PC configuration accessible, gaming and general use

When it comes to PC gaming ones are not much different from those used for editing or office; only differ dedicated graphics card, which is not necessarily the office; that is why we set up an elastic system that can be tailored to individual needs.

PC configuration accessible, gaming and general use

The processor I chose to be good, because whatever the task, the processor matters most.
Intel Skylake Series are the most advanced at the moment and therefore the chosen i5 6400. Processor can not compromise; if you go to zgîrceşti memory, processor feels immediately.
The motherboard is strictly necessary, without extras, which would raise its price very much. Even if available, Asus motherboard has all the necessary facilities. Buying a more expensive motherboards with more amenities, it brings extra performance are only some comfort features.
Storage is made up of a SSD from Toshiba that is affordable and efficient. I did not choose a PCIe SSD, because it was more expensive and additionally require us to buy another motherboard and more expensive. Optionally, besides this SSD, you can purchase a hard drive or an external hard drive so you can store more data. SSD and storage system is only limited. Hint Seagate Expansion Portable External Hard Disk 2TB, 2.5 "USB 3.0. (accessible)
The video card from Gainward and is a GTX960; a motherboard that can run almost all games on the market. This board is not required for those who want gaming. Intel graphic chip integrated into the processor, can pay off many graphics tasks with ease, and even gaming easy.
PC components list:
Intel® Core ™ i5-6400, 2.7GHz, Skylake, 6MB, Socket 1151, Box
Motherboard ASUS D110 H3M-A, Socket 1151
Kingston HyperX memory 8GB Savage (2x4GB) DDR3, 1600MHz, CL9, 1.5V, XMP
Solid State Drive (SSD) Toshiba Q300, 2.5 "120GB, SATA III, retail
Segotep housing SG-CL, ATX Mid Tower without source, Black
Super Flower SF-550K12XP source, 550W, modulation, Active PFC
Optional! Only for gamers!
Gainward GeForce video card GTX960 Phantom 2048MB GDDR5, bit 128, 2 x DVI, HDMI, Display Port

Video Tutorial - PC Configuration affordable, gaming and general use

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  1. nice tutorial, congratulations. even expecting one like this for the last time and I have invested in a PC and are very pleased with it especially video card that I have recommended to take all series 960 very good and very quiet. Now comes the last "piece" SSD. and one shown you here I find interesting and accessible. luck continues

  2. Cristi Hello! The video card also helps in editing video rendering speed?

    • Only in some cases rendering speeds, which are used Cuda cores.
      However, video card help enormously in editing programs on live view, where we can make editing much faster.
      Video card and graphics programs help 3D and even Photoshop.

      • Thanks for the reply. You could ask me a link to a video card compatible with Adobe Premiere with a quality / price good?

        • The tutorial is balanced.

          • Cristi Hello! I bought some components above where you left link (motherboard, processor, SSD) X 2 8GB RAM, other than what you put above. I installed patiently components. I tried to install Windows 7 the stick but we did, we got up phase Install where I said that does not find certain devices pieces to continue. I opted to install DVD that I succeeded and that the trouble (I stuck to 0% Expanding Windows Files). He attended chipset installation sites on CD from the motherboard, video card then. The major problem is as follows: I sound and the Audio driver from Windows Update 7 error that appears in the picture I left the link here: https://goo.gl/EIQU9C . Besides you have to start it without a mouse inserted into the USB to boot the Windows.
            Do you think it's a problem with the motherboard? EMag be returned to, or What should I do in this situation?
            Thank you !

  3. you put the video card you put 200 lei source so ...!

  4. Cristi, I congratulate you !!
    Given that you left only to post tutorials on videotutorial.ro, do an amazing job.
    About a week tutorial is excellent.
    Bravo and keep up the good work !!!

  5. Alin Lucian said

    Hello Cristi,
    I have a question: What is the difference between SATA ports and M.2 ???
    Now I want to make my PC as in the tutorial, although I have a PC quite pretty good one i7 but has already 5 years 4GB Ram, ssd samsung 840 evo 256 GB + 2 HDDs 1 TB (internal and one external), but I 3.0 USB.
    Nush what else I could ask him, and I want to make my PC for now and for the future, that you can upgrade it and over 3-4 years.
    What do you think about this motherboard:
    Bravo for tutorials, you can donate to this site?
    Alin Lucian Sincerely,

  6. Cristiiii, Cristii grudgingly for those who want a gaming system, and must gaming motherboard ASUS namely Z170 pro gamer or B150 PRO GAMER. Not that board which has the weakest component (I'm not saying it's not good for general use, but I find it weird, you 1000 lei and you think how many CPU to the motherboard). SSD is that let's say somewhat, not very bright. Seasonic sources have problems after a long coil very disturbing noise (avoid Seasonic period). SF cam video card is not too compares with an MSI or ASUS Strix technologies that have something on board. Otherwise the system is ok, making exception for gamers.

  7. and what we teach in this tutorial? items in cart bag so to know. I was expecting some explanation.
    eg video card why not 128 256 bit and even if you change the manufacturer. as you do not take the drivers you have some head hurts .... nor with 128 not playing world hd hull.
    SSD ala .... toshiba has so much confidence in their own SSD that has only 2 year warranty.
    gaming motherboards are ATX or larger and 8-pin CPU power for extra power. as it is used only if the overclock is not valid. especially the CPU's power returned to the motherboard and processor is not (which makes them a little without "vigor")

    • You have opinions, but about preconceptions, just as I do about tap water. If ESRI indoctrinated not see beyond the numbers, keep head cook for yourself and not others.

      • eee ... :))) not so hard to realize that one is to transfer bits between GDDR 128 and 256 gpu's and the other bit. and these guys are cunning in how I think it's actually 64 64 forward and back. na ... .asta as DDR ... so binary 0 and 1. I do not know where I heard it in tests and 2. 0,1,2 as well as combinations. not sure of information. if it will be like to see when advanced technology.
        I have no preconceived ideas but when it comes to money out to buy something if you do not think of 20 times

  8. Cristi,
    If you can purchase a laptop for home & tutorial and one game with purchasing laptop for linux!
    Thank you.

  9. Hello!
    Why only you post?
    Or just you still have the site ??
    Thank you!

  10. ASUS motherboard H110M-A D3 recommended you here has a weak Chipset Intel® H110 ,, ,, which does not fit well with the 6-generation processors from Intel.
    To have maximum CPU performance ,, ,, Skylake recommended to use Intel motherboards equipped with the new chipset generation ,, ,, Express chipset and memory Z170 DDR4.
    In conclusion, there is no point in buying a high-performance processor, if the other components-hardware system are weaker and maximum CPU performance slows again. New ,, ,, ,, old ,, with mixed, not happy or limited work.
    So, either buy all the pieces of new generation or not buy at all! ... Or buy all components of the previous generation (cheaper) and approaching well the performance of the new. Who has money thrown out the window goes any combination!

  11. Firstly Thanks for the tutorial! Not convince me at all motherboard that is too weak compared to the processor and the practical limit him. Again I do not think it is ok choice for video card, call of duty bo3 uses almost all memory of my board video (msi gtx 970 4go) and if they had where they consume and more and about 12 Go ram. If someone wants a video card somewhat ok for the years then to take minimum 970. Gtx 960 will lag behind and be quick from the start rather limited.

  12. Hi, I see you do not have the source said, the configurations you make, whether it makes sense to take with 2 rail links? and minimum apmeri, I guess 18 minimum each.

  13. I welcome an old PC:
    Intel Pentium E5400 @ 2.70GHz
    Single-Channel 2,00GO DDR2 400MHz {@} I have a free slot
    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. P31-ES3G (Socket 775)
    ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series (ATI AIB)
    Western Digital WDC 466GB WD5000AAKS-00A7B2 ATA Device (SATA)
    1000 lei worth investing in it or take a new one 1500lei thanks.

    • NO! You can put them and the wheels and the engine does not work ... At the unit somewhat 1500RON is limited, I on the intel we checked to me on AMD do not know, Pentium Dual-Core G4400 3.30GHz box, Asus motherboard with ram ddr4 .... depending on preference and price, if you take another monitor yourself cost 5-600 ron, keyboard Maus ... finally going to get to 2000Ron or over, I put and assemblages from the store, I think they do not want you risking you lose guarantee or receive a defective component factory to wait until you receive 2 weeks. I understand that the bath is a problem but that's the price

  14. Thank you for advice rares, I have full HD monitor 19 Inc.

    • On the next try a monitor VA 21,5 inch or more, FHD or IPS if you can afford if you're not playing games, I'm not playing games but I noticed that they prefer monitors TN top versions, preferably a monitor VA or IPS with an anti-reflection coating. It's good to read something about monitors / screens because it helps much, you drive good for nothing if you do not choose a monitor for your eyes and your needs

  15. I 7 years it certainly will change when will I get a desktop monitor

  16. Message: Good evening, what do you think about this configuration is compatible songs:
    Gigabyte GA-B85M-HD3 R4 V1.0A, Socket 1150
    Kingston memory × 4 2 GB DIMM, DDR3, 1600MHz, CL11, 1.35V
    Intel® Pentium® G3460, 3.5GHz, Haswell, 3MB, Socket 1150, Box
    Gigabyte AMD Radeon video card R7 240, 2048MB, DDR3, 128 bit, DVI, HDMI, VGA
    Corsair Builder Series Modular Source CP-9020058, 80 PLUS® Bronze, 430 W, Active PFC, ATX 2.3, 12 cm ,, fan casing; HDD; Keep an optical drive from your old PC, PC to mention use it for movies, music, thank you rarely jocuri.va

    • Why do not the intel skylake 1151? Choose a motherboard compatible with DDR4. From what I know, if someone is so correct me, if you put your video card and dedicated source is good to be with railuri 2, 2 12V line.
      ASUS motherboard B150M-PLUS

  17. Good evening, which of the following tv million recommended: use it only as a TV mention, I thank UPC cable television.

  18. Hello I want to buy a laptop and it's very hard choice on which model to go: CPU i5 6200,8gb RAM or processor i5 5200, 4gb ram + video card 920-940m, FHD or HD, I mention that I am not a gamer, not I buy it for video editing, music, movies, net

    • Adrian Gudus said

      In this case, go quietly on i5 5200

      • You think that with dedicated video card is better even if the other has the better processor and more RAM will wonder why someone told me that in i5 6200 integrated video card (hd520) is more efficient than 920m

  19. Hello, I have a question. I have the following configuration:
    Intel i5 4690 3.5GHz;
    AMD RADEON video card RX 480 8GB GDDR5;
    120 GB SSD, 2HDD 2TB, 1HDD 500GB, 1HDD 320GB;
    32 DDR3 GB RAM;
    The problem is: while playing GTA 5 computer restarts without causing blue screen. It could be the source? And if you need to exchange source, a source Seasonic is sufficient 620W?

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