Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations

Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations

Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations

Status of conversation encryption in applications.

Nowadays all chat services such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts, provide us with encryption methods that make our conversations free from third-party eyes.

What does this encryption mean?

Encryption and decryption are techniques by which a text or data is hidden under inconspicuous characters using encryption keys that use different text or data streaming methods.

Silent Encryption Example:

Let's say we want to encrypt and send the text "SALUT". By using some keys, we make the word "SALUT" replace with "Hi7 = FwU-23" which is a meaningless string.

This meaningless character string can be decrypted using a key, and the person receiving the message will see "SALUT" instead of
"Hi7 = FwU-23".

What's the problem with encrypting applications such as Whatsapp, Messenger, etc.

The basic encryption of Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts will only guard against the eyes of a hacker. This time, people at Facebook can see your conversations, even if they say they are not interested in it. Technically they have all the keys that can decrypt any conversation, and conversations are stored on their servers.

In addition, your conversations can be seen by everyone who has access to your phone, directly or remotely.

How do I add an extra layer of encryption?

The best thing is that you do with your hand, it says a popular word. So, we will make our own encryption in applications.

Okay, now you do not have to encrypt all your messages, but at least the most important ones you put in the shelter.

Apps for encrypting conversations on Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts.

CODEC - it's an application that helps us make some kind of easier encryption as a kind of text conversion. It's an easy-to-use application and does not require the password.

Encrypt Messages and Text - This is a more serious application that allows you to paste the text.

Bonus - "codec" also has a way to decorate messages.

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Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations - video tutorial

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  1. Interesting. Thanks for the idea and I enjoyed hearing you with something new, I think it's been a lot of times since you did not do a tutorial and I thought you were in trouble that did not let you come back more promptly with a tutorial . Anyway, I'm glad everything is okay, as it seems and I'm waiting to see what you're surprised about. All good to the whole team.

    • I had to make an emergency visit to the hospital / boardinghouse 13 days / surgery / resolved, now I'm fine, I quickly put on my feet.
      In life, you also get bumpers like that, what to do, slow down and go easy.
      These are what I think are, or should be, a kind of reset, after which you get to see everything in another light.

  2. Hello, Cristi!
    The fashion has changed, now you talk about encrypting conversations on Mess and more. You used to talk about Bitcoin type encryption earlier. We're making sure you get us the mining result with that dedicated device that you buy online and you've made an update to improve bithoin mining performance.

    The time has passed, I allowed myself to wonder what the result of the experiment was, if you took your money out of the mining device, but you ... no reaction!
    I appreciate you for the work you are doing on Videotutorial, we are many to learn from your tutorials, but if you promise a thing - be a spokesperson! There would have been no tragedy to confirm that the mining device you introduced to us in the tutorial was unprofitable, but it is not ok to do the dead man after you said that you will let us know about the result of the experiment .
    Success in professional and personal projects!

    • That experiment lasted a little. I gave the device shortly after the tutorial.
      At that time, my calculations showed me an OK, but nothing spectacular. The same device, if you were using it for some 2 years ago, you had a much better win.
      If it was notable, be sure to make a video.
      Now the solo mire is pretty expensive and your plans can be overhead, overnight, and the money invested in mining equipment can be lost very easily.
      This mink has become a gamble, and I can not send the world to the "games room" with the tutorials I do.

  3. Mihai Alex Aky said

    Hello Cristi, please be nice if you can help me in a PC problem. For some time, the monitor turns itself off and starts to flash ice from the button on the monitor, and the unit goes. Sometimes after the monitor closes and the drive goes, PC restarts but not all the time! The pieces from the computer (video card, processor, rami, base board) have 2 years, some of them are in warranty! It is strange that the pieces I had before they did the same. The monitor is a Philips is not that old, I do not think it's from the monitor, what could it be?

    • The monitor does this because it no longer receives a video signal, and goes into standby, for various reasons.
      Try the following:
      Modify Windows setup settings (choose the performance mode).
      Update video card drivers.
      Install Monitor Monitor.
      Try to use another cable between monitor and PC

  4. vicentiu said

    Or you can put it on TV, very easily, using a cable, so you can see it on your TV, what you do on your computer.

  5. to talk about encryption ?? WhatsApp ?? it's not a crypto ... since when I bought FB .. it became a spy application! WhatsApp .. just took me out of WhatsApp .. yes yes .. message from WhatsApp .. ugam to update your phone number .. we gave the update after the message comes .. sorry your phone number is blocked on WhatsApp .. ask nurse .. ask nurse (robot) .. then I contact the service directly by mail .. after 3 silly discussion days .. it's a rapsuns .. sorry but you violated deadlines and service ..
    I want clear proof ... what have I got? after 2 days comes a bomb mail from WhatsApp .. that I had a lot of complaints on my number .. opssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!! .. I mention that I filed a lawsuit in court for personal data spy arrest ..that is this famous WhatsApp & Facebook .. CRIPTAT !!! 🙁

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