxy Note hands 8.0 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 but to be honest, I'm not at all happy with how devices respond, how they move with the operating system "improved" by Samsung.
        As an idea, you have many facilities with official Samsung ROM, many very useful features, many software implementations interesting but not very responzive and does not work perfectly every time.

      • Anderson said

        HTC One X and One simpu I recommend myself, it's very good, I still HTC Wildfire and is extremely good at the signal compared to samsung that you Pope slams battery on 3G, HTC is much better Signal even in the basement, which samsung does not have zero signal

  14. Adrian Gudus said

    TouchWiz interface and software features introduced by Samsung are extremely aggressive and hungry with battery.

  15. Thanks for the reply. I saw that already started to grow his price 4 nexus. Waiting for a cheap, if not by December 5 buy nexus which promises a superb phone. still resist s2 galaxy.

  16. Julian Artene said

    Adrian I really need your help, you all muuultt rogggg conact I remain deeply indebted to you, I can find the e-mail or facebook where you want just give me a sign.

  17. adrian76 said

    My daughter has a Smart 2 gesture and put hair on your phone and forgot the password. How can I get rid of the password? He asked the password and email address but failed. It can be reset?

  18. A tutorial or some recommendations for new subscriptions to the RDS with speeds up to 1Gb / s?
    I'm interested in routers, and recommended components. In fact any recommendations are welcome.
    I understand that not everyone can benefit from these rates because they own computers or routers.
    Thank you

  19. Shawl, go and Galaxy mini s5560 they can not get rid of some games already deleted and I no longer see the menu

  20. Hey, go on samsung S5560 application, I'd like to see some applications not already removed when I go into menu appears so stupid and yes I deleted all remaining

  21. What software you use to view phone screen on your PC?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We already have tutorial on how do this. Write in the search box top right: Androidscreencast, press Enter and you will find the tutorial!

  22. Hello! Tell me all the time I 88 terog dc-90% memory used, I made the settings I gave leai memory boost but I do not know dc always used memory almost full. Thank you!

  23. Adela Benc said

    Hi, I have a question: I have a HTC M7 and at a time now and stop me instantly applications. You do not know who could be the problem? And if you can solve? Thanks

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Give a factory reset (return to factory settings). Be sure to do a backup for photos and important files are lost in this process. If you backup your Google account activated after resetting the same account add Google had previously reset and can restore backup your Google account.

  24. ceau adrian, I have a master intrebare.clean crashes when I hit phone cpu boost or heat (screen is black) and then give homme button to exit the application, otherwise the screen remains black ... .I uninstalled the application and all goes ... ..l p5quad ... or did many updates, these updates only supports phone? navi updates to Google Maps and have made the phone only "meet" :)? thank you.

  25. there is nothing to orange zilo compatible? resoftat was in service and 1 month and dust, not buteaza, I remain at orange logo, even a compatible CWM if I can recommend it with technology ... .More away from them salt battery, a CWM please and possibly a way to root has nice ms

  26. Greetings. Sir Adrian, try to limit time may presentable versions of Linux (Live CD / USB) as an alternative to Windows. Thank you in advance.

  27. Hi I have a problem I can not see your clips android tablet Vodafone tells me that I need adobe perfect player but does not let me install it.

  28. Hi, Adrian!
    I own a Samsung J5 2016 and 6.0 has Marshmallaw
    My question is: On the phone mentioned above can install flash player and if so how?
    I can not watch your tutorials.
    Thank you !


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