Compared microphones Sony ECM-V1BMP vs DPA 4060

Hi friends, today we test most appreciated miniature microphone is produced by DPA in Denmark and the model is DPA d: screet 4060.
Perhaps by now you have not heard of the company DPA, that's because they do not make products that address the general public, the company DPA produce more for the professional audio and microphones that they do are exceptional.
The DPA company was founded in 1992, when two engineers from Brüel & Kjær decided that they could do something other than audio testing equipment and technology. In a short time they managed to get a lot of prizes for innovations and quality products.
How we got to this microphone?
3 months ago I purchased a Sony UWP wireless lavalier D11. The product is excellent overall, but I felt like the microphone can be more. So I decided to research the market and finally I stopped at lavalier microphone DPA d: screet 4060, although little information about him plowing. The shortage of information on DPA 4060 pushed me to do this tutorial and bring in Romania and some information about these things.
4060 DPA is a very sensitive microphone with an excellent dynamic range and native background noise extremely small. In addition 4060 is very small and can be hidden anywhere even in sight. In theaters and in movies, this microphone is hidden in hair and wigs. By the way, in the film Les Miserables dialogues and musical scenes were captured with this microphone.
In the demonstration video at the beginning I used Sony microphone stock and in the second we changed the DPA. They were identical settings, as well as microphone placement.
I regret that I was not available and other lavaliere, as you can provide a clear image.
Why Sony did not like the microphone?
I can not say I do not like, just as sound is a little stuffy at times and the sensitivity is much smaller Sony.
Why have not the best microphone from Sony?
Because of the cost!
What other good lavaliere are on the market?
Audio Technica AT899
Sennheiser MKE2, MKE1
Sony ECM 55, 77 ECM, ECM 88
Voice Technologies VT401
Countryman B3, B6, EMW
Tram TR50
This microphone does not work connected directly to the PC. To use it you need to connect it to a recorder with power plugin (Zoom H1, H2n,…) or to a wireless kit with a compatible adapter.
When you purchase this microphone, you need to choose and an adapter that will pay him separately. The package comes just two microphone grilles (flat and soft boost).
If you need a microphone for desktop, gaming, Skype, Messenger, etc., will recommend drag Samson microphone C01U
Please tell me the box comantarii that seem like sounds better?

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  1. salutare.poate not post place, but I would like to ask ceva.niste tutorials on tasker application as an application binevenite.este super, and I think many would be interested in it

  2. decebal12345 said

    Sony seemed to me that sounds very good. Then I noticed that DPA is heard clearer and stronger.

    • The settings were the same for both microphones, but you must keep in mind that these settings have been made for Sony microphone and the DPA was less disadvantaged.
      Those with trained ears will notice small distortions that come from preamplifier room, which is set on a volume too large for DPA microphone. In the situation where the volume is in the room, DPA microphone sound will be better defined.
      The DPA 4060 microphone is a "hot" microphone and therefore the volume must be set carefully. If the volume is too high, the preamp in the room is flooded with signal and fails to do its job properly, in the end artifacts may appear on the audio column.

  3. Constantin said

    Hello everyone I have and I have a request to you Cristi Adrian I recommend you to a DNS server that does not give me serious problems or what not, to register a domain ¨¨ or ¨ ¨ I do not wish ¨¨. Thank you.

    • If you mean TLDs, these are the authorities that can provide areas.
      For Forums is nice to work with RoTLD directly.
      For .com does not matter, all working as resellers (avoid GoDaddy).
      If you mean the server software version, then Bind DNS server is the most popular.

      • Constantin said

        Thanks Cristi response.
        Keep tio everything so you do a very good job of inpartasi of your knowledge with us. Bafta further.

  4. SHAWL
    You say
    (Avoid GoDaddy)
    Why ? / Antireclama?

    • GoDaddy hard to get rid of (complicated procedure), if you want to move your domain to another server.
      I offer suggestions and advice, anti do not advertise because they do not have interests in this field.

  5. Valentin said

    I would like to see a tutorial on DSLR that shoot.
    Congratulations for all you do! Bravo!

  6. Constantin said

    Hello to all Lumes, Cristi Adrian I also asked in the past and I think I was the only one tutorial with a NAS mount a older PC. I understand that for the few people who ask this tutorial (if you have an old PC in the house) to go to the store to buy a PC or NAS components for Montri said. Everything and you could start a series of tutorials how to create a website and keeping it at home on a PC using eg the best operating system for this project, and we all know you said you Cristi windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 and xampp is not a serious solution. Request this tutorial or a series of tutorials if possible in part because videotutorialele team earlier in the year 2009 and I'm sure it will be a little outdated and know yourself, for example: (seo pack has several configuration options Currently, installation of best plugins etc.) If you are interested in this subject people leave your comments. I hope you do not take that comment as an evil of me I only suggest this videotutoriale you decide if you want and if you can achieve acetate or these videotutoriale. Thank you.

    • I promise you will start a series of tutorials on using older PCs to different tasks (nose, web, ftp, media server.
      When I said that XAMPP is not a serious solution, I mean to use this solution for a production server 24 / 7. For example us we can not use XAMPP.
      XAMPP or wampp are used for testing and development. Further, the production is going on dedicated solutions (VPS, dedicated server).

  7. Anderson said

    Hello Cristi or Adrian, how about a series about FreeBSD, as there are only about Ubuntu site, which most of you know, but not too FreeBSD uses one moves around. That was a suggestion, you decide if it's worth, I mean one that deserves a lot and Peter those who want to become managers Server, etc.

    • BSD development is weaker than the Linx where developers are much more.
      Free BSD few years ago was considered in setting up and maintenance of networks.
      Now Linux is a top when it comes to servers or networks. The Free BSD users are those who were acquainted with the system and have no reason to change.
      I do not think a tutorial Free BSD would have much success.
      Perhaps if there was demand, I would jab.

  8. Too bad this site I see that you do not post anything. 1 tutorial per week? What's going on? You don't have time anymore? Take other collaborators if you don't have time. Another abandoned site…

    • The pace of posting is not established, it is natural.
      We do not work on tape, posted when we have something ready. We do not trust the media, we have no deadlines, no Added KG.
      There are thousands of sites on the internet that puts minimum daily 5 not necessarily have to wait for us.
      In general we fast topics that need information and testing, and that takes time.
      Our opinion is that quality is more important than speed and quantity. We do not want to contribute to the noise that others produce it.

      • In the past, you also post 1-2 tutorials a day… on the conveyor belt

        • I do not think I have ever done two tutorials someday.
          Perhaps there were periods when going to post more frequently, but they were exceptions.
          Even now, if you happen to finish work on more tutorials started, in the same period, the pace of post can be accelerated.
          Postăţile but usually they are not so dense that again, documenting and testing takes time.
          For example now working on the review OnePlus One review I want to be extremely accurate, because this is not a traditional telephone. You'll see why!
          Documentation and tutorials and reviews testing is time consuming and can spread over very long periods. Start one pops another, have to go back to something else, etc., etc. Work is widespread, and when all sit down at their place, time of posting.
          I must admit that sometimes my head is a storm of information, which sometimes exceed, then we must stop the PC, phone and come up for air, otherwise it will not leave / enter anything in / head.
          But I can not complain, that I love to do, and do it with great pleasure.

          • don't continue with oneplus anymore. is of no interest. to make tutorials to help us. this phone china doesn't make sense

  9. Hello. can you make a tutorial on how to do a mail server on Linux? I think many would be interested.

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