PC gaming configuration at good price

PC gaming configuration at good price

Gaming is more current than ever, and most of us want a system capable of playing new games; Because nothing's more frustrating when the game does not want to run or runs constantly.
Below we've gathered together the best components in the market for a decent budget. At that price I even wonder I managed to scrape up as a good gaming system.
The processor is a Haswell, for Skylake It is too expensive for most gamers. Although hace part of last generation, Intel-3 i4170 a champion.
The video card is the new generation Nvidia GTX 960, the tool of last generation.
As you already know, I chose a SSD storage in GB Kingston 128. But you can mount a hard disk in this system, which it will use for storage. I recommend one of 7200 rpm.
The source is from Corsair and has 450W enough for this system, even with some extra power reserve.
Cheap PC gaming configuration - Used components:
Intel® Core ™ i3-4170, 3.70GHz, Haswell, 3MB, Socket 1150, Box
Asus motherboard H81M-A, socket 1150
Kingston HyperX memory 4GB Red Fury, DDR3, 1600MHz, CL10, 1.5V
Gigabyte video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, 2048MB, GDDR5, 128bit, HDMI, DVI, Display Port
Flash SSD Kingston V300 2.5 ″, 120GB, SATA 3
Source Corsair VS450 450W, Active PFC
Segotep housing SG-CL, ATX Mid Tower without source, Black
Optional extra-hard disk storage
Seagate Barracuda HDD 2TB, 7200rpm, 64MB, SATA 3

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  1. congratulations for tutorial, yes for a good pc is a very tempting price.

  2. Congratulations tutorial, Cristi apologize for correction, you mean 7200 rpm HDD.

  3. Tell please kit or separate keyboard and mouse.

    • Microsoft Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Kit 3000, Wireless, Blue Track, black, USB
      It's a decent price for quality mouse and keyboard.
      Keyboards are only the best machines, ranging from EUR 100 up. Find Logitech Mouse best models MX (Master, Performance, Anywhere). costing over 300 lei each.
      I say above kit is the best choice.

      • I was thinking of something like that, and I buy the Logitech MK330 kit. But then I thought about wireless technology if it would be quality for an intense use of the PC. Is a wireless kit for the PC recommended? response time to wireless technology and batteries. Maybe I have lag, my mouse crashes or something doesn't work like a wired keyboard? I would like to use the keyboard and mouse for editing, programming ( office / home), then less for gaming but when I say less I don't mean an hour / two a day, it can be a whole day (I guess) to play some matches with friends… I heard from someone that mice are very weak at scroll, in fact that's what I see in me. Then the mice with laser sensor would be of poor quality, but I only found in the descriptions at Logitech that they had a laser sensor. Is there a different sensor? mechanical, illuminated and mice with lights I would not even think to spend so much money on them because n u don't help me at all. Now I don't know what to do, would I order that kit from Microsoft or would it be the best mouse for the Logitech MK330 kit and choose that kit?

  4. LucianGL said

    What was more Cristi, SSD to 7200 rotations? : D I say to redo the tutorial you should mention the 3 or SSD instead of HDD, not the other but some just do not know and take for granted what you hear or are told.

    It was better if you mentioned the trend, namely the eGPU that can be attached to PCs or laptops oldest and thus exempt purchase a new one, practically in place give any 2500 1000 and run the same games.
    I specified this thing in a previous comment, but you were not careful.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It's not so easy with eGPU site. It's uncomfortable to use it on a laptop, portability is going to hell all

      • LucianGL said

        If you measure a huge sum of money you can save, and I think worth the effort for a laptop, you're not playing on your laptop while you run with laptop backpack to say that you tangle eGPU-ul.Hai to be serious. There are some eGPU shaped boxes that are really quite small repeat portabile.Acum advantage is huge compared to some dejavantaj.
        Regarding the transfer accuracy and speed stick, I think I had the crazy WinXP showed me over 1GB / s, we made several transfers via USB connection and 3.1 went just over 300MB / s.

    • Hi guys help me please buy me a video card compatible with the motherboard. I motherboard: Hewlett-Packard HP Compaq Convertible Minitower dc7600. What would match the?

  5. LucianGL said

    Another thing, Kingston DataTraveler HyperX I recently bought 3.0 256GB ( http://www.hyperxgaming.com/en/usb/dthx30 ) Is the blue black, middle, and through USB 3.0 I made the transfer SSD stick and went over 1GB / s, writing on it was ~ 120MB / s
    I have seen that has version (USB stick) 1TB on site, that's who would want to buy.
    No official details:
    USB 3.0: 225MB / s read and 135MB / s write
    USB 2.0: 30 MB / s read and 30MB / s write

  6. I welcome friends! 10 and recently I have Windows start button no longer responds to right-click it, because I do not have access to functions there. I do not know why this happened and please help me. Thank you.

  7. Cristi greeting Scuse me but how much do you and mil mil if sent to Italy?

  8. Configuration somewhat interesting but not really worth the i3 because everything has a dual core and then better take a Pentium GHz frequencies over 3 but it's half price or better you put some money and take i5.
    SSD's ok that any SSD feels configuration and vivta a living to day not too'll see differences between an SSD cheap and expensive one but that Kingston does not deserve because they changed memories of him and now I quite weak and find better alternatives on the market from other manufacturers.
    As Election source is made by CWT and Bronze certification does not even so could go other variants .For example a W 500 SIrtec of honor at a fair price and serious seller.
    PS: Try also when system configurations are you to target and to other stores because they have a wider range of products.

  9. Videotutorial team welcomes all.
    Followed with interest your tutorials for some time and are pleased obtained information.
    They helped many times to accumulate new information and solve some technical problems.
    Even 2 weeks ago I helped a friend to make a Gaming PC based on information found here.
    I went on an Intel platform with i5 CPU. Many friends told me that I would have gotten cheaper if I had chosen AMD and that I would have had "more performance".
    I studied the problem a bit before and I came to the conclusion that at present there is no such big difference between the 2 companies in terms of Gaming, at least for a system of up to approx. 3000 - 4000 lei
    From what I have seen on your site in the last ~ 2 years, most of the gaming systems presented were on the Intel platform.
    In the past it was somewhat a rule like to go on AMD Gaming.
    I look forward to feedback and a tutorial system on AMD Gaming
    Congratulations for what you do.

  10. Anderson said

    Good gaming system, faster that money goes a 260x or something from AMD 380 bit more. Who wants to buy HDDs, I recommend Seagate WD Blue or both.
    Tip !!! Do not buy Hitachi or Toshiba HDDs are the worst, for me they have split after half 1 at different time intervals. Their problem is that Seek that makes stand-by so uzand and dish, and head read / write.
    Seagate is a very big problem, namely APM is factory set and not 128 254, for this reason we like ends to 10 seconds if required.

    • If you had trouble with those companies does not mean that all their products are simply probleme.Pur you had bad luck.

      • Anderson said

        You have reviews on the outside or of even an online retail store that WD and Seagate does not recommend than that. If you have trouble with Toshiba or Hitachi data on you you have to do. Plus what are those in SMART errors Read Seek error rate and error rates there is a lot compared to WD that is clean. Each purchase their products on their own responsibility.

  11. What do you recommend to monitor this system?

  12. Hello. how to set records in several rooms to go on NAS IP? Cristi you if you have both on hand. all are local. on the same router.

  13. I greet you, I have a full tablet with Windows 8.1 (alwiev impera i8) and if you can give me some advice how can I install a Linux distribution on it because it is not as laptop or desktop, is different. The methods of installing Linux on laptop and desktop I tried on this tablet but do not go, I do not recognize and do not booted STIK Linux, and the BIOS did not find the settings in this (I gave BIOS to boot STIK the primu, but nothing). Thank you

  14. Cosmin Petre said

    Cristi Hello, I have a request, can you tell me how I get drivers for the assembled PC?

  15. Laurentiu said

    Hello guys! I have a problem with the PC, I don't know if you know how to do this but I'm trying to explain. Although I have a somewhat high-performance PC, and a game that should fit without problems in its requirements (fifa 16- original), it has moments in the game (lag, jerks). I don't know what else to do with them. I reduced the settings from high to low, I went back to win7 from 10 believing that this could be a cause, but no change, it does the same. Curiously, a friend works flawlessly with a weaker PC than mine. For me it works flawlessly until near the end of the first half, then it starts with the lag… Some details about my pc: (cpu amd fx 8320 octa core; video you have radeon r9 200 ddr5, 2 gb ram, 256 bits, 8 gb ram memory.Classic 500 gb hard drive I mention that the drivers are up to date.The game is original, bought through the original program.I tried all kinds of settings from the video card, no change.A clear problem is, but I can not- "I know what it is. Do you have a solution, an idea? Thanks in advance."

  16. Please nice to me know which job-latency memory I saw CL10-CL9-CL11-What is the difference between them and what these latency that would be better? Thank you so much, I admit that I do not skill and a little help does not hurt Miar.

  17. In short, RAM latency is the waiting time for loading the smaller the time, the better, latency is measured in nanoseconds (ns).

  18. MihAiFCUCRAIOVA said

    I greet you kindly help me and me with a problem, I installed Windows 3zile I put a Windows Ultimate 7 on 64biti. And when light PC to a minute to load the CPU to 80 90 something to%. Without going into anything, I have not happened so far https://www.technibble.com/how-to-fix-svchost-using-100-cpu-memory-leak/ or https://www.technibble.com/how-to-fix-svchost-using-100-cpu-memory-leak/ use your system's registry file svchost.exe I 7 windows.

    My processor is: http://www.cel.ro/procesoare/procesor-amd-fx_6300-x6-6_core-socket-am3plus-l/

    What is the explanation of what? be the processor go?
    I beg you help me

    • Reinstall your operating system, original, not pirated on a new hard disk.

    • Your problem may be from a virus
      Do you have an antivirus installed immediately after resettlement?
      It is possible that your win kit is not exactly "clean" or you have installed a problematic program or picked up a virus from the net.

  19. MihAiFCUCRAIOVA said

    Many thanks Cristi Ok, You guys !! Keep up the good work !!! ;-)))

  20. Mnultumesc MISU play for if I understand latency response is the response speed of memoriei.Ar be a question a Nvidia GTX memory bits 2000 125 Mb same nVidia GTX memory 2000 256 Mb and with the same bit .Placa What is the difference-bit features to 125 256? Thank you very much

  21. Refers to the path between the processor and memory bandwidth bus (BUS) tells us how many bits can circulate in a sense the same time, each physical data paths are between memory and processor.
    In a bit BUS 128 128 run simultaneously each bit, and since this is more 256, 384 512 bits or with the better pass more bits simultaneously.

  22. Misu Many thanks, if I understand this is information that circulates between video card and processor memory

  23. Yes, memory and processor boards video cards video.

  24. Khalimdutz said

    I want to change my video card GTX GTX 560 i970 5k 2500.Am processor and motherboard Asus P8Z68-V LX with a Corsair TX power 650 16W and I go GTX3 DDR970.Oare GB RAM installed? Thanks for any reply !

  25. Leica Dan said

    I wonder what is stopping you produce made tutorials systems and configurations that everything mentioned above, I think it would be more beneficial for everyone! Next I go on Crtisti his hand.

  26. Catalin Botezatu said

    I would like to buy these components:
    Asrock motherboard 970 Pro3 R2.0, AM3 + socket, AMD Chipset 970, 3.0 USB, ATX
    Kingston HyperX memory Fury Blue 8GB DDR3 1866 CL10 MHz Dual Channel Kit
    AMD FX X8 8300, AM3 + cores 8, 3.3 GHz frequency, L3 8MB Cache, TDP 95W, Box
    Plus Zalman housing Z3
    PS: I am a novice and I would think in particular about motherboard compatibility with RAM. (If you stay at that frequency).

  27. Laurentiu Sirbu said

    Hello. I'm Laurentiu, the boy who had problems with the fifa 16 game, with the lag… Do you know how I solved it? I went to a more professional service and they started to take down each component, replacing it with theirs. They changed the ram, no change, they took out the processor, the same, they put another video card, the same. Attention, when they wiped the old thermo-conductive paste from the processor and applied another one, what can you see, it doesn't shake at all. It flows fluently head-to-tail. Who would have thought that a simple pasta can be so important. Good thing I solved the "big problem."

    But now I have another, namely, approaching black-friday and watch an SSD that to keep the operating system, I stopped on it http://www.emag.ro/solid-state-drive-ssd-samsung-850-evo-2-5-120gb-sata-iii-mz-75e120b-eu/pd/D4J9BMBBM/ That after the comments you have would be great. It remains to be seen whether it will put on sale but anyway even if they do not or are started buying it. The problem is that the current ASRock motherboard namely VGS960 3GM-FX (CPUSocket) only supports SATA and SSD 2 the wish comes sata 3. And I understand there will be compatibility issues, but the speed of read / write will be only 50%. I would now like to take a motherboard that supports SATA 3, but be high quality, stable, and that I could use in the future, if there is a newer video card compatible.

    Right now my components are:
    - motherboard - ASRock 960GM-VGS3 FX (CPUSocket) I was forced a year ago to take this motherboard by emag because after some tests to detect some "basales from the old source", I -they put a slightly weaker source and burned my old motherboard, a msi G45 that supports sata3, and instead they gave me the one from Asrock which is miniAtx, stacked, without too many options ugrade but I had no problems with it.) I just want something more complex, for my system if it's the right term…

    - processor - AMD FX-8320 Vishera Socket AM3 + (942) 32nm Eight-Core Processor
    - video - AMD Radeon R9 200 Series, Sapphire, DDR5, 256 iti, Memory 2048 MB
    - ram - 2 × 4 GB, hyper x, kingston 1600
    - source - Source Inter-Tech Energon 550W

    I want you to recommend a motherboard on my am3 + socket, which supports my current processor, to have sata3, but to be if possible something "future" for a possible upgrade, in case I buy a video card better performance to fit, not to have to buy another. As a maximum budget 450 lei. I hope I haven't written a lot, and you will have the patience to read these lines. Sincerely, Laurentiu.

    • Evo 850 Samsung SSDs are very good, but even better would be a pro 850 if you find the best price. Performance, pro evo and are much in the same place, instead will retain the pro-time performance.

  28. Laurentiu Sirbu said

    Thanks for the answer, as for a better performing motherboard if it can be called that in the price of 450 lei…? If I take the ssd it comes on sata 3 and the current motherboard has sata 2 and I wouldn't want to stop them from performing ssd…

    • Unfortunately I have not tested plates on AM3 +, to your advice I can give n.
      If you have limited budget, try and buy the plate fitted to the available budget. It absolutely must have and SATA3.
      The reason I recommend Intel is simple and USB3 move SATA3.0 best on Intel chipsets, because they have direct native support in the chipset.

  29. Cabron2433 said

    Hello cristi..ce I could improve on this system:
    Intel Pentium g2030 3.0 4gb GHz RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 210. thank you.

  30. Cristi greeting,
    1) AMD A6 X2 6400K, 3.90GHz, Socket FM2, Box, Black Edition (Dual Core) is good for gaming? There have AMD Athlon Dual Core 2Ghz X340 3.2. They will know the difference? It's worth the change?
    2) 120GB Kingston SSD SATA I 3. And special need SATA data cable and SATA cable goes 3 or used?
    3) 8 DDR3 GB RAM is enough for gaming? Worth put 16GB?

  31. Hello..! We have reduced the budget rather than regret, much is Ok .. Intel Haswell Refresh Core i3 4170 3.7 lei 559,49GHz box = Savage 8GB HyperX Memory Dual Channel Kit DDR3 1600MHz CL9 lei = 203,59 GIGABYTE GA-H81M-H Kingston HyperX SSD 205,78lei SATA-III FURY 120GB = 2.5 227,48 lei inch Asus Radeon video card R7 250GB DDR1 5 128-bit [R7250-1GD5] = 350,20 750 lei source 500 w hdd case in the old system ..

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