Parental control android tablets and phones for children

Android Parental Control, a sum of steps that any parent who gives the child access to PC / tablet / laptop or phone, you should establish before all.
Parental Control blocks access to video content dangerous children (porn, gambling games, violence, etc).
Unfortunately, many parents have no idea how to operate a tablet or a phone and hence the "self-education" that the child does on the net, among the filth.
Quick steps that we can take on Android are blocking explicit content on Youtube and n browser and activate parental controls in Play Store, as too violent games to hide.
Every parent should think well before you give the child access to tablets and phones. Even if the parent sits beside the child, still not enough.
Let's not get it wrong, I don't think a child is looking for something like that, he just accidentally hits it and "puts it in his head", from here on we don't know what's going on in his mind; but I certainly don't think it's good, after staring at the movies and pictures.
Also for Android phones and tablets; For those who want a little more strict control tablet that child is playing and while the latter, to have access to some creative tools, I recommend Zoodles tutorial, a program / excellent browser for children.
For Windows (Desktop or laptop) will recommend a tutorial settings Parental Control in Windows
For general security throughout the network, you can watch OpenDNS tutorial, Which can block everything, lock over who can no longer pass (only with VPN).

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  1. On my right I care a tutorial on this topic, DNS related. Very good tutorial. I really did not know that there are also settings for android.

    • See we have a tutorial with OpenDNS and desktop settings.
      A soon to do another tutorial for the settings on the router. Once plugged into the router restrictions, goodbye porn. Still you can override the vpn, but I doubt that one knows a child to handle VPN (or who knows?).
      DNS settings will only work on the local network, ie on wifi through the house. If you enter the mobile network….

      • I know, I watched the tutorial (actually I watched almost every tutorial on the site, I can say that I have been following these tutorials since 2010-2011 since I discovered the site). You would be amazed at how much today's kids know how to do, especially the little ones who tend to stick their noses everywhere - especially when it comes to technology. I know this because I was one of them. However, most young people are not very interested in technology - ironically, I address myself because I am only 14-15 years old. They just want games and maybe social networks (from a certain age), so they won't even notice these settings, but at least know how to disable them. These parental control tutorials are especially useful for parents who are worried about what their child might find on the internet, but also for curious people (my case) who are interested in the procedure. I make a mention: I think that these functions have reached the android phones -especially on the proprietary google applications- given the increasing number of lawsuits filed by parents on the grounds that the little ones managed to make payments on their behalf - as you mentioned and you in the tutorial - probably some were related to accessing inappropriate content and others. That's about all I wanted to add. Thanks again for the tutorial (especially considering the work behind the realization of each tutorial)

  2. Very good tutorials. You are doing a very good job and I want to thank you for all your hard work. We can only hope that you will be with those who need your advice and teachings in the future. One request… if you could somehow solve the problem with the flash player because the older tutorials cannot be seen on android devices even though I have a flash player installed and a browser that supports flash. Good luck and keep it up!

    • Flash on Android is going. A soon to make a tutorial on how to install and configure Flash Player on Android to function.
      It's getting harder with flash on Android, but to get around us.

  3. Emil Iancu said

    Hi Cristi, please do DNS tutorial filtration.

  4. Hello Cristi. Very good and welcome tutorial, as all on your site, whether it's done by you or Adrian !!! Not to longer perspective: increase in work related to DNS tutorial !!! Health and power to hold so with tutorials and your site Happily, that very well do what you do !!!

  5. to continue the tutorials about the surveillance systems. video balun, poe power supply, poe switch…. registration of ip cameras on nvr.
    thank you

  6. How good that it can do this on Android phones and tablets. I use Open DNS DNS URLs to the router several years and are very good. I enjoy the fact that you have found a solution for these devices when not in range of the router. Please do DNS tutorial android system.

  7. Please click DNS tutorial android system. If you know and other blockages that can be done on android (eg can do that only 4 hours / day, netul work on mobile network ??), please let me know and about them. Thanks !!!

  8. with parental control that is good and no. and tell you why. and sometimes block the sites for which it has no connection with pornography. namely putting sticks in the wheels more

  9. Marius Bogdan said

    Hello I have a problem with a tablet Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet a1-07 iam given a factory reset because my brother was jacat tablet and iam given blocato And after factory reset does not want to even start "wizard- It appears to touch the Android logo but after reaching a "wizard does not get stuck necontinuiindusi settings if paote please help me with some tips .Multumesc

  10. sall… .good tutorial with parental control… I'm 9 years old and that's how I learn to get over this control if my father does it too… it's nice that we also teach children how to avoid adult bans… ms and so on tine

  11. Cristi good! Good with controlulparental this tutorial, please make DNS tutorial for android system.

  12. may be the next topic but just as interesting a tutorial on DNS so mobile and the router, perhaps a tutorial on ddwrt routers and install a VPN router in any case do a good job, at least to me me shed more than maybe one of your tutorials in English, or even draw us toward some idea of ​​the curiosity that it is normal (we humans) can not cover them all. Once again thank you!

  13. ionita doina said

    when promising "adult" movies

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You use parental control. We have several video tutorials on this topic. You can find them using the search box on the top right, type "parental control" there, press the enter key and you will find the tutorials

  14. Hello.
    A parental control tutorial on Android devices would be great, details about free Family Link apps.
    Thank you .

  15. hello I would like to block all porn sites how can I do that?

  16. Irina Zaharia said

    Thank you, I was very helpful! Please help us protect our children from anything that can be dangerous on your phone / tablet, computer.

  17. Cornel said

    How can I unlock an older tablet for which I don't know the internet access restriction code (that's how I bought it). I specify that it has not only restricted content, but total internet access. Thank you.
    It is an Oregon scientific tablet with Android 4.0

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