Connecting the phone to the TV with an MHL adapter or directly via HDMI - video tutorial

Hi friends, tutorial Today I will do what I promised a few tutorials ago, I connect a phone and a tablet via cable, this is the first step on the way to steer console games based on Android, we still have online only Sixaxis controller bluetooth Dual Shock and that's it.
Until another one today I will connect a tablet and a phone to the TV, in the first case it is simple, because we will use directly the HDMI cable - mini HDMI, this is because the tablets (most of them) have mini or micro HDMI port. In the case of the phone things get a little complicated, we will need one MHL adapter (Mobile High-Definition Link), this adapter helps us to sneak digital high definition signal through the USB port, micro USB jack. However, not all phones are compatible MHL.
MHL phone listIs Wikipedia link list will be updated periodically.
What about the rest of phones that can not make such connections?
Hopefully soon we will have something similar on Android AirPlayPotentially there, just a little will and some brilliant brains, if you can send video from your phone to the TV 1080p by DLNA, does it mean that anything can be sent? Unfortunately, DLNA only deals with multimedia, maybe, in the future, who knows….
What helps us connect a phone or tablet to the TV?
If you have seen OnLive tutorialProbably figure out where I want to fight, we do not need is a controller and ready, we will have the smallest and elastic console games, we can play any game on your phone, even games like FIFA, NFS or Crysis can easily be played on a tablet or phone using OnLive platform.
To be more clear: OnLive + Android + MHL or HDMI + TV + bluetooth controller = game console

.................................... ..

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. very ok video tutorial… I'm really going to do a test: D

  2. Do not get mad! But how do I connect laptopu will kindly show me if you can! However greatly this tutorial!

  3. Very interesantre tutorials, as usual. What we make new beginners without them. Good luck!

  4. Congratulations for this video. It is good to know to know what cables to take. Bravo CRIS.

  5. What tablet is that if you do not mind? And I am interested in purchasing a tablet;) I watched and purchase tablet user on the site;)

    • Sorin:
      What tablet is that if you do not mind? And I am interested in purchasing a tablet;) I watched and purchase tablet user on the site;)

      That is an Asus Transformer tablet TF101 is older now appeared Transformer Prime with SOC (system on chip) Tegra3 compared to Tegra2 me.
      A super tablet is currently profitable Huawei Media Pad, has 3G and cost quite a bit.

      • Cristi-admin: That is a tablet Asus Transformer TF101 is older now appeared Transformer Prime with SOC (system on chip) Tegra3, compared to mine.O Tegra2 currently profitable super tablet is Huawei Media Pad, has 3G and cost quite a bit.

        Thank you for your reply;) All bune.Sunt a big fan of let's say your site and track your defiecare date tutorials and Mr Adrian with a desire to learn imensa.Va to thank you on behalf of all you do and in -good day and I hope I do you do not even on your website videotutorial.

  6. This product is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 ???

  7. Very good tutorial. I also tried it on my tablet (I mention that it is a rather bad tablet :))) which has HDMI output. I connected it to a TV with HDMI input but when it has to connect it says to disconnected and after a second it says it has connected. And then the TV says "No signal"
    Please help me.
    Thank you in advance.

  8. Claudiu Nicolae, said

    It would be nice to exist as an alternative to HDMI cable, Bluetooth or WiFi version to play the same quality. Not the other but who would know about the benefits. Well, ignoring Kies air or AllShare which are limited in function.
    However, with a mini keyboard bluetooth connected, to facilitate the messenger conversation or navigating through browsers. You said well, a mini-blown console.

  9. Hello,
    Tell me if the method outlined in videotutorial I could use the mobile phone as a surveillance camera? I mean, to see on the TV screen of the phone up and continue filming ends battery.
    Or better yet, how can you connect a simple mobile phone with a video camera directly to the TV - as a surveillance camera?
    Thank you.

  10. It works with any smartphone?

  11. I intrebare.LG L7 can connect a TV with MHL adapter? No one can give me this answer, nor those from LG

  12. Hello. I want to buy a gift I9070 Samsung (Galaxy S Advance). I am interested if you can connect in any way to the TV, so that they can play games directly on TV, but through a simple, with no cables. There is somewhat different version than the one shown in the tutorial? Via Bluetooth or wi-fi, perhaps? If yes, what I need to succeed? LED TV is a simple, free wi-fi or Bluetooth port, and if this matter. Thank you in advance. a beautiful day!

  13. Adrian Gudus said

    Hello. I want to buy a gift I9070 Samsung (Galaxy S Advance). I am interested if you can connect in any way to the TV, so that they can play games directly on TV, but through a simple, with no cables. There is somewhat different version than the one shown in the tutorial? Via Bluetooth or wi-fi, perhaps? If yes, what I need to succeed? LED TV is a simple, free wi-fi or Bluetooth port, and if this matter. Thank you in advance. a beautiful day!

    And if the TV doesn't have WiFi and Bluetooth, how do you think you could connect a smartphone to it without using a cable…? 🙂
    I want to fly without wings, can it?

    • Yep. Red Bull! It is not charged as such replica is only in spirit joke.
      Possibly with a wireless adapter? Funny thing, are usb tv ul
      I was just asking if it would work wirelessly, for example, but I don't know what programs would be needed, and if it would be a good option. In my mind, only the smartphone-smart TV version would work this way, thinking logically about the fact that certain programs must be installed on both devices, but I ask… because I don't know how and it seems that I was left behind with technology.
      Anyway, thanks for the reply, I hope I have not upset a good day and Happy Holidays.

  14. Hello! I have a TV GRUNDIG with RCA jacks and two scart sockets. Normally it does not have wifi or bluetooth.
    There is the possibility to attach a receiver scart scart-wifi or bluetooth. ie if any cv and if yes, would work?

  15. Cristian Marian said

    please tell me where I can buy a mini hdmi-hdmi version 1.4. Thanks

  16. Cristian Silviu said

    Sall and I am Fonepad Asus tablet has micro usb 2.0 that if you take no mhl MHL adapter can connect to a compatible TV or not? Pretty please answer me not to give money for nothing on cable

  17. Hi.
    I have a Samsung tablet 2 and I'd like to connect it to tv but no go.
    I bought the adapter and HDMI cable and can not connect!
    I trebe me a specific program or application?
    Can someone help me please!

  18. Hello. I have a tablet Allview alldro3speed duo that has HDMI output and installed when I bought it application ,. But I have a televizot with RCA and SCART. One can connect to the TV via RCA or scart. ms

  19. I want to buy an HDMI cable. Now I do not know if EXST any difference between them. In specialty stores have found a more expensive price instead that the Internet is more affordable (PMA going to buy something). After all have the same sockets, has no reason to not be right.

  20. I have 2 tel allview p5 quad and allview v1..I would be interested if there is a cable to connect tel to tv samsung led fullhd… thank you very much…

  21. marius said

    Good evening I have a question too, I tried to connect an s4 to a bigger screen and I have a problem… on the screen it shows me that on hdmi 1 we have connected a player 1 (mhl device) but it doesn't show me nothing else on the screen… .I tried with several cheaper cables and I understood that I will not be able to connect with them but now I got an original mhl from samsung and I don't understand where the problem is… if you can help… thank you.

  22. Victor said

    I want to know if I can connect a tablet samsung tab t 3 211 a model AKAI hd tv with HDMI jacks, mini usb cable and hdmi.multumesc

  23. , restart the phone and go.

  24. gross Zoltan said

    Hello, can someone help me and me with a cable and an adapter so I can see the video on your LG Optimus Max 3D P720 the TV LG 42LM 640S 3D 107cm ,, 42. Asi friends, thank the person who could make this connection. Regards.

  25. HELLO I'd like to know too, if SERIOUX S-X551 smartphone CONNECTED TO MERGE WITH MHL HDMI TV?

  26. Sorin Tudor said

    How do I connect a TV to a P6LIfe Alview? Cable gaseac not for something but I think that someone can help me with any ideas.

  27. Adrian Popa said

    Hello, I have a Samsung tablet tab 3, a Samsung HD Ready TV with HDMI jacks, HDMI cable and an adapter for Samsung HML. I connected all these but I have no answer. Can you help me with an idea please.
    Thank you,

  28. Hello Cristi. My name is Vlad, I am here where I live in Germany and I unfortunately we are not able to mount a parabolic due to the position. I have an android phone Wiko 9411 Rainbow 4G LTE Smartphone (12,7 cm (5 Zoll) HD IPS display. On the phone the TV channels and I want to put on TV. What and how can I do? I purchased after I saw this tutorial and a MHL but I did nimic.Te if possible please help me with accurate information about what to buy and how to do it. Thank you.

    • The phone must have support for MHL otherwise not working.
      If the phone supports MHL, as soon as it connected to a TV, it will display the image without any additional setting.

  29. Besides good and MHL cable that have made a setting in your phone?

  30. Ok Cristi. Thanks for the promptness with which you responded to me. And if does not support MHL then how are yet to see it on TV? I gave the first post your phone model. the idea that you will want to see exactly what is vb tel. Thank you again.

  31. And sorry to back but I realize how it has or does not support ptr. MHL?

  32. I hdmi adapter cable I am 2 tvs on both tells lipza check signal setting device settings need to do what? hellp!

  33. Hello everyone! I have a question. I have a tablet with micro USB socket that I want to connect to a TV. Hdmi-go micro usb cable or power adapter I really need? Thank you in advance!

  34. Adrian Gudus said

    As stated in the tutorial, you must have your tablet supports MHL. You do not need additional power

  35. Samsung s3 Salutare.Am a mini know if I can connect to any adapter hdtv.Nu know if it is compatible MHL.

  36. Iancsi Brasov said

    Hello! I have a Lenovo phone A5000 I watched the movie and want to know if he and MHL and where can I get that adaptor..Va thanks.

  37. I have a samsung note 3 and want to connect to the TV with a microUSB to HDMI adapter bought from emag not a cheap one canlu is high speed but nothing appears on my TV than a verification message with power supply or source selection .cablu is good I tried the laptop and the adapter goes be the problem? note3 know that supports MHL

  38. please if you could give me an answer why not go

  39. I have a s5 when using MHL 1080 60 fps movies from sacadeaza I would be on TV cable or telephone. Mhl on cblu writes that 1.0 I go chear and 4k although tv is only FullHD (samsung td24) MHL is Manhatten

  40. Rugaminte !! I need to connect a note to a video Projectors 4, we tried using the method shown in video tutorial and does not work !! That is due ?? Thank you in advance !!

  41. Hello! I just purchased for HDTV. Samsung S3, immediately connected with an HDMI cable (HDMI cable mention that it's the PS4), but not contecteaza. Nu.mi recognizes any way, and by setting a tad put sa.i recognition enable USB and still nothing. Wait for response. Thank you!

  42. Hello!
    I question if the smart TVs that can connect multiple controllers? I mean 2-3 children to play a certain game?
    If there is such a TV, there are solutions (accessories) that makes this possible?
    Thank you in advance!

  43. I bought an MHL adapter and unfortunately do not see anything with him. I actually bought two. I have a Panasonic Vierra Full HD with two HDMI inputs. I do not understand what is wrong. I have very good HDMI cable. Powering adapter connected to the phone and HDMI. Am I missing something? I must say that TV is not smart. Thank you.

  44. purchased a stik evolveo xtracast sees no TV and no TV Samsung.Am functioneaza.Ce tried other brands and can make anyone can see hdmi? To change something in the service menu of TV's?

  45. Calin Gabriel said

    Hi Cristi, I also have a problem, a Note 3 N900A AT&T version with broken display and code on the screen… an audio recording must be removed from the phone… and I would like to connect it to the TV via MHL… so I can handle Recovery Mode not to flash like a blind… does it work if I connect it when it is in Recovery Mode? Does it signal on TV via MHL if it is in Recovery Mode?

  46. Sal I note3 samsung 9005 when you make a movie online asks me to turn off the screen what to do I have a LG LED TV

  47. sony xperia z5 dc to not go? do everything in video but nothing

  48. Hello. Tel LG G 4 is compatible !!!

  49. Hello, tel cable LG G4 mrege hml !!!

  50. Sal Cristi and I tried to connect the phone to the TV via HDMI cable € 15 have given him and I still do not go. What to do?

  51. Hello!
    … Between a Huawei S10-231L tablet (which has only micro usb), can an MHL be used for a connection with a TV? I ask because many of these adapters are dedicated.
    Thank you in advance!

  52. Tatiana said

    Howdy! I phone Iphone 6s but do not go through the hdmi cable. What can be the problem

  53. comstantin said

    Hi. With huawei y530 can i connect to tv?

  54. Hello Cristi! I have a Samsung J5 2016 can connect it through mhl to tv? Beautiful Messi

  55. At min 7:35 you say "let's turn on the power" and we have a backround TV screen…. My question is concrete: this mhl adapter plays what is on the phone (streaming pictures, movies, applications, etc.) while the phone is charging SIMULTANEOUS ???. Are there such adapters that have USB mother inputs, in which you can insert for example the wired keyboard or mouse or bluetooth USB adapters ????… ..

  56. Widow Bogdan said

    Hi, I would like to buy a mhl plug (mobile high-definition link) and I don't know if it is compatible with my phone (samsung galaxy j5 2016). I kept looking for the mhl jack for samsung so as not to buy any "nonsense", something that would guarantee me a video but also audio quality at the highest standards of my phone and unfortunately I didn't see it written on any j5 jack 2016 ″… Can you tell me if it is a mhl plug compatible with j5 2016 and I have impeccable video and audio quality and it moves well without interruptions or delays in image and sound? Something good and compatible with samsung galaxy j5 2016 that I did not find…

  57. Widow Bogdan said

    I apologize for the previous comment, now I saw that j5 2016 does not have mhl support… I would like to know if I have another way to connect the phone to the TV .. another plug or adapter that supports it and offers good video and audio quality ?

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