PC configuration with new Intel i3 with 4 NUCLEE Coffe Lake

PC configuration with new Intel i3 with 4 NUCLEE Coffe Lake
Some time ago, the Intel Coffe Lake processors, which represent the 8 generation of Intel Core processors, also appeared in our stores.
PC configuration with new Intel i3 with 4 NUCLEE Coffe Lake

Major changes with Coffe Lake.

Important changes are two, the first at the socket, and the second at the number of kernels per processor. Besides this there is also the increase of the cache, the lack of hyper threading on i3 and some more technical ones.

As you can see in the above image, there are quite important changes in the CPU area.

Process Changes at a Glance:

  • Intel i3 - 4 physical cores, without Turbo Boost, without Hyper-Threading (4 logical cores)
  • Intel i5 - 6 physical cores, with Turbo Boost, without Hyper-Threading (6 logical cores)
  • Intel i7 - 6 physical cores, with Turbo Boost, with Hyper-Threading (12 logical cores)

Important change to socket

A new socket, LGA 1151 V2, is introduced with Coffe Lake.
Intel decided to keep the physical dimensions of the 1151 socker, but they made changes to the pins. This means that the 1151 v2 processors can not be mounted on the 1151 socket.
This is not just a bios update. The 1151 V2 socket, although it resembles 1151, is another socket. What's up at Intel's head, I do not know! They could put another name on the socket. I give them an idea, what about 1152?

Question - Does the 1151 cooler work on the new 1151 V2 socket?
Answer - Yes!

The Coffe Lake system, or rather the systems.
I made two systems out of one. We have a cheap office system and… whatever, and a gaming system, which of course is more expensive, because it has a video card and a slightly more expensive processor.
Both systems have ultra-fast storage, high-quality source and motherboard with current facilities.
The Intel i3 8350K processor, on the gaming system, is a small beast, which can be overlocked up to 4,6 - 4,7Ghz. On gaming this processor is almost unbeatable, considering that most games use only 4 cores, and here we have 4 super powerful cores.

PC configuration with the new Intel i3 with 4 NUCLEE Coffe Lake - video tutorial

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  1. Alexander Bendris said

    I am of the opinion that we still do not deserve to buy coffelake processors with blocked multiplier and motherboard chipset series z that sound for oc, it's a suggestion if we can (wait for the chipset motherboards series h and b for processors blocked

  2. Hello Cristi. As far as I know this SSD needs some special drivers the same thing happened when motherboards appeared with the site and the Xp did not detect the hard disk. That's why I would like to ask if ubuntu will recognize this as?
    Also, I was thinking of buying the lenovo you presented, do you think it's getting better, or expecting laptops with the new generation of processors?

  3. Hi Christ please give your opinion on this gaming laptop Acer Nitro 5 AN515-41-F3GY, AMD FX-9830P, 8GB DDR4, SSD 256GB, AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB

  4. Please tell us if the decision to generate configuration on pcgarage is influenced in one way or another by this online store.
    Thank you

  5. I have taken a rayz 5 1600 processor (the first time I took the processor so far I had all the intel) on pc pc garage write it is 3200mhz but he goes to 3400mhz without doing OC I do not know why and 8 gb ram ddr4 hyperx predator black 3000mhz and a motherboard asrock ab350m and a ssd samsung 850evo by 250gb the rest of the components I had is a big step toward intel i3 haswell for me I am pleased for the moment I will see the vitor how to behave.

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