Copy text from any Android app that can not afford it

Copy text from any Android app

Copy text from any Android app

Copy text from any Android app

Copying text from Android apps has become increasingly difficult.
In some applications, you can copy entire paragraphs, or not at all, to YouTube, where you can not copy your comments at all.

Copy text to phones

Although it seems strange to some, sometimes you need to copy some passages from Facebook posts or YouTube comments.
Whether you want to quote someone or you just want to copy a quote, copying the text is essential - otherwise why do we have these smart devices?

Universal copy

To copy selective text from some Android applications, we need an application, and the right one is Universal Copy.
This app helps us copy text from absolutely any Android app, even more, Can copy text right from the phone menus.

Download text copying application from Android apps

Universal Copy (Google Play Store)

Copy text from any Android application - video tutorial

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  1. Do not I understand where the text is copied?
    I understand he puts him in the clipboard, but does not he know where he is? .

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    The text puts it (you stick it, pastes it) where you need it. In an email, in a note, in a chat, in a document.
    The clipboard is not something "palpable" on PC, laptop, Android, iOS. It is a "memory" of the operating system. It's like when you set out to keep something in mind. Can you touch your thoughts, see them?

  3. Clipboard = temporary memory, now you're clear why you can not find the clipboard?

  4. This tutorial would be interesting for IOS (Aplle).
    Thank you!

  5. Troubadour said

    Interesting application, I'm currently on android, but unfortunately the PC does not go to my chrome or opera even though I've updated it.

  6. Bogdanovich said

    With notes 8 goes without any application. Only with the enchanted pen

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