Windows 10 cloning, copying from HDD to SSD

Cloning an operating system is the best option when you want to transfer the operating system from a hard disk to a SSD or HDD another newer.
If when copying files on a hard drive on another is a viable option if the Windows operating system and beyond, we are dealing with protected system files and hidden partitions. We can not simply to copy Windows as a text file.
Easeus ToDo Backup Free It is a free cloning and backup that will help us move from Windows hard disk SSD. This cloning program will handle everything from partitioning, transfer files to the proportion partitions; Because we rarely drive of the same capacity disk source destination, where cloning.

Windows 10 cloning, copying from HDD to SSD

How to use Easeus Todo Backup free?
Before you start working, make sure that your old hard drive is not too much data. The data on the source hard drive must fit the new space, that is SSD or HDD again; In addition it must stay and some space, preferably at least 20-30%.
Once we open the application, in the upper right we have the "Clone" button, which allows us to start the cloning process.
1. Choose source, that old hard disk with the system he / Next
2. Choose the destination or “target”, ie the new SSD or HDD
3. Check the partitions and the correctness of the choices made previously (source / destination) and press “Proceed” and wait until the end of the cloning process.
What we do after cloning?
Now you have the same operating system on two drives, and Windows will load all of your old disk.
In this case we have two choices:
1. Remove the old hard drive and format it, then reinsert it.
2. Boot from Gparted and format hard disk old
Fast boot solution and verification (temporary), is forced from the boot disk from the boot menu again (f12 at PC startup).
Whatever you do, make sure personal data before. Save important files (documents, pictures, home movies) on a stick or an external hard drive.

Video Tutorial - Clone Windows 10, copy from HDD to SSD

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  1. Hello Cristi I want to propose a alernativa the GParted Live: With EasyBCD wipe entry bootloader, representing disk old, then give restart, the system will boot automatically dial again after that drive old can be formatted live with Disk Managmenet in Windows or another third party application.

  2. We tutorials Android OS on PC !!

  3. Peter bisog said

    Cristi Hello!
    Congratulations for this tutorial!
    When a series of tutorials on application Kodi?
    Are increasingly more people who try to use this app but unfortunately know little about it. True, some tutorials circulating on the Internet, but I am convinced the world would understand or easier you can do with Kodi if you involve yourself.
    Good luck!

  4. Congratulations on everything you do .We aim for many years and I've learned a lot from my Dacia .Întrebarea can clone an SSD on another SSD, say you buy an SSD with greater storage capacity.

  5. Cristi Hello!
    First excuse = me because I write is outside the topic.
    I have an older PC with the following configuration:
    P4531-2,66 MHz CPU -Intel
    MEMORY - 2GB
    VIDEO PLATE - 7300GT LEADTEK / 256
    In order to give him a bit of speed I want to put the operating system (win 8.1 licensed) SSD.
    Can I do that?
    Recommendation SSD.
    Thank you

    • First add at least 2GB memory. I recommend Intel SSD.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Of course you can. For an SSD recommendation, see our recent “Gaming PC Configuration at a Good Price” tutorial, which you can find with the search box on the top right

  6. Peter bisog, this software works on TV, PC etc but not recommend it than those who feel that time passes too încet.Este, in my opinion, an intermediate absolutely useless, looking movies through various archives.
    If you are interested in a certain movie, it is much easier to search for it directly on the net… and if you don't believe me, come on, don't get Kodi, try it!

  7. I can say that this program is exceeded .Aomei do the job much faster and without erori.Apropos What do you do with an old project about Hackintosh?

  8. I'm now a year or so when I got the SSD I did something like this but with no soft, really do not remember the exact steps but if I made a back-up system in the control panel on a partition storage (it is Windows 7) and then if we put the horse SSD. and introduced a Windows installation disc with menu 7 and repair if I restored from back-up system on the SSD, something more primitive, but it worked perfectly. I repeat, do not remember exactly but I like so remember that we did.

  9. Daniel Radu said

    Cristi, you tested Android 6 Marshmallow?

  10. Thanks for the tutorial but I have a problem. HDD with Windows software is 20 GB, the new HDD is 500GB, and after doing the hard drive cloning of 500GB becomes one of 20GB !! Ie clones and space not just files or what? I do not understand where the problem is.

    • maybe she's doing this smart thing. o had the option to automatically resize the new hard drive depending on the volume to be transferred. without option? maybe you want it or maybe you don't want it….
      I would use anyway Migrate Easy. that even you can do it and do your job boobtabil CD of live cd

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You still have the difference in space but you have to allocate it from Disk Management (right click on My Computer / This PC and click on Manage) as my colleague Cristi did in the previous tutorial with “Installing SSD M.2 and the difference in performance SSD vs SSHD ”which you can find with the search box on the top right or in the Tutorials action in the black bar at the top.

  11. Cristi windows of enterprise Licensed 10 30 days

  12. video drivers were also matured w10? me I do not go at all the games and license them.

  13. Hello Cristi.Te Please enlighten me and me with a problem. I have a Lenovo Laptop T500 and recently we put in place a SSD HDD Kingston. I installed Windows 7 64 ultimate bits, drivers, programs ... All well and good. At first I was confronted with the problem of Windows Update in the sense that I do not give any updating. Only after I received some 2 days; and now all of 2 days another problem, namely: I open the laptop light lights on / off, Bluethooth ... etc, display black and only after 10 minutes 20 seconds enter the logo of Lenovo intel where you can enter the bios, then the normal Windows and it works ok. If you install a program and restart the PC asks the same question above (10 20 minutes sec. Each time clocked by me) .Mentionez that I had some time to realize this, that in the first phase I thought about display problems, motherboard. I mention that I was and a service repair laptops, PCs ... and did not know any guys there (they said they were not confronted with such a problem although they have passed thousands of laptops by hand. I wait for a response or feedback from you. Thanks!

    • Windows is clean, or is downloaded torrents?

      • It is a windows that I installed on n… laptops and on pc, including on my boy's pc. I mention the fact that after the ones posted above, on this laptop I took out the ssd I put his hdd and I tried to install another windows (opposite why you asked). The problem persists in the sense that it works installed normally but when it asks for a restart I encounter the above problem (which is curious to me, at each start the time is the same ie 10 min, and 20sec. Instead, when it entered windows it works perfectly.

        • Daniel is "tired".
          Try a live-CD OS and see what he says.
          If he does the same… put him at the door of an enemy, to work his brains with him!

        • Daniel the problem is not from SSD or HDD..he is a common problem for T 400 and T 500 models only with Windows 7… you have to check the usb ports to see if it works because you might have a faulty port .. and it is related to the boot process..try to see if you put Vista how it behaves..what about the bios if some weak updates have been made.Only good

          • So USB ports are ok, HDD and SSD I am convinced that there is no problem, on win7 I mean this as any 4 years 7 windows rolled as now and there were no problems.
            Regarding the bios update, I really did it, but this was almost 1 year ago and it went ok so far (and now it works ok after entering windows (the problem is at startup: only after 10 minutes and 20 seconds it enters Lenovo logo I understand where you can enter the bios, then in normal windows-the strangest thing for me is this fixed time every time-which makes me think that maybe it's something setting something…

  14. Use Acronis server backup. The 10 minutes to copy another hdd drivers with all

  15. Marian Stoica said

    Hello Cristi please do a tutorial of how to do ssdul Cleave in caching, for example gb ssd I 24 of them do not know how I had the caching need your help. Thank you very much!!!

  16. Catalin Bularca said

    I bought a 60 GB SSD. I want to just clone the partition that is OS and HDD keep him second for storage. I can do with this program and what to do with the hidden partition to win. 10?

    • Catalin Bularca said

      Meanwhile I used Acronis trial and everything is ok. He repartition the HDD into a single partition without losing anything

  17. I have a question.
    It is possible to install Windows 10 and also to keep them functional programnele partition D I like gaming? I mention that I have a Windows 8.1 now intend to test and Enterprise and Windows 10.
    Thank you in advance.

  18. Hello Cristi
    I recently purchased a ssd, I installed Windows from scratch.
    The problem is no longer active with the license windows on the back of the netbook.
    If you do this cloning remains activated and Wiindows original license?
    How to do to activate Windows?
    HDD with Windows is still the el.Dar am not yet an adapter for it.
    Thank you in advance

  19. Hello! Not sure if this is the right place, but I have a little problem. I had a HDD install Windows 10, then by buying me a SSD we put in place the optical drive and installed Windows on it (another Windows 10). HDD remained on the old partitions, folders and installations. The problem is that the hard drive had Windows installed in some games and had reached certain levels, and installing them again as the fresh new SSD would make sure to miss this. My question would be whether there is any possibility of cloning the old Windows games installed, yet installed on HDD, the new Windows installed on the SSD. Thank you!

  20. Stavreschi said

    Hey kids!
    I did exactly what it says in tutorial.şi job worked 100%, now I type the clone.
    I "moved" if my external hdd Win10 on my left from an old laptop because I want to bag a Linux distribution on your laptop. I will occasionally use WinXP.
    Cristian, Adrian and the rest of the tutorials here do not know how, but I've managed to provide answers to different problems arose in my relationship with the PC whenever they occurred, and we have solved.
    God give you good health and especially power to continue this wonderful work you are doing here Videotutoriale !!!

  21. Thank you very much!!
    Very useful tutorial!

  22. Hello,
    I have two equal partitions on a Haard of 500 G, so I bought the laptop, and can not reduce the C partition to enlarge the storage, nor win any of EASEUS Partition magic 10 because of this on C SO.
    Cloning may be a solution, followed by formatting and resizing partition C and then move back to C SO?
    Or can be otherwise?

  23. Hello,
    I have a laptop with HDD 500 G and two equal partitions. I want to shrink the partition C and D increase storage partition. I could not do that to win any 10 nor with EASEUS Partition magic because OS's.
    Cloning is a solution? Meaning they can clone the C partition and then reformatting and resizing and moving back to OS C? or may be otherwise?

  24. At the:
    Acer Aspire VN7-592G7235
    Crucial SSD SATA slot M.300 250GB 2 MX Type 2280SS
    Win system 10

    To purchase laptop came with a hard tera 1
    I mounted up SSD and everything after I formatted the hard drive tera 1
    I pierdud Recovery partitions and most importantly MB EFI partition 100 System
    I installed the SSD and WIN 10 go smoothly.

    How can I recover (to create) happened to Recovery.
    Bigger problem:
    If you enable UEFI bios mode (RECOMMENDED FOR SSD), and give the loading Win save 10 he says that it fails to boot. I think UEFI mode legarura have deleted the partition with EFI.

    How can I solve the problem 2.

    Otherwise laptop goes smoothly with the WIN10 with apdeit and all apdeit apdatate installed and up to date.
    I'm afraid to do apdeit without the partition EFI BIOS

  25. Good evening! how can i move the windows from a ssd of 32 G on a ssd m2 2242 by 128G.? (the lap top is provided with this place for m2, and it sees it as a partition or a card). Thank you

  26. I wish you some time said

    I have two operating systems on the computer, both windows 10 are installed on two partitions (I have mediated development for SCHNEIDER PLC and Siemens). The problem is that the same resources are used and locked if installed on the same operating system.
    How do I clone the two partitions on an SSD.
    Cristi can you help me?

  27. Draghici Cristi said

    Hello! I have a question. How is it best to put it in place of hdd and put it in dwd rw with a caddy or leave it in its place and put it in dwd rw?

  28. I have a problem and I do not know how to fix it, can someone help me? 1 I bought a mini pc intel Z83-v with a ram memory of 2gb and 35 gb on the hard drive in the idea that I can put a ssd or something a lot of memory but the surprise when I put SSD from a 250 gb laptop pc does not recognize it although I tried a lot of variants I can not solve anything I mean the pc came with windows10 preinstalled give me some advice ?PLEASE

  29. Hello I have a question if I take HDD from an older PC and clone it on an SSD (on M2) from a new pc (with a completely different configuration), it's working on Windows or the problem of drivers ? or do I update drivers after?
    Or a clean installation is safer and ok?

  30. Hi. I have a sex with windows 10 and I have a windows 10 on the external hdd rack and other partitions, when I start the leptop on SSD I can not see my external rack ?. What a smile to do to delete external racks windows, but without formatting. Thanks

  31. Hi Cristi, I changed the hardware on an SSD but it seems that my laptop does not measure my SSD what I can do is an asus x50gl

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