SD card copying directly to an external HDD without PC - IN HOLIDAY

SD card copying directly to an external HDD without PC - IN HOLIDAY
SD card copying directly to an external HDD without PC - IN HOLIDAY
When we leave on vacation, we do not want to take the laptop with us. Why carry on extra baggage and risk letting it go without it (as in some countries it is stealing).
Still, we need a file-copying method that plugs onto the phone or SD card in the camera.

How do I copy files from my phone to an external HDD?

First we need an OTG USB cable. If you do not know what an OTG USB Adapter is, I invite you to see:
How to make a USB OTG for connecting peripherals to phone
With the OTG USB cable, we plug in the USB stick or the external hard drive on which we store the files.
Using a file manager we will copy the files we want to move.
1. Almost all phones support USB OTG, but some may have lower current on the USB port.
2. 3.5 ′ hard disks will not be able to be powered by USB OTG (needing their own power supply).

How do I copy from a SD card directly to an external HDD?

We have two methods:
1. Using your phone as a relay, that is, we copy from card to phone and phone on HDD
2. Using a powered USB Hub, where the “Dad” USB jack plugs into the USB OTG adapter and into the phone, and the SD Card and external hard drive will connect to the “Mother” jacks.
Using the file manager in your phone, you transfer the files from the SD card to the external HDD.

The USB Hub in the tutorial is powered. A non-powered USB hub will not work with multiple peripherals connected to the phone, as the phone does not have enough output for several peripherals.

Usb hub suitable for holiday:
Hub Logilink UA0124, 7 ports, USB 2.0, Black

Copy SD card, directly to an external HDD, without PC - HOLIDAY - video tutorial

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  1. Hi Cristi, I'm really on vacation this time and because I did not think about your version, I'm using cloud uploading files on my phone. It's ok only that it takes a while, the climb being limited by the speed of the net provided by the wireless hotel. Thank you for learning about something. To be healthy.

  2. Gelu Buzatu said

    What do you think of the new generation of Intel X series processors. TARI but scumpeeeeee, especially i9. Curious is that n has the graphics of the money required. Maybe a tutorial about them.

  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy J1 phone. I've connected an OTG cable to a stick and phone and it's not working! He does not see the stick. What's the problem?

  4. Can you also transfer RAW files? Do not spoil the quality of the photos?

  5. I was expecting more serious lawsuits than cheating :)

  6. Foldi Lorand said

    Sault Cristi, you can leave a link with the otg cable to order it
    Thank you

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