Card confirmation in PayPal account - more secure payments

Today I'll show you how to insert or how to change a card to your PayPal account in order to continue making payments online.

Online payments were not working!
For some time now, my card has expired and I forgot to change it - When it came time to pay online, email notifications, from Google, from, from hosting, from Cloudflare, etc., started to flow, that chic no payments were made. These payments were scheduled automatically, and were paid through PayPal.

Debit card expired?
I came into your PayPal account and I realized immediately that no payments were made current. I checked in there and noticed his card had expired.

Debit card again!
I ran to the bank and I got the new card and golden (do not know who's the catch). I got home and started to make payments. Surprise, goes card. What now?

The new card does not work for online payments?
I took the card envelope and noticed that it said “you have to use the card in an ATM or in a POS to activate the card and the contactless.
I climb into the car, I stop at the ATM card bag and remove the minimum amount, and get back home again. Good luck!

For the first time have enabled Secure 3D. (Update)
For those who have not activated 3D secure (the first card), you must contact your bank to enable secure 3D, which is a protection against unauthorized payments online. Without 3D Secure enabled you can not pay online businesses or service providers.

Confirmation of debit card account Paypal
Some payments we made directly with the card, but to make other payments, I must have a PayPal account functional and I grabbed it. I deleted the old card and I put the card again, surprise, you must verify the card. Luckily I account management which saves me a trip to the bank statement that poverty is passed four digit code. If I did not have online account management?

What's good for PayPal's this?
PayPal is an online payment platform that offers safety and comfort in use quickly. Is a kind of buffer between the seller and you, protecting you and upon payment but after, when you can recover your money if you've taken any sliver. Caution however, PayPal, from my point of view is good only for payments because the receipt of money are charged certain fees. But flat is super hard. I recommend!

Tutorial PayPal account creation (older)
PayPal donations button Creation Tutorial (older)

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  1. And if we set up your paypal associated card, how much money I have that many that many have and Paypal, or do I need to transfer?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You do not have to transfer. Pay with PayPal and he withdraws the card exactly the amount / value of the product / service you purchase, even if you card you 1 million, PayPal withdraw from your account only the value of the product / service purchased and send that amount withdrawn your card, the seller.
      Explained this in the video tutorial, no scroll, tutorial look head to toe. PayPal is only an intermediary.
      Thus avoiding the seller to see your personal information.

  2. What settings should be done in PayPal account, as the exchange rate to be advantageous for the buyer?

  3. Hello Cristi reuserc I do not want to buy the app from Google Play Store paypal account, paypal payment is restricted citizens of Romania or somewhere I wrong?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We already have a tutorial on this topic, you can find it using the search box on the top right. Write there "Tutorial on how to buy applications from the Google Play Store" press the enter key and you will find the tutorial. From what I remember, for Romania, you can only buy by card or credit (Orange)

  4. Andi s ^ said

    They earn something in pay, right?

    • PayPal earns from the seller - You as a buyer pay $ 10 for a product that costs $ 10.
      Disadvantage for you is when you want to receive money in your PayPal account and you want to withdraw it in your bank account - Then you pay $ 2 - If it's a large amount it's not a problem, but if you have to bind $ 10, you're left with $ 8.

      • Ice Alinutza said

        Are you sure that only the seller pays the commission? I joined a Visa card in lei and I paid him various acquisitions in EUR or USD and paid the fee, except that he became their currency conversion rate. Was commission for foreign exchange?

  5. vadca newest any card is not accepted. i have vista electron from Banca Transilvania is rejected. 10 100 I had and he just lei

  6. dark One said

    I have a Visa Electron card from Banca Transilvania, such verification can take that code for free to go to the ATM?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can not free, you have to go to the bank and ask for a statement of account consultant on the card when you add PayPal.
      Unless you have opted for online administration. When you did your card, you are given a token with which you can log into your bank's website, your account statement and see so get out there and transaction code

      • dark One said

        So if I go more than a few days should require a bank account statement on the day I added the PayPal card? I still have not pressed that button that says I must extract a certain amount in your account; I can therefore be removed with a code extracted from the ATM? I mean, before I went to the ATM and then press the check account, can you?

        • Adrian Gudus said

          I do not know that the ATM will give you an account statement. The more you can provide information about card balance, gives you a receipt that says how much money in your account by visiting the balance inquiry or something.
          The statement of account is more detailed and shows you details about the transaction which took place on the requested date. I do not understand what all shoot the ATM. Are you afraid to go into the bank? Do you have prohibition, you stole something?

          • dark One said

            I have none of those mentioned by you, except that the nearest bank Transilvania is 10 km towards me.

  7. I card if confirmed PayPal account can pay with that card directly to the store POS PIN forming?
    or directly with various utilities that card (bridging paypal)?

  8. If you want to withdraw money from paypal e neeaparat I will add only one bank account or credit card?

  9. Nicu Bordânc said

    MS tutorial, we managed to confirm my card, CEC Bank was enough to call them, and I have provided token.
    Congratulations tutorials!

  10. Does it also work with Skrill's MasterCard?

  11. Hello, can someone help me and the icard card came to me today and I tried to associate it with PayPal but I can't have to have money on it.

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