Good computer configuration in office and gaming

Hi friends, today we set a good computer at an affordable price, with a very good performance, able to cope orcarei computing tasks and also to move very quickly.
Lately I waited and hoped genratie latest processors from Intel, which Intel called Broadwall will come on the market and will have a better than perfoamanta generation Haswell.
Difference of performance from Haswell to Broadwell is only 5% I do not think it's worth the upgrade or wait make special appearance of new processors. Especially as they will be more expensive than current ones who have something significant price reductions.
Today's configuration is based on an Intel i3 4170, which has just been released and comes with a very smooth frequency (3,7 GHz) have in addition is very cheap (relative to Intel Core Haswell).
The system can be used both in the home, office, and gaming when it adds a dedicated video card.
If you feel that board that I have recommended it will not satisfy, you can opt for a plate Nvidia GTX 960Which is much better, but more expensive.
List components:
Intel® Core ™ i3-4170, 3.70GHz, Haswell, 3MB, Socket 1150, Box
Asus motherboard H81M-A, socket 1150
HyperX FURY memory 4GB Blue, DDR3, 1600MHz, CL10, 1.5V
Flash SSD Kingston V300 2.5 ″, 120GB, SATA 3
Cougar Solution housing Black, Mid Tower, without power, Black
Source Corsair Builder Series CP-9020046, 80 PLUS® Bronze, 430 W, Active PFC, ATX 2.3, 12 cm fan
Asus video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX OC 750, 1024MB, GDDR5, 128bit, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Dust-Proof Fan

A tutorial that would be of use after buying components and want you to mount it: How to mount components in a PC.
Another tutorial that will help you, is the installation's front panel (USBs and front audio jacks on the case): Front panel mounting sockets on the motherboard.
Or maybe you want to buy a cheap housing and do not know how to mount: Installation components in small enclosures.

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  1. bogdan said

    eheee, you read my thoughts…))

  2. bogdan said

    Thanks for the tutorial! I forgot to say in the first comment

  3. What would you recommend as laptop 2000lei but with a configuration very good. I am interested in more processing power that-but I am going to stress in different ways, all invatade here on the website: intensive use virtualbox, Holding of video quality and others. I want to take a few years, 4-5ani Rejer with the latest versions of Windows, Linux and (or) mac os (virtualized).

    • It's hard to say. Currently on the market there are many types of laptop. Still more appropriate for testing and experimentation is a desktop.
      On a laptop you do not have absolute control. You thermally constrained by the ceiling, the lower frequencies and storage wells.

    • Florin B. said

      Under no 20 million a laptop PC with a configuration very good ,, ,, as you want!
      You wrote that you want ,, a high processing power ,, and that means generation processor from Intel 4 the series with more cores and threads i7 working with L2 / L3 large Cache, and finally just in You think that's processing power and number of GB. To work well with CPU, RAM you need to work at a frequency as high and dormant better, then you think of how many GB of memory you need. Weak link in a system HDD and is therefore not to strangle processing speeds between the parts you need a high speed HDD read / write. Like all components to work on high frequency lines, you need a motherboard with a chipset powerful, and in the end you're thinking about buying a video card with high bandwidth and then to think that has more video memory ( a standard video card on 64 bit, you can have and 3 GB memory, everything is slow). In conclusion, speed means using the latest technology that keeps you many years, but it is very expensive!
      Aste is the reality in electronics, not just PC, and the rest are for magazine stories GOSSIP!

  4. vladutz said

    Thanks a lot you did such a good and interesting tutorial ..sunt. Tutorials to doing so ..

  5. Linked ssd, I read many articles on various sites and found that Kingston V300 series performs very low because they have changed controller. Such speeds have dropped considerably.

    • The girl has SandForce controller SF1200, controller that is present on most SSDs.

    • Andrew said

      to know that it is not a "stinky" ssd. it moves pretty well. I put 2 on 2 computers and it's been ok for about 6 months. now if you can pay 500 lei per intel it's better.
      at this kingstone the price is ok, you also have a 3 year warranty… the quality / price ratio is good.
      certainly faster than a hard disk.

      • Anderson said

        Indeed it was a lot worse a periodic were made in China. Now memories are made in Taiwan with Toshiba 19 nm, exceptional quality, compared to Micron on 20nm or something.
        Right now some week I changed the old Corsair Force GT 60GB that of Christ, that he was tired at first reading with 385MB / s and wrote 70MB / s (looks like Crystal Disk mark), and in AIDA64 so on 385 reading time 0,10ms access. Kingston V300 120gb this girl that I bought 2 exceptional pieces and go, no I did not expect. 550MB / s (read) and write 550MB / s and for access 0,04ms and the box says 450MB / s with 450MB / s. Win opens in 8.1 5 OEM seconds, compared to Corsair opened in 7-8 sec.

  6. @Cristi, If in this configuration I would change the processor with Intel i5 and the video card with one of the GTX 900 series, is a 450W source enough? I noticed that many recommend this source power to a very high performance configuration (TOP)… I was thinking of one of at least 500 W.
    PS: I checked the configuration on an online site and it consumes more than the one you mentioned….

    • Andrew said

      GTX 900 will consume about 200 - 300 watts maximum depending on the model and load. one is to play at 720p and another is at 1080p.
      It suggests 600 watts which is a source of great strength recommended more to protect their video cards. is not weak power source is a reason why they would not go right video cards.
      I have 600 corsair and I have nothing to charge it at 30% at least the value at which the source fan starts. the fan starts about 3-5 seconds only when I turn on the pc (don't let the fan get stuck I think it's set like that), over 30% charge and it starts at a thermal value that I don't know… it turns on in summer when it's very hot .
      if we make an assembly with the tdp of the 54 w processor (in full load) or how much was + what is left through the case + the video card it would be at 80, 85% (in full cpu + video) of the power of the source. so you better focus on 550 - 600 w if you want a good video card. that would be enough for 450, but it's better to have a power reserve.
      eg video card I grab you and when you pull more than 450w madness and I put in protective ups. so can my ups. 450 bn overall. I think the video card draw any 350 watts. for a short time but enough that if you did not give a source able to restart the PC or video card lock.

      • Correct!
        I do not say it better.

      • This is the configuration I will purchase next month: [URL = ””] PC Intel + nVidia [/ URL] per acre I put a 500 W source .

        • PS: I forgot to ask if after the emergence of new processors will be cheaper models on the market

          • It is not known, depends on the decisions they have taken have those from Intel.
            Usually, even if some cuts are quite small.

          • Cristi, I understood! Another thing: for the configuration of Wishlist site that I posted is sufficient source of 450 W (exact pattern that you did review, not very long ago)?

  7. adrian76 said

    A DSS go on any Pc? My computer is old and does not allow me to buy another

    • 1. If you have SATA will work on any system.
      2. If you have SATA can to fit on a riser card PCI-x, which you several SATA ports.
      3. Recommended as to have Windows 7 or 8 because these have built in support TRIM.

      Short answer, yes go on ear and small changes here and there.

      • adrian76 said

        My basic plate is Epox EP-8KDA7I not know if it's compatible with SSD. It is worth the investment? (SSD in the future we can put on another PC more efficient?)

        • View Product said

          Of course you will be able to put it on another better performing PC… .and in the case of the motherboard I don't see why the ssd doesn't work on it

  8. Catalin109 said

    Hi guys! I appreciate the work that you do and thank you, because I learned many things from you. I would like if possible to know what do you think of gaming consoles and Xbox 4 ps one, you have to choose between PC and console? Thank you!

  9. GTA 5 go on this system that you set it up? if so how well?

    • GTA 5 will work with Nvidia GTX OC 750. How well will run depends on the settings you will find it do you.
      Perhaps the media will run smoothly. If you put your settings very aggressive and very high resolution, you can put in difficulty even more expensive video cards.

      • Hello ii think this board better than the Intel integrated video i3- of 4150hd 4400 2 gb, nvidia gtx 750 has duar 1gb against 2gb intel?

  10. Can someone explain me more about Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. I have not yet fully branches. So, with this technology the processor can achieve higher frequencies. My question is under what conditions and how can be maintained or increased frequency if it has some effects on PC or laptop. It would be something that would be better processor: the Turbo Boost reaches a maximum at a certain frequency, or who are already at that frequency (with Turbo Boost). Thanks.

  11. You can make a guide video cards, the differences in performance between AMD and NVIDIA.

    • cristi said

      it is hard to make a tutorial about AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. It means to take possession of video cards (a very hard thing, it means investment), and to do tests. tests find the net on certain models of video cards. It is a broad product market.

      • stefan said

        Well, yes, the classification would not be difficult.
        nvidia - low operating temperatures, very good graphics processor
        ati - high operating temperatures, good graphics processor
        the greatest achievement you have is that it exists on the market and you keep the price nvidia somewhat decent.

      • Costelina said

        give an answer but why be hard to replace Cristian Cismaru you?
        Has it occurred to you that we may want such a tutorial?
        yes you are invested?
        if you do not invest nor receive
        honestly I think they headway on this website in certain respects
        I see that no demands are taken into account visitors
        and I want something new, something you do not see elsewhere as it was before this site
        I honestly feel that no offense

    • To be clear, I do not now want a comparison between the two brands tested live. I just want to know what the figures represent (series) each Madel. Just how can you tell intel processors generation, performance, forgetting the code (eg i3 4005U) believe that there was a similar way to categorize video cards. I would be interested to know how to choose quality. Now I do not want to be on one side or the other of war ATI (AMD) and NVIDIA, just want to know how to identify and understand their specification. I searched the net and found no such article too.

  12. Andrew said

    Cristi So you think you take that money back. You must begging them. Emag guys and the bad are cunning, latelefoane you speak like peri 2 as masters of the world. Yet we live in Romania there are no clear laws in the West udne etc.

    • Cristi said

      I asked for the money back from EMAG a few times and it went into my account after about a week. They are very serious. And I don't work on them…

  13. Hello, I'd like to install on a laptop .OSANONYMOUS, what do you think?

    • Our opinion does not really matter as long as your Operating System is useful. It is not like that?
      Anonymous OS is an operating system based on Linux that focuses like BackTrack Linux or Kaly on hacking. So if you're hacker or want to test your network or altelucruri of its kind installed it. If you do not deal with things above my opinion is that there's no reason to install it. Best try it in a virtual machine and see if you like it, then draw your own conclusions.

      • Alex, thanks to os.anonymous ptr raspuns.Referitor hacher are not, just as long as I try to learn from tutorials on this site.Mai just wanted a tutorial on os.anon, ptr know exactly what they maninca.Am read more sites like it would be a FAKE.

  14. Alexandru said

    Hi Cris, can you please tell me nice, as it is called USB microphone that you use?

  15. With thanks to tutorials that guided us, I have a question on SSDs: Intel would have understood that their father, matter what model? Could you recommend me an Intel SSD at an average price?

  16. Bogdan Dumitrescu said

    2 tutorials allow me suggestions:

    - different blue vs black caviar
    - different motherboards of 170 ron vs those of 400 ron

  17. grigor said

    Thanks very much for the tutorial. Very interesting and helpful. To me it is very helpful and I learned a lot from these videotutoriale made by you.

  18. emag hidden advertisement to whoever, this is the store somehow carpacii guys.

  19. Good evening! I asked myself some time ago a tutorial on installing Windows 8 and 8.1 in UEFI.Va way please do it because I want to clarify some things about Secure Boot, GPT partitioning in that will automatically partition so if UEFI from what I read and whether this type of installation is recommended for those with SSD.In Secondly I think it is a topic that will interest the many people who not only UEFI mine.Sper you should do soon because I do not think is an issue left a parte.Am read something on the internet but are not cleared if it's good or not your opinion total.Vreau per your own after the point of view, how you instal; to you if will be! A good evening!

  20. Claudiu said
  21. viorelpicu said

    Hello Cristi, I did not bother demult.Spune I deserve to do an upgrade on my PC? I have a E5200 and found a site at a price E8300 (SH) I say good, 69lei + 22 lei my basic transp.Placa supports the Intel (P5KPL-AM) Source bear the difference in consumption, the memories may have to put something (I 2g? 800) .Oare worth it ??? Thanks for the reply

  22. Cristi, suggestion, maybe we Areti live where and how do you fold the better / faster task a dedicated video card compared to one integrated etc. I'm not one reference to the game so games do not help me. There are probably people who use frequently or intensely virtulbox or working with video, audio, etc. medium or rare. Those dealing with what I said I'm sure they know if they need a dedicated video card and I know that.

  23. Costelina said

    integrated video on the motherboard is good disaster in case it breaks and you're dedicated video card and up money
    but as said above a user Michael was a welcome tutorial dedicated graphics cards
    so knowledgeable not only in terms of prices and fans
    compatibilities, tasks, performance in games, consumption etc.

    • not so, maybe for what you do, the integrated video is good as it is not only disaster bolstered though you and your idea of ​​Michael with a video on dedicated video cards well integrated. See what can a Soc-System on a chip, obviously not compare a dedicated video card like 980

  24. George said

    When appears next tutorial

  25. Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor G3258 3.2GHz is approaching the strong performances we built 3 systems with this processor and an SSD with G3258 Impeccable runs well, it's good to remember considering its price and very small .. for all mentioned as stated in the Seasonic model tutorial I use for over 3 years without any problem is a Premium source

  26. Cristi hello! a video tutorial with a new configuration with AMD fm2 + you gonna do?

  27. Florin B. said

    Sorry, I had written SSD.

  28. Catalin said

    Hello, very useful tutorial!
    I'd love to know what you think AMD, which AMD recommend?
    But video cards with chip from AMD?

    Thank you very much, I really want an answer!

  29. mugurel said

    Cristi welcome
    which is the best socket after you… and what do you think of the corsair VS 550 source

  30. By Mihai Alexandru FCU CRAIOVA said

    I greet with respect, I have a little problem on PC and I want to ask myself advice. I had a cheaper source (so much the 50 lei :-))) but do not clamor to know me yesterday held 6ani and alalta me roar deatunci source and I do not go integrated soundcard think soundcard has blown. Mainboard guarantee that I have in a year 1 I recently we changed the motherboard, processor, video card and RAM.

    I bought so Processor:
    Video card:
    I DDR and rami of 3 4 gb.
    And I want to ask you what you advise me to do to send a motherboard if I only warranty for integrated soundcard?
    I talked with some friends, but unite to send others to say that I have not told them and kept them 8ani a motherboard with integrated soundcard burned.
    You will feel most comfortable you advise me to do to send or not?

    And please tell me nicely May me what do you think of the components of the PC to my good?

    • Costelina said

      Yes, fast fast I forgot the links that you have left and I think that the best part
      video card bought it (super board) in combination with AMD processor
      then I do not know unless specified there if the processor is 32 bit but 64 it would be a shame if all you have invested some bucks processor not support 64 bit (so Systeme operating can be used to need more than 4 GB of RAM)
      to make sure the pads to Aiva memory frequencies supported by this processor problems will arise over time (blue screen)
      I guess if you have got and you replaced a source of quality real Wati not necessarily something many
      you get the idea
      and about motherboard because it interests you the best what to say look on the guarantee
      I guess you have one and see where it gets you back conditions
      I know that if the current (your fault) you no longer receives

      • marius said

        Costele, I see that you are ambitious and hardworking on this site, but sometimes the answers you give are beyond ambition. Fx6300 supports 64 systems even if it is not specified there, a leak on the amd site would have convinced you. That video card is not just a super card, it's basically a 7000 series card from amd that was rebranded, and there's nothing wrong with that, as the 7000 series also includes 7870 or 7900, but no, that's at its level 7700, maximum, which is not a bad thing, depends on what you do with it, it might be enough, and often it is. Please don't take this comment personally, it's good that you are active and ambitious, I like that, you just have to assimilate more knowledge, and I am an old "client" of this site but most of the time I prefer to just look and have a lot of fun with some comments.

  31. Michael Cretu said

    Hello Cristi
    After seeing your tutorial, I ordered the intel cpu core i3 4170, I was going to make me a new system,
    I want to know is if it's worth your choice
    initially I wanted to take a fx 6300.
    Not much I play, more multitasking, movies, internet.
    My current system has the following configuration:
    AMD Athlon cpu x2 250
    4 gb ram ddr3
    AMD video card hd 5670.
    I'll feel the difference from the i2 amd x250 3 4170?

    • I prefer Intel based technologies used, mainly because consumption and QuickSync video transcoding's making a play for children.
      As speed work any modern processor will move very well.
      Now we know that really matter in gaming graphics card and processor but that is preferable to have a high frequency and low temperature.
      You can choose exactly what you want. I prefer and recommend Intel at this time.

  32. Cristi, what do you think the source corsair vs350? It's 350W. I reach for. a PC? (PC does not have dedicated video card)

    • If you do not plan to use a dedicated video card is suficianta source Corsair VS 350. Tutus worth paying a few dollars extra to be sheltered by one of 450, because nobody knows what will you do in the future. Even if reselling PC with a source 450W, you will have more chances.

  33. Hello Cristi,
    What parry TECNOWARE 620W source.
    Fits my PC
    GIGABYTE Motherboard
    AMD Dual Core processor Althlon x2 3.2GHz 6400 +
    2 SATA Hard Drives: GB 2TB and 500
    Nvidia GT 730 128 bit 2GB
    8 GB RAM DDR3
    And in your opinion, my PC is good for gaming? Updates have significant?

    • To be honest with you, my hand went through all kinds of sources, and I can say that I have full confidence than Seasonic, or Enermax Corsairs. I'm not saying that other sources would be good, but those are brands they can trust.

  34. Hello Cristi, please tell me what matters most to a type of video card memory (GDDR3 GDDR5), memory, graphics processor?
    750 GTX NVIDIA GeForce 2GB GDDR5 is much better in games than nVIDIA GeForce GT730 4GB DDR3? Which to choose after your parearea?

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