Cheap PC configuration based on the last type of Intel Haswell

Hi friends, today we set up a system of desktop PC processors based on the latest release from Intel, it is cheap processors Haswell family.
Even if you are cheap, these processors have a very good price performance ratio, good enough for any average user who uses the PC for browsing, youtube, facebook, twitter, yahoo messenger, Skype and of course It is a processor that can do everything his older brothers do, just make them a little more slowly.
The processor is a Pentium, though it is called the Pentium does not have any link with the famous processor which was based on a totally different architecture, is rather a i3 without Turbo Boost and Quick Sync. Fortunately this is not missing hardware virtualization processor, extremely useful function now (virtualbox, antivirus) and especially in the future for advanced emulation.
The motherboard I chose has everything, HDMI, SATA 3, USB 3.0 and optical sound output, that for those who love high fidelity. It is a motherboard from Asrock Doto for the price well they usually do Asrock lately a very good job. I could be saving if you choose something cheaper but I wanted to have HDMI if you want to connect to TV (picture and sound) for a multi display configuration, even integrated graphics support that.
Storing go on SSD, as you see, do not give the SSD in configurations where even now a more economical system. SSD gives us a performance that we can not even reach a RAID 0 4 with hard drives. Performance SSDs offer fast response that anyone is looking for and can not be obtained with a HDD, even with one-10000 15000 rpm.
Housing is shown but can not say that is extremely durable and quiet, it is a natural choice given that our system is one of the budget.
On the video processing went on integrated graphics processor (Intel HD 4600) comparable to Nvidia graphics GT640. For gamers have put an option card, it is a Gigabyte GTX660 (is optional.

Before Black Friday take a look at hardware acquisition guides on the site, several components or devices with large discount is moral aging and anyway do not sell are plugged into the list of offers.
Buy only current product that over the last generation. For example to search for offers for Haswell processors but if you can not find satisfied with Ivy Bridge, but not older.
On phones you are not satisfied with a resolution below 1280 × 800 and 2GB ram.
Many manufacturers are trying to get rid of old stocks and products that are not sold during the year at the Back Friday hysteria, do not lose your head!

Components used in the tutorial:

Intel ® PentiumTM G3220, 3000MHz, Haswell, 3MB Socket 1150, Box
H81M ASRock Socket 1150
Solid State Drive (SSD) Samsung 840 EVO Basic, 2.5 ″, 120GB, SATA III
Housing Midletower MV418 Delux ATX 450W, Black / Red
Kingmax Memory 2048MB DDR3, 1600MHz, FBGA Mars


Best source:
Source Seasonic S12II-430 Bronze, ATX12V, 430W

Best Video card:
Gigabyte GeForce video card GTX660, 2GB, GDDR5, DVI, HDMI, PCI-E

IPS Monitor quality at a good price:
Packard Bell 27 LED LED Monitor, Wide, Full HD, DVI, Black, Viseo273Dbmd

Cheapest Emag products this week

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  1. Cristi Adrian plan to take some black friday? And if so why?

    • A submersible pump PEDROLLO 4block 4 / 14, but I like these cuts are not :-)
      I would take something if I really find good discounts, as I told you in the text, usually in our country Black Friday is the best opportunity for stores to sell goods 'full of dust'.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Vrbind only in my name, I've never purchased anything from Blackfire riday, nor plan to do so in the future. I prefer not to get us excited and I know black friday is not practiced at home to his mother. In our view products old stock left over that no longer buy nor hell.
      If you think you have the chance to buy a super good price for black friday, a current quality then I wish you pleasant shopping.
      I make plans to purchase, look no offers or promotions, Christmas or holidays do not expect to get a product. I take you have the money, even if this happens during the year, in a typical day.

  2. Hello friends. First I want to congratulate you for the tutorials that you make and to keep it so on. Yum 2 weeks ago bought mackbook pro with retina display with the following configuration: Quad-core Intel Core 2.3GHz i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz and 512GB PCIe-based Flash Storage, 16GB 1600MHz memory, Intel Graphics Iris Pro with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2GB GDDR5 memory.
    After a few days I installed windows to use for internet explorer, to see some news from Romania, 2 days ago I noticed that windows 8 (with 8.1pro update) works very hard. I called microsoft for support, they asked me some questions about the license, everything was ok, then he asked me about the computer configuration. After giving me all the information he told me "I don't know how to solve this issue" They gave me a case number and he said he would call me back. He hasn't called me yet. My point is that computer configuration doesn't matter so long ago when the operating system matters. So Mavericks runs on an apple from 2008 with 2 gb of ram. I saw with my own eyes, it is very fast, on can d windows it barely works on 2 gb of ram. I'm not going back to windows whatever. I know that in Romania apple products are very expensive. But I would rather give more money on quality than on quantities such as windows products. in vain it has 16 gb of ram as it barely works. In vain you buy a Haswell processor for your PC if you still use windows. And the truth with black friday is not what his mother thinks of his mother either. To catch an offer you have to stand in line (outside) 1 day before for a few dollars off. Adrian said very well. I buy when I have money.

    • Windows is made to walk on certified components. Mac components have different firmware versions for the PC and this is where problems can occur.
      Another source of problems are made exclusively for Mac components such as storage of SSD something different.

  3. Gabriel Vînătoriu said

    Adrian, Christ will kindly hold a Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 and can not track your videotutorialele mention that I watched the tutorial done by adrian with flash player just like him but I did when I try to watch a tutorial that shows me loading so I remain 30 minutes and waited and nothing is connected on wifi please even no solution Thanks sczz if I'm good I posted it the first time you post something.

  4. Hi guys! I want to ask you something: you can make a small tutorial depre new virus which is called
    “Diyusof Antivirus” ??
    Thank you very much!

  5. Intel integrated graphics from Intel called G Series HD4200

  6. I have this pc
    CPU = Intel Celeron Celeron D Prescott 346 3,06 GHz Single core
    Cooler = Stock
    Mainboard = ASUS P5VD2-X
    Memory = Kingston KLDE88F-B8KU5 DDR2 Single Chanel 4 GB (usable 2,94)
    Storage = SAMSUNG HD160JJ 160GB / SATAII 149
    ASUS ATI Radeon Graphics Card = X550
    Sound Card = Integrated
    Display = Myria 17 ″ 1280 × 1024
    Peripherals = PS / 2 Mouse LG / Kevbord Intex
    Case = Delux MF451
    Power Supply = Something cheap and ugly
    7 million and what to do (I have a slim black PS2 is better than the PC I am the visual or performing well sell it to him and I do not play no modding and no money no game I) ?

  7. You did a tutorial on Lenovo earlier G580 that cheap SSD we could put them in such a laptop?

  8. The system that you did it there is no way for gamers. With this system you can play equip 2, Cs 1.6 (CS 1.6 if so 1 20 reach a smoke fps). But in no way can play cs go, natural selection 2, Assassins Creed IV 14 FIFA, Call of Duty, Battlefield 3.

    In the first place the video card is too weak
    Housing is recommended if you want us in the future to make your PC better. Not to occur in the components.
    I do not think that source can supply any components that you have added

    The two memory card is enough if you have a good video card
    The motherboard is pretty good because it has HDMI
    The hard drive is pretty good because it is hdd

  9. I disagree with the monitor mentioned in the tutorial, has a very weak response 65 ms quite bad enough for this time, I would recommend AOC g2460Pqu it has a response time of 1ms, it also has integrated speakers, plus HDMI and the price is not cumulatively higher….

    • I guess you do not realize the difference between a billboard VA, TN and one IPS.
      Response time is recommended Monitor 6ms me.
      The best response time and the lowest input lag on a plasma to meet the best display method for hardcore gamers. In addition to plasma and CRT old have excellent behavior in games.

  10. Is it worth buying this monitor or is old and should think of another?

  11. Hello Cristi! What do you think about the source ??

  12. You're right Cristi, thanks. Much better than to keep multiple browsers installed

  13. What program to download music on android recommend? Please if you can make and a videotutorial.

  14. Another thing I hope I did not take the swearing although I think I deserve how I can watch TV channels with the help of sopcast on android. I did that tutorial but can not find any other post besides digi sport and canql list

  15. Taranu Floridor said

    I suggest you make a tutorial for getting smart TV guide, it seems a natural continuation of the procurement guidelines so far (monitor, phone, PC, tablet, etc)

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We recently a video tutorial on this topic. You can find it using the search box at the top right.

      • Taranu FLORIDOR said

        I searched before asking this question, but we found only the tutorial called What TV is better between LCD, Plasma and "light"?. In it you mean or another, as I have not found, if other, could you put my link?

  16. Mr. Cristi, a question:
    For AutoCAD + Photoshop (no games), what combination CPU + graphics card you recommend for an entry-level user?

    • If you work professionally with this software, it's good to have a process and a more powerful video card. Now you know if you pocket. A workstation with Xeon and NVIDIA Quadro E5 + 16 or 32GB a ram ECC course on solid state storage system and a SSD 1 raid2 with projects and files, just to have permanent backup.
      If you just want to spoil yourself with the software, not worth too much money to put in hardware.

  17. Hello Cristi follow with great interest your tutorials do an excellent job, keep up the good work continue.
    I'd like to help me clarify the issues 4k
    I have the following configuration:
    -GHZ Intel core2Duo E8500 to 3.16
    GB-Ram 8 ddr3 (2 4 GB modules)
    MSI AMD Radeon R7750
    Source 600 W
    Why when I go on youtube and watch a 4K I am going jerky dates are currently available with another browser (Mozilla)
    Please send your beautiful
    Thanks and as many tutorials in the future.

  18. Bravo Cristi very useful tutorial!
    A question:
    If you buy motherboard tutorial can put a SATA HDD and video card 2 3 GDDR?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Have you read and technical specifications on the product page?
      Write clearly:
      2 x SATA II
      2 x SATA III
      Just in case 3 GDDR video card, the answer is yes.

  19. When doing tutorials with laptops?

  20. Hello Cristi have a configuration such as decency than be with Intel Core I5 3470 3470 GHz
    Kingston 4GB with 1600 MHz, Nvidia Geforce GT 630 and motherboard is ASRock H77 Pro4 / MVP soket 1155 the problem is when watching a HD movie 1080P mil runs jerky or you make a video encoding such as Pinnacle Studio M conversteste Cacador be because it old and because your monitor LCD is not used or LED Full HD
    expect an answer thank you

  21. Hello Cristi have a configuration such as decency than be with Intel Core I5 3470 3200 GHz
    Kingston 4GB with 1600 MHz, Nvidia Geforce GT 630 and motherboard is ASRock H77 Pro4 / MVP soket 1155 the problem is when watching a HD movie 1080P mil runs jerky or you make a video encoding such as Pinnacle Studio M conversteste Cacador be because it old and because your monitor LCD is not used or LED Full HD
    expect an answer thank you

  22. Hello. Cristi, you get a Bitcoin hardware for some time but you will not tell us how it goes and if it's new cost. Waiting for a response from one month after you announced that you came. Thanks

  23. Hi, very loud tutorial like all so far. I also have a question… which processor / video card would suit me for AutoCad, Lightroom, Photoshop, Cinema 4D etc?

    Thanks a lot!

  24. Mac os project, do you hear something?

  25. Comic. Neither fastest Intel integrated chip (Iris Pro) does not equal 640 GT is about to 10-15% benefit even slower memory and faster than GT 640 which has only gDDR3.
    Integrated G3220 is a bad joke compared to integratele of those sites APU from AMD not vb. of how it would compare with GT 640.

  26. G3220 + GTX 660 is another joke. A recommendation elsewhere. Even a i3 with a different video card so there are other solutions. That dual core processor will be a bottleneck in most titles dx11.

    • you're right, hold the 2 days a ASROCK + g3220 and is miserable at the picture quality, a G210 nvidia is much more, I mean video playback, a 1080p on g3220 acts as a dvix on G210

  27. hello. As we know if a motherboard has sata controller 3 native or has? where to look for information? or as we realize

  28. Cristi see that the CPU does not support memory with a higher frequency of 1330 mhz.

  29. Nice to meet you. I didn't know about this blog. A very interesting tutorial for everyone's general culture…

  30. Alexander Bendris said

    Hello Cristi I following configuration:
    Motherboard: Asrock socket h87 pro4 1150
    Processor: Intel Core i3 3.4 3mb ghz cache
    HDD: Seagate 500 gb
    Source: Seasonic Bronze S12 II 430W
    It goes this video card:
    Gigabyte nVidia GeForce GTX650, 2GB, GDDR5, DVI, PCI-E
    The website says the video card requires at least one source 400 w
    and do not know if my video card supports configuration

  31. Slaut cristi I have been following your tutorials for a long time and I would have an idea about a possible tutorial, a comparison between amd - intel and nvidia - ati, because I saw that amd also introduced some new processors on the market and I am really interested in the opinion of a connoisseur in the field.

  32. and what money get all this???

  33. victorstoicescu said

    Healthy Christmas!

  34. Petrea Bogdan said

    You started a good tutorial and you ended disastrously.
    You start with a cheaper processor and a motherboard cheap, both good for an office used for browsing, then you chose Kingston HyperX beast, they are memories motherboard and processor mediocre that you have chosen, these are the kingston TOP memories Hynix chips (these chips are very overclok-able, this memoir runs without much stress over 2000 Mhz). How it is pointless to talk about overclok-ing with this processor and motherboard that those memories are only a waste of money in the system.
    Finally you gave all adding toolbar 660 gtx video card, this board meets without problems an average gamer today but combined with i3 minimum processor from Intel or AMD FX 6300 both cost twice chosen processor than you, it is true that performance will not double but a minimum that the video card running Nvidia estimated performance.
    Finally you change your RAM, but if you still choose the video card better keep beast HyperX RAM and CPU and motherboard change, and look so fucked budget system and one for a gamer out environment

  35. a sound more "broken" and weaker than the ACL892 I rarely saw. I kind of took the plunge with this integrated board. from now on another expense with the sound card on pci-e. I wanted to enter… the motherboard is mATX and there is not much room for the sound card as I already put an intel network card and video card that occupies 2 slots.
    If you buy the sound card pci-e can put it on the pci-e 16 (electric 8) that I have available both on board.
    if you know what awaits me ACL892 ATX motherboard got to have enough room on the slots and soundcard.

  36. Marian Valentin said

    Hello! Can you help me please? I want to buy a new PC and do not know what kind of processor you should buy. I do not use the CPU in games, so I did not need a lot of processing power and can only install Mac OS X. What is best for me? Intel Pentium or Intel Core i3420 G3 4130?
    Thank you very much!

  37. George Cican said


    I have a question for Mr. Cristian Cismaru.
    And other users are asked to answer me if you know.

    Next day I want to make my system as recommended by your
    I have the following questions:
    - does the Intel® PentiumTM G4600 processor video card (intel hd graphics 3220) cope with an hdmi connection to a LG full hd 42ln575s Smart TV?
    - do hd videos run without interruptions?
    - is the browser navigation done without problems?
    - what alternatives can you recommend to me, if the video card mentioned above does not work on this Smart TV?
    - I use the system only for browsing, movies, online videos
    - I use the LG full hd 42ln575s smart TV as a monitor
    - I'm not interested in games.

    Thank you!
    Keep up the good work!

  38. Hi Cristi, I know and I can put a hard drive on a PC oldest one again, I very much data on the old pc and it would take very long to copy them all over again

  39. Marian Valentin said

    Hello! I want to buy just the processor, motherboard and RAM for an upgrade to an older PC. I choose Intel Celeron or Intel Pentium G1820 G3220? I use PC just for Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, browsing, and very rarely a CS series and do heavy multitasking. Maximum budget is £ 500. I understand that there is much difference between Celeron and Pentium.
    Thanks for answer in advance!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I would advise you to buy a Pentium I, is more economical in terms of energy consumption.

  40. Howdy
    I g3420 processor, ASUS H81M-K board, video card radeon r7 240g drr1 5 128 bit ssd128, hyper x memory 4gb
    question, you can configure the processor to have better performance

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