Configuring a cheaper components of art - video tutorial

In this tutorial I decided that we need to configure a system that will use cutting-edge PC components to be able to change your old computer without too much aggravate personal budget and without resorting to the stores that sell us outdated systems.

For this system configuration (virtual) we had to use an international online store to avoid possible accusations of hidden advertising Romanian online stores.

When buying ready made systems must be aware that in those cases (pans) can learn anything a computer is not like a TV or a monitor, it has different components that are 100% compatible unless we get errors quite unpleasant.

Another problem may be the use of reconditioned or using outdated componenet by system vendors ready assembled.

As is well known, pc components have a life (moral) quite small, such as a processor out on the market today may be obsolete in 1-3 years, it depends on the time of purchase and generation processor.

We have a very good chance that when you buy a (ready-made), it was already looking outdated.

Now I do not want to blame anyone, but it's pretty well known that online stores are using these methods regularly to get rid of stocks of morally outdated components or stock of components that are refurbished and are still in the warranty period.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. beb3_mykk said

    tutorialu I k is quite nice: (((but I would put something in that for any k Download akuma not stand there and say go k loading ..... and can not see ... I'm not allowed to offend ... yeah take s .... Contact .... k ..... in 3 days nimka not see due to fire rpd egoisitilor will die .... if they look like them ... and some of us stand to endure others ... shoot them ........ k sorry I can not see myself giving a little note ....... this is: (((

  2. beb3_mykk said

    So I can only nerves: ((... ..stau of 20 minutes and does not load at all but deloccccccccccc ... ..chiar so ... :(

  3. great tutorial, that is a very new game goes on the video card of your choice and get along well with RAM, but do not know whether cope with the processor. That pt. Gamers Celeron (I do not mean the name, but the frequency - 1,6)? Anyway very good idea to make a tutorial and tips elsewhere without commercials, short and to the point. Please do not abandon this project tutorials there are many like me who really need it.

  4. beb3_mykk said

    everything I ... excuse me ... but other older tutorials go this latest response does not load anything?? know me????

  5. @portal:
    Of course there is always room for a better processor, ideal for that video card is a generation quad core but 45nm new configured system was basically a cheap one with the latest components and not necessarily follow the highest performance.
    Osa make a tutorial and setup a highly efficient, but we take into account a certain budget, because there's always a limited sense.

  6. @beb3_mykk:
    When we launch a new tutorial everyone who has subscribed to new subscribers receive an email with the launch of the tutorial and I think that many of them come on site to see the tutorial.
    Know that to me loading well, I think it is a problem and the net of your overall internet providers have a fixed bandwidth and if everyone in your network is on the net at this time you realize what load is .
    On top of that there are "selfish" sitting on to download, cursing them and you them, but not on the site plan.
    Try using opera browser, because this browser has a cache smarter than most browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla).
    What say you and you patience!
    Stop waiting for us.

  7. beb3_mykk said

    poi and Mozilla and Opera as I entered Loading ... .greuu and old go to see them ... new ... .deloc: (((this last 3 to speak ... never go any work or Mozilla 9 3 nimik :( ((despite dying to say this: ((

  8. @beb3_mykk:
    Let me know that load quickly and I'm in Bucharest and the site is on a server in Cluj.
    The problem is from your net provider which offers pretty good bandwidth.
    You need to talk to them and ask them more tape, I bet with the ODC shoot very well but hardly moves torrent.
    Say it?

  9. @beb3_mykk:
    Bandwidth is the metropolitan city is concerned, and the external band is for other cities and outside is always less that cost more.
    Net providers are bandits and will steam all kinds of nonsense.
    I have the same speed and internal and external, download 600 k and the country and outside.
    Pull ears providers will soon start to offer HD content and then close the resolution do not know what to do with so little bandwidth.
    As you saw the quality of the video tutorials on is quite large and has a gradually enlarging until we get to HD.
    We want to be the first site in Romania that will offer HD content, this course will happen when we launch our own servers as soon hopefully.

  10. The tutorial does not go more than a few seconds ... about a minute then stops, as if jumping over ... appears and the play button in the middle of the screen, although he has 32-something minutes or 33 ... Cristi, so can not be! Put money in nesimtitii father who downloads! It's very unpleasant to enter on a site and you can not enjoy the content!

  11. @Adrian:
    I happen to good people Bini boots normally, do not know what can be the problem in this tutorial.
    It is possible that we have grown sensitive to tutorials resolution yesterday, I made the transition from 800 / 600 to 1024 / 640, it can be trouble to it.
    Try to see what is the system load when you look at this tutorial.
    That quote is consumed and how much processor memory at runtime tutoriallui and when it is stopped.

  12. @Adrian:
    It is a transition period in which we increase the resolution to tutorials and we need your reactions about it.

  13. you said something about the paste on the CPU and Colouring (cooler) how serious is the problem if I deleted pasta without a substitute. give me an answer, please.

  14. @admin_cristi: I eventually went! I went in to see him with the work 10 (beta) and each time was the same way ... I was giving play run one minute stop ... and so on ... then surprise, I went with my firefox went head to tail without even interrupt! from yesterday when I looked at the pdf cute short about ... that I went in 5 5 awful ... in seconds ... make buffer stop and resume buffer and so .. I managed to look at this until from head to tail without problems and without download it! It seems that the beta was to blame, it's actually a beta I what to expect, I eventually fell plug ... and I went with firefox ...

  15. @ando: It's pretty bad, pulp role is to be properly cool the CPU when it is asked for more ... especially in games or software that Pope resources ... not having proper cooling, you risk to leave you any time to give prosecu ... or ii short "life" he should have as good cooling! Pasta ensures that protects ficseaza better processor cooler, air drive better!

  16. Thanks a lot, now must run to shoping.

  17. beb3_mykk said

    and pull torrents 6 and 3 mega mega going pretty well so I put on dc ++ and so kam 4 mega maximum range and less ... for 4 etc ... .On siter super youtbe go and work with Mozilla 3 and acyl dar..ultimele 3 on your website it can no longer see the latest video 3 to speak dc nus does not load transfer data ... .and ... .we longer go but if you see old moz and go super and all ... .de pull torrents pulled from 6.3mega went yesterday when I pulled 2 movies on dc ++ gone but I knew I did not go shoot quite well k ... nus you just be sitting in CR in the city center ... so to speak ... but nus ... .vizionez day d day but 3 days ... nama: ((nimik can not see past 3 video: ((Ufffff

  18. beb3_mykk said

    poi to speak >>>> I 2.8Ghz PROCESORU you stay in 90% single core on the last video I give it, and I eat about 580MB ram video .... but still does not work ...: (sits and nothing 100% prosecu ... . prosecu have enough ram to be so weak: (.....???

  19. @beb3_mykk: What are you talking about? I 800Mhz processor :)) and I saw the tutorial tail head, without interrupting the latest version of Firefox! In any case I do not think your CPU is too weak I 384 RAM.Asa it's not your fault system ... adik ... e but procesoru or ramie are the problem ... who knows ... just do not know what to say ...

  20. Salut.Am a DAVIO Pentium (R) 3.06GHz, 1.00 rami GB video card nVidia GS Turbo Cache 7100 256 a video card RealTek I'd like to say to me how good is this system up to be honest.

  21. Intel Pentium scuzatimi inattention 3.06ghz

  22. @danezu: Depends what you use it for what I use ... in my opinion is a very good system! If you're not a gamer's ft good! Just as you put it would be pretty even if you have money 1G ram or even 2, have a total 2 or 3G! (Perhaps you meant RealTek sound card!) And if you make a mistake in a post obtinue After clicking submit just below the end of your post Blue Click to Edit written in parenthesis countdown ... edit fasting for 10 minutes after You gave first submit! Please do not 1 all positions!

  23. pff give bad are Intel Pentium 4.Cred that I was drunk, I did so 1 post and I had to write 3 times :)) =)) =))

  24. Adriane I am passionate about Counter-Strike gamer who goes and weak ff systems, but this system thanks goes like greu.Cand go one folder in my computer and go fast but when you open the program go hard and met many altele.M tempt to butt out 1 GB even do 2 3 rami of my GB is the theme that I do not support the motherboard and for me if I had money I would do exactly as I have no money tutorialu cristi.Dar lu and if their parents tell them I want a PC generation ulti hurts somewhere.

  25. Adriane know editatu phase only as of the time I no longer look 1 this option.

  26. @danezu: to see if it supports your card 2 or 3 G see k have a tutorial about EVEREST, install it, look at the tutorial to know how to use it, and he'll show you exactly how many rami support your board! How many etc.Nu slots I know if your motherboard supports, but if you have a proc. Another would be 2 dual core video card pretty good situation ... I mean, if you just want canter, stay you put even 1 2 to you, and if you would support a dual 2 core..te you out!

  27. boby_admin said

    If you said everything you said Davio system
    It matters what you mean what parts of the computer in it, so look for brands that give money for nothing
    If you have a componennta DAVIO in him eat it so it's wrong to say we have a DAVIO
    Let's go to the video card
    If you want to run a game of God can help take your mind
    When you buy a video card forget how many gigs of ram has
    Your card is part of the beginning at 7 7100 to 7800 so do not just look at the first important figure is the second video card series 6800 Ex is an older generation but is more powerful than yours
    Now prosecu
    If you want to watch a video listen to music and surf the net to play a tetris ok
    The motherboard did not say anything so I'm afraid to ask
    Memory 2 you get to a gig
    If you and you're going to play the latest games do not advise you to put money in it
    If you have many demands and you're a gamer's OK

  28. No, I'm not a gamer inraint Only a Counter-Strike game ie less thus requiring ff nam problem, other games I'm not too picky intereseaza.Si stunt not even give that ANY child high and I wish I still mult.Ex : I go to a friend and see what good PC and not my jaw drop and I wish and I what he ...

  29. And another thing I would like to enlighten me and me in connection with the paste on the CPU if you want: P

  30. Adrian I saw some of the tutorial EVEREST plain hard for that now I have time on your video card and wrote 512.Am uimit.Cand remained open on the first page of starting the computer says that is 256.

  31. Boby motherboard is: Motherboard Name: ECS P4M890T-M (2 PCI, PCI-E x1 16, 1 CNR, 2 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN)
    Motherboard Chipset: VIA P4M890.Imi can say anything she orce.

  32. boby_admin said

    If you want to play Counter-Strike is awesome ok
    PC components are very volatile and would need to change our PC a month that always appears better and more efficient components
    Try to invest int a computer with head and made systems will not buy them because they have no interest to sell you know a good system but only want to get a high profit as possible and try to put neck with a printer monitor system crappy sound system, etc.
    If you want to make an investment in the future you try to take a good source, as a housing, a good hard, and in a year or two will need not only to change your video card, motherboard and processor

  33. Arr boby be a very good solution to do them with binisoru Forwarding hard today, tomorrow source (I changer now 1 month I gave it 500 ROL) after tomorrow and a cover over some time to Shift Pattern and restu.M would choose PC performance and reasonable price after I've seen Cristi.Te's tutorial if you please tell me how much would cost after tne case, hard drive and power

  34. boby_admin said

    It's a motherboard at about £ 200 as minuses just 533 MHz memory support
    You can put them and a duo core processor 2 but I honestly would not invest in it
    The motherboard is based on underlying all components so I would need to pay more attention
    From paca when you buy a ready made system will not never see you writing motherboard system because they are ashamed, instead I will draw a monitor, printer, speakers, card reader (which will give a lot of errors), keyboard, mouse, of course all of the bad quality
    And Gigel'll say, "Brother to give me 15 million computer printer and lcd monitor does not?"
    Yes brother I'd throw them all in the trash
    source 400-700 350-watt 550lei
    Housing 250-600lei
    hard 500giga 220 lei

  35. Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 32 on 4G sees bits of ram you if you have !!

  36. I said above that you do not see the tutorial that you've putini.Eu ram ram 256 64 but my video card I use on-board video card's ram 64.Si I 192 and all the tutorials I see no problem . Not from your PC configuration.

  37. I looked above and saw that you say you do not see tutorialele.mie see I am really bn net considering that the constant 200k Romtelecom plus download with 200k and outside the country and . do not eat a lot of CPU and I have a pretty good dual-core and do not eat much of ram.nici I do not think it is from your PC configuration.

  38. beb3_mykk said

    Phew?? I realize today no bank dc goes to see him say k always loading .... but nothing .. no video starts ..... nus und other tutorials I see to be the problem nus .. no internet PC is not then .... where: (?

  39. I do not think it is from your PC .. I 730 processor MHz 256 MB RAM, video 128 mb

  40. I do not think it is from your PC .. I 730 processor MHz 256 MB RAM, video 128 mb and the rds broadband net and sees all .. I have no problem .. not interrupt nimik .. and use opera 9,63

  41. Cristi Sal, Sal boby, super hard and this tutorial instead will very much please let me help me with something, I want to get my video card that did now attend somewhat bn and games I want something that would be even cheaper, but also to be a good and quality, I finally I stopped at a video card HIS Ati Radeon PCI-E HD 4670, what do you think of this board? Cuz I can or will recommend something better with better, good luck continued with tutorialele.Multumesc!

  42. inka scz I forgot to write something so I added besides a plaque above him and think about an XFX PV-T9G-YALG

  43. ink and XFX something I thought considering that the game tree to recognize nvidia chapter beat you

  44. marius you know that it's much harder than you

  45. Mr. Cristi have a dual cuore 4400ghz of 2.7 and speed, ASRock on ddr2,2 DVD-RW, ATI 512 on ddr2,2 gb rami ddr2
    can you tell me if my system is good enough?
    Thank you!

  46. p4m900 a plate with 2 g ram, sata hard 250 2, GeForce ddr8600.procesor pentium dual core 3 2180 2 of ghz.vreau to know if I can play some games with ea.merci advance

  47. boby_admin said

    More details sir killer
    You know how many video cards have 512 ram? perhaps hundreds more
    It will not take after how much RAM does your video card
    These are your criteria when you want to buy a video card? If so it's all wrong
    I'll show you the video card 15 million 256 RAM
    Now let us return to our sheep
    From my point of view it's a pretty good but for me the most value for price matter then and you have to keep in mind when you buy a
    So can you show me an operating system to 100 million and ask me if it's good
    Normal is no way to fail to make the kind of money but the price you gave him
    I hope you know what I mean
    And they say do not say rami ram RAM

  48. and expect him to answer what I wrote above that please?

  49. boby_admin said

    @eugen: @eugen:
    The video card is pretty good job with it but you do get a little pull down processor
    I think for now you can play the latest games and even if some of them will be forced to play at a lower resolution and hang out and details (to give them further down)

  50. I watched the video card's base plate is p256m4oo 9 and m7 SE made by Biostar

  51. Cristi Sal, Sal boby, super hard and this tutorial instead will very much please let me help me with something, I want to get my video card that did now attend somewhat bn and games I want something that would be even cheaper, but also to be a good and quality, I finally I stopped at a video card HIS Ati Radeon PCI-E HD 4670, what do you think of this board? Cuz I can or will recommend something better with better, good luck continued with tutorialele.Multumesc!
    inka scz I forgot to write something so I added besides a plaque above him and think about an XFX PV-T9G-YALG
    ink and XFX something I thought considering that the game tree to recognize nvidia chapter beat you


  52. @marius:
    Get yourself something from nvidia, gt 9600 are pretty cheap and pretty good performance and rental is better than 4670 from you, do not look after company for all are the same, your best buy at gt 9600 cheaper.

  53. Well I did just that and then asked something about the nvidia gt adik 9600 as something better than what I'm thinking, well, so much for the tip MS

  54. inka something Vbeam with someone and says the nvidia geforce gt 9600 they say that with all her cooleru exciting as hell after more than possible to have a video card as a microwave

  55. and anything related to 4670 inka from you, I looked at comdntarile dp FAME asha curiosity and that I've seen many a boast that would have a very good cooling

  56. Are you referring to this cristi

    him and yet still have a more weakened p4pe asus motherboard intel celeron D proc-x mhz sock 310 2113 478 May of last generation, however in the spring and now I want to take my motherboard from GIGABYTE and probably after process but I thought to start with the video card that's fratemiu which is smaller and it's with those fifa joacele with those and I managed to squeeze a little money and 500 ron

  57. boby_admin said

    @marius: @marius: @marius:
    I had to remove your link because we do free advertising online shops
    He said 9600 GT video card company so you pick
    I saw something ...... Everyone choose ASUS ... WHY?
    I'm not saying it's not good company but there are other good companies
    I hope you understand what I mean
    Do not you think that if you buy a video card super cool and super expensive and put it on a pc say surpassed one can run the latest games
    Processor, memory, motherboard, power, all have an important role and should not be neglected
    It's like a vicious circle

  58. May I ask my ad descz ptr phase I did not even seamaiar about what the board did zik not necessarily ASUS VBA but now comes the second part and I said above I do not want to board after video as a microwave but I was very puzzled by the fact that I'm afraid to take it after you regret or extra genu linked wrought plate EVBA not expensive even for the dak and I really wanted a cheese plate I take the expensive First 9800 gtx, but I realized 1 the system is a little out, and anyway I can ptr 2 the board.

  59. crek eventually I'll get something from gigabyte hope I have not done any relcama only ptr I said the name of Firn, but I saw that you have great confidence in this company that I've seen him through your tutorials

  60. @marius:
    Gigabyte motherboards only recommend!
    BFG video card is my choice!
    Leadtek video card, especially the TV tuner!
    But know that all video cards from NVIDIA are produced in one place by a single producer.
    Yes you heard right all boards are produced by manufacturers Daytona and just change: memories, bios and cooling system (sometimes).
    Stop taking after all the suckers who say that Asus is the best, is stupid, almost all manufacturers have the same video cards, with few exceptions sometimes but those small differences can be observed only in the order of overclock and 1 % - 5% and I do not think it's worth paying extra for just asua advertise hard and brainwash people.
    The video cards are some small companies that do a good job: BFG, XFX, EVGA and Gainward sometimes with some series.
    Let me tell you it is their recipe: take a regular video card, change the BIOS and flash it back with frequencies uiesc changed and changed behavior cooler to cool better.
    I did such a thing to a video card that I took with 9,5 million after I changed the bios 12 be worth millions, only I did all settings.
    I will do a tutorial about it.
    Do not throw the expensive stuff, get the cheapest card from that series but make sure you have proper cooling, ISR then you change it yourself (if you dare).

  61. I see everyone as his praise components, as that's the company that's like ... I do not know how a motherboard AX3SP Pro-U PC since I 2001, see here as a motherboard is exceeded moral 2 years, well mine is a museum piece, do not know if there are motherboards that keep you from 2001 2009 up today and went through many poor, hard stuffing ba, ba 2, 1 again, remove supply (source) clean it, I put the cleaner in it to remove dust, ouch and many many more, all capacitors have swollen and still going when I got it! all the components on it are you have the factory! I changed absolutely no part of this pc.PC go for so many years from morning to evening yet is alive, functional, we have not seen in my life and never heard a base plate withstand many years, without changing any of it! You give and you realize what you soket processor and has such 2001 plate, a primitive soket processor and only just 800Mhz 384 RAM. So AOPEN hottest grass-roots PLATE !! :)) If I had money I would get all PC motherboard AOPEN

  62. that's why I had stopped him initially HIS ATI Radeon HD PCI-E, 1 and I think that's very important is proper cooling and 2 and price is quite small say io

  63. you, your board of my companies you listed above from which you :)

  64. @marius:
    I had a video card from BFG, and recently I got a card from Leadtek.
    Think twice before you buy something, do not give money without consulting websites ri reviews.
    I do not necessarily watch after the performance, he look more at price-performance ratio and take into account a lot of the following things:
    1 Price
    2 Performance
    3 overclock capability
    Stability 4
    5 cooling efficiency
    Maturity 6 GPU
    Maturity 7 drivers
    8 silent (I had a video card that will make all the devils)
    9 note that the cooling system to remove hot air from the case
    10 Most importantly you must have a source that people preferred to have lines 2 20 40 amp or one amp and have over 550 w probably under priced £ 150 not find a good source.
    I've seen enough to know that because of broken computers inefficient source.

  65. only agree to BFG and Leadtek have seen even 9600 gt quite expensive, I do not t know what to do now that all the lamps are VBA

  66. However I think the ultimate solution with collecting some money and I buy a gt 9600 from BFG or Leadtek from which it would be about bn
    ink of something you've changed your motherboard or cooling the system remained the initial board
    and last question dak're cute, recommend me a source or dak w 550 flour to not let you anyway vbit sources in the tutorial dp newegg hope not advertise CAA is not from us, very nice way and succeeded and This tutorial about pverclock probably must post akolo comment, but it now sry I posted here :)

  67. boby_admin said

    What can I say cost cost if you want to run your next generation gaming
    I personally get along better with nvidia that does not mean you have to take into account the company ATI
    You can even bring up what company do you stay calm
    Now it's how you're willing to pay for a source
    Both are good and BFG and Leadtek but that does not mean you have to take one of them, there are other companies pretty good
    BFG is a little overclock but you can not attach to pick up frequencies if you choose to take your other video card
    No matter what video card you choose look for the best quality-price ratio

  68. Well and now dak is overclocked already attached to them, it means I can personally only really an overclocked or not has no problem

  69. ink something, Christ said of the cheapest k 9600gt agree, except that I bet any IT shop in this little country of ours I will go and ask the cheapest 9600 gt, they will tell me the gigabyte like this Jephthah's best and I think that the least good or let be and asus but usually I bet everyone will say that they have the best gigabyte eftin

  70. 9600 a GSO or xfx xfx gt 9500
    even though nush dc xfx seems pretty cheap 9500 2 million or so and no cheap asha still seems a bit dodgy and that this treasured and quality to be compared with adik Pretu not be more NIMIK too good, that 9600 GSO I saw at 3 million nine hundred inka asha jtiam something that I really lucky to have seen so far intr0un rewew, it really need to know and what video slot is based on my board, and how to see it

  71. Look what I saw this card WinFast GT TDH 9600 Mb PX512 on our shop it does not give the name as I do not advertise about four million or so, and the other all the same card all the same stability and a 280 not intzeleg nimik

  72. @marius: ready May Stop that man ... buy what you want ... you money incardeaza you money and quality ... nothing we talking about here is that what you saw and that's what you want ... and you .... we can not rule that more then come here to cry and say "I'll take you to put this video card and I do not like you you are yourself to blame" your choice is to do it yourself! cometraii fill useless space, take what you want and what you think is best ... nothing ... we mean prices in your town are at my othe ... different from the others ... the seller, not all practice the same prices.

  73. you're welcome Adrian & VBA it is not me, but him actually from primu comment I meant was I recommend a board told me that only give good straw 9600gt bn brother said from the beginning I look IATI jtiu 9600 gt leadktek or ESDC nush say that BFG 9600 gt and dc to take ae Tzi a good watch is cooling etc. This is what I wanted so I dak I apologize disturbed dak does not nimik so that was about the idea

  74. and inka something Adriane father once inka apologize, yeah dad are desperate to update my comp as soon darling ptr and you look out and I actually started to grow on how euro thousand one I'm afraid that by Summer can not touch me 50 of the euro

  75. I would like to ask if there's a difference between 32 62 or bits?
    of you or nvidia would be better?
    for that I have radeon hd pro 2600 32 memory bits 512ram
    which is better nvidia 9600gt everything 512ram and 62 bit or my video card mentioned above?
    thank you!

  76. @killer:
    If you mean the bandwidth of memory bus is only natural that the higher values ​​are better performance, but in general be 32 64 or bits is less.
    Meanwhile the rest of the components to be performing GPU memory.
    Memory bus width can be compared with the pipe, how thick the pipe is the more fluid can pass through it, the thing is that you need a "pump" for high volume performance, in our case a graphics processor efficient.
    If you want something good you have to head to the plate at least 256 bits.

  77. Christ the Lord to not Miata response to: geforce nvidia9800gt of you and which is better?
    and if you could give a price sami
    thanks for the response! do a great job!
    I learned a lot

  78. @killer:
    Including you?
    If you compare with nvidia 4780 2 × 9800gt, leaving you win.
    If you compare 4870 with nvidia nvidia 9800gt think winning out.
    Really matter model, price, value, maturity GPU and others, do not think you can make a comparison in 2 words.
    For example, if you give him a 4870 a professional board to overclock how to blow a lot more expensive boards.
    Know that in general the PC world everything is relative when it comes to comparisons rigid.
    This is not comparing apples with pears, is a bit more complex job.
    If I were to buy me something I look primarily at price performance ratio, because often flat until 200% more on a performance-only component but 30% higher.
    Think of the first quality-price ratio and not give money ready overclocked cards.
    Take in all standard plate will not forget after extreme variants, you can do your overclock you afterwards.

  79. but you have a tutorial how overclockeaza video cards?
    I ATI hd pro 2600 512 32 ram and I want to get my bits and other
    thanks for reply and please say if you have a nice sami tutorial that shows how overclockeaza viedo boards.
    thank you!
    Another thing: if it can be tutorial about video card thanks. (I mean tutorial on how to overclokeaza) thanks!

  80. @killer: if you give us some money to get a video card with the greatest pleasure do a tutorial on you! It will be likely in the future and about you, you will be money! We 2 tutorials on nVidia ... search engine and you search in the right top!

  81. Mr. Christ would like to thank you for raspuns.As gta4 wonder why I go jerky bad (I ATI Radeon HD 2600pro and 512 32 mb bits) for I and jojul 5 call of duty and I go perfect.tinand mind that Call of Duty 5 jokului requirements were mari.SAR TO SAMI have gone rattling PT I had 6 WINDOWS virus (virus QUITE RAI)?. MIAM EU WINDOWSU INSTALLED AGAIN EI.VOI to escape out of New GTA4 AND WHAT YOU SEE IN BEAUTIFUL PLEASE CAUZA.IMI can answer why GTA 4 jerky WENT MIA (given that SI CALC HARD goes from the virus taken from the NET plus other JOKURI go a little harder BUT NOT jerky).
    PLEASE CAN DAC BEAUTIFUL SAMI answer all questions written above LEAM

  82. @killer: Some games require for a good SP3 ft and DirectX runtime version!

  83. Mr. Adrian I installed direct x 3 sp10 and it asked me to

  84. I took a drive to Altex dual core processor and 5200 2.5 e2 gb ram .. and an integrated video card Intel g31 / 33 of 384mb but I nimic.cs Dispenser's is my go 60 sees "the onion" what to do? can I put another plate?

  85. I forgot ... procesoru 64 platform supports you? ew can I put my video card go worse and other components (ie computer)?

  86. @Cosmin:
    Buy yourself a good video card, but before she see what slot you most likely have PCI Express but be sure to look Do you have AGP.
    When you put the plate do not forget to disable the integrated graphics chip in BIOS, driver dezinatalezi to your chip which I think is X3100 you restart and only then install the new board.
    I recommend you buy your times Nvigia GTK times less money 260 9600 nvidia gt.
    Our advice is:
    No more buying ready-made systems that are all bandits and will put only weak components in your computer, will the eye 2 gig 500 Mamore and a hard gig, but you must realize that the processor is the heart PC and video card is the heart graphics.
    With the money you gave the computer I bet you were taking some good parts.
    In the future do not do so.

  87. hello, how can I see and him that slot is pci express or agp dak?

  88. cristi're the best are very surprised that I'm glad I found a site and him explaining something very detailed on this site as for explaining ms.

  89. Adrian zc. said
  90. Adrian zc. said

    Good. I have a motherboard P4M800PRO-M (V2.0) " "I 4 her ram slots: slot 2 DDR2 DDR400 until now I had recently 2 DDR2 memory of one GB each. Recently I wanted to do and I bought a memory upgrade from KINGMAX of 2Gb to 800 mhz. When I opened calc..abia then I noticed that I only 2 2 slots and slots ddr2 ddr400. I pulled Gb of memory and added 1 2 Gb memory with the other. The problem is right here .. I clicked on my computer propetris: and I have only appears when Gb 2 3 be = .. then I may download aida32 and I do and there 2 pictures. First I thought that me-I motherboard supports not only 4 Rami gb .. and they should be 2 and 2 GB GB DDR2 DDR400. GB memory 1 and 533 mhz resist! If you have some opinions pls reply or send an email sau.cel mai bn id`u Addand my Y! M adhordhevis thanks

  91. beb3_mykk said

    yeah and I'm somewhat to speak gamer ... but I do not limit myself to throw my stuff is expensive anyway well done tutorialu and say I'm good advice: D Good luck on ...

  92. Adrian zc. said

    someone help me on mn?: |

  93. Yeah ... I've seen some days ago 2 motherboard Gigabit honestly do not like me ... I'm sorry cramped, small ... and that they're stuffed into one another all the stuff on it, all chips jacks and everything gives you the feeling of tenderness ... I do not know what to say ... seem fragile, delicate ... Do not take my GIABA ... I opt for a Asus.Fiind so crowded ... I think it looks like all the ... all cablaraia, hard source ... I do not know how good it will be cooling, ventilation ... how effective ... I'm stingy with area allocated motherboard with spaces between parts ... almost like a pot

  94. nicoleta-Resita said

    I have a good problem! I did something stupid I deleted "microsoft office xp professional with front page" Please if you do not take away too much time explicatmi as rezlolv problem that always gives me a window that says that is configured to put cd but I have no idea what I do!
    Thank you

  95. @nicoleta-Resita: Put the CD if you mean it and follow the steps, or uninstall it and reinstall it again, I refer to the Microsoft Office

  96. alexandru said

    I have a question all video cards match up with all motherboards? maea Basic MSI motherboard is and if anyone knows what video cards my jump suit like mine is about dust G 7300 G ms

  97. boby_admin said

    No matter what your company's base plate can be msi, asus, gigabyte
    You have to look at the motherboard graphics port has
    That can have PCI-Express or AGP
    I'll bet it's AGP
    I want to give some advice
    Do not invest money in a dead .. I mean nothing will change only video card that will not get a performance increase too much in games.
    Look at the big picture and you
    If you buy a video card "performance" must put on a stable system that is a good processor, a motherboard stable a hard time with good access, enough RAM
    Can you buy the hottest video card in the world if you put on a weak or mediocre, then throw money out the window.
    If your card is AGP so I advise you to leave and never invest money in a technology that has recently died
    "Think out of the box"

  98. alexandru said

    zimi my PC look like you should instead be a somewhat advanced system Processor: Intel Core CPU 2 6300 1.8GHz Rami: 1 giga video card: Nvidia Gt HAD Gfore 7300: 250 giga I want to put a plaque 8800 GT Needless to buy as to obtain higher performance?

  99. zimi my PC look like you should instead be a somewhat advanced system Processor: Intel Core CPU 2 6300 1.8GHz Rami: 1 giga video card: Nvidia Gt HAD Gfore 7300: 250 giga I want to put a plaque 8800 GT Needless to buy as to obtain higher performance?

  100. alexandru said

    and which corresponded if PCI Express or AGP

  101. Adrian said

    @mihai: @alexandru: Do good and do not double post under different names if you want someone to answer! Be patient and you will get the answer, if you do not double post was also no reply!

  102. alexandru said

    I apologize for what I did but how I know if I have PCI Express or AGP sorry encoded

  103. boby_admin said

    If you motherboard box to see that you have to write on it

  104. @alexandru: Use Everest, if you can not see it using k we have tutorial about Everest, Write up to search the right page and hit enter Everest to find it!

  105. hello how to say I like all videotutorialele they do have a question about processors these that matters size as eczemplu one 3200 + and one de1600 or processing speed matters or the memory ram say 3500 + memory of 512 and 1600 memory of 1GB who quickly or as much flour performance.

  106. I also salute him a question that I do not know if I knew neuronal responses OMAI not we put no one answers the questions? multam

  107. Maddalinio said

    I have some day I hope to read them carefully:

    1.Normal you can not see the tutorials on netural ClickNet, Vodafone and other providers that do not offer my decenta.Parerea band somewhat if you stay in the main cities of Romania choose neighborhood networks for the band in general they offer a quite The larga.Si do not think that is the system I think is from some expicati banda.Am I received from someone how it works and the experiences of my internetu think it would be more of the band that does not mean you can look at the tutorial with a "PC" by 64mb 300mhz rami and a proc.
    2.Pentru Admin: You may provide 2 formats or chiar3 of video.HD and for those with a weaker kind Addicted May slab.Ceva youtube.Contactati me and maybe you will help me with a server to see how this day those with hostingu and maybe offer you something.
    3.Rog something an admin can contact me and I'll do part of your team maybe you can give some tutorials that the Easter holiday just ahead.
    Boby and Cristi 4.Ascultatil on because you learn things and I will tell you from his own experience and from tutorials saunt seen as people who have them somewhat in the IT field especially crystal.
    5.Tutorialu hopefully this will help many people who bought the system I'm ready facut.Si same view hand made our system is much better and this for several reasons.
    a) Put the parts we want and what we like.
    b) buy them brand new.
    c) Le Mont us.
    And it's Body will delight not have a printer or monitor.Deoarece EASA will not win her even more you will esitate in pierdere.Deci conclusion is to make your own system vostru.Si especially as some companies The caclculoatroare (Computer landfill) will be mounted pieces so they will not have to worry
    6.Cristi I saw that you said we can assemble the pieces into a single I sincerely recommend you install a specialist or if you have even a tad of experience (1-2ani) to mount them yourself because you know friends who time or full-load current from the mains poorly placed and formed a tad entry plug in HDD slot and burned or badly placed and have instrambat pini.In pricesoru rest I think is pretty usor.Numai to be careful.
    Contact 7.In paste process a month ago I put myself first for such a paste on the CPU for that corrupted my pc and I made the whole song piesa.Apoi I said to put a procesor.Ideea paste was not really know how to pose too much nor too little ... This was difficult but I had better tell you that I already 2saptamani with it and see it works pretty ok.
    8.In Contact Rami: I knew that XP recognizes 3.Eu maximum use of rami 3GB (a pleasant 2gb 1 and another a manifold). I saw Christ through the tutorial said something I wish I dual channel further explain . From what I understand dual channel helps to better performance of the pad 2 rami.
    I have not watched 9.Daca well tutorialu and if I'm not mistaken if Cristi put a Celeron processor but to my knowledge this is the worst processor given that are generated trecute.Dar I saw was a DualCore but anyway processor was quite ok
    My 10.Parerea it is a super good tutorial but Christ must give you their opinion more to firme.Deoarece I still not decided what to choose assus or Gigabyte ATI or Nvidia, etc.

    A super tutorial useful and quite explicit.
    Respect for admins but especially for Christ.
    Good day everyone
    If you have a problem with PC not hesitate to ask because I will answer with the greatest pleasure, of course if you know.

  108. @Maddalinio: To use dual channel must have your card base to support dual channel, plates RAM is recommended to be the same company and the same frequency! Not every motherboard supports RAM or motherboard RAM settlement plates that can go in dual channel!

  109. Maddalinio said

    @ Adrian: I think that the motherboard supports dual channel but unfortunately rami are another company and another frequency ... But thank you so much for the information it was looking to sell these and pick rami 2 1GB pieces.

    Thanks a lot.

  110. @Maddalinio: To be more secure, use Everest to see what motherboard you have (motherboard) and then search the net ... and you can check its specifications right on the site producarorului the specifications will write if support dual channel or not ... if you can not use Everest view site k are some tutorials with it! Write to search and you give up the right Everest enter and find them!

  111. Maddalinio said

    @ Adrian: Adrian Thanks for the advice but I uiatat the net and my motherboard supports baza.Si I saw tutorialu with Everest Ultimate Edition's really cool that I use altu That's hottest home edition.Asta X

  112. I have a MSI I mounted her memory 4 cite 1gb good or how many 2memori Trbuse 2gb all is the same company and same frecfenta Thank you much

  113. @vasile: it's ok as long as you respected the basic accepted your plate ... for example my motherboard does not support the more than 3G of RAM so if you respected the frequencies indicated and supported by the motherboard everything is ok!

  114. Maddalinio said

    @ Basil I think it is good because it works better than 4memori + 2 and 3 only recognize xp on it from what I inteles.Oricum if you 4gb not spoil anything :)) but still goes well with 4gb to 2gb.

  115. @vasile: it is recommended to put the same company and frequent only if you put them in dual channel!

  116. killer01 said

    I want to make a tutorial on a computer and a little more "gaming" that is not too expensive so it's crystal or bobby. I'd be super excited! Thanks in advance!

  117. marian said

    I got a pretty good taken from Carrefour .... 2 years ago
    which I have got from a family friend about a year ago with 12 mil.initial he had given about 18.spre my amazement what Christ says to these promotions that you put on the neck some good songs but you kidding with others 's pretty bun.are motherboard ECS (Elitegroup) p4m890t-m, intel pentium proc 4ghz 3.00 512 RAM and NVIDIA GeForce 7100 gs.acum my question is whether more can invest in it as it is done or is bad combination of parts you have.? step up to take it from family friend has not asked him much more than using net plus for the business have taken inaninte sal was changed video card warranty ....
    I just want to increase its RAM and sami get a better video card with a budget only for plate mill 3
    CVA recommendation?

  118. Adrian said

    @marian: In 3 million to stay longer and get yourself some cash with an ATI HD 4650 of 1G and 128bit even take your 1G of ram, I got my video card now 2 days that I've recommended it above and are super happy with it, has the potential to overclock at this money from nVidia you get a pin board ... they are very expensive for the reason that they were wrong graphic image in a series of plates and have had to withdraw from the market and now they out damage behind us demanding a premium ...

  119. Adrian said

    @Adrian: 1G of ram you get 2 ddr500.000 Rol ... Good luck!

  120. marian said

    However good pc?
    how he did it
    adik if I take whatever video card and ram mem increase will go bn on this configuration?

  121. marian said

    honestly I looked at some online stores and saw 2 boards until 3 DDE NVIDIA GeForce million 9500
    or geforce8400

  122. marian said

    plus I'm not a gamer and thank mas plate 512
    game adik most cs
    and i want to go to games at a resolution of 1280
    ..... I have a friend who has a plaque in the 512 you and I go to all games 1280 gta4 numa i move to plays hard and 800 (32 bit)
    sion made a step to deposit now 2 years
    can MAFI with ... ..and has 20 320 million 1gb hdd ram or motherboard 2 NUJ what ATI Radeon es a series of 7 and 8 512 and 3 ghz proc (not sure)

  123. Adrian said

    @marian: Procesoru lacking, it's the older generation ... I do not know if it will allow you games ... source again by a more stable especially in games ... You must have a source of quality!

  124. marian said

    me me afraid that the motherboard is not good enough and it's BN to bring her a video card such as yours 1gb

  125. Adrian said

    @Adrian: If you are not gamer it's perfect to keep prosecu ...

  126. marian said

    nuj honest the source is
    Vb .... I leave in the evening if you have ideas feel free ...... and I'm somewhat beginner in the field .... lucky ASZT site I learned a lot ....

  127. marian said

    the thing is that I want a better video card
    of 512
    and that would be good nuj
    I let go ....

  128. @marian:
    Please choose play to stop a video card just by how much RAM is
    It's just a marketing thing from manufacturers of video cards and unfortunately many fall into this place
    I have a video card that is worth at nearly Act million and has only 10 512 RAM and I can show you a video card that has 2 1 million giga RAM
    You who would you choose?
    I recommend you watch this video tutorial

    if you want a video card good price-quality ratio I recommend

  129. marian said

    I want Sami to me about Mr. Christ at 2,5 mil what video card you recommend me considering what motherboard I have and if it would be better than nvidia geforce gs 7100 from SPARKLE that we deserve way now ..... to exchange and it's pretty good?? I want a new card to play games at 1280 by 720 .. ECS motherboard p4m890t-m

  130. marian said

    question is actually for boby ......

  131. @marian:
    The problem must be taken together
    Ex buy a video card and put it 250 ron on two different PCs my pc and yours
    On my computer it is possible that games run well on your computer not work
    If you want to run the latest game we do not just need a good video card and we also need a good source enough RAM, a good processor, etc.
    It is possible to throw money out the window with your new purchase and can not get that extra performance that hope

  132. marian said

    straw still worth it to get a better board 250 not even lions? ... say. I like: ecs motherboard ram 4 p890m512t-m (ddr2 533 mhz) NVIDIA GeForce 7100 256 gs 4mb Intel Pentium (3.00ghz) and housing intex source I just want my bag gb ram and 1 a video card that out a successful combination to be happy ???

  133. viorelpicu said

    @boby-adminHi Boby,
    I watched carefully the 2 tutorials on this subject, but I would like some specifications such as:
    1. A company source besides power and how important it is that PFC and how best asset or liability.
    2.La HDD buffers 8,16,32MB how important? Feels difference between 16 and 32MB?
    How much contribution they 3.La CPU FSB and L2 (and if you comment saying with a CPU frequency is not everything)
    4.MB-how much it feels BUS amount and frequency RAM?
    5.La DVD-RW Light Scribe What is that?
    I am convinced that these parameters should be correlated to MB, CPU and RAM, and it's good to be high values ​​but do not know where my claims opresc.Iata me what it is: I want to set up an environment but also putini.Nu money are gamer and use the computer for "home" ... internet games genre the light from XP, avalanche, etc., several site ofice documents, music, movies, etc..
    I set the following configuration:
    -MB Gigabyte M31-ES2L (video on board)
    -CPU Intel E7200 or E5200-5400
    -RAM Kingston 2G / 1066mhz hiperX CL5
    -WD or SEAGATE HDD 500G / 32Mb
    LG DVD-RW multi 22X, Light Scribe
    -Source SIRTEC 400w Active PFC, 2x12V / 18, 5V and 3,3V / 20 (HP-400-A12S), is praised on some sites and is not expensive (£ cca.130)
    -Case not know, something 1 120mm fan.
    If there is any conflict between the above components please tell me.
    And one last question: many suppliers make MB (including Newegg) a OC.Ce that means, it is OC-attached or can be OC-attaching included believe OC is made BUS value and freq . ADRs are higher than when you do not see this OC.
    Thanks and waiting and other tutorials as interesante.Cu esteem and respect.

  134. Adrian said

    @viorelpicu: I will touch 2 of your queries
    Light Scribe: you can print, burn photos, text on the back of the CD, such as those purchased ... you saw them or AMA logo and emblem MUSIC RECORD .. the logo ...
    OC: that can reach that value only over clock, in short overclock is a process over application components for obtaining higher performance! Do you have a horse to run faster ... whipping him, so overclock and "whip" is to change frequencies and not only ...

  135. viorelpicu said

    @AdrianHi Adrian and raspuns.Este ok thank you for what you answered all the problem that you have not touched on that OC mele.Cat configuration I get mostly what it's about and the tutorials Christ, but ptr.mine dilemma is that I did not know if that OC express that that board is overclocked or can be overclockata.Eu'd rather be overclokata that do not know this for sure and I understand that problems can occur (not stick my nose where it do not boil pot ... yet ... in time maybe you). goodbye.
    PS I actually understand a previous comment of yours that you are against OC's.

  136. viorelpicu said

    I forgot something: I appeal to Boby, crystals and other connoisseurs of a system configuration problem exposed above by me to answer me if I thought about it or not but not to send me to asroc, as we have seen asus etc. Some forums man knows not what to creada.Pana and coolers were 1000 problem solutions, not to mention the source, motherboard or opinions vga.Va welcome and look competent.

  137. Adrian said

    @viorelpicu: I thank you and if I'm not mistaken I said that you have all my respect and admiration for that read the other reviews, we appreciate for this!
    's Not against overclock but disagree with him, and I explained why, in other reviews! If the description, properties motherboard or write OC components means that incur or be overclocked!
    If everyone would read the other comments before you post would be great, we did not repeat!

  138. @viorelpicu:
    1. Source with active PFC is more effective.
    2. Buffer is important and should be as high.
    3. For a CPU to be successful must meet a set of conditions can not talk about them here but the idea is to buy a new processor generation, a clarification these days come with a tutorial.
    4. The motherboard chipset must be careful, I recommend you get your new chipset from P30 up series, is ideal P45, beware of 945, new chipset if you are going to get good performance (attention to revision).
    5. On dvd-rw can you take what you like, during that Samsung have some good models, you have to look at access time.
    These days I'll do a tutorial on a cost to do this time of year, I think we do monthly or 3 months such a tutorial.

  139. @viorelpicu: Your configuration is pretty good but I would go a little to the motherboard, honestly I do not think the economy is very integrated video chip.
    The video card is not just for games, movies can be seen much better on a dedicated video card, meet for the intel video allegedly displays a little dark movies.
    Worst dedicated video card is better than an integrated chip.
    I recommend E5200 processor is very good, new generation, inexpensive and has great overclocking potential.
    The memory does not throw money out the window if you wanted to overclock a normal gig kit 2 enough.
    Seagate is good for me and I am happy with them, be sure to Baracuda 11 have over 100 mega speed.
    The rest is ok

  140. Hi I have a big pb to me that someone throat constricted, I have a dual core 2.5 video card nvidia gt 9600, giga 4 ddr2 that I pissed myself and credetima to the system that I will take hold and nerves when you a read is that I do not go jocu Mass Effect, I reinstalled the 3 windosu times only because the one who sold pc'u mia mia said sure it's the virus, I assure you it has nothing now but still does not work, go in games and films moves me very hard but I did get 22 million a calculation that money I could buy a console and that was nice I wanna please answer me going crazy

  141. @Razvi: You probably have a modified nLite Windows and is not as stable.
    Also it is possible that the game will be bad.
    In terms of hardware have to look at the source, your processor graphics "NVIDIA G94" needs stable current to operate with a source 400-450W that are equipped carcasses normal can not get laid, but I could be wrong on your source, you may have a good one.
    From 10 9 specialists will advise you to change your source if you have a bad one.
    Cases in brief:
    SOURCE 1
    2 OS
    3 Broken

  142. Mihaita said

    Hey, Christ, in future tutorials and components tell us about external hard drive. I see that there are many types such as eSATA, Fireware, SATA, USB, USB 2.0. And I do not know what type to choose. My internal HDD is a Hitachi Sata normal. On the internet I have learned much, but I understand, you buy an external hard drive in the box and receive several kinds of cables. This means you can use an external hard drive and place an internal HDD (connected directly to the motherboard, not just USB) if needed (if you spoil internal HDD)? In which it can continue to run normally operating system, and so on?
    Thank you.

  143. Mihaita said

    Hello Cristian,
    Hi Boby,
    Hi Adrian,

    Please ask for advice because I want to put my memory 1Gb another component to have 2GB in total.Am Gigabyte GA-EP43 DS3R / DS3. My existence is Kingmax memory (LONG-DIMM DDRII 1066GB 1 MHz) and can not find this kind to buy. I saw something similar to Emag namely Kingmax (FBGA 1066Mhz 1GB MARS).
    I do not know what to do (because I confused the names and FBGA MARS LONG-DIMM) and will ask for help. To buy this memory from Emag and put alongside the existing or 2 I have memories of the same type eg
    2 different memories LONG-DIMM DDRII Kingston and Kingmax FBGA MARS
    2 LONG-DIMM DDRII memories Kingston
    MARS Kingmax FBGA memory 2.
    Thanks for your answers.

  144. Adrian said

    @Mihaita: The important thing is to be DDR2 to bear ta1 plate is not important what you unless you want to put them in dual channel, but if you put them in the dual channel must have identical tiles 2, otherwise it will go! But as I said if you do not plan to put them in dual channel you can get what you want but be DDR2

  145. Adrian said

    @Mihaita: if you put them in the dual channel will have higher FSB, the FSB means: Think that your components on the motherboard they communicate through some pipes you can liken this FSB pipe thickness and the amount of information that "flows" through them, as FSB is the higher the "pipe" is thicker and volume that gurgle through it will be bigger, more!

    I hope you understand what I wanted to say

  146. Mihaita said

    Adrian Thanks for the reply,

    I have minimal knowledge and configuration:
    Sorry, the motherboard I 2 group memories for each 2 slots (slots 4 total) (a red slot with one green and the other group of slots is the same).
    So I put one separately just in different memory slots only red or only green in both groups.
    And for dual channel memory means identical in the same group put one in red and one in slot slot green.
    I understand well?
    Another problem: I did get a computer, it has all the components out of the speaker, I turned on the red light lit up, showing that it is loading but nothing appears on the screen from bios etc.. I held him and 20 min red light and the screen is black permanent stay.
    What buttons to press to know if the motherboard or video card has something or the way-and the bios.
    Thank you

  147. @Mihaita: My apologies that I did not mention how to put in dual channel
    So if you want to dual channel must be the same color and put them in color! Slotu Chicken in red in primu one group and one in the other group but also in slotu red, that to be in dual channel, if not You just do not want dual channel and put one in red and one in green on the same group!
    As PC that mean you got ... You do not have to press any key, simply hook monitoru, start the PC and open it If nothing can be many broken video card, or motherboard ... it's hard to say, you can not diagnose things as a button!

  148. good tutorial ...
    I have a pretty good pc I say with an Intel core duo ghz 2.2 / 2 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GT 8500 512 mb's ... yeah 230 source sao how should I?

  149. Adrian said

    @danny: If playing games is recommended that in the tutorial!

  150. ok ms
    I'll try to take at least one of 400

  151. sandking said

    pretty good tutorial, but I suppose if you go to the "to be cheat" then maybe cheaper .. you can put in place gigabyte or MSI ASROCK with chipsturi G31 that are cheaper, so the memories can take zeppelin or Sycron, to cover a delux bitter .... who wants a cheap Tracing not think it's about Foxconn or kingston or other, wants the cheapest possible .... to do the 600 650 lei-art system ... all all !

  152. @sandking: MSI motherboards are not bad, about Asrock do not know what to say, I saw some plates and they did not seem too solid (stable), they removed many capacitors, power stages are only 2 3 its maximum, I think they reduced below decent cost to entry and mid range to motherboards performances are fine, but there were no serious competition and I think I'll do something.
    What you say is true but the rest of the components I chose Kingston for stability and price differences are imperceptible (check prices online).
    Case Foxconn who knows what luxury is, I think it is something decent little money, those carcasses of 80 lei are criminal if screwed harder back cover or the video card that breaks the thread of 0,00004 sheet, foil about it chocolate before they were done better if even these Chinese.
    Know that you gave me a good idea, I think I'll make a tutorial on setting up a system very cheap, that does not mean a compromise to big, I do everything with the latest components.
    Thanks for the idea and for completion, stop waiting!

  153. hello all I have a big request to voi.doresc to change my computer and I do not know anything to configure it for Neoi mele.doresc a computer that can play the latest games appeared (I am tired of only playing games until one a GB). Heard best gaming processors are AMD's, others say intel, I'm pretty confused ... I do not know how to choose a motherboard that is compatible with the processor, I decided just on video card (GT 9600 1 GB) and I want to be DDR Stay 3 are willing to give the system about £ 2400 without monitor.imi can tell what motherboard and processor to take my so to be consistent between them along with the video card? Thank you

  154. wait a few days in response to my problem? can you help me please? do not want to spend money on any system components caare not be compatible with each other.

  155. Cristy these tutorials about ff systems are good at least this made you very much keep up the good work. And maybe you'll come back with a new tutorial on the system configuration as you can see technology moves quickly and thanks ff your tutorials we will not get fooled. I have great confidence in what you say in your tutorials. thank you and hope that you 2010 do a tutorial on setting up surgery systems

  156. Please tell me what my motherboard is good for:
    -Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6300 2.80 GHz
    -Hard Disk Samsung SATA-II 500GB
    -Video Card HIS IceQ Radeon HD4850 4 1GB DDR3
    Corsair CMPSU-Source-550VX 550W, ATX2.2
    Kingmax DDR-Memory DDR 4GB 2

  157. and I am a great week errors in pc and now I have knocked my PC allow the open net and I do not have them in please mine.poate guided me and I can do something without net and without reistalez PC

  158. I agree with you ... I suck Cristi existing systems in stores. Only parts made on the boat ....
    Bafta further!
    PS: The good thing with pans of sources

  159. Hello !
    I bought:
    proc. Intel Dual Core E6300, 2,8 Gh
    Gigabyte motherboard, G31M-ES2L
    2 Kingmax DDR 2Gb, 1066 MHz
    Raid Max 500 W source
    The monitor is LG 2243, 22 inches
    I am not satisfied. I find it horrible picture!
    I was wrong somewhere?
    I had 300 + AMD Sempron with Winfast motherboard, onboard video GeForce 6100
    See perfect (for me)!
    Why this difference?
    Please help me!
    Thank you !
    PS: G31M-ES2L board, Everest tells me that the name is unknown. No database or pirate?

    • Costel: Hello !
      I bought:
      proc. Intel Dual Core E6300, 2,8 Gh
      Gigabyte motherboard, G31M-ES2L
      2 Kingmax DDR 2Gb, 1066 MHz
      Raid Max 500 W source
      The monitor is LG 2243, 22 inches
      I am not satisfied. I find it horrible picture!
      I was wrong somewhere?
      I had 300 + AMD Sempron with Winfast motherboard, onboard video GeForce 6100
      See perfect (for me)!
      Why this difference?
      Please help me!
      Thank you !
      PS: G31M-ES2L board, Everest tells me that the name is unknown. No database or pirate?

      Must have driver for integrated video image that you have on board.
      After installing the driver (if you have it already), set the resolution 1680 × 1050 and see that you have a monitor button that says "auto" or "auto arange" After clicking on that button the image will arrange one .
      If you use a different resolution than the native (1680 × 1050), the monitor will have a bad image.

  160. If you add a board hollow to solve?
    Example: Leadtek GeForce Video Card PCIe LP 210 512MB DDR2 64bit
    Thank you !

  161. Thanks for the reply!
    These things I've done. Size is good. Clarity is lacking. Which card is better, on the video?
    At the same settings, the difference is huge!
    Deteriorates like I use zoom function.
    Please, enlighten me better!
    To buy an external video card?
    Gigabyte Motherboard G31M-ES2L is weaker than the old Winfast, Video OnBoard GeForce 6100?
    Thank you !

  162. I think 3100 Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (Intel GMA 3100) is too low for good viewing.
    Video card Gigabyte GeForce 8400GS 512MB DDR2 64bit HDMI PCIe, East good?
    What do you recommend for a good viewing movies?

  163. Basil Cirstea said

    Good to me please Tell me a good board and a graphics mersii

  164. Very nice tutorial ... I'm going to take another system ... and the system that you have presented is very nice tutorial

  165. Hi guys
    This summer ... ... I do .. money (budget: max 25 million)
    and I want to take a
    Games in particular ...
    I've seen tutorials (pc cheats performing system configuration)
    and I chose .. components ....

    Gigabyte H55M-UD2H Socket 1156

    XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770, 1024MB, DDR5

    Intel ® CoreTM i5 661 3.33GHz Socket 1156

    a hard 500 gb
    2 gb rami ddr3 ....
    housing ... without source
    Now I want to tell me the source to get: D: D: D: D
    and if I say ... take a good source (performance)
    any game at maximum detail work on this system
    (If your video card and processor are good)
    video card and processor do not want to change ..
    I do so oriented so
    does not hurt that Nvidia cards produce best ...
    plus series (5) from you .. is a new technology
    just want to know and what others
    and the source would need the video card to run at full power .. (actually all the system)

  166. Cristi Sal, Sal all
    I recently purchased a pc with the following Components:
    Intel celerondualcore E1500 SK 775 BOX
    ASRock g31m-s
    DDR2 ram 1GB / 800MHZ PQI
    250 source v
    I would, if possible, say if I can change my sami hard drive and put a video card like the tutorial.
    Waiting your answer as soon as possible and those who know

    • Adrian said

      Yes you can buy a video card like the one shown in the tutorial as well as a SATA hard (not presented here)

  167. thanks a lot

  168. sami SHOULD return the source, right?

  169. Cristi come with a good question. I want to buy is RAM 2 G / frec.800 / and nustiu you to choose 5-timing-5-5 15 5-or-5-5 18.
    waiting for response.

  170. Parts for. computer configuration shown in vidotutorial where we take? Pt. that our stores are more expensive than the calculation that you did.
    Thank you !

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