Auto Backup SD card or USB stick PC

Today, with 4k site and photos of 50 megapixel SD cards are loaded fairly quickly; We 4k video bitrates to 100 1080 Mbps and even to 200p Mbps (Lumix GH4) and cameras have 36, 42 50 megapixel or (D810, A7R, 5Ds).

Auto Backup SD card or USB stick PC

Copying video and pictures on the PC card can be automated using supplied USB Flash Copy.
We need only to setup a profile with the location where files will be saved and set the application to start with Windows.
Hence, you only have to remove the SD card from the camera when charging, and connecting it to the PC and copying will be done automatically.
PC must be turned on!
Download USBflashCopy

Video Tutorial - Auto Backup SD card or USB stick PC

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  1. When it comes to copying photos or movies from camera to PC does not need anything, just the data cable and software that comes with the camera, I use Canon so I EOS Utility to download images where you way to download, make folders with images sorted by the date they were made, plus not all too good to pull the card from the camera, that reach better not to make contacts, get all kinds of errors .I am a 32 GB card and when I put the card in the room but I made thousands of photos I removed the card.

  2. rocky, sit down, you note 4.
    The title says it clearly: Auto Backup SD card or USB stick on the PC.
    What do you need the USB cable to copy or CD CARD or what interests us as you have cable tie. This is about a procedeu.Tutorialul is the process itself, not a tutorial on how to copy pictures from the camera, or what to put in each room or phone programs that take pictures / videos.

  3. It seems silly. if you have a virus somehow from somewhere Stik or memory card is an easier way of getting infected. And speaking of application of newer windows that desktopu can choose to be in another location besides c and d save the paintings etc for example. By setting somewhere. Yes if I am not mistaken Cristi showed that in 10 when made to Windows settings tutorial. and is more convenient for air droid for Android and Windows phones give is something I do not know the name

  4. Daniel Radu said

    I have an idea tutorial, backup games on Android phones with root or without

  5. Hello Cristi
    I know this is not about Videotutorial but if you want to reinstall Windows on an SSD,
    How do I delete the old Windows? I read somewhere something DISKPART.
    Maybe do a Videotutorial about it.

    • install windows on SSD or SATA HDD disconnected from power as you want ... not find your GRUB somehow the old windows and make your dual boot automatically .. I think not know exactly. yes it's safer to have no HDD connected to the motherboard.
      after install Windows ssd SSD set the BIOS to boot it first.
      ssd windows go in and right click on Computer - Manage, Disk Management, and you go here you drive 0 1 SSD and HDD disk.
      now you can delete the Windows partition on the HDD. right click - delete volume.
      If you want to rename the Windows side before you get to see exactly what delete ssd .. anyway if the disk partition is the first 1 you and the system reserved. 2 should therefore delete partitions on the hard disk.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Quite simply, the steps to install Windows, you get to partition, format the partition containing Windows old. Search our tutorial on "Install Windows 10 from A to Z" you find the search box at the top right

  6. Adrian Thanks for the reply, but I was not sure and SSD proceed as reinstalling Windows as the hdd.

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