Counter Strike 1.6 on Android, the original game on PC to your phone

Counter Strike Android porting 1.6

1.6 to play Counter Strike for Android, just as we have lots of games? The answer is simple: Counter Strike has a huge community of players who want to take the game with them anywhere.

Why do we need to run the Counter Strike 1.6 Android?

1. Counter Strike 1.6 installed on your PC
2. Xash3D (Android apk installer)
3. CS16Client (Android apk installer)

How to install Android 1.6 Counter Strike?

1. We make in the PC, on the Desktop a new folder called “xash"
2. Copy the apk in the folder "xash”From the desktop
3. From the counter strike game folder, copy the folders “cstrike"And"valve"And paste them in the folder"xash”From the desktop
4. Copy the folderxash”From the desktop, to the root of the phone storage.
5. In the phone, from settings / security, activate "unknown sources"
6. Install the apk “CS16Client" and "Xash3D".
7. Launch application CS16Client and press the bottom button "CS16-Client Launch"
8. Increase in gaming!

… Please write to me in the comments section how it works for you and on which phone…

Tutorial - Counter Strike 1.6 on Android

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  1. Hello,
    If I have a steam account I can't install steam directly on my phone… I bought all the Counter Strikes ???

  2. I thought even with might. yes wonder that these guys did not do cs, cs go for the phone that plays a lot

  3. Adrian Iulian said

    Where bag xash file? in android obb or date?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It was mentioned in the video tutorial and noted in the text above video tutorial. No longer run the tutorials and you will understand what to do.

  4. Could go as installed: Condition Zero, Source and Global Offensive?

  5. I fail to connect to join any server.Dupa giving the server console opens and among other things writes that Spooting demo header. and it does not happen anything.

  6. Cristi,
    You need to modify CS16Client v1.3 with a new version CS16Client v1.31 can be downloaded here ->

  7. On Steam at Counter Strike Source and Global Offensive I don't have the Valve… 🙁 folder
    How to install on these two?

  8. Something recommendations for a laptop video card 1080 8VRAM, intel i7 minimum 2.7 GHz, dual SSD and a HDD but the HDD would prefer version thicker where I can put a HDD (laptop 2.5) of 3TB what a little one thicker than normal, 32 ram minimum, I do not care Windows.
    If there is someone with something like, ask him to say something opinions about what makes noise, how many jacks or USB usb3 can 3.1 has other interesting details.

    • So what are you doing with such a laptop… technical drawings in autocad… budget allocated for such a laptop ???

      • Budget suspect that salt 2000 €, but that's not important, what to have in his data mentioned and if someone has something, or a laptop with 1080 nvidia ask him to tell me how quiet it is, the version that is the cooling water is not and for 1080, I mean that ASUS ROG, but there are other firms / that do not know much. Because of this and ask some opinions.

  9. Cristi and I am your problem with your sound card integrated on the motherboard, communicating with friends via Skype microphone hear that noise (buzz) am.instalat last driver after the manufacturer's website 7 x64 Peter windows. I have this asus motherboard

    • Something like I had the once any record or unless you use the microphone could hear a buzzing, somewhat after I put two protections sponge for microphone diminished in sound but still sounded more slowly, most advisable is to replace using an external soundcard.

  10. View Product said

    It reminds me of the old days, in high school, when we used to go to internet cafes and play cs 1.6 in a chain. Now I don't have much time for games, times have changed…
    Leaving nostalgia aside, I also put my game on the phone. Sounds ok. But I find it quite difficult to play counter strike on the phone because it is a game that was created for mouse and keyboard. I move as if I were blindfolded with the touchpad on the display… and almost everyone shoots me 🙂

    Surely many will put cs1.6 phone with winter holidays. Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Cristi Hello! You can do a Google Play Services tutprial about stopping runs continuously in the background and automatically start immediately if you stop, can stop without uninstalling Google Play and Google now?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Google Play services are essential Google apps work properly, agenda, calendar and other applications can be synchronized with the Google account.
      3 thousand in the last hours of the last load used my 148 MB of RAM and battery 0%.

  12. I installed the game and appear several Internet servers that I connect. I 1.6 cs but my server and I can not connect to it. Am I wrong or something you can not connect servers cs 1.6 real?

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