Connect PC to TV, wireless, Chromecast

Sometimes we need to connect your PC or laptop to the TV. HDMI or VGA cable version, everybody knows, and on top is pretty uncomfortable.
Wireless connection is the solution best and most convenient, but also more expensive.

Connect PC to TV, wireless, Chromecast

New today we use chromecastThat, more recently, knows how to design the entire desktop on the TV.
Of course there are alternatives to Chromecast but These alternatives not as flexible as little Chromecast They are able to do just mirroring and so.
How to connect your PC to the TV, wireless?
First we need:
1. Chromecast connect to TV
2. Google Chrome browser (PC)
3. Google Chrome Extension Beta Cast
Besides it's pretty simple. If you handle Chromecast's configuration, I invite you to watch tutorial presentation ChromecastIn which I explained what it is and how to use Chromecast.
Outside screen design, Chromecast knows as do other tricks; it is therefore most purchased gadget in this period, the USA.
To see how to play movies online with subtitles, I invite you to see the tutorial "Online movies with subtitles, without wires on TV", And you will understand how elastic Chromecast is.
Prices Chromecast

Video tutorial - Connect PC to TV, wirelessly, with Chromecast

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  1. Thank you !!! Note 10 +.
    Have a good day!

  2. Marius Maduta said

    Hi Cristi, understand that Chromecast is a kind of Wi-Fi dongle, I have a LG Smart TV model 2014 and has Wi-Fi built-in, I can connect with any device Chromecast? Thank you.

  3. 1 2 or Chromecast? Thank you!

  4. ionutvrabie said

    Kodi ANDROID WINDOWS tv movies

  5. Hello! I want to watch something on Voyo, but when I press start asking me to install Widevine Media Optimizer, even if I have already. Downloading, but my Firefox installation hangs it on the grounds that "the file may be corrupted." I tried all possible, but nothing, same thing.
    Do you have any solution for this?

  6. Thank Christ.
    Chromecast 2 after I saw your post and am very satisfied.
    I have two Chromecast 2 connected to two TVs in different rooms with a laptop can do with Chrome Chromecast the TVs on each. Two tabs open in Chrome and one for instance can see another movie designs. Or we want.

  7. Howdy,

    Adrian Cristea or to do a review on an OS from Jide Remix?
    I put it on a 32 gb stick, although it says that you have to use an 8 gb stick, unfortunately I don't have it available now, the problem is that I can't or it may be due to the stick, it gives me the error "Missing operating system "Although I followed the instructions step by step. Maybe you can find a solution.

  8. Innocent miclea said

    Thank you very much. Also before at least!

  9. I also bought one… .f.interesting… but please can you tell us more about applications related to it… .with more details

    • Cristian will not be able to please everyone no matter how complex it would make a tutorial for some additions there google that takes and he information in bulk and we expose new in a tutorial, he can say It gives a boost through tutorials that make them and we put our minds to it seeking additional information for the needs of everyone. Thanks for the tutorial.

  10. Howdy,
    I bought myself a Chromcast 2 by watching tutorials Christ. TV is HDMI mode is 4k and 60 Hz by default. Let this be a problem for the projection of the device does Chromcast 2 has a latency unpleasant? Basically, if you catch a stream with a football game on laptop sees ok, but the jerky running TV picture. At the movies, the news, not so bad, only the games, probably to games, I tried yet. Where dynamic movement is great, I guess.
    If I would like to use Chromcast 2 elsewhere (another ISP, another tv) How do I reset the Chromcast? Now it's set to wifi and TV from home. I saw no reset button on it.
    And a final question sounds something of a new generation of Chromcast able 4k?

    Thanks in advance and congratulations for Christ and Adrian tutorials!

    • Do not lose sight of the fact that Chromecast site needs good wireless connection. Ideally Wireless AC 802.11. Alternatively, you can ensure that your router is near Chromecast community.

      • To me it is the fiber in the house and with the wireless problems I had before, although I have downstairs router and TV in the living room upstairs. I have wireless signal throughout the house and parking lot in front of the house, but the TV is connected via ethernet cable, but I tested and worked perfectly and wireless.
        I was thinking it might be difficult Chromecast mission has designed 2 when the panel with 4k signal, that's why I was wondering if something sounds of any new model Chromecast leading 4k.

        • Chromecast 1080 not support 4k. With 4k the wireless streaming in, it's hard without seeing problems. There are PCs that can not retrieve / restore 4k cable, not to mention wireless.
          From what I understand from your words, however, the router is too far. Now matter and source streaming, bandwidth allocation at source and server load.
          It's good that you have gigabit, but the server which can make taking video, bandwidth is not enough.

          In streaming we have more variables.
          1. Local bandwidth
          2. Latency
          3. Jitter
          4. Bandwidth source
          5. Local processing power
          6. The speed of the power storage
          7. Local storage speed
          8. It took video format.
          Some formats are easier to forget than others stream. Best to streaming codec is MP4 h264. A MKV or AVI are cumbersome streaming.

          Ps without bond.
          Do you have living room upstairs?

          • Thanks for the detailed answer. I'll do a test will try to send a video file type football game straight from laptop through Chromecast unrelated to the Internet to see if there is any difference. Thus exclude everything related to streaming and wireless internet.

            Regarding the living, the answer is yes. Norway live in an area with panoramic fjord and upstairs fjord seen better than on the first floor, where the view is partially blocked by the neighbors' houses in the front row.

          • Norway… fjord… panorama, I cry for pity 🙂
            All the better to us, where, from the window, you see the neighbor arguing with his wife.

  11. Can watch online from your phone digi tv chromecat 2. Digi online application is installed on your phone and go ok. Thank you.

  12. Basil maximum said

    angrybirds not go on. why?

  13. Omeo Huţanu said

    Chromecast 2 connected to a local Wi-Fi network.
    I 1 On One + VPN connection. Unfortunately fail to design the phone screen ChrCast in this combination. Unless they are connected to the same network. Geolocation just because of restrictions can not access those pages of legal movies, etc.
    Maybe they'll do something at the GGL this purpose.

  14. Constantin Necula said

    Mr. Christian, I follow your published tutorials with interest. I have been using Chromecast 1 since October 2015 and it worked perfectly until a week ago (approx. Until 20.01.2016) with all the facilities presented by you (a small suggestion: it is very useful a Google application- "Videostream for Google Chromecast" -which allows the projection on TV of any movie, of any format from the laptop). But for a week the chromecast is no longer recognized by the TV as "Chromecast" on the HDMI input and no longer starts The stby TV only switches the TV source from the tuner to HDMI, only when the TV is on!
    I think it is an upgrade come on and made one! I think that because Chromecast 1 and another new manifest at fel.Poate find a way to return to the old firmware and block new upgrade.
    I do not know if it affects similarly Chromecast 2.
    Thank you

  15. Hello,

    If you want to do streaming from a PC connected to the router by cable, which is attached to a TV Chromecast 1 will go?

  16. Grigor Danut said

    Hello Cristi. I have a smart tv and to connect wirelessly from my laptop or phone I use the "Pair" connection and it works quite well especially on "youtube". Please tell me if there is any difference between "Chromecast" and "Pair" connection.
    Thank you in advance

  17. You can see the video files from your computer using chromecast videostream extension for Google chromecast. In Windows it works perfectly after he installed a fix. In ubuntu certain video files can not be projected

  18. vali cebotari said

    Hello Mr. Cristian. I have a question, perhaps I can clarify. Regarding this subject I found conflicting information. I would like
    as from a laptop to do streaming from 3 tvs. I wish all tvs 3 same information is sent out. Solution might work with
    3 chromecast sites (1 per tv) in the chrome of the laptop being 3 windows / sessions with the same information? Thank you

  19. Cosmin said

    Hello! Please help me with a problem…. I try to connect my laptop to a TV, but I can't, it searches my network, and nothing happens (it doesn't find). how can i proceed

  20. Hi Cristi, recently in Cromcast 2 when I want to send the full screen from PC to Smart TV just streaming video without audio goes. Stream video and audio only with the "Design this tab" option.
    Some time ago it went smoothly to send audio and video with the option "Design screen / window".
    I tried all the variations we have reset the PC Cromcast 2.
    It can be a problem in Google Chrome upgrade or Cromcast 2?
    Has anyone encountered this problem?

  21. Hi Cristi, recently in Cromcast 2 when I want to send full screen from PC to Smart TV just streaming video without audio goes. Stream video and audio only with the "Design this tab" option.
    Some time ago it went smoothly to send audio and video with the option "Design the screen / window".
    I tried all the variations we have reset the PC Cromcast 2.
    It can be a problem in Google Chrome upgrade or Cromcast 2?
    Has anyone encountered this problem?

  22. Romulus Albichei said

    Your videotutorialele track and had answers to many of my questions!
    Currently I would be interested in Chromecast 2 (which I own) in my car! The S100 multimedia system I have on my car does not allow me access to the Internet via Wifi (IT DOES NOT HAVE)! And the hotspot with Samsung Note 2 GT-N7100 does not do this via USB in the system equipment (the phone restarts)! USB sticks COMPATIBLE WITH THE WIN CE 6 var R3 SYSTEM in which the system works is compatible with some - but older models but which do not guarantee my compatibility with the Digi network I am on on my mobile! There would still be the solution of a MiraCast Airlay wifi but they are expensive! And because I already have Chrome cast 2 I want to use it! I posted below a video tutorial "HOW TO INSTALL CHROMECAST IN YOUR CAR / ANDROID AUTO ALTERNATIVE"! I think it's a good and cheaper solution, what do you think, Mr. Cristi?

  23. Romulus Albichei said

    I forgot HDMI AUTO IN SYSTEM! Mrrge would only version radio -as in video jack?!

  24. constantin Baiculescu said

    Hello, Cristian. I appreciate you that "you learn!" (See, I learned with diacritics), and for us. I have Dell810Latitude and a TV. Sharp AQUOS-YOUTUBE to use, I have chances ?!

  25. par daniel said

    Howdy! I recently bought chromecast 2 and I would like to project cooltv online from laptop on tv but the problem is that that cooltv online only works through explorer not through chrome… ..there is any possibility to see through i explorer with chrome cast 🙂 ??? I also tried to watch movies online but it jerks on TV ..not on my laptop… .specifically I'm not in the country… is it possible that the net is weak or does this chrome cast have problems?

  26. Hi Cristi,
    Recommend a needle chromecast 2 or router is ok and the one presented to you in previous tutorials from TP-LINK Wireless N with? I want to somehow reduce delay when the mirror give to all PC's screen. Given that I do not want to invest much in an equipment off like this, think of this version:

    Thanks and keep up the tutorials!

  27. good evening
    I purchased a chromecast but I can not install because it is connected router sees it connected laptop and other wireless devices, and you do not have internet connect chromecast wireless.Trebuie made some special settings?
    thank you

  28. Salut.te kindly help me and had chromecast installed and wanted to install it when they begin installation not allowing me I login to my home wifi in wifi automatically enter cromecast What? what to do?

  29. There are those who take Chromecast on AMAZON.COM, as I did.
    By default, those come with 60Hz set.
    Europe needs to 60Hz.Mai much data settings, connect the wireless Chromecast you are warned that the device was not purchased from Romania, as are some wireless channels that you may not go (see which channels are allowed wifi in the US and which are those of Ro).
    It is important to good wireless signal in the house, if you do not get with Ookla testspeed 20mbps quilt, then the situation is sad. Chromecast are rather insensitive stuff on the radio, it's good to be connected router closer. I have a cheap home router norm N theoretically 150mbps practically 92mbps download, upload 96mbps.
    In vain you buy a standard AC router in the home, as Chromecast in 1080 for all of 12mbps gonna need to take off their internet / local.
    We sources on the internet where gorgeous watch in 1080, without stuttering, but more accessible and sometimes, where sacadeaza of you feel like throwing your TV out the window.
    If you know how to use it, chromecast site is an invaluable tool.

  30. Retificare: You need data from 60 settings at 50 Hz for Europe.

  31. Marius Cirjan said

    I have now given command of a chrome cast and probably have him tomorrow afternoon. Help me optimize it?

  32. Hi. I also have a samsung smart tv and a pc that I have wind xp is there a solution to connect via wireless as I tried everything… but it didn't

  33. Alexsan said

    Hello Cristi, I watch your tutorials with interest and I installed a chromecast on tv but I can not connect my laptop to tv, I searched google google extension extension and does not find it !!!!

  34. Hello I have a problem, it does not connect to the internet. I connected it some time ago it went, after a few months I have not used it, now does not connect to the internet, I mention that I have not changed anything Not even the password. Can anyone help me?

  35. anonymous said

    Fain, you have to have intel equipment, processor, video and wireless card .. resist chrome and click on that wireless icon in your browser and ready

  36. Petrescu silviu said

    Hello. I have a chromecast 2 and I want to connect it to my phone but I have a problem. I don't have wifi, so I can somehow connect to the internet of the phone with the chromecast, which of course is on TV. Thank you…

  37. How can I run through chromecast movies stored on an external hard drive?

  38. Hello ! Missed googlecast extension? I can't get it on my computer Thanks

  39. Good evening. Happy Birthday. Can I connect a PC with windows 7 to a chromecast 3 installed on a tv, using a bluetooth usb device? Thanks.

  40. Baron Culai said

    I installed a Chromecast 2 using a wifi network
    Now I have another network and I can't reinstall the chromecast.
    because he asks me for his old wifi.
    How do I install the chromecast?
    Thank you.

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