Command to display wi-fi passwords in CMD - on any Windows

Command display Wi-Fi passwords in CMD
Command display Wi-Fi passwords in CMD

What is it about in the tutorial command displaying wi-fi passwords in CMD?

In the video tutorial command display wi-fi passwords in CMD we will see how wireless passwords can be displayed, only by a command given in CMD on Windows.

Why would we want to see the Wi-Fi passwords displayed in CMD?

Passwords are good as long as we remember them. It is the same with the wi-fi password, which I forgot a few minutes after I put it.

When you forget the wi-fi password, you just have to go into the router and see what the password is. The problem is that we don't even remember the router's administration password.

Someone comes to visit and says: "Give me your wi-fi password too"

Exactly after that question you only remember that it's been too long since you set up your router, and the wi-fi password is lost in your thoughts.

Then you say, "Wait, I saved it on my PC." But how do you see it?

How can we view the stored Wi-Fi passwords on the PC?

There are many methods, some involve using some applications.

The easiest thing is to use some commands in CMD and the passwords will be displayed on the screen in a few seconds.

Command to display wi-fi passwords in CMD - steps

  1. Open DCM with administrator rights
  2. The first order is netsh
  3. The second command is wlan show profile for displaying the stored networks
  4. The final order is wlan show profile nume_retea key=clear for displaying the Wi-Fi key. Instead of nume_reţea Fill in the name of the network for which you want to find the password.

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Video tutorial - Command to display wi-fi words in CMD

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  1. What if the network name is made up of several words? eg ”Wifi Network 123 ″

  2. wlan show profile Retea_Wifi_123 key = clear

  3. shoemaker said

    For me it says "There is no such wireless interface on the system"
    I checked the network dismantling and it is correct. (win10 Pro, 64 bits, ver.18363)

  4. It was really useful to me. Thanks.

  5. very good tutorial

  6. Dan drugs said

    For me who use 2 routers at home and forever confusing passwords is great
    Thank you

  7. ROMAN RIVER said

    My respect for the work done. Thanks. Each time you manage to surprise me

  8. Victor Ionut Maicanescu said

    In point 4 of the text, a space is missing on order by the name of the network (for those who use copy-paste).


    I tried and it does not come out does not show me the password!

  10. Hello.
    This is for those passionate about DOS
    For the others there are applications, beautifully colored 🙂
    Smart WiFi Solution or WiFiPasswordRevealer

  11. Andrew said

    good job Cristi, maybe if you have time you do some tutorials about linux nice weekend

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