Configure new, high-performance and affordable Ivy Bridge-based platform - hardware guide

Hi friends, today we set together a new family based on Intel Ivy Bridge processors and chipsets, these processors into production using new manufacturing process 22nm on Sandy Bridge Intel used 32nm.
Since Intel introduced a cadence 2005 then will implement and refine new processors entering the market from year to year, cadence is known as Tic-Tac (Tick-tock in English), Ivy Bridge processors come Tic step, in this step, a new manufacturing process, in our case 22nm, the next step will be to refine 2013 when Intel will introduce new products and technologies, Tac step is marketing and processors for servers, that after the manufacturing process introduced in step Tic has demonstrated reliability.
Compared to Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge processors have a larger number of transistors (extra 50%), this means that processors can run faster than the old generation tasks.
The system that we set today is extremely powerful and as you will see in the tutorial, do not cost much at all, considering that I had only quality components and latest technology.
No emotion can say it is the most balanced system that can be configured in this monent, except that the system will be a powerful one for a few years from now, there is no application and no game this monent to put in difficulty this system.
The only thing certain is not the case, but each case can choose to your heart, especially should not be too high, the video card is short (once I cut them cover to make room for video card had just purchased).

The components used in the tutorial:

Intel ® Core TM i5 3450 Ivybridge, 3100MHz, 6MB Socket 1155, Box (their father's business at that price)

Gigabyte H77-DS3H Socket 1155 (has exactly what you need + stuff premiere)

Kingmax DDR III memory 2GB, 1333MHz (two pieces, four for graphics, transcoding, fall, etc.)

Flash SSD SATA 60GB SSDNow V 200 3 2.5 (pretty cheap)

Seagate 1TB, 7200RPM, 32MB, SATA3, ST31000524AS (please, only for storage)

Video card Palit Daytona GeForce GTX 560 SE 1GB GDDR5, VGA, DVI, HDMI (high board at the price that you say it's free)

Source Corsair CMPSU-500CXV2, 500W, ATX2.2 (quiet and efficient)

Zen Nox Midi Tower Case without power, black (looks Bina parformanta? Anyway is cheaper)

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. I can honestly tell you that doing nothing systems. I'm not saying that there are some bad parts, but for a gamer video card is too weak and too powerful processor for a project is muult 3DsMAX best quadro video card (even the cheapest). It also increases the memory in dual-channel gaming / design / photo editing, video are void. May bin or 4 2 a pleasant, because in video editing 16 GB (4 × 4) are godsend. There NAND SSD Muskin with Toshiba for the same price ... with a performance and reliability that equals Intel's.

  2. sailorriver said

    Thinking about going .. even day citean this generation of processors ... a good and balanced presented in tutorial.Multumim.

  3. Cristi, I found that my card did not function P8P67 ASUS BIOS Intel Rapid Start and Fast Boot. Although I took a few days ago a PC Fujitsu-Siemens brand SH Scenic W600 that I obs. that has the BIOS Fast Boot, and as you press the start butonu appears Fujitsu-Siemens (Intel Pentium 4 logo) and immediate loading and do not get to push the button for a second and booted to Windows XP. I mean my motherboard ASUS that are sitting 7 hours to quack up SSD HDD DVDRW looks like March of interest memory that I give nene buteaza processor did you have booted ready piu hours 7 not become annoying. How do you quickly boot the only thing you stand to have what I see as HDD DVDRW, how much memory, etc.. And say it's quieter taken SH Fujitsu Scenic W600 than Sandy Bridge i5 made by me on the piece that makes all the noise and quiet coolers 1000rpm.

  4. FaraVirusi said

    Hi Cristi, make a small parenthesis what you think about this notebook Asus X101-BLK041G
    I want to buy it just because it has an SSD that I want to see how they move Ubuntu on it. What you say is not good idea?

  5. FaraVirusi:
    Hi Cristi, make a small parenthesis what you think about this notebook Asus X101-BLK041G
    I want to buy it just because it has an SSD that I want to see how they move Ubuntu on it. What you say is not good idea?

    I would not buy this netbook, better put the money to one side and you really buy a laptop you collect some more money.
    Netbooks weak you come unglued, hardly moving, I can not keep up with new operating systems. Neither Ubuntu is not really that light, times are changing, we want more, these netbooks can not meet the long term.
    What you see there is not in SSD performance, a flash storage and so, although they want an SSD, not too smart controller.

  6. daniel said

    you want to know if sata compatible with sata 1 3
    and yet it is good to have an optical drive
    eg I found them from internet drivers webcam (a power king) and must be installed from CD

  7. Catalin.81-Rm.S said

    So as you have the room driveru cd.ul with those, they have many others on this earth for the same model of course .... I am staying now and wonder ... Does not anybody ever found to get on the net that driver ??? Neither the producer? Hmmm ... still looking for him! ;))

    you want to know if sata compatible with sata 1 3
    and yet it is good to have an optical drive
    eg I found them from internet drivers webcam (a power king) and must be installed from CD

  8. Catalin.81-Rm.S said

    If you have a component sata1 and put it on a port sata3 the motherboard component will operate smoothly at a speed that is sata1 max.150mb / sec. But if you put an SSD (for ex.) Sata3 a sata1 port of motherboard .... strangled the whole performance for nothing ssd.ul may 550 mb / sec daca.l put on a port that does not over 150. The rule is not valid for hdd.uri for them anyway sata1 not exceed the limit so if you buy a HDD do not make a selection criteria of what type of SATA is "take it p.asta that has sata3" .... massages! No help at all! So the hdd.uri take sata1 if a price more convenient. if I'm wrong.

  9. While the tutorial TP Link router settings WR740N with DD-WRT firmware. With DD-WRT are some options that you do not understand.

  10. Marius said

    From what I see there is a mismatch between the motherboard and the video.
    The motherboard specifications specifies that supports both CrossFire and SLI and the video card has.
    If you want to add another video card you can not do that do not support SLI motherboard (according to specification).

  11. very good tutorials but could leap year if vitor pleieru to change and go home to have more visitors android phone that not all Android phones have flash player

  12. For two years the PC that I have is competitiv.Acum about two years I gave 3000 lei.Acum components over a year ago I replaced a power source Coler Master M700 and I added an SSD like gb.Imi 120 propus.Peste system two years we have to make a new system (which will then be proposed by
    One question I have:
    Motherboard supports the proposed 32 gb memory (conf specification). 4 Why propose only gb? Chipset I entered the board and I saw H77 dsh3 than 16 gb max memory (4 * 4). Why write that supports 32 GB? Actually as the maximum memory supported is found in commerce?

  13. Excellent hardware chid ..... I'm extremely useful! For laptops you doing from time to time with updates!
    Cristi your family good health and many tutorials as interesting!

  14. AstonMartin said

    I allowed myself to make a configuration, all Ivy Bridge, but without SSD, but with a little more eco video card (taking the energy consumed), a hard little smaller, a motherboard a little weak, but still new generation with Intel Ivy Bridge 22 nm.
    The configuration is slightly cheaper but almost as good as that of videotutorial. All the best!

  15. AstonMartin said

    As prices get somewhere 2.700 lei.

  16. Stefan said

    Hi I got the motherboard from Asus a p8z68-v lx and I want to buy a new video card just exactly a gtx 670 this video card is PCIe 3.0 and do not know if my card base and has
    the manufacturer says it's 2.0 site but sitting on the box says that is 3.0 corner and do not know what to think.
    And if you still do not have a problem that a put 2.0 version will not start or something or just peierde bandwidth?
    Thank you very much and good luck as many tutoraile

    • After many e retin PCIe motherboard that 3.0 ready, meaning you have to have a 22nm processor (the latest generation, so the i5 Ivybridge up) and have the latest BIOS installed.

  17. You put a cover onion, why chicken pad 2 2 2 × × gb you can put 2 4 gb, however the system stay in 3700 4 gb, lol.

    • If you need 8, 16 or 32GB, you can ask yourself, each install their memory as needed. 4 GB and I only can say that I got (HD video transcoding, video, video editing), I felt a need more than ever. Of course if you use an application that requires more memory, you can put more than at the beginning, I did a balanced configuration for most.
      Pay attention to the applications that consume excessive (utorrent, Adobe, MS Office, antivirus, many programs in startup), these programs are just a few of the muuuult consuming more than they need.
      Housing is one cheap, I stated that if you want something more powerful Go ahead, no one's stopping you. We have to consider that a case does not in any way affect PC performance, only in extreme cases can help processors overclock financed by a stream of cold air.
      Generally it's good to have a good system, but it's good to go to extremes, do not put the system more than you need, just add if you need more.

  18. Very practical tutorial next week, and I give the order, but no ssd and no video card, because I'm not passionate about games, vo on the integrated use of movies and games old 1080 p. Thanks a lot, doing a job flour.

  19. I think 60GB Flash SSD SSDNow V + SATA 200 3 2.5 not fit baza.Trebuia board took mSATA.

    • Hmmmmm, "" "Giizăs" ""

      • Scuze.Nu understand it "" "Giizăs" "." We did not find any on google.
        We reviewed the tutorial thinking that I am wrong ceva.Nu gresit.Intre and 12.15 14.40 times you refer to a space on the motherboard that can be mounted "a mini or micro SSD" .... I looked for such a product and I found, for example at:
        Sorry we did not find the Emag.
        I thought that such a mini (micro) SSD do you mounted directly comparable PLATE BAZA.Pretul is chosen by you, only if it's stylish (modern).
        Yet what "" "Giizăs" ""?

        • webdan said

          Sorry, how to search on google what "giiizăs"? You've worked hard to have cramped the power in the ram slot?

  20. Keep up the good work

  21. please do a tutorial explaining what inseanmna an Intel Ivy Bridge on the 22 nn

  22. VERY GOOD tutorial but I have a question. What do you think this process It's my CPU and I want to know if I would go a OVERCLOK CITE AND CAM GO GAMES today I have a NVIDIA GE FORCE 8400 GS motherboard ASRock's G31M-S. SAMI WANT MY 3GB RAM.DACA telling me I'm not sure MESI ANTICIPATED

  23. Marian said

    Hi Cristi, I plan to see the tutorial before you take exactly the same process exactly the same source.
    But I have a question: Can you tell us what are the differences between new types of chipsets that come along with the new Ivy Bridge processors?

  24. annabella said

    Hello! Pretty please can you explain to me the difference between SSD and HDD? You can install the OS on the SSD and use the HDD for other purposes? It is good to have an SSD and I installed it separately OS HDD? I wonder stiu.Va not thank you more! You are the best!

  25. Georgica said

    I'd like to make a powerful and do not know around which procesor.acest videotutorial processor is great, but I found something cheaper AMD that caught my atentia.este about amd quad fx 4170 core.ce do you about him? compares with ivy bridge has higher frequency or nothing?

  26. Hello,
    I have an offtopic question: How do I get emails from you in a special folder in email made. I do not want them getting in Spam. Does anyone know?

    • AstonMartin said

      Add to your contacts, and do not receive spam. You can right click on that email, and choose add to contacts, or you Shift + A. To make the folder right click and choose email filter, furthermore you can handle. All the best!

  27. liviuflorin said

    While a configuration with AMD. And a comparison AMD vs Intel systems.

  28. Thanks Dude you rock. Do the tutorial on how to download on Steam [Free so you know but you know what to do and how] free and go all games listed on their site. Respect

  29. Cristi why did not you choose Intel motherboard because I know it has quick start function Intel BIOS Fast Boot appears there when you start how much memory you have, what hdd etc.. This function helps to pass easily through it myself what annoys me that Asus did not put something there and stand stand ala American megatends beeping after the win buteaza 7. Intel buteaza that function directly on the win did not live to see how much memory you have hdd beeps once and went on win. Asus stand any 10 20 seconds to do this. I would choose the Intel board!

  30. AstonMartin said

    I'd like to make a powerful and do not know around which procesor.acest videotutorial processor is great, but I found something cheaper AMD that caught my atentia.este about amd quad fx 4170 core.ce do you about him? compares with ivy bridge has higher frequency or nothing?

    AMD Bulldozer FX series are pretty unsuccessful - consuming, and compared with ivy bridge and not pointless, ivy him wipe away straps and multitasking and gaming has lower consumption than 77w 125 w, has an integrated Intel HD Graphics card 2500 who is doing decent in games at lower resolutions.

  31. I have a HD i5 2500k with 3000 (graphics processor) I 2 monitors (one monitor to 1920 × 1080 and a LCD 1366 768 x) and I can say it works perfectly (well not to play the hottest game monitor the 1920 × 1080 with maximum detail and the tv to run a HD movie but you can not run a HD movie on TV and use the monitor to normal activities or to play a game of older generation walk.
    One thing I think could be done to change the system you 2x2GB memory instead I opted to 2x4GB.
    I have a question a program to wake the computer (not sleep I give it close).
    Thanks for Actal computer I realized after a tutorial in this i5 2500k CPU performance, and are very pleased with it.

  32. Hello.
    I bought this motherboard, but can not make them sound generation to his work. What you have done? I simply desperate

  33. Crystal said

    Welcome. I want to know if it is worth to buy a motherboard with Intel chipset B75 or go on one of Intel h77 Express? I do not intend to overclock. Thank you!

  34. marius said

    What exactly does a Network Attached Storage?
    If you connect to the router can access it elsewhere?

  35. I buy my piss, I intrebuie especially for games, and I chose some songs and please tell if it is worth the money or if you have other suggestions say
    -Gigabyte m68m-s2p
    AMD Phenom II processor x4 965, 3400ghz, am3
    -MSI GeForce gtx550, 1024mb, ddr5, 192bit
    -GB RAM 4ddr3

  36. hi, can you tell me a video card performance to lead 1500lei resolution on 1900 1080

  37. Calinbehtuk said

    Hello Cristi! I have a queries and hope to get help is not decided in conjunction with the processor, are 4 that all looked the same series mam i5 3450, i5 3470, i5 3550, i5 3570, I wanted to buy the last ( 3570) but we found that large differences between them are out there too often, but the price difference is and 100 roni. It will make the difference in addition to i200 5mhz from i3570 5 3470? Thank you.

  38. Hello for P8H61-MX motherboard that better video card do you suggest? Does not matter how much it costs ....

  39. I see HD movies TV on 3000 INTEL LAPTOP .. ARE .. HDMI output .. URAT seen .. has some PLATE SET??

  40. LENOVO G 580 IS

  41. Hello! My name is Ionut, and I would like if possible to do a tutorial Hardware ... to draw up a gaming edge until 2.500 lei. Please mult.Multumesc anticipated.

  42. hello i have a pc with 12 4 with 8 GB of RAM that can exchange with one of the 4 8 gb?

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