Configuration PC performance with new Intel Skylake

Video tutorial - High-performance PC configuration with the new Intel Skylake

Finally Intel has managed to synchronize with Tic-Tac cadence and came out with the new Intel Core generation 6 was codenamed Skylake.
In principle, the Tic-Tac cadence, on which Intel synchronizes production, is a production rhythm for processors, which to some extent respects Moore's law. It is intended to go in two steps to avoid the problems of introducing a new manufacturing node on a new architecture. Thus, Intel, launches in the "Tic" step processors based on the previous architecture, but with a manufacturing node finer.
Explanation cadence Tic-Tac Intel:
Tic = Ivy Bridge, crossing the 22 keeping nm architecture (the same processor with finer circuits)
Tac = Haswell, 22 nm node storage architecture changes (other architecture on the same node)
Tic = Broadwell, passing on keeping 14 nm architecture (the same processor with finer circuits)
Tac = Skylake, storage 14 nm node architecture with change (other architecture on the same node)
Configuration PC performance with new Intel Skylake:
the latest Intel Skaylake
What is new in Intel Skylake?
With the changing architecture, introduced a new socket and chipset evident us. The first is the Z 170 appeared chipset that comes with VRM has included extra PCI-E 20 3.0 lines.
Remove the CPU VRM
If past generations had voltage regulator (VRM) processor, now moved back into chipsets. This is because of excessive heating and thus limiting processor overclock ceiling.
Support for memories DDR3L and DDR4
Certainly desktop motherboards will support DDR4. However motherboards can have small (mini ITX) with support for DDR3L, or systems like Intel Walnut dining room with DDR3L memory.
PCI-E is the star
With the advent of the new super fast PCI-E NVME SSDs, we need PCI-E 3.0 lines. The Z 170 chipset comes with 20 PCI-E lines, which adds to the 16 lines in the processor. In total we have 36 PCI-E lines, which can feed all components and peripherals with bandwidth. Maybe we'll see with 10 Gbps network chips…
Top Overclock
The new processors are extremely overclockable, especially the "K" variants. It seems that moving the voltage regulator to the chipset was a good choice. Good for overclockers and motherboard manufacturers, for whom Intel had taken one of the marketing tools.
PC on which I have set up is very balanced. Of course you are free to make any changes you want, but I recommend you use an SSD that does not limit the speed of the new Intel Skylake.
Upgrading from an older PC
If you have a PC and want to make only a minimal upgrade, you should only buy processor, motherboard and memory DDR4. The chipset is new and we can not use an older motherboard. The memory also is new and we can not use old modules, DDR2 or DDR3.
Configuration PC performance with new Intel Skylake
Components used in the tutorial:
Intel® Core ™ i5-6600K, 3.5GHz, Skylake-S, 6MB, Socket 1151, Box
Motherboard Asus Z170-A, Socket LGA1151
Solid State Drive (SSD) Samsung 850 EVO, 2.5 ″, 120GB, SATA III
Kingston HyperX memory FURY Black, 16GB (4x4GB) DIMM, DDR4, 2400MHz, CL15, 1.2V
Gigabyte video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 G1 GAMING, 2048MB, GDDR5, 128bit, HDMI, DVI, Display Port
Source Corsair VS-Series CP-EU 9020097, 550 W, Active PFC, ATX 2.31, 12 cm fan, Black
Floston housing ATX Midi Tower, without source, Black EXCORDO

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  1. Nykolas said


  2. cojocariu said

    I'd like a tutorial for C170 Logitech webcam, to go with Ubuntu Linux 14.10. Thank you.

  3. What do you mean you do not need the optical drive? That means you do not buy software, windows, games, movies.
    I have heard this stuff to sell on usb, unless you take the net which means it's illegal.

    • Today you can download any program from any software company after buying it.
      Just the other day I bought Bandicam and I have emailed the download link and license.
      Variants on disk, sent by mail, are more expensive.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You shall remember that everything that exists on the DVD / CD is genuine, as if I can burn a DVD or CD with music or games downloaded from the internet.
      I can tell you not buy software or music and not because they pirate but because we buy in another form by other services in digital format.
      Movies can be reserved online, we have tutorial on this topic
      Purchase music from Google Play Music for Android, outstanding service that can buy, listen and store music without using the stick or DVD / CD
      The games are not passionate. Other questions?

      • It is true what you say, Adrian! But you have CDs or DVDs memories (photos, video and video) they have no choice but to buy an optical drive! This is my opinion!

        • View Product said

          After all, it's a matter of everyone's preference, and it seems pointless to me that there is no optical drive, especially on a desktop. It may not be used as before, but in cases of intervention it proves its usefulness (if you have a bag with bootable disks). Ok, you can create a stick before… .but it takes some time, you have to look for the specific program for each application, maybe you need another pc with a working operating system. Plus it's nonsense, a friend comes to you with a disk… and you have nowhere to put it. But I repeat, it depends on everyone's preference. You can find at any "boutique" an optical unit under 100 lei.

          Maybe you need a data indexing discs. In vain have piles of CDs and DVDs if you can not access timely data. You can use this:

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    If you have a friend or relative who already has an optical drive, you can ask them to allow you to copy the contents of the CD / DVD on a stick or external hard drive, 20 give him a lei for the inconvenience and the problem is solved. You get cheaper than buying an optical drive. You can also opt to go to a photo / video that can handle it.

  5. Cristi no big difference in generation is the last generation and processor 4. that I have him And I say it's about as ultimu now has something extra to give not so much. what do you mean by these processor Cristi?

    • Like performance, Skylake is something pretty good, but not much.
      We must not forget however, that 4790 is an improved Haswell (Devils Canyon), of which Intel engineers have squeezed and last gram of performance that you can find in Haswell.
      Returning to Skylake advantage comes in the form of PCI-E 3.0 lines, which are now compared to 36 16 on Haswell.
      On Haswell not be able to fit a PCI-E SSD 3.0 strong 4x or RAID card; Not talking about multi GPU configurations with advanced video cards.
      Another advantage comes from overclocking, where we will see soon after heated overclockers, frequently spectacular.
      Finally we will have petformante and processors with higher frequencies or more cores.

      • Yes. Yes idea is that it is a matter of marketing. urmatoru Intel will still have some issues in addition, but almost the same functions. Yes idea is that an SSD be placed on a processor like mine or that of a great tutorial goes about as well. now a plus or minus speed is not so noticeable. and I tried mine overclok I held one hour and remained temeperatura the 38 39 fe degrees. now give as you said Cristi in this tutorial and other matters and base plate for SSD. rami memory and ddrm3 or ddrm3L e f ok about them. ddrm4 now it's normally something better, like I said it and marcketin thing as giving a teaspoon in addition not so much

  6. aligator2007 said

    folks no longer used CDs, DVDs ge-u like memories dvd if you buy an external hard drive and keep the information you have, and the music from the vast majority of players have USB audio
    The cd-dvd do not think that they are safe too many years with family albums or other memories that you'll have surprises

  7. Good point .Sunteti videotutorialul best in everything that you do! .. And by the way optical drive, you're absolutely right, Adrian, I do not know if in recent years we have used dvd-rom.Si returning to videotutorial come with a question: With the new generation of Intel will lower prices for old generation? I mean Haswell.

  8. I understand PCI-E lines. ie if I have a video card pci-e x3.0 16 16 the PCI-E slot and have a network card on PCI-e 1, video card no longer transfer to 16 lines? a transfer on 15? a network card line take?
    and to see that this processor 1151 16 lines pci-e has. This i5

    • The Haswell we 16 3.0 lines PCI-E processor and chipset, Z97 for example, we 8 2.0 PCI-E lines (not 3.0).
      Normally, if you have only one video card and you do not want to fit a PCI-E SSD 3.0, I get lines PCI-E, as network cards, USBs more special (3.1), Thunderbolt, etc. I can go and PCI-E 2.0.
      But with the advent of SSD PCI-E NVME 3.0, 4 needing lines, there is a lack of speed interconnection between components.
      At Skylake we 16 3.0 line processor PCI-E and PCI-E lines 20 3.0 in chipset. It is sufficient for any configuration.
      Intel and Micron have just developed a type of flash memory that is 1000 times faster than current memory SSDs; You realize that a SSD memory Xpoint 3D will need serious bandwidth.
      It seems that a bright future awaits us.

  9. Why not use my optical drive?
    We optical drive even more, but do not connect it to the motherboard, except in emergencies.
    Do not use the optical drive:
    Make noise each time the PC.
    Slow boot.
    It may be replaced by a USB stick in 99% of cases.
    The operating system is installed too slowly on a DVD.
    While watching a DVD engine sounds like hell.
    After a while it decalibreaza diode head read / write drive.
    If you want to burn something, waiting too long.
    The storage space on a DVD is ridiculously low.
    …… I could go on
    Today's optical drive shares the "camera" with the floppy drive in the asylum with dying technologies.

  10. Cristi Hello! Firstly very nice tutorial and secondly I and I need feedback! I am going to buy a new system, largely for everything related to gaming and some streams, editing photos / video. I thought at first but after I saw 5820k tutorial, do not know what to choose between 5820k and 6700k. I want to be pretty good system and cope quite well for the next few years, does not allow me to change the whole system so often and from what I have seen 5820k 6 4 unlike many cores has 6700k and thought maybe the future will be better 5820k .. (if games or applications will be optimized for multiple cores). The price is quite close to both processors .. what do you recommend me of this second? Thank you!

  11. Tineo hard all aşa.Chiar tutorial place.Zi I a5000 Lenovo me please, something that you tare.Te please keep vinegar so!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you want games, I not recommend it because you have a processor MTK (MediaTek) which is famous for mismanagement of the battery. In other words, you will not be very happy with how you will keep the battery

  12. L AI button, OR ARE CINEVA.JOCURI are not passionate 2 BATTERY YOU ALL DAY IN NET MOVING WELL UNDERSTOOD AS GOOD PRICE I think it's good, RDS 550RON AS IN RATE.DE crystals would like a more detailed answer HOW DOES HE SA A STRONG FACA.SINTETI!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You have also asked the same thing to other 2 tutorials and there you said you want to play games. No need to write in capital letters (uppercase) and see you if you write normal!

  13. Adrian did not say in game tutorials'm not interested in games, I told him that if the phone button in the image as riviuri know how e.Eu as I said to the price of the subscription 550 rds and if merita.Plusuri minuses to it not as if I like it iau.E easy to say IAL AND GATA.Nu will ask you as I know but ye are with them and when you do make a riviu and make it but I know what it's not mincarimea.La compare the food processor with the games you said and battery power quickly why there to thank him and other improvements etc.

    • Not Cristi and I did not button the phone, but to tell you my opinion. On paper it looks good, if we add the price of 550 lei and the opportunity to get in the RDS-RCS rates I think is an even better device, but as said Adrian is equipped with a processor that has a reputation MTK pretty bad when it comes to battery and battery of 4Ah if nothing lacking optimization. The MediaTek processor devices do not enjoy the same support from third party developers who enjoy Qualcomm devices. So too will not find custom ROMs for this phone. Advantages think it would be HD screen and MP camera with LED Flash 8. On most phones in this price that fits often meet 5MP camera and qHD screen (x 540 960). The advantages and disadvantages listed by me are structured in the technical specifications. I think the best would be if you have the opportunity to go to a store and test him TU.

  14. Hello . do you know any android software that blocks interceptions? if the phone is listened to, intercepted by the gsm company or maybe by a natural person with the device…

  15. It is true that these latest generation processors do not come with the package cooler?

  16. Anderson said

    Hi, I saw that there was talk of cooler box on the new processors. Tin to say no box wine, that they said it and those from PCgarage live in a few days ago. As boys forums complain of this. They say they did so without cooler, because you can put what you want cooler. Now as a true as I do not know.

  17. I'm sorry, but Radeon R9 280 is better than GTX 960. First of all, you get 3GB with 384 bit bus compared to 2GB with 128 bit bus at the same price… And in benchmarks R9 280 came out better. Don't be fooled, good people.

  18. HDD but not chicken?

  19. I bought a refurbished pc board have not bought a nvidia gt 420 1 128 bit gb on high profile but had not been contacted by + I said give me another was like a little scumpă.am I agreed and gave a nvidia quadro + the same configuration 600 1 128gb with low bit but my profile.întrebarea: which one is more efficient?

  20. Corsair Gaming Source?
    Samsung SSD?

    Grab your gardening!

  21. Can I run movies 4K the integrated video card, you can recommend a video card that can lead to a price 4K decentv?

  22. Thanks for response, Bafta

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