Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE information sources worldwide

Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE information sources
Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE information sources

What is this tutorial with Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE information sources?

In the Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE information source tutorial, we will show you where you can get fast coronavirus information, specifically LIVE, without waiting for news headlines or online newspaper updates.

Why did we find out about corona virus?

It is important to be informed and nowadays, as in all times, the information has reached the ordinary man filtered and incomplete.

It is best to skip "intermediaries" and get our information directly from reliable sources, where they are updated.

Sources of information related to corona virus or COVID-19, as it is called later.


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Video tutorial - Coronavirus COVID-19 sources of information LIVE

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I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
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  1. Try to delete this material. Why? In this way, you contribute like those from the sensationalist press, to the propagation of fear, of the uncertainty of the citizen, etc.
    The social-political problems of those who still live in Romania are much more acute than this virus… if you understand this or, you want to understand it.

  2. Alice Dima said

    What does this tutorial have to do with everything related to the iT - PC area ??? WTF!?!? Who cares about such news, tutorials where you always have to keep an eye on all kinds of sites, tables, graphs, etc.? Why do you have to instill in your audience a state of fear?

  3. Alice and Ionel, you are the typical Romanians: experts in everything, truffle people who no longer need information, always ready to argue someone by imagining that this shows their intelligence or scholarship.
    That's why this country is like hell, it's full of smarts and all-rounders like you.

  4. @coronu. Why do you have to offend someone if you disagree with this topic? They are not allowed to express their opinions, to ask something? What is not in order ????
    Man, did they hurt you with something, did they insult you with something? I find that you are trying to look like something else, as evidenced by the name chosen.
    "That's why this country is like hell", the above people who asked, have they somehow robbed the Romanian economy in these 30 years? if you still give it in "various"… Or, do you suffer from behavioral disorders, namely deviant behavior?
    Is this how you behave on the stage, in the family, in society? You probably think of an embodied but marginal, frustrated model of those who make Orthodox and patriotic. It is not like that ?
    Keep this in mind: in a simple analysis, your profile declined.
    PS. People with higher IQ discuss Ideas, Ask, those with medium IQ discuss Events, and those with mediocre IQ - gossip about peers, believing themselves superior.

  5. @Coronu, what's the problem? We know somewhere to give you the assumption, that I am a truffle, that I do not need info. and other invective?
    Did I bother you at all? I tell you: No! I have the impression that you are confusing me with someone from your toxic environment. I could get you in the cool, write all kinds of plot and other arrogance as you did, but I won't.
    If I ask someone a question, I repeat, - question - does that mean I'm arrogant and other nonsense? Or, you don't understand Romanian. Is it clear this far?
    If you are put on quarrel, you want to be taken into account, run to Antene, on Ghita's TV and give your opinion as a propagandist expert if you are put on quarrel, gaceava and other sensational challenges.
    Now, I'm going to make a correction for you about elementary logic, reasoning. If you do not understand this term, ask your loved ones, look at Dex.
    - Why on the big sites in the field of Technology, It, you do not see such sensational news in - spread and maintain - panic, fear? I hear???? …This is!
    Examples to follow: FlatPanelsHD (, TFT Cnetral (, TechPOWERUp (, Guru3D (, HEXUS (, VideoCardz (, KitGuru (, LinusTechTips (
    If you don't like something on these (trustworthy) sites, go to their pages and start throwing all kinds of invectives at them, with your crazy propaganda… Go ->
    - Do you think that Aunt Marioara from Cocarlatii de Sus, Aunt Vasile, Gigel who works in tinsmithing, etc. and so on (and this without any arrogance, nothing pejorative about the names) I sit every 5 minutes with my eyes on the smartphone, tablet, PC to see how this virus spreads and to barricade themselves in the house? But before that, they rush through stores to stock up (or, order some medical masks from emag), more like promoting the so-called apocalyptic years ('5 -99), the transition to the New Age ”,“ in the New Dimension ”and other such nonsense. And repetitively, 2000. The same thing is happening now.
    What is it with this obsession to inoculate my info-graphic? Do you have visions, hear voices? If you want and have not left the house, I can help you as a citizen. I can call to the rescue, to a specialized hospital for a medical consul. But as a hint, it would not hurt to revise your thinking, interacting with other netizens, with other real life (because in this chapter you are staying) but also a psychological control.
    By those assumptions, invective over others that you have nowhere to know, you alone have defined yourself: who you are, and what is your (flawed) way of thinking.
    If you did not understand what I wrote, I recommend that you read this text again for the second time until you understand it.
    I remember, I asked a question without offending anyone. Is it wrong, somehow forbidden to ask a trivial question?
    And so that there are no other discussions, and if so, go and protest.
    Article 30, para. 1 of the Constitution of Romania regulates the fact that "the freedom of expression of thoughts, opinions or beliefs and the freedom of creations of any kind, through lively writing, writing, images, sounds or other means of communication in public, are inviolable" .
    And article 31 provides that the right of the person to have access to any information of public interest and cannot be restricted.

  6. @Vlad B. my first comment is also valid for you.

  7. @virusache.
    You have many deficiencies through the way you think, manifest and interact with other people! You can only talk through negations, assumptions.
    I understand your frustration, that you want to become someone in that marginal area you are from, to stand out with something, but up to that <> there is a long way for you; probably never by your profile.
    Recommendation: make new friends (real, not virtual), a friend / girlfriend if you don't have one, get out of the house (Be quiet, nothing happens), leave aside this unwarranted fear of this crazy media.
    And to end this pseudo-topic definitively.
    Go urgently and get a psychiatric check. You fit perfectly into that deviant, antisocial behavior profile! This is your profile.

  8. I feel compelled to intervene, not to apologize, but to clarify and highlight a few facts.
    Above, someone suggested I delete this article; Apart from the fact that demand is ridiculous, it also violates certain limits of common sense.
    I don't want to be associated with television or other sites, I don't like labels. To delete the article, just because… .. Who poisoned the fountain?
    In the classic press, all the caterers attack, in a heap, all the sites; under the motivation that from there comes panic. The TV knows how to quickly put the label on anyone and everything.
    Because the caterers have targeted the sites, some of you have the impression that this site,, is part of that pile of sites that make FUD.

    We have two disruptive entities here: the classic press, which does not want sites that help the public and the resonance boxes that take the information predigested by the TV providers and give it away.
    Resonance boxes they are harmless, but annoying. They can always change their ideas and direction, as well as the bag carried by the wind through the intersection. Televisions are their mainstay, but they can be changed at any time.
    Televisions on the other hand, are ultra dangerous, and here I mean all, without discrimination. Televisions are nasty connected to people's eyes and ears, which they flood non-stop. And the most disgusting thing is that, whether you watch TV or not, the misery from the hazards always gets in your head, because the neighbor, the relative, etc, are watching and they give the mess away.
    For decades, they have sharpened their manipulation tactics, so that they penetrate as deeply as possible into the human brain, where the cultural misery of their clients must be left.

    1. This (tutorial) is a guide for presenting resources that facilitate access to REAL information. Are we upset by the truth?

    2. The presented resources fall into the IT category, the area of ​​interest in which the VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO website activates; and even if we presented a recipe for sausages, it was no problem for anyone, as we do not have a signed contract.

    3. No second in this guide was about FUD (panic, fear and doubt). Everything was presented in a NEUTRAL and CALM tone. But it seems that the TRUTH is HARD.

    4. If the REAL information presented in a NEUTRAL tone, they started to bother us, it is serious if you have gone through the primary cycle; that means you're not mature enough. The lack of maturity is not caused by this site, but by the way the individual interacts or not in society, family, their role / place / importance in the group. These unobtrusive people feed on micro-victories, like: comments with tips, hatred and harassment behind the keyboard, which unfortunately cannot take the place of the true victories that a mature man should reap in life.

    5. We can't keep our heads in the sand. We need information, and that's exactly what I presented to you, SOURCES OF OFFICIAL INFORMATION WITH REAL INFORMATION. Here we are not talking about "Petrica and the wolf"; we have a real problem, about which we must be informed, and how others do not….

    6. You must differentiate between INFORMATION and DISINFORMATION. Quality information is and has been essential to humans since the beginning.
    Feeling the need for the information man, the TVs and websites attached to the media trusts know how to distort, hide, truncate, exaggerate the information, so that it fits in with their agenda.
    They stand in the custodians of information, destroying anyone who approaches it. They use all kinds of tactics, with which they discredit the competition and pre-emerge themselves.

    7. You can't block access to information just because some TVs and sites are panicking. Interviews on red background with yellow or red on black, yellow bellies with black background, running tens and hundreds of messages that are meant to flood us, and bring us to mental DDoS. If they don't understand, then who?

    8. I find it elegant to have access to real, unfiltered, unaltered information, when you want, without intermediaries. But no, that "information masters" can't stand that. They want to be the only providers of information, to cut it and deliver it with a teaspoon, so that it lasts as long as possible. See what they did with the Caracal case

    9. Who says that any information related to avest virus, creates panic, is an ostrich who prefers to hear nothing more, and to continue living among his unicorns.

    10. Make the difference between INFORMATION and FUD, which is from heaven to earth. I showed you how to inform SINGURI, the TVs do FUD, under the pretext of informing you.

    about a wise man:

    If you do not watch TV, you are uninformed
    If you watch TV, you are misinformed



    My advice:

    Abandon TVs and sites attached to TVs and media companies!

  9. Victor Stanciu said

    Let morality, that you are not in the mood to sell donuts, pardon, overpriced medical masks.
    Who is excused, actually is accused.
    Such information is made by the AUTHORITIES OF EACH STATE in the party and not by all kinds of sites, private persons, by all kinds of foundations that claim to help the citizens but taking advantage of the commercial point of view (you already see the famous case emag; once they gave trade lessons) , morality, fairness) and by any means, to keep you as tense and yes, arousing panic! That is why it was helped to discuss in CSAT for. of such things. And that is why, lastly, there are STRICTLY SPECIALIZED INSTRUMENTS IN THAT SOMETHING! THIS IS THEIR ROLE OF THEM, NOT ANOTHER!
    What would it mean that besides no. urgency (112) to be accepted by all kinds of nieces and nephews: swindlers, impostors, all kinds of obscure foundations some attributes in the rule of law? That through these falls to make the most (material or otherwise) of any situation, in case of any disasters, calamities, etc.? An ex. hypothetical: 001, 002 and so on, all being no. in a unique emergency regime in case of a possible help but with a surcharge (!), as some people like to do on “deontologists”… as if, money, that is the priority no. 1 ! What the hell, money is coming out! The rest is Clickbait.
    By the way, you're crowned.

    • What do you do, are you trying to give the state information? Are you in communism, or are you a neo-communist waiting for virtual freedom to come from the state?

      Let's not get on the plow. Information in this era is good to collect them yourself.
      There are too many interests, lies and manipulation around us.

      What do you expect from the AUTHORITIES? You make me laugh. The social contract, which the most intelligent have proposed, has long been violated in our favor. The other party, that is the father (the state, the authorities, the government), pulls us to the chest.
      Those who should be our employees, and work in our favor, defend our rights and interests, have another master.

      What are you waiting for from the state?

  10. Adrian Guduş said

    Băi Victore, WHO (World Health Organization) is the official source from which the authorities of the Romanian state inform or take light from the WHO. What the hell are we talking about? Arafat even said and repeatedly quoted that WHO is the source of official information. Why did you drink?
    I did not understand how, why and where and how far eMAG got into this discussion or this topic but if you are still upset about selling masks over price (and tell us new as if we were shareholders or as if they were Dad's eMAG), find out you have the freedom not to buy them. If you still buy them and at the same time complain that they are expensive, you are the worst in the school yard.

  11. Adrian and Cristi, I have been following you for a long time and I am very pleased with your tutorials, but I would recommend that you do not come into the game of these people. They deal with this and if you continue to respond to the criticism, give them- you satisfaction.
    Cristi, you put a very good point on "i", but you will never be able to convince a mind that doesn't want to be convinced (or maybe it's not stupid, it's just pretending).
    A saying of a great sage says, "I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand."

  12. Imre Adrian said

    Above, Ionel asked why such panic-related news, all kinds of tables are not present on those sites, etc. ????????? It can be verified, no such news is present. Probably here and there will be all kinds of bullshit about the respective sites. The rest are stories! You wanted to benefit like other sick people after the sensational, increasing your traffic. That's where you got a boy.

  13. Victor Stanciu said

    'Bre and other orientalisms of the kind to tell those in the environment in which you grow up. Not me, I'm not your brother, I'm not from your family.
    If you want to talk - face to face - we can meet at any time for two reasons. Remember the name because then we will discuss differently. Your primitive way of taking everyone for granted, the arrogance typical of a Meltean from SAI is obvious. Proof that you don't know how to appreciate your audience, you don't know how to know it. I reread everything that was written, incredible sir, no one offended you, all the questions were clear and to the point. This proves that those people are educated, chiseled, know how to behave and dialogue in society and especially those who are passionate about it. No arrogance, badarane, etc. how do you imagine which should be taken for granted or taken advantage of.
    Lastly: do not challenge me, that you are not worthy of this. I can make a complaint / complaint to the institutions authorized by other State for. creating and arousing panic. As I wrote you are not empowered to do this and you will never be. that you have no qualifications in this regard! Keep this in mind because then it will be discussed differently.
    You will give them explanations but in an official context. I hope you have the same typical arrogance that characterizes you in front of them and give them lessons in morality and deontology.
    I took this attitude for myself. those common sense people who just asked. They didn't hit you, they didn't steal you, they didn't hurt you. Probably in the environment in which you activate in that way it proceeds.
    In closing, I repeat what was said above. Man, if you have all kinds of fuss, the visionaries, you are suffering from something, you have problems in the family go to a specialist urgently.

    • "Bre" is a friendly addressing formula, even full of respect. But in the ears of some, this word, filtered through cultural baggage, may sound "offensive." Typical of progressive snowflakes.

      I liked this with: "don't provoke me…. I can make a complaint". Typical for weak people, who are waiting for others to solve their (imagined) problems. Call your PIMP to save you!

      I also liked the one with meltean from SAI. But you see it doesn't fit the direction of the rest of the ideas; you are a bit “offensive” to those from Ilfov and from “meltenia”

      If it comes to referrals, I could do one.

      "If you want to talk - face to face - we can meet orc for two reasons. Also remember the name because then we will discuss otherwise."

      This sounds pretty ugly to me DPDV legally. Either you want to beat me sm, by smardoi / smart3 what you are, or you want to arrange me otherwise, to tell me who you are.

      Who's truffle?

      You have no consistency, I'm wasting my time…


  14. and now a relevant question. alternative sites, where do i get the information? not all from WHO.

    • 1. The first site is WHO (global official)

      2. The second site uses the official data from China:
      The charts above are updated after the close of the day in GMT + 0. Latest data is provisional, pending delayed reporting and adjustments from China's NHC.

      3. The last site, which I prefer, uses official data from the Chinese government but also from the WHO.

      Data source
      The data source from China's National Health Commission, provincial health agencies, provincial and municipal governments, official channels of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, and other public real-time data.

      I repeat:
      The resources (sites) that we presented in the tutorial use official sources.
      I don't understand why some are hyperventilating in this area.

  15. Mary C. said

    For Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde alias Cristian Cismaru and / and Coronu.
    This hysteria made in the chase after the audience / traffic will not remain in vain. I assure.
    You will end up exactly as most of the press in all fields has arrived), that is, "with pretensions". On the outskirts of society or in the trash. Choose the transvestite, 2 in one as in the offers.
    The audience you lost turned to quality content, naturally from the outside where respect for readers is visible. Proof? Your traffic.
    BTW, I don't believe in all the nonsense anymore. Go to Ospiciu boy!

  16. Bogdan Dumitrescu said
  17. Welcome to Sasas Sebastian said

    thank you !

  18. It's crazy, the world of terrorism got bored and something else had to be done. He caught the monkeys very well.

  19. Luster said

    the state takes money from oms with every case declared viral and every mortality declared viral…
    I mean point.
    You draw any conclusions you want.

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