Internet access via modem from a Nokia phone with symbian - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial he makes his debut at us Luci, who is also a fan of the computer like us, Luci has another passion, namely smart phones or our smart phones that have all sorts of functions and interesting options, and in some moments you can even successfully replace a computer (mail, browsing, pdf, text, blogging).

Luci following tutorial will present a method of connecting to the internet using a mobile phone brand Nokia N series which is a Symbian OS (a Linux mobile) connection will be made using a prepaid card (calling card) to Orange is not necessary a subscription for that.

Many of us have a computer or laptop and often take no short or long term internet services or simply discontinue netul.

Now we can complete this shortcoming using our connection between a phone and computer, where the phone acts as a modem. We find in this videotutorial what we need and how to successfully connect to the internet.

If you have any questions on this tutorial video about mobile phone please address them now on Luci who will take care of this segment.

But to finish talking and follow him on Luci's first video tutorial made for, which I personally liked a lot, I think you'll like you too and I find it very useful.

Lucian basil

Get the Flash Player to see the video.

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  1. Friend a little advice if I may, somehow rezolvo sunetu ala, make other settings and get yourself a microphone better than loud sounds bad, and you and deep voice! And try not to read the sheet that must mean the tutorial! known that feeling! Be yourself, try to be natural, learn "lessons" on derost, be casual, relaxed ...

  2. You have to learn Luci but good for beginning

  3. @Nicu: Do good and refrain from such comments in the future! When commentators say something and get arguments saying and why and what do not like it! do not throw words wrong!

  4. LucianGL said

    Believe me I tried what I recomanzi.Am concluded that it is better to make my text to make sense for me not lengthen videotutorialului.Am watched because there are many things to be done in a certain order and a beginner would lose patience rather quickly. Personally I think what I wanted I reusit.Legat microphone in the future it'll keep a little further.
    It's a good start will be better
    We thank you that you have watched this videotutorial
    I will present in the future "stuff" very interesting that you probably did not hear or did not know that could be possible

  5. LucianGL said

    Adrian's ok, I know the problem.
    Nicu, what do you mean? Something wrong I videotutorial!?

  6. @Adrian:
    Everyone is nervous at first, and the microphone can not be the best but all will adjust over time.
    We at first make some tutorials on the execrable quality of the sound channel is Luci's tutorial perfume besides those.
    For the first time I think that is good.

  7. LucianGL said

    Thanks Cristi

  8. Congratulations I'm bn as team grows
    PS let's be serious left criticism instead start encourage your man to say it reads on paper or what not everyone has emotions, everyone knows that inseputul's hard, man strafuie teach us something free (rarely)
    My congratulations and more waiting tutorials luck one evening / day enjoyable

  9. Leave the boy alone endeavored to show you something interesting!
    Cristi's right emotions at first but the world has come a to adjust. Indeed it's a tad bit blurry but otherwise the sound is ok! Congratulations tutorial! For starters it's ok!

  10. George Iordache said

    Mr. Cristi,
    Cooptation of these young people in your team is brilliant. We appreciate and congratulate you once again for the idea. Our people are very intelligent, evidence of these two young people should be encouraged. Let's leave aside the awkwardness inherent in any beginning. What matters is the utility of tutorials.
    Lucian, Alex, courage, Dad.

  11. What program uses for desktop recording ???

  12. Bravo May Lucian, hats off!
    & Za` keep up good work!

  13. @IoNuTz: You can use many software for capture! CamStudio which is free, Camtasia, Sinagua this last 2 are money!

  14. CORLEONE said

    It is quite well done very well for starters !! What I please take care Luci is the future sound Honestly tell you that he understands "this file will look Iike it" not as write text on paper but beware of pronunciation, you could say descxarcat will file this form, I do not think the confusion, I have a question: if all you know passionate mobile software SPY SOFTWARE ARM ?? ??

  15. honestly ... I liked it ... I did a N72 thing several times but did not know how to set browswerul the orange ... so I no longer consume credit ... I like .. good luck in your videotutorialele continuare.ionutz_contract7

  16. @LucianGL: Welcome to you VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO team! Know that I am proud of you, why? For that I'm still in Galati! Good luck!

  17. great tutorial, and I tried with a nokia data cable 6300 and obtiunea orange wap unlimited and super cool I go 12kb speed / sec.Sunteti <> ....

  18. I liked the Luci .... easy ... calm ... a very good job, congratulations!

  19. LucianGL said

    Corleone know the software, not the only one, but is one of those less accessible software such as cloning SIM cards, full control on any Nokia phone without installing anything in it (here do not like Nokia for not admitted to the difference I-phone to recognize that there is this secret service implemented in all their phones). I will present something because it is illegal.
    I must say that I got a little unlucky, yesterday I ran internet to PC and after some tests I found out that the network card is burned today will have to take my alta.Pot still very easy to get on the site on phone.
    The next tutorial will be presenting free converter SUPER, so is called el.Totodata will show how you can use your phone as a remote control to full PC or Laptop (PC can do anything, besides direct start from the phone). I will show you how can you use your phone as a webcam, amazes me that I can provide good image quality and obviously free, unlike many webcams that cost more and have a horrible quality. I'm sure you will like and really use this information

  20. very good tutorial, you did pretty good, maybe I'll make a tutorial about Camtasia and k we have but do not know how I set it, I mean k can shoot the screen but nothing shows me shooting a film such dak or video, I show all black,,,, can someone help me .. thanks

  21. LucianGL said

    Doni on the official site are video tutorials in English about using Camtasia software and 5 6.
    And bb flash back is pretty good and I liked the complex

  22. thanks a lot Luciani p now one to watch there,, good luck to you and the boys do a pretty good job all

  23. sall Who can help me make the yahoo messenger proxy settings do not work with dial-up internet on your phone is not conecteza ....

  24. @ulariu: Open up the mess and then list Conection clicl Messenger Preferences Use proxies tick, tick Enable HTTP proxy server name put this ip: server port and chicken 8799 Aply and then click OK Success!

  25. Super hard this stage .... I did not know that there are so ... to use your phone as a modem is a brilliant idea ... especially as you orange and an acceptable speed. Very well. Keep up the good Luci.

  26. badaboum said

    why crtical boy? did not excellent job!!!!

  27. LucianGL said

    Ulariu, it is possible that in some versions of yahoo mesenger you can not connect via proxy from orange wap
    I recommend this version: It is tested by me and works in Windows XP with orange wap

  28. LucianGl
    please if you know some software with which you can control another phone via bluetooth from your phone to be able to delete files without the victim to call knowing I tried some software but not good when trying to connect to another phone she asked him if he wants to allow connection with min I would not want that I want something like Undercover without knowing the victim
    if you know such software (do not want to hurt anyone just to delete manelel Various manele class that does not support them) I 6120 classic Nokia tr can email me when you have time [Email protected] ms successful

  29. @MCD: No such thing, nice dream! by the way the site will not receive an answer and even if there were such a thing I would not say I did not tell, do not hack, crack once you understand and do not seek to steal, how to break, how to steal, how to hook net and so on, if you want to do illegal things busy on your own! I will not teach you that! You want to delete manelele sucks ... how do I know it's not an excuse than yours, a "oilcloth" under which hide true intentions? Do not ask hack and crack will not teach anyone on this site that!

  30. Adrian
    yes what do you think are in class Becali face and I know I transfer credit or not I'm in class with some salami and cocalari listening only bobi great or how it is called that they know how to listen to that praise all I know. I do not want than keep looking anyway so maybe I can handle it understand what you mean but I asked to give me email if you know not to say here on the site or tutorial to do so is unlawful understand that a good night
    PS LuciGL ms can not forget me

  31. Thanks Adrian for help yes unfortunately I tried not want to connect do not know what can have,,, ..??

  32. Thank you very much now go, mutumesssssccccc a nice evening ....

  33. marius512 said

    Luci, you expect something vreme.Bine coming. While some tutorials about VoIP?

  34. @LucianGL: I have a question, I have an app called MyPhoneExplorer and supposed to work with any phone ... all well and good, but do I install sees my phone, I have a SonyEricson K510i, any idea why? I can say I did not tel CD? by in installing something from SonyEricson? and if so why? As softu called? Thanks in advance for response!

  35. beb3_mykk said

    I say ok it's good ;)

  36. luciangl said

    MCD are just what you want, something like anti nokia nokia. I just tried N70 and went to connect without knowing only a few models of Sony Ericsson.

    marius512 VoIP phones symbian and generally just going through internet connection or wi-fi (which is developed in scope) and have the phone to support this service. recommend a site quite old in this field:

    Adrian in the largest mobile application market is covered by Nokia with Symbian or Java, so I recommend instead a Nokia Sony Ericsson if you want more than just a few telefon.Sony Ericsson phones that can be connected via data cable with a PC or Laptop, try better with Bluetooth or infrared connection. Buy brand Belkin Bluetooth adapter (cost about £ 70 but its worth every penny) and you can make connections between telephone sets and PC or Laptop

  37. Lucian still can not give a name? sorry if strongly

  38. marius512 said

    Thanks for the response Luci.Te please recommend me what SIP providers are compatible with "Fringe" and enlighten me how can I call her my sister cheaper, what's in Italian and has only tel. mobil.Ce software I need and what I should have ea.Cred that cares more asta.Daca can empirically explain me. ([Email protected])

  39. LucianGL said

    MCD - google search "mobile bluetooth hack"

    marius512 - I gave a little response above, almost all mobile operators have Internet service that will have different prices somewhat good quality, completely free but if you need a wi-fi connection or if you have a computer You can use the internet connection of different ways.

    let's not insist on these topics, I think I gave enough details

    I have good news, today I set up the computer and get ready for us videotutoriale.Am had some problems but they were not to be repeated remediate.Sper

  40. Very good tutorials especially for novices.
    I have a hi-speed UMTS phone brionvega7010 Tim.Acum is coded in orange pre pay. (Not stolen, contract, warranty ...) installation cd and I can not access internetul.Poate someone give me a solution? Thank you!

  41. daniel said

    GOOD INCERSA ask helper, but you know what I.
    When I REFORMATTED COMPUTER TECHNICIAN THAT MIA said that whenever I get the bottom BAR CA, "Automatic Updates" to leave it as it is no ADR IL Bag SEAMA.FIINCA he gave off.
    And I noticed that I can not see any movie MEDIA PLEER CLASIC.IMI always give ERRROR.AM followed suit and got to Automatic Updates that I saw that is closed, as MIA said those TEHNICEAN.EU NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT TO DO
    Wait for response

  42. @daniel: Do not despair! Media Player Classic is kind surpassed GOMPLayer player ... I recommend you start with codecs coming from, KMPlayer which also comes with integrated codec or VLC but it also needs a codec package, we got right here on site tutorial about 2 of these videoplayere, Write up to search the right to our GOM Player or BS Player and find tutorials!

  43. LucianGL said

    Daniel, if you want your problems and put in place the computer on, tell me.
    I happen to do stuff like that, you must have internet and a microphone would work well for me to say exactly what you want

  44. Salut.Cristi have a leptop which was installed Vista on it I put xp but now no longer recognizes draiverele how are advise to do so I can use XP? Can not put any sound card or anything I come to write to you from a neighbor, thank you!

  45. @Stefan: Do you recognize them for that those drivers are for Vista, Write this in Search top right and hit enter: "How to install Windows XP on a configuration AHCI or RAID array - HD video tutorial" Look closely at all the tutorial, there you solve!

  46. Adrian thanks for the advice and come back with a question, if I do that cd it is customized just for my leptop or windows that install it in another leptop that uses my cousin? Mention that the pc's now writing Corleone, m I consulted with him and overcomes this problem, go see the movie if you got to please me raspunzi.PA.

  47. @Stefan: Well take a logical man ... since you put on it the drivers for your card from your laptop what do you think would go to any laptop? Of course not ... he do and its a windows look the same ... ii motherboard drivers download and you make them too a windows ...

  48. LucianGL said

    installation can be made to work on any computer if I were you

  49. brother ba mia not like how you explained more in Romanian expica

  50. @marcel: The man of "expicat" in Romanian well yes if "you do not understand the language of romania good" is part 2 has no pause button "button is called it is" "mia" to write me ... learn Romanian and to "understand and you" tutorial ... so what do you not understand the tutorial?

  51. LucianGL said

    If you are careful enough to read the title and then follow the tutorial without sound and still understand

  52. Lucian tried to connect my phone (Nokia E50) via bluetooth to Nokia PC Suite, but I say "Failed to authenticate the phone". For what reason?

  53. ms more shine .. I've been most helpful: *

  54. hi shine ..... you tell me please I do not dc's go mess ..... I did exactly as you said u ..... google I go .... but does not mess ..... please I shaved ... ! aaaaa ..... and you did a good thing .... tineo ft so on!

  55. LucianGL said

    Andrew may be many causes
    -1 phone is not visible
    -2 phone has bluetooth open
    -3 another phone using Bluetooth connection
    -4 nokia pc suite is not updated to the latest version
    -4 for bluetooth adapter is good quality and give errors
    and probably many more that do not come to mind

    kos if you mean the yahoo messenger see that we put up a link where you can download an unlimited wap version that goes through the orange, just stay put ip and port of the proxy and go orange

  56. @LucianGLAha thanks for the advice. First 4 can probably be giving it my bluetooth adapter.

  57. ms shine ...... but still does not work .... I can get ... but that is Nik with him .... I shows that are online on another comp ... but if you want to write something to a personal list .... the man does not appear nik ... . to answer me please! ms

  58. LucianGL said

    kos is best to make a tutorial, so I will answer all questions related to this topic

  59. Luci ok ... look forward .... I hope it will be soon ....! ms for everything!

  60. hi shine ..... I have the same problem and I ... just like kos, while tutorialu!! ast response .... thank entire team for what you do for us ... and keep up the good work!

  61. LucianGL said

    I made a tutorial about how to use yahoo messenger and the orange wap both a computer and the phone directly through your phone's browser

  62. sall creysty nai cunva a tutorial on ms TeamViewer than he needed a friend ok ...........

  63. @dragos:
    We have something similar and even better.
    this is a tight vnc
    and another with LogMeIn

  64. @dragos: About TeamViewer not tutorials, but they are about other 2 programs that do the same thing and you ... Write to search top right and LogMeIn's one of tightvnc.Succes!

  65. ms more helpful to both of MIAT

  66. Dumitru B said

    a href = "" title = orange wap ""
    Thank you gentlemen, I have a lot to learn in this tutorial!
    Please Mr. Lucian, tell me if you can do the same using the option with unlimited access "Orange World" wap (1,5 euro)

  67. LucianGL said

    Dumitru B
    orange wap offers unlimited internet (wap version exactly) and is charged with 3,5 per month
    Orange World offers only unlimited in and online services offered by Orange
    you can connect but if you go to another site, such as google, yahoo, etc. will be charged

  68. I love ... is useful .... I want a video tutorial that I have identical only for vodafone live prices please ... am I missing something trivial but I do not know why. id mess or wait gabymaster2005 tutorial ... thanks in advance.

  69. it's great and good luck in future tutorials ...... now I have a question ... but I wonder if I just bluetooth settings are the same?

  70. LucianGL said

    Gaby - I'll ask
    rebel - is the same, only instead you have bluetooth data cable but the transfer speed will be slower and probably will not be satisfied

  71. silviu said

    Lucian and yo have a problem I hope you can help me and yo have a alcatel-c701 and one day I deleted a song after he got stuck and yo I died and then after that I stay lit few seconds and turns off and keeps doing so. What can I do???

  72. LucianGL said

    Silviu - must resoftat, that went to the service and software rewritten or again

  73. r3belul said

    I welcome and I 6230 nokia phone and tells me I give internet connection: no modems installed nokia nokia .Asigurati your conectivity cable driver was installed properly .. where I missed it :(? ... and below no = tb found any modem you do?

  74. LucianGL said

    r3belul - nokia pc suite suite must run the PC and the phone is a small kit to be put into the phone, check if you have installed in your phone, if you do not have to install
    open PC Suite, click on Help and then reinstall PC Suite support, your phone will have to be connected via data cable or bluetooth (or if applicable irda)
    also installed in the PC version of Nokia PC Suite

  75. r3belul said

    Lucian know in PC suite looks like help-> resettlement pc suite but can not be checked

  76. r3belul said

    ms Lucian now write to the internet using mobile

  77. lovetulips said

    what kind of kit kit where you take

  78. dannynho said

    Merge with Vodafone network? if so, please tell me what I should be amended

  79. subofferul said

    Reb same problem and I am avuto I have not installed a modem and connect with nokia 6070 3200 modem to contact me because it's more complex explanation gasestii I often chat here


    It sounds just as well better stop babbling! Instead thank people that work for you, you idiot discourage III?

    It's good to YOU ​​BOYS BRAVO!! Continued success!!

  81. Hello! I have a question for Luci ... I connected to the internet with Nokia PC suite I did 6230 the settings as you said in videotutorial but I could not I set to * 100 #. In the last step by EDGE / GPRS 1 info receive messages and can not work because there appears obtiunea altceva.Am able to connect to the internet without this setting but I think I have charged too much for 0,30 30Ec ie sec.Te Please a little help if you can! Thanks in advance!

  82. hello I have a question! mam with a mobile internet conectatla nokya6300 with PC Suite works fine but I can not get on yahoo messenger on any version (can someone help me?

  83. (Someone help me ??

  84. @silviu: Disable the firewall

  85. @silviu: Or write up the Search in the right way: "How to get into yahoo messenger with mobile phone network" without the quotes, hit enter and you will find the tutorial! Please be patient another day to be answered! Do not be one nonstop on site to answer you! Patience Patience RABDAREEE!

  86. silviu said

    @Adrian: Man me n my yahoo messenger connects aplycatia

  87. LucianGL said

    Silviu - I made a tutorial on how to connect to yahoo messenger with mobile phone or cell phone, there are many variations and most definitely go phones

  88. Sant possible 2 Internet connection on a PC? Eemplu for download and the second one just for navigation.
    The first is a modem from Vodafone and the second by a nokia phone (via PC Suite) with the orange sim reacarcabil or all vodafone.
    To download utorent use.

  89. Bogdan-designes said

    Luci, I have Noky 6234 on vodafone, but where you laut net package you my tel no is 0 .......... not with 074 .... you can contact me Y! M bogdan_thebeast

  90. but it may do the opposite .. adik to have net ... bluetooth phone or computer via USB cable .. anyone help me? ms in advance ..

  91. vlad cuckoo said

    please make a tutorial on how we can put the pc to phone netu please I need urgent if you do send me the link to my address [Email protected]

  92. the best option to take the net from a PC wirelessly, many phones offer this possibility, and the speed is really good. you can net and back to a PC via wireless and can even do network between PC and phone so besides the 3 partitions say that you have the PC to appear and the phone 2 respectively C and E , being able to copy, modify, delete, add any chicken directly from PC without even pick up the phone. also this is possible and vice versa

  93. So let's say I had a laptop and a computer
    And we net from a company .. blablabla ...
    We log on Yahoo! Messenger 10 changes proxies,
    we put the orange ones we need
    We set everything and get out.
    After stuffing Addicted to orange and enter the Yahoo! Messneger 10.

    So we are trying!
    Did you go?

  94. So I want to say that I got a laptop and tried tutorialu made Lucian and I could configure YAHOO! MESSENGER 10 to use.
    You: - To call to be sounded
    - To use the webcam
    In concluding that you can do with Addicted obijnuit with it.
    I have a Nokia N95
    Lam connected to the laptop as in tutorial
    Net on the phone: well understood from orange
    And I will say that going razor Addicted
    Well do not compare to this neighborhood but works fine.
    And I want to thank him for tutorialu Lucian ui do.
    Let me explain and settings we've done to me connect with yahoo messenger 10:
    Open Yahoo! Messenger
    click Messenger (Top left)
    Tick: Connect via a proxy server
    Tick ​​and: HTTP proxy
    Now he'll take your settings in Internet Explorer

    • k0rupe: So I want to say that I got a laptop and tried tutorialu made Lucian and I could configure YAHOO! MESSENGER 10 to use.
      You: - To call to be called to use webcam
      In concluding that you can do with Addicted obijnuit with it.
      I have a Nokia N95
      Lam connected to the laptop as in tutorial
      Net on the phone: well understood from orange
      And I will say that going razor Addicted
      Well do not compare to this neighborhood but works fine.
      And I want to thank him for tutorialu Lucian ui do.
      Let me explain and settings we've done to me connect with yahoo messenger 10:
      Open Yahoo! Messenger
      click Messenger (Top left)
      Tick: Connect via a proxy server
      Tick ​​and: HTTP proxy
      Now he'll take your settings in Internet Explorer

      Thank you nice additions made to this tutorial and you wait, how nice it would be if all users would come up with something extra every tutorial

  95. someone managed to set mirc, ODC, DC + +, Steam?

  96. I have a request, if you do a tutorial on GPS, and software, have a n95 2g and do not know how to operate your gps msms

  97. For various reasons my netul the RDS does not work and I thought to connect the computer to a N95 8GB I net.Merge well as the modem.
    Question? it cost me? before I got my check a username and password, baunuiesc as the RDS. Is there any possibility to have something to do with rds and be free?
    I mention that I 150 monthly MB for navigating the phone.

  98. Cochin ovidiu said

    I asked Vlad and I'd like to know how to connect nokia internet via a laptop with wifi.

  99. Luci've done a great job with this thing but it's a big problem:
    The orange Aast not let the world make this stuff than those with the unlimited wap subscription or if you want to pay by card pre buy mb are so with you 3mb with 20 5 euro euro euro 200 you 9mb and you 500mb.
    bft tzineo and so do you and your Kolega!

  100. sall I made the settings tutorial and I go netul just do not know why I can not download and enter mess.imi can give an explanation please ....?

  101. As one who called your telephone software-and you can walk on it?

  102. Cochin ovidiu said

    It's called Remote Professional and he can walk on the PC keyboard.

  103. Internet Explorer to see the Orange do not have to go to LAN Settings because those settings do not apply to dial-up connections. What is Orange for connection via Dial-Up * 99 #! Induce people in error.

  104. hi shine, do you know how to use your phone as a modem webnwalk from Cosmote, I have a samsung omnia hd symbian s60v5

  105. Luci sall I did as you said and I go from orange netu all net pages but can not enter the mess and I descarcap Mesu That 7 and made him give settings still does not work.

  106. sal, I need your help please!
    First I have a nokia e51 games on it and I'm in and I COSMOTE Internet connection on mobile phone so how to install games on your phone
    please explain to me slowly and calmly call about basics
    I installed PC Suite and I realized not ...
    something can still use the pc to phone internetu? ie to use internetu tracing the phone so I can be able to download games and install them
    Thanks for your patience and do not mind me!

  107. andreea said and I welcome queries a little work to enter the phone Mozilla or explorer's do not necessarily have to those steps with tool ... options etc etc???? please answer me

  108. andreea said

    You know that help comes Holiday fot high and I want to go to my grandparents and I used netul there and I like that explain each ms deamanuntul beautiful hair ........ pup

  109. I have a nokia sal 7610 and tried to make the connection but does not go datimi answer

  110. datimi please write me an answer One Touch Access could not connect to the device

  111. LucianGL said

    So for connections from Cosmote NE I tried worked first was the wireless internet connection that is I Sharat / wap I connected the phone and the computer on using my phone or data cable / bluetooth I managed to Connected with W using kmeleon browser after I put the phone user agent ... a little more complicated than I can say. To use the internet connection on your phone via Bluetooth as it does not personally recommend it fooooooarteeeee not stable and low transfer speed, so only recommend wireless. Now Orange has taken a while so basically unlimited wap tutorial is canceled as most will use Internet connections should be chosen so that only net provider orange / voda and the rest comes naturally. Again for those who really want to use the web-n-walk mean SE from Cosmote must use kmeleon browser and change its user agent + modify browser proxy settings and get guaranteed including windows7

  112. cristian said and I cleared a problem if I can help myself, AQM NE connection and can not use messu than I did all settings ok and that I mean we introduced W cosmote manual proxy and Mozilla and Opera you can call goes I forgot to add a detail, using the buethoot's why you really need to go call data cable?

  113. anamaria said

    Hello, I have a problem.
    I have a nokia usb cable 5230 am at it, I installed Ovi Suite and Nokia PC Suite on your laptop. When I download free apps from the Ovi tells the laptop that were sent to the phone, the phone appears to me that it installs but at the end I download error occurs. Does anyone know why?

  114. anamaria said

    So ........... as many tutorials

  115. Hi, I have a problem, I downloaded K-Meleon does not know how to do the settings and you need to go app I wrote a Nokia E65

  116. Hi, I have a big request. Could someone help me step by step in setting up a connection for Windows 7 webnwalk? I did something but not extramultumit with NokiaOvi suite, given that many applications like torrent, I do not work .. by NokiaOvi suite when I try to connect my browser opens a blank page. I did not need before and do not know how to set up a new connection with all necessary parameters or settings that must be made. We have wireless pc, I have a nokia phone with wifi E65 simbian but I have no idea how sheruieste netul through wifi to it .. Please I long to know and you can leave me some words that I do not know how to do ..

  117. Good, I can say one thousand are settings for Internet Explorer, for I can not see the tutorial on your phone. Thank you

    • AdrianGudus said

      Good, I can say one thousand are settings for Internet Explorer, for I can not see the tutorial on your phone. Thank you

      I know of smartphones with Windows Phone or Mobile does not support flash player. To watch our tutorials you need Flash player which unfortunately is only available for Android smartphones (some models)

  118. Has anyone make Android WiFi hotspot using the web'n'walk for Cosmote? I could log on Symbian cable Proxifier.

  119. good ... can you help me I have a samsung gt-b3310 bag and i want computer games on it and do not know how .. can you help me? =

  120. voicu valeriu said

    I have a nokia e63 and fail to see video content on any website, specifically as the video content or play cards and net connection is via w-fi from Romtelecom that when I try to get on video is reset
    please help me

  121. I do not think your phone can play video content in Flash. If you somehow modem Huawei HG655b it is known firmware problems. And to me it aborts the connection on certain pages of streaming.

  122. Hi, I've put some in mozilla firefox add-ons and go, but it has a problem on any sait it CAN go see the pictures in fog and nustiu from what it now if anyone knows the problem please post it here on the site ...

  123. Welcome. How and in what way I can install (I or another person) antivirus for nokia phone (ie Nokia c7), so I can be more quiet when using the net on your phone?

  124. Hi Adriane, you have a tutorial how to make net from nokia simbyan on laptop with ubuntu linux?

    • You have two options I know of:
      1: if you have data cable nokia Ubuntu Linux will automatically recognize it (I now ubuntu linux) provided you have installed all the updates, and additional drivers. We'll see once you create a new connection cable (wired)
      2: if nokia has wifi then install "joiku spot" directly from the manufacturer (not going to crack), first open your phone's browser to access the browser page first, then after you Sheru joiku spot connection, you will have wifi spot made directly from your mobile phone to your laptop ...

    • One more thing ... in linux do not need Nokia Ovi Suite or PC Suite connectivity via data cable ...

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