ConquerGrayMail or the new features in Microsoft's Hotmail mail service - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will talk about the new Hotmail email service from Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft even launched a campaign called ConquerGrayMail (razbeste over emails gray) which, with it, bringing extremely useful functions in the Hotmail account. If you wonder what are emails gray, well, these are emails containing updates social, product launches or news coming from the manufacturers of the products or services they use, mails not very importnte for us and who often become annoying but ignore them because they receive notifications and alert us useless. Due mails gray and the short time in which they come, important emails get to be forgotten, lost or overlooked. That is that the new Hotmail 5 comes with new functions.
Programming Schedule Cleanup or cleaning: helps us keep our Inbox clean and schedule automatic deletion of old emails. We can use this function when we are subscribed to online stores. We all know that they send us the offer of the day by e-mail every day. Well, the "offer of yesterday" or the day before yesterday is no longer relevant, so the mail becomes useless and even gets to pollute our Inbox. Using Schedule Cleanup, we can schedule to keep only the emails with the current offers from the respective stores or we can opt for the automatic deletion of the emails older than 10 days. If we want, we can choose to have them moved and stored in another folder of our choice
Custom Categories or Custom Categories: Help us move important emails termed our liking. Suppose I applied online for a vacation and we nerbadare company confirmation and details of the departure date. Go to mail account, select the mail company are notified that we successfully applied as follows to receive confirmation and we click on Categories (Categories) then tick one of the existing categories or create new one and the thus now on, all emails coming from that company will arrive in a folder of our choice. And so I saved time and filter important emails more useful for us without being forced to waste time giving huge scroll Inbox looking important and long awaited answer.
Aliases or other names: Enables us to create a different email address but in the same account. Useful if you do not want to reveal our real address of the suspicious person or persons who have doubts but to convince us, and we do not (let's say) another email address, you must either create one or them give real address. Well Aliases allows us to create another email account under a different name that we can give the doubtful and thus mails coming to this address will go in a separate folder of your main account Imbox that name email address will be created. Get two accounts into an account
Sweep or move all the: It allows us to move all incoming emails to an address and those that will come in the future from the same address, in an existing folder or we can choose to create new one. A very useful function for sites that keep sending us news alert sites probably are not as interested as I have for a confirmation email came from a company or someone you love.
Flagging or signaling message It allows us to keep any important mail at the top of the list of mails by a simple click. Suppose we receive an important email that you do not have time to read it and we do not lose sight. An account called will make important mail to get the latest in the list if they keep all emails blame us. By simply clicking on a flag important mail, it will always remain in top of the list no matter how many new mail will come to accept it.
Here are many very useful features coming in the new Hotmail features that certainly we will do an inbox cleaner, more organized and more pleasant to use. I do not think we could miss an important email when we use these tools properly. In conclusion, Hotmail is an email service extraordinary definitely I'll use it more often in the future.
And do not forget, you remember tutorial about Yahoo mail service which in turn allows an alias, I invite you to watch the tutorial on: How to create two IDs Yahoo Messenger or Yahoo Mail addresses on one account
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly what improvements to Microsoft Hotmail account and use it to sweep functions, Categories, Schedule Cleanup, Aliases and flagging to maintain a clean e-mail account, organized and pleasant .


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  1. I knew of this function, and almost to ANY mail can do that or create a filter where to put them depends on mail but like you said in the tutorial is not always the same mail box and it's kind of impossible to filter them all would need every notoficare almost do this. The bottom has little effect after mail

  2. Hi guys! 'Speaking of mail client, Opera X-notifier. I load messages but can not open any. Do you know why? I could use an answer, thanks.


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