Counter Strike GO, the best settings for FPS

In the journey towards becoming a valuable player in Counter Strike GO are many things that need to be improved and for that you have to work constantly. Hopefully in a few minutes you can quickly solve one of them, namely video settings.

Today I will analyze and conclude that the optimal video settings by comparison. I will begin the test with all settings at maximum. It is worth mentioning that the minimum FPS that does not suffer aiming is 60. So if you have less than 60 or 60 you will have to adjust the resolution so as to reach this minimum.

Counter - Strike GO: Optimal video settings

To start we need the console. To activate the console you have to go to HELP & OPTIONS, GAME SETTINGS and select Developer console -> YES.
To see how many fps you have you have to type in the console "net_graph 1" and in the lower right you will see permanently how many frames per second you have with different video settings and resolutions.

I'll start the test with motion blur. Motion blur is adding a motion blur effect, an element that is not necessary.
Passing on to vertical SyncIt must be deactivated if you want to have a frame rate of over 60 cardre. Basically, the vertical sync synchronizes the frame rate refresh rate of the monitor. This means that if you have a monitor with 60 Hz refresh rate maximum FPS will be ASEM 60. Similarly, if you 120hz fps refresh and the maximum will be limited to 120.
Although Vertical sync makes it move very fluent, smooth, his big problem is that the mouse movement is not in real time, often appearing to lag even 1 second. For this reason, you disable vertical sync.
Next I will go to FXAA Anti - Aliasing and I will stop him. FXAA is a post-processing effect for distances. Virtually everything in the distance will be blurred to add a tone of realism to the textures, which I don't need if I want to see my opponents more clearly.
Texture filtering - is a setting that makes textures move more fluently by mixing the color of a pixel with that of the neighbor. Although this setting helps increase fps, it often makes the enemy in the distance go wrong with the decor, making it very difficult to locate it. That's why I recommend that this setting be held on the Trilinear or Bilinear. This will make objects moving in motion more static than static ones.
Multisampling Anti-Aliasing - It is an effect through which the corners or rigid surfaces become more fluent and textured. Basically, the video card renders the image on a surface that is larger than the final image, thus obtaining the effect of smooth edges, or smooth corners. A higher antialising setting will lead to a drastic decrease in the brother rate while a smaller one like the 4X will not have such a big impact.
Next on the list is shaderCPC. Desti shadows within everything looks very good adding a tone of realism to the game, while they appear reflections in the water of the map which you can distract and on the other hand appears on the screen as fog which reduces clarity and ability to distinguish objects.
effect detail - As you can see, I could not find noticeable visible differences between the detail texture on the low and the detail texture on the high. It's barely noticeable. That's why I think this setting is only for everyone's preference but it's worth mentioning that an improvement in fps is noticeable when the setting is low.
Next we Model Texture Detail - attribute that refers to the level of detail of the character. This setting is preferred by everyone and has an insignificant impact on fps.
Global shadows - is an effect that refers to the shadows that various objects project on the map. I recommend that this setting be low because the map becomes brighter and less loaded, making moving objects better distinguished. Even with the setting on low, the shadows still exist, only they are more vague and hazy.
resolution - Of course, this setting depends on everyone's preference and the type of monitor used. For example, a resolution like 1024 × 768 will make everything look bigger and moving objects easier to target and a resolution like 1920 (wide) offers a much larger viewing angle. But if you have a wide monitor and you want to use a lower resolution than the recommended one, the image will be blurry and will not scale well.
La color modeI recommend using television instead of computer monitor esta much brighter picture which helps in darker corners of the map.
Finally brightnes CPC should always be at the lowest setting, 1.6. Otherwise you will not be able to distinguish objects in dark or semi dark.
And if you really want to be Next Level, you can get into the video card settings to adjust desktop color settings and maximize saturation. For plates they see this digital Vibrance. Setting this makes all the colors to be more vibrant, more saturated more intensity. In the game, this has a huge impact on the visibility of the opponent who can be distinguished easily from other static objects in the map.
In conclusion, My video settings look like. Yours may look different. Eventually you his wishes and even the number of FPS you want to achieve.

So much so today until next time Train HARD go PRO.

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  1. A quality tutorial, well explained and showed what each setting and its own recommendation.
    Good job and wait Mihai other tutorials would be best equalizer settings and one for music, movies.

  2. Excellent tutorial, wait and others.
    Congratulations Michael!

  3. Welcome to the community Mihai, excellent tutorial!

  4. Congratulations tutorial!

  5. Greeting a superb tutorial a true professional presentation !!! Congratulations Video Tutorial and for all so Mihai Note 10 +

  6. This tutorial is super professional. In vain do you know if you can not highlight and here I refer to Christ and Adi. Take heed!

    • Costelina said

      and you write nothing if you have nothing to say
      nothing to occupy the space that you are in the job better day

      boys hope that after all these years and I advanced (but some do not ever advancing)
      That's all wild wilderness remains

  7. Very good tutorial, explained extraordinary, do not know where you took the boys but I hope to keep you and will see such material !! Good luck !!

  8. Constantin said

    Indeed a quality tutorial, but Cristi and Adrian are tutorials everyone can understand why I say this. On this site not only us who enter know where to enter unless explain how Cristi explains Adrian. EXAMPLE (one is when you explain to a child to cross the street at the crosswalk when the traffic light is green, and the other is when you take him by the hand to school), that is Cristi and Adrian for on this site Visitors beginners as I was myself at first and I am very happy when I saw that I listen and explain everything in detail and get to where I wanted clicking. I hope I will not offend me comment really a tutorial is well explained by Mihai Ilie quality. Congratulations and so on and tutorials Tineo more often.

  9. PalAlexander said

    What I take from 1500 Pc Ron? Cristi?

  10. It deserves to configure my system for DDR4? Specifically I want to configure a i7 me with a gtx oc 960. Budget 5000 lei

    • FlorinP. said

      Not worth it! DDR4 architecture is currently dedicated servers! In a short time (depending on how quickly manufacturers will remove compatible components DDR4) this architecture can be done regular users. And to remove the maximum power to merit investment should not currently using SSD HDD storage to the DDR3 limeteaza you.

      • DDR4 is an evolution of the standard DDR3 and not related to servers.
        The enterprise uses ECC RAM, which is more expensive and is designed specifically for demanding environments and data integrity.
        DDR4 is the successor of DDR3 and provides higher transfer speeds and lower power consumption.
        At the moment there's no advantage if you use instead of DDR4 DDR3 memory.
        Higher frequency comes at the cost of higher letente and that balances the potential performance gain that would have DDR4.
        In short:
        I will not notice any difference if you use DDR4 memories. Performance benefit will come after general upgrade (processor, motherboard, video card, SSD) and RAM itself will have no input.

  11. Welcome.
    I have a problem with cs: go, when I walk through the menu or when the game crashes for 1 sec (maybe less). I made the settings exactly as in the tutorial and in vain… I also changed the windows (7), I made settings at video card etc.
    I have windows 8.1, 2,7 ghz dual core processor, 3 GB RAM, GeForce GT 630 2048MB.

    • Hm, can be multiple reasons for this. In general a problem caused by sudden decreases fps. try to write in the console fps_max 100 10 and subtract how many fps until it does. At the same time you need to update your video card driver and without beta.

  12. Marcelo-Adrian ITA said

    keep up the good work! and… could you do such tutorials for other competitive games as well? (dota2, tf2… etc)

  13. marius512 said

    Very well done Michael, but certainly not on the sheet you read?

  14. Hi, I have two problems with my cs go, the first problem is that it always crashes, and the second is that I can't exceed 100 fps…
    My PC contains the following components:
    i7 processor 2,8ghz 8 cpu's
    NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 of 4gb
    8 gb ram si .si am windows 7 64 biti
    Thanks in advance for answers

  15. I have a i5, gtx 960, 8 gb ram, with settings that you've said in the video I look at 130-140, but varies up to 100 and 200 grows up to (I set the max fps 200). Others say it's not normal to vary so much, it's something to do?

  16. Marian said

    It had a tutorial, Michael bravo!

  17. alexandru said

    hello I have a problem with fps in game csgo
    int in 200 when I csgo int fps when playing the SV and I am 9 -15 fps lag increases and who can help me?

  18. Mihai greeting I have a problem with FPSs I did look exactly like you but I just 50 the FPS can help me that would be the cause

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