Powerful computer setup, quiet and affordable

Hi friends, today we set up a computer as a la carte system that can run any game and any application without problems.
State's time in the house and we need a computer to move quickly, to cost less and be somewhat quiet. Because why not admit it, though we do not like to wait, live at full speed.
A few years ago doing a silent was a real adventure, housings lined with acoustic materials, components expensive, high tech fans (I have some). Now everything is much simpler because the components are no longer so hot and no longer require aggressive cooling.
However, to have a quiet and efficient computer must use quality components.

What components generate noise and vibration in your computer ?

-Compact Noisy:

1. The source is the loudest (if cheap)
2. The video card, if it has cooled default (Turbine)
3. CPU fan that revs when it is heated.
Besides the noise and vibrations that we are crazy.

-Compact Producing vibrations in the computer:

1. The hard disk is the most disturbing
2. DVD burner, which he produces vibrations and noise.
3. Fans weak or loose
4. Cheap housings, which plays the role of speaker
To obtain a computer somewhat silent we should not struggle too much, you just have to choose suitable components.
Quality components produce no noise or vibration.
Do not overdo it, not too many fans mount frame, one or two are suficinte for healthy air flow. Too many fans produce noise, vibration and more confused airflow correctly.
The components that make up a computer should not be the most expensive or the best, chosen according to a balance so that the system as a whole will move very fluently.
In vain do the most expensive system processor, video card and memory, if we do not and an SSD.
Do not forget!
The computer is as fast as the slowest component. Usually the slowest component is the storage where it is essential to use a SSD.
For non gamers!
Perceived performance is not the same as performance and execution speed.
Perceived performance is when we want to open everything quickly, and that you storage, RAM and cache.
Performance in the task is the time required to perform a task, less important to users.
For a high working speed (perceived performance) we nvoie SSD and fast memory, the processor has little importance here.
If you are not a gamer and do not use video or graphics editing programs, you can forget Nvidia GTX 660 the configuration done by me, for you will be enough graphic image processor. This will save a lot of money. As proof that a dedicated video card is not absolutely necessary, I will say that when it does not use a dedicated video card and not miss them. True, neither are hardcore gamer (Angry, Flapy, etc).
Intel® Core ™ i3-4160, 3.60GHz, Haswell, 3MB, Socket 1150, Box
ASRock, H81M-DGS R2.0, Socket 1150
Kingston HyperX memory 4GB White Fury, DDR3, 1600MHz, CL10, 1.5V
Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) 520 Series, 120GB, SATA 3, 2.5 ”
Source Corsair CP-9020049 450W, ATX2.31
NVIDIA Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 WINDFORCE 2X, 2048MB, GDDR5, 192bit, HDMI, 2x DVI, Display Port
Housing Game Daemon 6001, Mid Tower, without source, Black
If you do not have a hard drive for storage, I recommend you purchase one high-capacity internal or external to have the advantage of portability.
Seagate Barracuda HDD 2TB, 7200rpm, 64MB, 3 SATA (internal)
External HDD Seagate Expansion 2TB, 3.5 ″, 7200rpm, 32MB, USB 3.0, Black (external)

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  1. Hello Cristi. I have a system with the following configuration: ASRock H61M-VG3, intel i3 3240 of 3.4ghz, 8gb ram to 1066, 1tb to 7200 rpm hdd, nvidia 630 2 gb from gigabyte and the system still satisfies me. For example I can run as a movie trebe 4k on youtube. Some tips? (System on 64 bit Windows 7). Thanks in advance.

    • Exactly what I said-n tutorial, your system is as fast as the weakest component, ie HDD.
      Put an SSD and to enjoy your system.
      In terms of content 4K, things are little more complicated. Yet you have to watch smoothly 4k. The video card is not so OK but you should see 4k.
      Try another browser.

  2. The "newsletter" will not work, I am not notified when articles appear on your site.

  3. Maybe you've confirmed your subscription. When you put your email into the form and press the button shortly you will receive confirmation DOB, where you have a link to be accessed.

  4. Hello cristi.Urmaresc your tutorials very often and are very happy with them.
    I have a system with the following configuration:
    Uneven Gigabyte GA G41M combo rev 2.0
    -The Intel Quad core 2 Q6600 to 2.4 GHz
    -Memory Ddr3 (8GB) 2 4 GB modules 1333
    Uneven an ATI Radeon HD video 7750 1 5 GB ddr128 bit
    -Hdd WD blue terra 1 64 3 sata mb buffer
    -Power Cooler master 450 W
    Experiencing the same issue with the content 4k go jerky
    use mozilla browser
    rds internet from 200 mb / s
    If you buy an SSD will 4k can see and content?
    Please advice
    Thank you

  5. Congratulations to all, Cristi!
    Especially for professionalism and dedication.

  6. I notice that recomnzi an SSD and a hard in certain situations, a thousand of 180 gb ssd from intel or 240 gb is more than sufficiently, for example at the 180 I do partition for system storage 80 100 and I arrive, What do you think? Should insist on the monitor, peripherals reta even a wi-fi card, sound card for who needs sound system as his suggestion outlines every detail as if you know it would get a few hours tutorialu on me not only as a suggestion :) bored. See you soon!

    • Here we set up a system that can please everyone, except of course those who are watching in benchmarks.
      It is a quite affordable and quite powerful. A few changes can be used to heavier loads.
      Storage configurations are not simple, I chose only SSD and software system, multimedia games and will sit on a hard drive and you have to choose it every. I left a link to an external hard disk on usb 3.0 which is very affordable, even cheaper than the same caoacitate / speed 3.5 inch.
      I will probably make a guide specialized hardware video editing and graphics, where storage is more complex, and is as important as the process.
      But I need your comments that tell me exactly what would interest directly. Already the comments above I noticed that Monday has trouble 4k site in conclusion I think I will schedule a tutorial on this topic.

      • No, I didn't blame them, I just suggested that the rest of the components be reviewed and I asked if, from your experience, since I don't have an SSD, it's okay to use it for both bone and storage. need 1 Tb or even 500GB, better an external hard drive connected to the net / router. I also think they have problems with 4k, they didn't say what monitors they have, resolutions, on which ports they connected the monitor, if they tried without html5, ram on 1066, processor on 65nm, maybe 3 people are still counting on the router … .Why do they want 4k, I wonder if I even see 4k, I'm waiting for the tutorial related to this if you kept saying 🙂

      • Please do a tutorial on HW components. I think you useful information that many will hear them even if you do not use them at the moment is good to know :).

        We tutorial for graphics systems! (Video / photo / 3d) v

  7. anything besides advertising EMAG (5KK store)

  8. Hail Cristi !!! I also have a PC with the following features: AMD FX-6300, ASRock 980DE3 / U3S3, BF Tesseract Deepcool Case black, GIGABYTE Radeon video card OC WindForce R7 260X 2X 2GB DDR5, Red HyperX Memory 8GB DDR3 1600MHz, Hard disk WD Blue SATA-III 500GB 7200 RPM Power Source Segotep Raynor 550W and I add an SSD Samsung 840 EVO 120GB few days. The thing is that the usb ports shock even, from what can be? That from which I took the PC (I got the whole not parts) said it's possible his current because it's not connected to a grounded outlet. It will behave better that ssd to my system?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Regardless of the system, as long as you have a SATA port or SATA 2 3, an SSD will break, will behave great and feel a big difference

    • USB ports have power of 5V, it's normal to feel current.
      Great attention!
      Socket is connected PC must be connected to earth dwelling. If you shock even housing, a cable connects between housing and radiator.
      Motors that spin the casing (fans, hard disk, dvd, cooler processor / video card) produce static electricity, which must be discarded somehow.

  9. Why not InCar tutorial? and goes very greu..poate page was better if you had put on youtube

    • The tutorial is loaded on devices with flash player and those with html5.
      For an experience I recommend a super fast browser with flash.
      Unfortunately you not only new matter and what CPU / memory / video card you have.

  10. Cristi, I see you're a fan Intel, like in all the configurations you choose Intel. The AMD what do you think? FX-6300 a tad beats this i3 although they about the same price, maybe it's even cheaper FX?

    • Intel has the technology competence today. AMD processors are not bad but the instructions and architecture is far behind Intel.
      What is a 1.2 ghz Intel does not make a similar AMD than only at 2.4 ghz.
      Quick Sync is another miracle that gave us intel it and we can help you run the Intel Atom 4k.
      I have nothing against AMD's, who wants to buy one. But I have to recommend it and can not recommend something I would not buy.
      In the past I configured a system with AMD and ATI video cards I recommended (AMD) in the meantime things have changed, AMD seems not found. Their luck lies in the money I receive for x64, and now the money come from ARM.
      I'm not talking about consumption and the manufacturing process…

  11. Hi Cristi, I have an acer laptop with ram memory: 4gb samsung DDR3 1600MHz, Why in the task manager you can see only 800 mhz? I mention that in the specifications of the laptop, bought again, appears ddr 3 1600 mhz, on the plate it says 1600 mhz. I tried different ram plates (mhz) but also 800 mhz showed them all. I changed different operating systems, and on 32 and 64 the same 800 mhz… In the task manager it shows me: slots used 1 out of 4 although when I opened it I found only 2 slots one of which has a 4 gb card…?

  12. Ruby-Adria said

    Hi Cristi! I want to ask you what you think of the new memories ddr4. I would help more, considering they use dozens of applications simultaneously: HD video editing, HD streaming, vmware, torrent and design 3d? It deserves ddr4 memory of 600ron you're bound to get a motherboard and a processor 1000ron 1500ron high end?

  13. Hello Cristi.

    In your system you made a fatal mistake. Pavement That base is not compatible with procesoru i3 4160.

    All the best!

    • You must be joking!
      This is a very new, just what was released, probably those who need to update the page that have forgotten or have too much on my mind.
      If you buy what I recommended and I do not go, I'll pay your order.
      Believe me, I know what this is about. Maybe I don't know how to make investments, to put tiles, to make tattoos, but when it comes to desktop or server components

    • is not true that if you write box, cpu cooler comes with d (see socket 2011, 2011-3), only in packs which may or may not cooler. those without are oem box.

  14. Hi Cristi, I again. I enabled quick sync, and movies in 4k moves much better to say a percentage of 15-20%. Thank you.

  15. Next time you make a tutorial about sources, especially those from Seasonic Series [B] G [/ B] can even firm about Super Flower. From Seasonic I would be interested in special source: [U] Seasonic G Series 360W [/ U].

    I know there is a tutorial about the sources but that is kinda old!

  16. Dear Cristi,

    I have a recently purchased a Laptop problema.Am Del.
    Does Intel (R) Core (TM) I7-4510U @ 2.00GHZ
    GB Ram 8
    64-bit system
    Windows 8
    My question is why can not = disable it on airplane mode.
    I went into settings and has the option to enable = off, but does not respond when you want to = l switches.

    Thank you!

  17. Good FELICITÂRI.Foarte this site thanks

  18. Salut.Pe me one I would be interested in a videotutorial about the Apple iMac, and exactly how to do it ,,,, you remain enlarge them to put an SSD, and how to put Windows with their systems, So dual boot.Merci

  19. Good evening I want to change my hard drive with an SSD to a laptop inspiron n5010imi can recommend!
    Thank you very much.

  20. Hello Cristi,
    I would ask you to recommend me a good motherboard with HDMI output and a cheaper alternative to the video card…. thank you.

  21. Hello I have a big problem with any system-4 months 5 bought
    An intel xeon E3 1276-v3 (seemed better than a i7)
    16 any gigs ram (corsair vengeange) are not ecc memory
    an asus z97 deluxe motherboard (weaker motherboards had no support for xeon processors) this motherboard also came with a ThuserboltEX dual asus and NFC EXPRESS 2 & Wireless Charger
    a pro evo samsung ssd and a hdd Raptor 10000RPM
    AMD Radeon board vide a R9 270
    Seasonic X-Series source 650w
    I took a big destl after market cooler
    after lam assembled all well and good
    but when you push too hard boom blue screen ??? all parts are new
    I thought mam nam found any incompatibility but where would boil ??
    mia only OS left

    • I suspect memory pads are not compatible with the processor frequency (change them together if not so) then the hard drive would be next on the list of blue screen

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Did you apply the thermal paste between the cooler and the processor properly? Maybe you put too much or too little or not at all. See that we have a guide on "how to apply thermal paste on the processor" that you can find using the search box on the top right

    • Touch Dragos said

      See the blue screen error code that appears, and from there trace the problem.

  22. Hey, do better a pleasant memory 8 GB http://www.pcgarage.ro/memorii/crucial/ballistix-tactical-8gb-ddr3-1600mhz-cl8-15v/ , because the motherboard has only 2 slots, and already if you put 2 of 4 GB, you occupied both… and one of 8 is about the same price at 2 of 4…. plus, from what I know, the CL8 is better than the CL10. And the source is no better http://www.emag.ro/sursa-super-flower-550w-modulara-pfc-activ-sf-550k12xp/pd/DM8QJBBBM/ , although it is 22 lei different…. but it's 550W, maybe for the video card and the 2 hard drives, maybe you need as much power as possible from the source

  23. I have 16 giga 4 × 4 it says on it it says quad channel CL 7 at 1300mhz, the maximum frequency is about 3000. I tried with 2 plates I tried with other plates it's not from the plates, the source is 660 W I don't think a to consume more than that especially since it is a Hanswel processor and it is quite heavy and it can be seen as having bad materials, all the parts I took from the same site a serious site (here in Italy). HDD nush remains to just try ssd without hdd.
    it also said something the first time I installed Windows 8.1 the lam received gift I said if it's licensed valid yes it's the same and went absolutely orce after I installed windows and then 7 these problems and tried 3 bit versions of Windows 7

    • I still believe that memory pads have a problem, you are interested in what your processor supports frequency and choose the middle path because extremes are not good (know what you get out of the standard or pay too much
      times appear incompatibilities)
      when I referred to the source
      not consume more that I wanted to say (honestly a normal pc does not consume more than 350 / 400 watts)
      it must be able to serve as components must
      and the largest consumer's processor and video card but (in full screen games and graphics)

      • A frequent straw supported CPU's 1600Mhz
        to have any job that are not ECC memory? but I had to xeon processors and ECC memory and did not went that would be about the only thing I sarito but I tried with a pleasant 8 all non ecc ram giga was
        I tried this morning only ssd same problem only if I try to open a video game or a full hd or a more complex application directly to Blue

        • I do not understand who you're advised to choose Xeon. Intel Xeon processor desktop is not, is for servers or workstations and provides more functions and features popular in the enterprise.
          For desktop are i3 series, i5 or i7 with pentium and celeron.
          Desktop motherboard and memories are more suited to these processors than Xeoanele.
          Or maybe you didn't want to go on the main stream…
          If you start now to buy ECC memory checked, I pay a lot of money.
          You pay between 1200 and lei 2000 16 certified gb ecc.
          Intel Xeon processors to know that are not so powerful desktop applications, they are tuned more for running multiple processes in parallel without excessive energy consumption. You need to break in games, not to entertain a web server with 10000 connections per second.

          • So Intel Xeon processors E3 these are different kind than the other xeoane before I take I looked on several forums were split view I looked at the specs and saw that did not differ greatly from one i7 and I specified when I went absolutely 8.1 windows orce very well the problem is when I put 7 and break windows in games you deal with a i3, i5
            No Gamer but I put to work when I windows8.1 few games quite heavy someone asked me to do a test I was extremely pleased + that has integrated video which is unusual for a xeon
            Probably I'm going tomorrow sal checked to see whose job yet

          • I received BSOD from ATi because ZoneAlarm antivirus / firewall does not give it enough privileges to work…. I haven't had a BSOD in 2 years since I installed Comodo

    • 8.1 Install Windows again, maybe it's because the operating system.

  24. Hi Cristian please make a video where you explain all about power sources for everything to be procurac how a source etc.

  25. LED monitor purchasing guide?

  26. Hello!
    My PC is broken and I want to build a new one with the components present in the video, but the phone can not watch the video .. My question is whether you have a youtube link for this video?
    Thank you!

  27. I have a suggestion Tuori linux section. clever tutorials to make the most popular Linux distributions. like fedora, opensuse, Linux Mint etc. and tell us what is the difference in he is. require that for a growing number of migrant people from your Windows to Linux. plus I saw that section more linux ubuntu and take care of that. (I know it's off-topic). and not only tutorials on distributions and software extensions etc.

  28. Closings terraces said

    I very much appreciate this site. Post only very useful information !!

  29. A tutorial about purchasing a system for overclocking do? It would be very useful for those who are passionate about this.

  30. I have a 10,1 ″ Packard Bell Netbook, Dual Core 1,66 ghz processor, 1 gb DDR2, 120 gb hard drive

    What can I do to go faster ??
    May to put something on them

  31. I found the problem GATA source jack that comes in the motherboard, when little was forced leam mounted leam short cable and jumped pin connection is how we must go for guidance

  32. Mihai Preda said

    Hello Cristi! I know not where to post but I have the following problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enh2oRCciQo. Cooler on the CPU starts and stops as shown in the video. I changed 3 sources, I checked all cables not know what can. If you have any suggestions anything is welcome. Thanks in advance!

    • Hello, you tried to put other paints, and choleric park has no power, amperage to pornasca it depends on what source you choleric now all changed.
      I have cooler master 450W, efficiency bronze 80 3 + years and had no problems.

      • Mihai Preda said

        I put a second source 450W and 500W. Indeed, were the sources 100 lei ~ but I do not think that's the problem procsorul being an Intel G620 and HD video card 6570. From what I read on the forums fault is either cooler or motherboard. I tried with another cooler that I another. In any case it will go to a service. Thanks for the reply!

  33. Good tutorial but do not know why the world has waived dvd writer not understand why?
    I for example have him put windows dvd burner and CD 7 H97 the ASROCK motherboards and give instal all and install all the CD, cpu, sound, net and other things besides that prints are installing and dvd movies, photos and music. Pa

    • you can install your Windows operating system and other on a stik. no big deal. Therefore not insist so much on dvd-rom. and beautiful pictures you can keep everything on a memory card as stik or movies. it's ok than a DVD that zgrie and while not working properly. but specified that the dvd-rom neapart we can place new elective and showed some of the existing models.

  34. best use linux operating system for those who do not play games on PC. Linux knows how to manage resources better and not heat source base plate etc so hard that your Windows. Windo stupid gestioneza not well MEOR and uses only the programs you run. while linux uses all rami memory that you have and when a program needs more memory or branched immediately released; cantiatea required. Therefore some of you have probably heard that linux ,, eat ,, all you remain. and can think well yes it does Rami? Well check hard to quickly Rull Linux. Therefore she uses all. and you close programu repescitv take rami memory back. (You can check the hard da desc this is not recommended as a moving slower the PC). and if you continue in dc to pc Stei that your Windows unusable? Therefore you rmai to use the PC as the rami run much faster operating system. I hope I did understand for everyone. giving and in addition to Linux are not obliged to change PCU with the apparatus of a new linux distributions as appropriate to your Windows. so be intelgenti and choose the head. or put dual boot

  35. SSD and HDD only appears in emag offer, restu were removed

  36. Hello, I hope someone can answer my question:
    I would like to know if the source of the video fits aleso and a 6300 fx and a GTX750 TI.
    Thank you in advance.

    • yes, but that source is not part of the offer
      FX 6300 95 = W
      750 GTX Ti
      Graphics Card Power (W) 60 W - 80 W
      Minimum System Power Requirement 300 W

  37. Cristi Hello!
    Congratulations for tutorial and how many of this kind. Many of us parts we are interested in connecting with those sockets on the motherboard. (Where it connects to the motherboard, CPU cooler eg, buttons on and restart the PC, USBs etc).

    Tell me some please, if you get an SSD and install the operating system and keep the old internal HDD kits, music, movies etc, I brought hampers performance SSD?

    • Costelina said

      no not at all, not at all hinder the contrary a system to be more efficient
      But do not forget to activate AHCI (BIOS)

  38. Hello,
    Is a modest AMD configuration recommendation (motherboard - socket, processor, video card) possible? Not necessarily a tutorial, but a short answer. Here I turn to anyone who can give me a recommendation.
    Thank you!

  39. And one more thing - Asus AMD Radeon R7 240 OC 4GB DDR3 128Bit LP video card has a Black Friday discount at a certain online store (309 lei), is it ok?

  40. a tutorial about classification tablet processors can? get involved in cortices a7 a9 mt şamd.în synthetic tests that have not really trust in voi.ms advance!

  41. Thanks for the response Costelina.
    Without AHCI function (BIOS) actiavata, SSD does not work or is there another explanation?

    • the only explanation is the following:
      AHCI must be enabled before installing Windows (or to receive a blue screen)
      otherwise must be enabled all the charm disappears (will be seen as an ancient HDD IDE)
      That's not even joke

      Ideally, the entire hard disk to be formatted (but first saves what's important on a stick)

  42. There is none able to make a recommendation?

  43. Tutorial posted on November 11 2014 and already memoirs, source, video card, HDD case and not part of the offer eMAG.

    • Costelina said

      no problem, go to another store and buy the same components (eMAG not factory but you can
      provide information in a way acceptable)
      Cristi every time said that it is not necessary to buy from eMAG

  44. Hello!
    I wanna get my PC, but have at least one processor i5 (have a amd the same capacity), and I would not be interested in housing (sgomotul), and no optical drive, and the price to be the most 3000lei (approximately).
    Can you help me choose what I need and be a good value for money?

  45. Hello SSD recommended by you (Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) Series 520, 120GB, SATA 3, 2.5) is Syncron or ASYNCRON memory?
    Thank you!

  46. Howdy !
    It is true that in XP defragmentation should be stopped if you use SSD?

    • Yes, defragmentation must be stopped, it is harmful for SSDs. These flash memory, magnetic disks not.

      • and how to do it in XP?
        thanks in advance!

        • Well defragmentation in Windows is done at user base. See if you have anything scheduled in Task Schedueld. I have a curiosity if you do not mind. Why use XP on a SSD? XP is an operating system that does not know what the old guy SSD. So we will treat as a HDD and SSD will benefit a little lost.

          • … Because I have a license for xp and for the time being I am not upgrading above, at least not yet.

  47. Hello
    I want to set the PC gaming motherboard something better than that im i recommend anyone? For this board you say worth the money?

  48. hello Christ. I found this board and the basic net TVR from the praise it what do you think ???

    here is the link to the video: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwgbO4W6L2M"

    That's card: http://www.emag.ro/placa-de-baza-asrock-socket-1150-b85-killer/pd/DWRDQBBBM/

  49. Cristi, the source is good
    Source Corsair VS450 450W, Active PFC?
    When I watched the video, there was no source on emag like the one you presented in the clip…

  50. cristi hello I have a question about my advertising banners appear in Internet Explorer and beyond Mozilla, chrome etc. I even appear when I watch a movie online. What should I do to not occur? waiting for answer. esteem

    • Banners are completely normal if you want quality content for free. There are some sites that bombard you with pop-ups over pop-ups and it's annoying but there are also many sites like video tutorials that have ok ads that do not see how it could confuse the visitor in browsing the site . There are solutions to get rid of ads. There are all kinds of Ad blocker applications, but I say that you could "support" some "harmless" ads to support content producers.

  51. Marian Gurza said

    If I can please recommend a motherboard for a i3 4160. I want to change my motherboard and processor as the remaining components will use them on the current PC: rami Kingstone 2x2GB ddr3 1333, v300 Kingston SSD, WD caviar blue 500gb hard drive, ATI hd 5750 iceq 1gb gddr5 128biti.
    The budget for the motherboard is up to 500 lei.
    Thank you!

    • Costelina said

      seek and you shop online
      usually on site shop there filters; you must first processor to filter first
      for as I said I want to keep it; then look at the motherboard specifications and the plates bear RAM
      course to Aiva slot for graphics card; and very important what kind of account you have ATX casing; micro ATX
      and sizes so be motherboard not wake you got it you gave money you brought her home and does not fit in housing

      • Costelina said

        and still do not need to buy anything from that store (can not know where the address)
        but you get an idea; Frum writes on a piece of paper and when you go (at any store) and you know what it is

        • Marian Gurza said

          Thanks, did not you know it was not helpful and I do, my case is ATX, all the songs that I mentioned fit on a motherboard with socket 1150. I want a producer (Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock) that has the features / quality good price. I thought someone here who has found a good opinion about a particular motherboard is an IT site.
          But I think you get bored COSTELINI and write only to realize you are in.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I recommend warmly this motherboard: http://goo.gl/2XPPcA

      • Marian Gurza said

        Thanks Adrian! In games I want to move decent. Is there a difference between recommended for gaming and other boards? Or help me in gaming motherboard?
        Adrian I would like to assemble these pieces rami Kingstone 2x2GB ddr3 1333, v300 Kingston SSD, WD caviar blue 500gb hard drive, ATI hd 5750 iceq 1gb gddr5 128biti, being the current PC on a MSI G41M-E43 and core2duo e7200 processor. Fit? I think that I know go. And I put a processor i3 4160.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          MSI you keep your processor has soket 775. So you can not put on it because it has a i3 soket 1150. If you want to buy a i3 you will need to purchase video card recommended by me or one of soket 1150.
          I honestly do not really understand your question so I gave an answer from what I understand.

  52. Adrian Gudus said

    Rectification: motherboard not video card…

    • Marian Gurza said

      Adrian, the idea is the following I present the configuration PC MSI-e41 g43m processor core2duo e7200, 2x2gb ddr3 1333, ssd Kingston v300 120gb, 500gb wd hdd, ATI hd 5750 1 5gb gddr128 bits. And I think about doing an upgrade so I decided to change my motherboard and processor. And I chose i3 4160 processor and motherboard socket is more 1150 want to choose one as the best performance / price.
      And you would you recommend the ASRock. Is there any difference if the motherboard is recommended for gaming (it ASROCK) or not like gigabyte ga-h97-hd3? I wish I still improve PC gaming and not spend more than an hour in front of the PC 2 / day.

  53. Hello
    I watched you and I the review concluded that deserves purchased components, considering the quality-price ratio. After the system consists of those parts have but a problem when playing a certain game, any game that has higher requirements. Every time staying 5 seconds after loading screen Gives reboot the entire system. I would like some advice, what can I do about this problem?
    I must say that the only components different from those we have recommended are your source (Thermaltake 500w) ssd (Kingston 240Gb) video card (GTX750TI). My hunch is that the source would be to blame, but I do not think.
    Thank you!

  54. ASROCK N68C-GS FX motherboard
    AMD Athlon II X4 559 processor, 4 × 3.4GHz (B59 unlocked)
    Hard Disk 500 GB SATA II
    2 × 2 GB DDR2 memory, 800FSB
    Optical Drive DVD RW.
    Video GIGABYTE GT630 2GB DDR3 128BIT N630-2GI
    750W Ms-tech source
    Network 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbs
    The price of the configuration is 950 lei 'I want to know if it's worth the money' I will change it anyway with a nice 4gb ddr3.

  55. I can help myself and someone I have a budget of 800-1000 lei, I want a good and cheap pc, help me with a configuration

  56. cătălin peek said

    A new purchase tutorial would be welcome… I notice that prices have gone up since you did this tutorial… Anyway, now we are in 2015, so when a new purchase guide?

    PS There are no gamer, but use video editing programs etc.

  57. super idee.dar be something that will stand and the game and have a price acceptabil.fiul my despair with ele.multumim me for everything.

  58. Hello I Can I have a configuration for a PC cam site 2500 lei best sites for net .pt not lock when running multiple sites simultaneously. ms more

  59. Hello Cristi I have problems with drivers, I downloaded and went on 3dpchip original site to the driver that should sal UPDATE. The problem is that updates do not go in vain I have a dell vestroa860 of 2008.Te kindly ajutama

  60. Silviu T said

    Hello Cristi,
    I'm interested in the unit configuration for a system to do video preucrare.
    I am interested to be upgradeable in the coming years 3-4 but also to cope with processing raw video directly from the camera.

    Thank you

  61. Hello, I have an old system, Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU GHz 420 1.60, 1.49 GB RAM. Please advice, I want to change components. SSD and fast memory. What you advise me? I'm older and I can not afford a new one. Thank you very much.

  62. Gaspar apostle said


  63. Mircea Joseph said

    Hi Cristi! My name is Mircea and I am from Brasov. I have a Pentium 4 with the Asus P5G41T-MLX DDR3 motherboard (8GB) at 1333, the board is at 775 LGA, PROCESSOR SUPPORT AT 45 nM. Kingston 120 GB SSD for OS only. and an internal 1 TB Seagate HDD for the rest. The processor is an Intel core 2 duo 8400 at 3.00 Ghz, a single core, the GeForce GT 730 video card, approx. Total memory 3535 mb, Creative SB Audigy 2 zs sound card. I wonder if it's good to change the current processor with an Intel Core 2 Quad 9300 at 2,5 Ghz, with 4 cores. Do you think I would get a higher processing speed and access to certain games that I do not have now? I mean it's worth the change or we will have such a big difference between now and after… Thank you very much!

  64. Mircea Joseph said

    I do not receive the validation email ……

  65. Hi Cristi, my PC with the following configuration, good for gaming?
    Uneven Gigabyte
    -process AMD Radeon A8-7650K R7, 10 Compute Cores 4G 6GHz 3.30C + (quad core)
    120GB -SSD Kingston (3 SATA) hard disks and 2 2TB and 500GB
    Uneven Video 128bit nVidia GT 730, 2GB
    -Memory RAM 8GB DDR3
    -Windows 7 64 Ultimate Service Pack x1

  66. Victor Claudiu said

    I have a request if you can I configure and me a full PC system (without monitor) component 3000 ron budget, purchase a plan at the end of May, beginning of June.
    The system we think like this:
    1. Processor: i5 4690 - here I am determined;
    2. Motherboard: ASUS or ASUS H97 H97-PRO-PLUS or other (forward proposals);
    3. Memory: GB 4 - I do not know who are better;
    4. SSD: SAMSUNG 120 850 GB version inclined to EVO (forward other proposals);
    5. Hard disk drive (HDD) Western Digital Black 500 1 GB or TB;
    6. Source: I do not know which is better;
    7. Housing: idem pct.6;
    8. Cooler: I do not know whether or not, and under what conditions must;
    9. DVD Writer: idem pct.6;
    10. Mouse: not too sophisticated, but to be good quality.

  67. Cristi Hello! I myself home system but without the video card. You think you can power source safe this video card ( http://www.emag.ro/placa-video-asus-geforcer-gtx-1070-strix-8gb-gddr5-256-bit-strix-gtx1070-8g-gaming/pd/DS6472BBM/ )?

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