Setting up a surveillance system, the 2, recording and managing video audio - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will continue with the second part of the series dedicated to video surveillance in first tutorial I discussed installation of IP cameras and today we will talk about managing and recording video signal delivered by IP camera.
Unless you have an IP camera, you can turn the phone into a surveillance cameraOr you can webcam and turn the computer into a surveillance system.
Method presence today is available for TP-Link IP cameras but how it would be like on most surveillance software. Soon I'm going to do a tutorial with a registration program for IP cameras, regardless of its manufacturer, that to have a greater freedom of choice when it comes to the camera.
The program that we will see in the tutorial is more a suite that brings together several modules, each for a particular task, however we have a main console that connects all modules and allows us to do all the settings that we want to apply them . So get used is a good idea to use only the main console.
On the first start will be required to set a password that you will use every time you want to logam local or remote if you want to see the streams recorded locally.
In the center console can set everything in the smallest details, we can also monitor multiple cameras at once, we can record multiple cameras simultaneously. We have the option to start a remote server for viewing option is useful when you want to see what happens office home office can also browse all the registrations, just like we do it at home.
I will not go crazy with details now in this introduction, you have enough in tutorial.
My biggest request would have to be very careful throughout this tutorial, there are many settings and each can change the behavior of these modules, not scroll if you want to keep some information to the "attic"!

.................................... ..

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. sal ... tell me what it means to me team agp aperture size? nice please

    • Balestu:
      sal ... tell me what it means to me team agp aperture size? nice please

      A setting through which you access the video card, TV tuner card capture at memorieia of the system (RAM on the motherboard), if you have enough memory on your video card does not need to tinker with this setting, let below it as if you 128-256 MB video card.
      An AGP video card has nothing to do with too much memory, many users have the impression that more memory means higher performance, wrong, you can compare memory "shared" with the Windows pagefile (virtual memory) is slow and less accessible than the memory on the video card.

  2. It would be very interesting some tutorials about how to write programs in C compilers

  3. Very interesting. Thank you.
    I used "Webcam Zone Trigger". With a digital camera connected to USB Infrared've done something interesting surveillance tests.

  4. Hello Cristi! Can I have a website where I can download Call of Duty 2 without giga.Am seen the best solutions but to find an installer giga.Daca 3 smaller and damil.Multumesc go for help!

  5. Please make a tutorial and about Zoho ""
    is a kind of online

    • AdrianGudus said

      Please make a tutorial and about Zoho ""
      is a kind of online

      I would opt for Google Docs which have more tutorials. We find with the search box on the top right black border

  6. Very interesting and useful. if possible in the future to do a tutorial on a similar software but can use a webcam pt. registration and where we can engage via http:// kind iSpy ( Is very good software for a while but have limited access to local network webcam miss if you want to see on the net have to pay. Can you give us some information about a free alternative.
    Thank you.

  7. Dragos Tutunaru said

    If you want and you have a long way to make your request such a system but under linux. It would be very good because it does not pay license fees for the system

  8. I have an IP camera TP-Link TL-SC3130. I downloaded the "Bundled Surveillance Software" on the official website:

    I installed the program but when I try to access the "Main Console", this error occurs (see printscreen)

    What is rezovarea?

  9. Daniel Ghita said

    I watched with interest the 2 tutorials! Very OK!
    Fiberlink RCS subscribers with dynamic DNS (. and I care very much a tutorial to setup DDNS and Port forwarting just to access multiple cameras and also a control board IP Relay!

    Daniel Ghita

  10. if I have one room TP link, and the rest are other can use this software downloaded from the TP-Link to manage all the rooms? Or is it mandatory to have cameras TP-link?
    thank you

  11. up!

  12. UP! ..

  13. up ..


  14. Very interesting tutorials. I have a question myself. Can you tell me if the software "Bundled Surveillance Software" can view the information from a DVR connected to the internet?

  15. Sorin Patrascu-Simon said

    Hello sir administrator,
    Although mature man with computer so I can handle a large problemă.Am aşa.Am bought from China sms mms with 2 DVR cameras country house. It also can connect antiburgler for magnetic sensors, PIR etc. All well and good but the installation images smartphone.Nu do not receive pictures, you do not store transmite.Am not all Cosmote subscription card. The telephone operator say that I have activated MMS. SMS and calls I received from the system.
    Angry then I got a room card and TF card to send pictures of intruders in the yard and turn off the alarm acustică.Mă but not present nor images stored on card.Ce can do? I can view online or to get instant and I connect and magnetic sensors, motion ... I look at someone passionate and solutions cunăscător.
    Thank you.

  16. I have connected the LAN IP camera and software that I want to record it on your PC via network

  17. toma emil said

    Hello .. I would like to get in touch, in private dvs..multumesc ..


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